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  1. Kisame and Bee fight would be awesome, i remember that when Itachi and Kisame first try to kidnap naruto, Kisame also absorve some of the kyubi chakra so is not anything new that samaheda can absorb any type of chakra

  2. @divine
    the truth was that konoha decided to declare sasuke as a ‘missing-nin’ which means that konoha has decided to take responsibility to find and kill sasuke by themselves.

  3. Love in Naruto universe = Fail. Not even Asuma had a happy ending I even wonder how these ninjas reproduce. Must be some kind of symbiotic mechanism. Temari and /chikimaru nada. all couples fail

    island esper
  4. dont think it was meant to be heart felt ~”~ they did end up arguing =.= i think kisame was meant to have chakra nearly as large as a tailbeast ~”~ so im not suprised…

  5. Actually it moved the story along the lines that Sakura is a crappy female character, who’s going to need some major character development before Shonen Jump’s offices are flooded by hate mail.

  6. Also on a completely unrelated note did anyone else hear about the true tears Blu-ray Box from Bandai. Apparently it’s going to have something like a three minute portion of new footage as an epilogue that will depict the future of the main characters, after the show and all. But it won’t even be released unless so many copies are ordered. Just me, but I’m hoping for some unforeseeable Noe ending, in like a scenario where Hiromi meets a tragic death by heartfelt emotion overdose.

  7. yeah, the confession was just absoulte bullshit. Way to go Sakura! started off with I love you, then inner Sakura takes over and argues. Geez, you piss me off now. Even if you could find Sasuke, you would get killed. Leave Sasuke to Naruto and stop getting in the way.

  8. That’s not quite right : the truth is that the rookie 9 is taking it upon themselves to End Sasuke, FOR Konoha. Naruto only knows that Konoha has allowed other countries to take action against Sasuke, but doesn’t know that the Rookie 9 are gonna do it before the others can, which is probably why she’s apologizing as it seems like they are now off to end his life after Naruto just exclaimed that he’d rather have his balls fondled by Saucegay rather than Sakura.

    And I don’t think she was forcing a favorable response, she was just forcing A response, which is not that unreasonable I think despite her shitty confession.

  9. I don’t find the powers of Kisame ridiculous. It’s fitting for someone from the Akatsuki. It has bothered me quite a while that all the Akatsuki members were first presented like godlike (like.. mm Itachi) and then die without any fame. Deidera, Hidan, Kakuzi, Sasori, Itachi, Pain were all pathetic defeated (maybe with exception of Deidera). Now I hope Kisame captured Killer Bee so that the real war can start!

  10. Hey Divine, I think what kiba meant by “should we tell them the truth” is that they are planning on killing Sasuke as stated in a previous chapter, I think about 5 or 6 ago? And Sakura is there just to get Naruto to avoid Sasuke so he (naruto) doesn’t know what they are about to do (kill sasuke/take him down)

  11. @ Divine ur comments are quailty like always ever considered going pro like a reporter.
    I think it could be to stop sasuke (tobi) from meeting naruto. They just about have all 8 beast and naruto is left. well it could be also a method to lure sai (followers) and the rest of the pursuit. Seeing how every1 is lookin for naruto. Jus a theory it may turn out like a bleach ichigo coming in the nic of ym to see its to late.
    Danzo escaped making even more dangerous in the shinobi world. And it jus a possibilty that the body transfer jutsu could be attempt to take over sasuke or tobi or even hayate.

  12. ur retarded it was never sakura confessing her feelings to naruto. i repeat SAKURA NEVER LIKED NARUTO…..stop blogging about stuff u clearly dont understand. she was trying to stop him from chasing sasuke from the start. she has no feelings for him besides those of friendship.

  13. I do think that Sakura has honorable intentions with her love for Naruto. But like i said for the last chapter, these are teenagers and, for that matter, warriors who`ve never really had the stability for confessing love. But all the best for the NaruSaku tribe over here. And I definitely think that Sakura lost all her infatuation for Sasuke by now, as she`s pretty much on the move to kill his ass now. So I guess that`s an improvement in her direction. I was gonna say that she would be nuts to still be in love with him after all the pain and misery that he`s caused her, Naruto, and the village as well. So it DOES look like I might get my ” Sasuke-dies-at-the-end-hallelujah ” ending.

    And I really do hope Naruto gets to be Hokage soon, cause Danzo pissed me the hell off. Who the hell even likes him as a character? But anyway, looks like Naruto may get to become Hokage a little earlier than we`ll expected, from the way all the ninja are hating his guts ( didn`t all the shinobi and normal citizens get confused that Danzo got to be Hokage? I remember that they all were voting for Naruto or Kakashi to be Hokage ).

  14. If they are afraid to tell Naruto they gonna try to kill Sasuke what do they think would happen if they somehow were successful? Would Naruto wanna stay in a town where all his friends went behind his back and killed his best friend? That would be the end of Naruto and Kohana.

    I think Sakura does genuinely have feelings for Naruto. She just still has MORE feelings for Sasuke then she does for Naruto. On the surface she says “Sasuke is history” but in her heart if Sasuke said “Sakura leave the leaf and come with me and be my woman” Sakura would say “wait while I get my coat”

  15. So much for sharing the bond of getting Sasuke back with Naruto.He officially has no reason to talke to her anymore. Since the beginning of this arc they both have been all emo over the king of fags. Sakura just ruined any chance of being seen as a useful character even with her super-strength(that she rarely hits anyone with). She cant honestly believe she is a match for Sasuke by herself. I bet Madara is going to kill her and make Naruto go all uber strong just to fall into Madara’s trap and get his Kyuubi taken. Well this is what I want to happen. Just let her die and have some meaning of existing in this manga.

  16. I actually liked this “confession”.
    It showed that Sakura actually cares for Naruto as a friend, and was nice to see she was thinking rationally for a bit. I mean despite Sasuke becoming more of a back-stabing bastard each time and despite Naruto comferting her ass each time, she seemed to not care and go whining “Sasuke! Sasuke!” at every second. It seemed like she completely shitted on Naruto this whole time. So it was nice that she at least thought like that even if emotionally she can’t accept giving up on Sasuke.
    (Though seriously when you think about it, she sure fell in-love hard for someone who barely cared for her…
    It’s kinda like, how come you fell in love for him that hard just because he looks good anyway?)

    @Abe: What, Sakura was useful?
    I don’t think there was one instant in this manga where she actually helped in battle… And if there is I bet it’s against some small frys.

  17. Here’s your damn One Piece post:

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    Zelda is a Ghost
  18. @Divine: I guess it’s really not my business to tell you what to watch or anything, but you really should read it!!

    Out of all 3 mainstreams, this one really manages to keep it’s quality. (By this I don’t mean either Narto or Bleach completely suck. I just mean that, let’s face it, there are periods when they have a lot of “meh” chapters or disappointing chapters. One Piece seems to barely have these chapters and it’s usually very exciting!!)

    And it’s also have emotionally epic moments (it’s not all about fighting and gags).
    Last time a major character had been stabbed by his crew member who was brainwashed and… Well I suck at explaining and I don’t want to spoiler either so I suggest you just read the chapter.

    The good thing about One Piece too is it’s easy to get into.
    You can really just read what happened out of some wiki, read the last chapters and ot feel confused~

    So anyway, your choice, but I really think that if youre blogging bleach and naruto that you should try giving One Piece some chance.

  19. I think Gaara should be the leader of the Five Kages. He may be the most inexperienced, but he’s the most true to himself and the most composed.

    BTW, how can you not cover Hinata’s most epic chapter?

  20. FOR GODS SAKE MAN!!!!! USE SOME SHADING!!! and what the hells up with the Origami hair?? kubo draws better than this with his feet.

    cant front though, rock lee concept is cool

    BROOKLYN otaku
  21. Neither Sakura nor Naruto’s side is truthful in this exchange. I’m just going to blame everyone for the inevitable mess of events that’ll come up whether it’s Sakura getting beaten up badly by Sasuke and/or Naruto finding out Konoha’s intent on killing Sasuke.

    I think a lot of people are ignorant on whether Sakura loves Naruto. The fact is that she does. Where everybody is getting confused is whether the love is platonic or romantic.

    Over the course of Part II, she has shown growing concern over his well-being, which culminated in the outburst in this chapter where she wants him safe in Konoha and to stop getting himself killed over Sasuke. It’s open to interpretation whether this concern is growing into something bigger than just concern for a friend.

    As for Kisame/Bee, Raiton Pencil was epic and Kisame wielding a giant pine cone…I can’t wait for more of this battle. XD

  22. Seriously. Sakura does love naruto. If you read or watch its really been building up to it kind of. Notice in the old one how she allways called for sasuke and later in this one whenever something happened she thought about naruto. She wants naruto to stop going after him because she doesnt want him to get hurt. I know I know all you little pussies will be like NAH UH NAUROT AND HINATA SCREW YOU or the ITS JUST A MANGA YOU FAG. Well idc. I think the writer will get naruto with sakura in the end. The first part felt a little foreced because she wants him to stop going after sasuke and this chapter seemed a little more sencere about her feelings she wants him sheesh.

  23. I don’t think there’s any question that Sakura thinks of Naruto as more than a friend; but whether that love is platonic or romantic as a previous poster said is anyone’s guess. It could go either way at this point. Personally, I’d like to think Naruto’s own feelings are the former, as that fits in with his promising her to bring back Sasuke, which IMO showed how far his character developed and matured over the course of Part I; Naruto at the beginning would have thought with Sasuke out of the way, he could finally put the moves on Sakura.

    As for Hinata, at first I thought she was just going to be the “unrequited love” side character you see in quite a few series, but her confession really changed my impression (I honestly didn’t see it coming) and like Naruto’s promise to Sakura showed how much her character has progressed (in spite of lack of panel time). That said, I’m leaning more toward NaruHina now, as it would be a shame for Hinata to get a broken heart after all that.

  24. @tvesrb: at this point, even S-Classes don’t come close. You’ll either have to be at least 6-Tail Kyuubi, have a Rinnegan or have above average Kage levels of power.

    Don’t forget about his Amatersu


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