「水着軍団(ナミギワ)GO!GO!GO!」 (Mizugi Gundan (Namigiwa) GO! GO! GO!)
“Swimsuit Corps (Tidal Wave) GO! GO! GO!”

I’ve been eagerly waiting for Nymph to show up, and what do you know, she’s right there when the episode starts. Needless to say, I was just as confused as Tomoki was. Much to our surprise, she’s nothing like Ikaros either, with her cheeky attitude and knack for calling everyone bugs. That’s alright though, she’s just in time for the full beach episode courtesy of the local town lottery draw.

Oddly enough, the humour seems to have dwindled a bit, but we get some more plot development instead. This of course is primarily due to the arrival of Nymph and trying to figure out what her purpose here is. While the successor to the Alpha model claims it’s more on a whim and that watching over Ikaros may be a part of it, she does make it clear that Tomoki’s definitely not the reason. Unfortunately for Tomoki, this is in spite of his attempt to get along with Nymph, even though he’s been freaking out about how the Angeloids are multiplying around him. That’s a bit of a shame since Nymph appears to know what’s going on, especially when Ikaros went into “defense mode” for Tomoki’s sake. In addition, her arrival coincides with the girl from Tomoki’s dream warning him to be careful yet again. Whatever Nymph’s purpose may be, they’ve done a decent job at keeping us guessing, while grasping for more clues at the same time.

With this being a beach episode, it was surprisingly a lot less fan-service than one would expect. By that, I mean there was nothing opening perverted outside of Tomoki getting Ikaros to inconspicuously snap pictures of other girls. Instead, we just have a nice visual treat of Ikaros, Nymph, Sohara, and Mikako’s swimsuit appearances. Personally, I don’t mind this one bit as there were quite a few tasteful shots. For sheer comedy, there was Nymph wrecking Tomoki’s face with a volleyball hit, Eishirou winning a curry eating contest with ease, and Tomoki freaking out over people spotting Ikaros walking around on the ocean floor. In the last case, apparently Ikaros’ wings get heavy when they’re wet, and she can’t hide them completely like Nymph can. On the more serious side, Sohara was trying to grow closer to Tomoki with this trip, and was jealous of him teaching Ikaros how to swim over her. In scripted fashion, this leads to Sohara almost drowning and Tomoki swimming frantically out to save her. In unexpected fashion though, Nymph shows some concern over Tomoki rushing out there without a second thought, causing her to fly out there and lend a hand. Also, Tomoki finds out for the first time that Ikaros can’t sleep, making him feel sorry for her just staying by his side all this time while he does. Last but not least, Ikaros’ murderous Tomoki defense mode continues to startle everyone just like before.

On a separate note, we did have a short cameo of two new characters, Mizuki (Nazuka Kaori, of dangerous Shizuku fame) and Eve (Yahagi Sayuri). I’m not sure what their roles are in all this, but I was quick to pick out Kaori’s voice. The next episode title indicates there’s going to be a new transfer student though. Whether or not this refers to one of them, your guess is as good as mine. Aside from that, we also had the unfortunate passing of Ikaros’ beloved watermelon at the end. You will be missed!

Sixth episode, sixth ending sequence. This time it features Nymph’s seiyuu Nomizu Iori, as we go through all the inconspicuous pictures Tomoki had Ikaros take for him. Tomoki’s a sneaky one…


ED6 Sequence

ED6: 「夏色のナンシー」 (Natsu Iro no Nancy) by ニムフ(野水伊織) (Nymph (Nomizu Iori))
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  1. Animation quality is still SICKENINGLY GOOD. I don’t know how they do it, but they obviously can do it every single episode. Other studios seem like third-world in comparison. Even KyoAni feels somewhat weak in the face of such awesome animation power.

  2. with only 14 (including the banned one) episodes, they HAVE to have good stuff (maybe examples: Ef)

    on the other hand, with Nymph in NOW, it things rather interestingly different from the manga, yet following manga.
    though shame Tomoki can’t swim that well in anime =p
    Show Spoiler ▼

    R.I.P. watermelon…now where’s that fully grown chicken again?xD

  3. Well, the 5th and 6th episode sorta disappoints many manga readers. For, while the producer did a very good job of animation and got the comedy shots right, the script writers failed to capture the emotional power and atmosphere in the development of the main plot, which is the real shining point of the manga that distinguishes it from other fanservice works.

    That being said, nothing is perfect, it is still a fun work to watch. Or perhaps they can make up for what’s lost in later episodes. Perhaps.

  4. this is episode was so funny i think i,m going watch it twice but yea looks like ikaros purpose is destroy the world so far she isn,t been that much of a threat but she soon will be. Nymph might actually be the girl that keeps warning Tomo in his dream she is probably there to protect the world not Tomo actually now that would be awesome.

  5. I don’t think they were aiming for too much comedy this episode.I’d see this as a build up to a more serious plot later on.It was also surprising that they didn’t go crazy with the fanservice at the beach.

    And apparently some big fight happened before nymph came into the picture or so I’ve heard.Hope they didn’t completely skip that.It’s also kinda sad to hear that Ikaros can’t sleep or have dreams even though its obvious she doesn’t sleep lol…

  6. Were we just subtly introduced to a new character in the ending sequence? Some guy is floating in mid air in the picture with Ikaros. It’s completely transparent too! I didn’t read the managa, but from the looks of his character design he looks like a major character soon to come.

  7. divine:
    you never saw the sarcasm nor the “again” in that sentence, did you?
    And I agree, its growing way too fast (faster than the manga too xD)

    I think the producer thinks that he can do one better in the way the chapters should play out, either that or the manga artist was telling the producer what to change…

    still, I think they did Okay with the ordering now (still, it did gave me something to think about when they first run off order)

  8. Dunno if you guys noticed it as well, but I thought I saw a Saki character at about 5:28 – 5:35. There’s a girl with a short ponytail and wearing a somewhat skimpy swimsuit, and I thought she looked remarkably like Hajime XD

  9. Yes Nymph entrance in the manga is so much better, here you only surprise because she just pop up, but in the manga there is a scene before this and that make it more confusing and funny how she could just pop up in the house after what happen during the first scene, not to mention the important female bath episode that I am sure everyone is interested.
    Hope they fix it later on in future episode.
    Still overall I love this series.


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