A surprise for May’n and Megumi as the anime cast members step on stage to present them with flowers.


For this last part of the Galaxy Tour, we’ll look at how things wrap up in the encore. While the DVD includes clips from a smaller concert at Yokohama as well as various behind the scenes footage, this concludes the 165+ minutes of Macross F performances on Japan’s biggest stage. Picking up from the Seikan Hikou duet and band member introductions, May’n and Megumi take a moment to thank all the fans. Following that is an encore duet performance of Anata no Oto, where everyone asks Kanno Youko to make their heart skip a beat. Like with all the duets thus far, May’n’s voice just compliments Megumi’s here, so it was quite a treat to hear.

As the concert nears the end, we have a performance of the goofy SMS anthem with the crowd singing the majority of it. Before that song’s over though, the anime cast members that were there stepped on the stage to surprise May’n and Megumi with flowers. Apparently the two songstresses weren’t aware of this part of the script. Unfortunately though, it looks like Sakamoto Maaya wasn’t there after all, but Endou Aya definitely was. Just when you think things are over though, Youko, May’n, and Megumi appear from beneath the retracting stage for one more piano performance of Diamond Crevasse! It’s one to remember too!


Talk 2


If your Japanese isn’t great, I wouldn’t worry too much about the talk. May’n and Megumi are basically thanking the crowd for their enthusiasm during the concert and asking for their continued support. May’n in particular makes mention of when she changed her stage name to “May’n” earlier in the year and how the idea came from singing “Main” theme songs.


“Anato no Oto” duet.


“Kanno-san, dokun dokun sasete!” (Kanno-san, make our hearts race!) Interesting how it turned into an acoustic version midway and how they managed to get the crowd into it.


“SMS Shoutai no Uta ~ Ano Musume wa Alien”


I’m not going to try and list all the cast members here, but I did see Endou Aya (Sheryl Nome), Konishi Katsuyuki (Ozma Lee), Inoue Kikuko (Grace O’Connor), and Hoshi Souichirou (Brera Sterne) to name a few of the core cast. That of course is after the aforementioned Nakamura Yuuichi (Saotome Alto), Kamiya Hiroshi (Mikhail Blanc), and Miyake Kenta (Bobby Margot). I believe Fukuyama Jun (Luca Angeloni) is there as well (in green), but I’m not 100% sure.


“High School Life”


“Galaxy Tour FINAL, konna saabisu metta ni shinai dakara ne, in Budokan” (Galaxy Tour FINAL, you’ll seldom get service like this, in Budokan.)
I believe this is Kobayashi Sanae (Catherine Glass) acting surprised that there’s still more to come. In any case, “High School Life” manages to lighten up the after party mood.


Piano with May’n and Megumi, “Diamond Crevasse”.


Last but definitely not least, we have a special piano performance of Diamond Crevasse. I was thinking that either Megumi or May’n would tear up at this point, but they surprisingly didn’t. Megumi looked like she was close though!


Piano solo, “Innocent green”.


And finally, a piano outro by the one and only Kanno Youko. It’s primarily the “Innocent green” track, but she puts a spin on it, ending with the short Macross tune. Macross F Galaxy Tour FINAL in Budokan complete! Let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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  1. omg the whole concert was so epic. from the start to end i was on the edge of my chair and sat through the whole dvd. from 10pm to 2am lol!! Definitely worth it and can’t wait to see the blu ray version and take lotsa lotsa pretty screenshots. the whole concert was just mindblowing and any slight fan of macross series would have to see this. the big fans would could die happily. i cried during that milch diamond crevasse song xDD having that scene up on the big screen again was just so sad ;A;

  2. the whole concert’s quite amazing…

    though the only things that stands out in this section was the “SMS Shoutai no Uta ~ Ano Musume wa Alien”, “Diamond Crevasse” piano ver. (a teary performance on Megumi’s part, at least she didn’t literally burst into tears), and of course “Innocent green” piano ver. (such a nice piece with the macross theme attached to it)

  3. to awesome for words!!!
    the macross frontier ost is definitely one of my all time favourite osts ever!
    thank you so so very much for posting this!
    yoko kanno is a goddess *___*
    and may’n and megumi-chan are both amazing!
    the only thing missing was maaya singing triangler, but otherwise it was totally perfect ^O^

  4. I’ve followed randomc posts for a long time, and have never felt the need to actually reply to a post, but I was compelled to reply to this just because of how amazing it was. Thanks for sharing this- I’m a huge fan of Macross music, so having a chance to watch this really made my week.

  5. All the concert reports have stated that Maaya Sakamoto was at the Budokan concert but for some reason her performance was cut. That’s why fans are hoping it will be a special release on the blu-ray version since it was a surprise performance.

  6. Songs that brought tears to my eyes, a concert that that transcends time… thank you to May’n and Megumi Nakajima for showing us and the world something so beautiful.


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