「任侠(セレブ)と初夜(アツイヨル)」 (Ninkyou (Serebu) to Shoya (Atsui Yoru))
“First Night (Hot Night) with the Yakuza (Celebrity)”

Bear wrestling, yakuza, a deserted island, bikini tanlines, seaweed monsters, and a sultry student council president. The last one is a given nowadays, but you don’t see the others a whole lot, especially not all in the same episode.

But that’s where SoraOto steps in to raise the bar yet again. Just when you think you have a simple episode about spending a night at a yakuza household, everyone’s on a private plane to a deserted island. Most shows would probably break this up into a two-parter, but not here. It’s a roller coaster of a ride that doesn’t stop until you come to a crashing halt courtesy of Sohara’s deadly karate chop. As usual, the artwork looks great, especially with Mikako’s long-flowing hair barely covering all the right places, but the most surprising thing so far is how each episode is a continuation of the last. For a comedy series, I normally expect things to be pretty episodic, but I like the continuity they have here.

Remember Tomoki’s house and the whole pantsu bomb chain reaction that took place? Well lo and behold, the current state of things. With no place to live (and not using Ikaros’ power to rebuild the house for some reason), Tomoki asks Eishirou to stay if they can stay with him, only to find out about the random bear attacks there. (Un)luckily for them, Mikako is willing to take them in for the time being and invites Eishirou and Sohara along. Despite the tense atmosphere at the Satsukitane household, the envisioned celebrity life is surprisingly good, until Tomoki enters a sacred bath reserved for family members. To prevent the supposed impending disasters from falling upon the Sorami town, Mikako’s father says they have to decapitate Tomoki. Ikaros is the only one able to step in to save Tomoki (and probably kill everyone there for harming him), but she stops at her master’s request. Mikako’s father lets them go for now, but leaves “the rest” up to his daughter.

Thus, everyone is whisked off in their sleep to an uninhabited island, where Mikako and Eishirou give the pretense that they have to stay there for a while because of the whole bath incident. In order to procure some food supplies, Tomoki sends Ikaros out to the ocean for fish, while he gets messed up by coconut crabs and “magic” mushrooms. After stumbling upon giant footprints and hearing monstrous roaring, Tomoki soon discovers that him and Sohara are the only ones left on the island. Things remain like that for several days and eventually a month, but the two of them get used to living on the island. They grow amazingly close as well, to the point that Sohara (caught in the moment) is willing to have Tomoki’s kids.

They’re interrupted by a huge seaweed monster from the ocean, which Tomoki somehow manages to save Sohara from. Upon shattering its tentacle-like exterior, it turns out to be Ikaros with all that stuff stuck on her from her ocean adventures. As for the roaring, Ikaros detects lifesigns from behind a camoflagued room — the whole ordeal was for amusement to make up for defiling the Satsukitane customs. Sohara on the other hand is less than happy about being strung along again. For their troubles though, the Satsukitanes rebuild Tomoki’s house, though mainly because of Mikako’s father’s attachment to Ikaros’ headrubs. Back at school, Mikako decides to broadcast Tomoki and Sohara’s heartfelt talk over the intercom for fun.

Despite the drastic change of scenary, I didn’t find things nearly as funny this time around. It wasn’t that the delivery was off, but the fact that the humour was a lot more lighthearted. A lot of things will probably make you smirk, but not laugh until you cry. I probably laughed more than I should have for the stupid hallucinogenic mushroom scene though. Aside from that, Ikaros was cute when she saw Mikako’s father’s head as a watermelon, but kind of menacing when she was asking what they’re doing to Tomoki. Seeing as Hayami Saori can do a scary softspoken voice like that, she should definitely be cast in the next horror anime adaptation. The fan-service highlight of this week had to be Mikako’s sinful body, but Sohara wasn’t too shabby herself if you like the tanline look. I was a bit disappointed about not seeing Nymph this week, but hopefully she’ll show up next time.

Another episode, another ending theme. It’s a pretty old school sounding one this time too, performed by Kamon Tatsuo.


ED5 Sequence

ED5: 「川口浩」 (Kawaguchi Hiroshi) by 嘉門達夫 (Kamon Tatsuo)
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  1. comparing this to the manga, the director made quite a number of changes of order of the series
    not that it was any wacked out oddity, just the fact that the old man was with them @ the island was a bit odd…Show Spoiler ▼

  2. @Dragonite88
    This isn’t quite like dearS. dearS is pure fan service while this has a good plot and is perverted to the core. It is like comparing dearS to a lvl1 anime of the genre then this one must be near lvl90+.
    As to choibits, have you watched it?

  3. They follow the manga quite close, although they did change the order of the chapters a bit.
    Since its only 13 episodes, I think they will end with the Nymph arc. To bad we wont be seeing the third angel. Unless they decide to rush the story…..

  4. Divine:
    Why was Tomoki wearing a 2019 shirt??? Also I’m really pissed they tricked us in last episodes preview about. The ending was, I think the best, but they could’ve made Ikarus over 4000ft tall like Godzilla…
    Anyways, Divine what kind of ‘bar’ are you setting to this series, because no matter what I can’t enjoy this series at all and I’m at the point of dropping this anime, can you help me?

  5. I liked the episode up to the point that she broke down the door and everyone was sitting there drinking tea. That for me broke any kind of making sense for me and kinda pissed me off for wasting 25 minutes of my life for rubbish. I realize its a comedy anime and the style of show but having that be whats going on was a letdown. I would have rather prefered that the mushroom he ate was a hallucigen of some kind and he dreamed all the stuff about that happened after he bit into it.

  6. Kelfistan:
    I’m not sure what the significance of Tomoki’s t-shirt was.

    As for the “bar” in that remark, it was just the ability to have a lot of wild things going on at once but managing to keep the episode coherent enough.

    I don’t think there’s much to explain at this point if you’ve been watching the series. I find this sort of humour entertaining so it’s just fun to watch, especially with how nice the animation and character designs are. If you’re bored though, then maybe it’s just not your thing…? Other people seem to enjoy it for the same reasons.

    Let’s not forget that it’s a comedy and stupid things are bound to happen. It’s probably no different than sitcoms where nothing meaningful ever happens, but people still love them for their entertainment value.

  7. This episode made me laugh quite a few times, not as heartily as last episode, but it did a great job. Especially with the boss loving Ikaros’ head rubs. This series in general is awesome that way.

    Kelfistan: I think this along with Kampfer and Railgun are the best shows this season. I have absolutely no complaints about it. Divine made a great call in picking this one up as his review for the first episode made all the difference in my watching it. I’m not sure where you’ve set your bar, but Divine has set it high enough for me to enjoy.

  8. Only seen the first 2 eps yet and while it’s an entertaining switch-off brain sorta show, it just worries me when people start saying “fav show of the season.” Just sort of sums up where anime is heading…
    Either way, I’m hoping it at least picks up soon, as while it entertains, it’s not something I highly look forward to each week and could easily drop.

  9. Divine & Splash
    For me, I don’t like all those flash panty shots, “over the top” story lines, and big breast, but there are some good qualities that make it so I could enjoyed them like Akane ni Somaru, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu and Seitokai no Ichizon. Though there are too many things that I hate from this show. I don’t like Tomoki of the way he was voiced, or how usually there are more chibi figures then real ones, and how extremely perverted Tomoki is. I actually had high hopes for this series at first ep, but now I don’t its worth while anymore…
    I hear you man, about the door ending and how the mushrooms should’ve been hallucigen.I totally agree.

  10. TehJawknee:
    Don’t mind me, I’m not questioning Divines judgement at all, and Railgun is one of the best shows this season next to Inuyasha, and Kobato(Kampfer is enjoyable unlike this anime). Though whether its something ‘special’ in this anime that stops me enjoy watching it, I don’t know. The ‘bar’ in my opinion gets dragged up and down all the time with this show, where we see serious scenes and not so serious scenes. The idea of doing anything you want but can’t cancel the wish is great and I have not seen it in a long time, but when lot of wild things going on isn’t it the regular anime?

  11. Kelfistan:
    If that’s the case, then maybe you should drop it. It doesn’t sound like it’s something you enjoy, but at least you gave it a fair chance and found out firsthand. As long as people do that, I don’t object to people dropping shows that I’m watching/covering. It’s only when people make comments without actually watching what I’m talking about do I simply shrug them off and ignore them. =)

    Generally speaking, I don’t expect everyone to watch everything I’m blogging, nor do I expect anyone to be able to given the amount of shows I tend to watch (click the MAL link in my name and you’ll see). A lot of times, I watch some pretty mediocre-to-poor stuff, but I like to see things through to the end so I can make an informed judgment. As someone with pretty diverse tastes, I hope that translates to more exposure of what’s out there and helps people decide if a series is something they might enjoy.

    That said, who knows. You might see something in my SoraOto posts later on that piques your interest and you can continue watching then if you want. That’s what RC’s good for after all isn’t it?

  12. Thank you Divine. I actually did decide to drop this anime while reading your last post, but I hope to come back if it does intrigue me. To let you know, I rarely leave an anime unfinished. Even if I watch the first episode, I watch it later though not following it week by week, but to see it all through like you. Then on I wish the best of luck you all and this anime!

  13. They missed one very, very critical element of the manga

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I hope they bring it back nexp ep before Nymph shows up, otherwise so much of the emotional strength of the whole arc will be lost.

  14. just can’t get enough of this anime ths is kind of anime that has no boundaries the fanservice fantastic i like the way it got serious all of a sudden and went back to been funny again it just shows that this anime is unpredictable.

  15. Dragonite88:
    Sorry, didn’t mean to ignore you. I think I mentioned before that I haven’t seen DearS, so I can’t make that comparison. However, I did say that Ikaros’ naive nature mirrors Chii’s in a way.

  16. I think the humor in this episode was more for smirks rather than flat-out lol situations.The episodes have actually a good mix of humor to give audiences many different degrees of lol while keeping the fanservice intact.Am I the only one who noticed this?A simple way to keep your viewers from losing interest,I think.For most comedy series,the comedy dries up fast after a while.Not this one though.

    The humor isn’t for everybody though.Its hard to imagine why(for me) because I’ve always approached shows like this with an open mind.Its the distinction between tasteful and disgusting fansercive that makes an ecchi anime enjoyable.So far,I’m liking what I see =)

  17. Sora no Otoshimono is more like Chobits than DearS. All three series have that robot or robot-like servant thing going on, but the three each deal with entirely different central themes and Ikaros resembles Chii much more than Ren.

    I’ve watched all of both Chobits and DearS and have read the entire DearS manga. Aaah, knowledge feels so nice. 😀

  18. I think the problem now is not that this episode is not funny, but they had set the bar so high that is pretty tough to top off exploding pantsu, flying supersonic pantsu, and super combine pantsu robot.
    Overall is still a very funny episode but not too worry there be more funny stuff later on with Festival, Quantum machine and fishing episode if we get a chance to see those.

  19. This episode’s ending was extra awesome because of Ikaros encountering the Mi-go funghi and Cthulhu sleeping on the bottom of the Pacific, something I would never expect to see in a random comedy anime, ever. They got the lat/long coordinates wrong, but still.

    My inner RPG geek is happy. 🙂

    Sky Ace
  20. I love this anime. I loved DearS and this takes a lot of things to a new level. I love the straight forwardness, I appreciated so much. This may be one of my favorites ever. I want things to get a little more serious, but still keep that sexual and lighthearted characters. I’m glad they copied DearS. I wanted another season, and this is just as good if not better.


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