「仮面の微笑 a doboz mögött maszk」 (Kamen no Bishou)
“A Smiling Mask”

Be wary of overly bubbly girls as they may have a secret bloodthirsty, murderous, split personality! Or at least that’s what Japanese media will have us believe.

As hinted in episode two, Yukiko possesses some sort of regenerative ability; however, the extent of it wasn’t revealed until we see her get skewered this time and live to talk about it. Surprisingly, they haven’t made it clear cut whether this is her Red Night “chosen one” ability or if it’s her superhuman combat abilities. Not that it really matters at this point, but I gather her fighting abilities were obtained from a life on the battlefield in Dransvania since superhuman regeneration isn’t something you can actually train for. In any case, once Yukiko’s glasses come off, all hell breaks loose and it seems she can barely distinguish friend from foe. In the fight against Ira (Wrath), Yukiko almost takes Misuzu’s head off when she tries to help her. Seeing how that fight was going, I thought we were going to have another Black Knight defeated this week, but the appearance of Invidia (Envy) and the sudden end of the Red Night prevented that from happening.

Story-wise, Yukiko establishes the Modern Society Research Club 「考現学部」, which is realistically just a gathering of Red Night members even though she’ll have you believe otherwise. She then introduces Takahisa to the others and tries to get him to join the club, but he’s intent on going the Red Night alone because he feels Kakeru and the other will just drag him down. Despite Takahisa being a jerk about it, Yukiko still sees him as an ally of justice (a.k.a. a hero) since he’s helped her before and doesn’t find her regenerative ability disgusting. In the meantime, Kakeru continues training with Misuzu, who tells him he needs to learn how to turn his desire to protect Yuka into his strength. His first attempt to do so activates his right eye, showing Misuzu attacking Yuka when she was only thinking of doing so to test his resolve. The next day, everyone gets dragged into the Red Night again, where they have a run in with the Black Knights. This time though, Yukiko joins the battle as does Takahisa later on.

This week, they showed us Takahisa’s pyrokinesis ability, which is akin to one Senou Natsuru of gender-bender fame. However, the biggest surprise was the first glimpse of Kakeru’s “doujutsu“, which presumably grants him the ability of foresight in battle. While I’ve said I haven’t found 11eyes too similar to Rental Magica, it’s hard not to see the similarities between Kakeru’s right eye and Iba Itsuki’s Glam Sight. Aside from the eyepatch and that one ability though, I still feel that the similarities between the two series end there.

For now, Kakeru’s ability remains as much of a mystery to us as it is to Misuzu. Judging from the preview and Invidia’s charred face return, we should be seeing more of his ability next time. With Kukuri being the only member of the 11eyes group remaining, the question is where our transfer student Shiori fits into the bigger picture. While it’s easy to make unfounded comparisons between her and Lisette, I’m going to hold off speculations until later.




  1. Wait… What!?

    They messed up the hungarian title… again.

    “A doboz mögötti maszk” would mean something like “The mask behind the box”

    Yeah.. behind the box.. they can’t even use dictionary, huh?

  2. Dang you never know who in your school might be a highly trained elite Assassin. It could be your stoic Ethics teacher, some average looking anemic guy, or even an overly bubbly girl with glasses! Assassins tend to come with sharp daggers/knives and alternate personalities.

  3. OK! When I saw Kakeru’s power, or the hint at it anyway, I was EXTREMELY disappointed. Alright, we all already know about the Sharingan (not to compare this to Naruto, but just the concept of the power (heck, it IS famous)) and now in The Sacred Blacksmith, a series running during the same season, it’s apparent that Luke has a similar power. Personally, it’s probably because I like The Sacred Blacksmith more, but I think that this anime has suddenly made a bad cliche.

  4. FlameStrike:
    See, that’s what I’m thinking too. Glad to know we’re on the same page. =)

    lol @ the Monty Python reference.

    King of Heroes:
    I agree that Misuzu is hot stuff. Definitely “waifu” material.

  5. “Be wary of overly bubbly girls as they may have a secret bloodthirsty, murderous, split personality! Or at least that’s what Japanese media will have us believe.”

    No need to be convinced. It’s the truth. These days, a girl would HAVE to be secretly flip-sided to maintain a bubbly disposition.

  6. ~__~ I seriously must rant about this show… I’ve seen only two episodes but it was completely awful. THE EYE PATCH! grew and shrunk randomly through out the anime. On the transition between Episode 1 to 2… The eye-patch dude randomly picks up a lead pipe RANDOMLY!!! O.o ooh its a girl frozen in a crystal, oh what shes able to move enough in it to do Hare Hare Yukia. I just feel right now this anime is got more holes than swiz cheese. Some lines in the anime just feel out of place too!

  7. Strange enough, for all the pantyshots the series had until now, censuring Yukiko groping Yuka seems a moot point. Is not like Princess Lover that was “over the top fanservice? Buy the originals”, but still…

  8. People are disgusted of a girls ability to regenerate from fatal injuries in minutes. Riiiight. Yeah, who wrote that? However, given the fact that she explicitly mentions that people should be disgusted by it there’s a suggestion that it’s been seen outside of Red Night. Considering Kakeru’s sister, it’s entirely possible that those abilities already existed before they ever went to Red Night.


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