Arriving at the same time as the submarine in the harbor is a convoy of trucks much like the convoy Hei tried to ambush. As it turns out, Hei had attacked a decoy which was carrying Shizume Genma, and Misaki and Norio’s mother were with the real convoy. This means that Hei has to fight the armored Genma while back at the harbor, the real goods are getting loaded into the submarine. Genma reveals to Hei that the goods are actually Izanami, a certain Doll. At the harbor, Suou is okay with destroying with whatever is in the container, even if it’s a person, but she and July first have to escape from Hazuki Mina who had earlier spotted them in the distance. July has figured out by now that the person inside the container is none other than Yin, but Suou is still determined complete the mission. She takes up a sniper position, however right as she’s about to fire at the container, Hei arrives and causes her to miss. Hei had managed to escape from his fight and rode a civilian car all the way here, and he now instructs Suou, July, and Mao to retreat. He then tries to chase after the loaded and departing submarine, but he isn’t able to do anything without his Contractor powers.

While waiting for Hei at the rendezvous point, Mao tells Suou that Yin was someone Hei had a past with. Shortly thereafter, the three are attacked by Norio’s mother, and she wants Suou to come with her. Suou refuses though and brings out her rifle. The shot she fires misses, but a moment later, Norio’s mother loses control of her own power, and July notices Yin’s observer spirit in the water nearby. Norio’s mother ends up becoming surrounded in a sphere of water and drowning, and to make things worse, Norio arrives on the scene just in time to see her die. Norio thinks that Suou is to blame for this, and Suou doesn’t get a chance to explain what happened because she has to escape. Hei meanwhile calls up his employer, Madame Oreille, and she confirms that she knew that it was Yin. Hei feels that he can’t trust her anymore, but Madame Oreille points out that she should the one be saying that after Hei couldn’t kill Yin like he said he would. Since the submarine was headed for Tokyo, Hei takes Suou and the others in that direction, and they take up residence in an old house.

Suou ends up thinking a lot about Norio and how he probably hates her now, and she wonders what it means to like someone. That reminds her of how Hei had called out her name when he had caused her to miss her shot earlier, and she finds him now cooking. She complains about the canned food and lack of vegetables, so Hei pours his alcohol into the pan to take care of the first problem. He also tells Suou not to shoot anymore because she isn’t suited for it, and she proposes a deal: if he doesn’t drink anymore, she won’t shoot anymore. Hei doesn’t give her a direct answer, but he does reveal that he’s going out to buy some vegetables, and Suou decides to go with him. Unbeknownst to her, Norio is currently grieving over his mother, and his father is trying to comfort him. On their way back from the store, Suou sees Yin’s observer spirit suddenly appear and get close to Hei before disappearing again, but he doesn’t seem to notice.


Well that was certainly an interesting episode, but not surprisingly, there were as many new questions as there were answers. The big thing of course is that Yin is back, and it looks like Hei’s original intent was indeed to kill her, but obviously he can’t because he still has feelings for her. It also appears that she’s capable of a lot more than she used to be, and she’s either able to control water now or turn Contractors’ powers against them, along with being able to project at long distances. The really big question though is how they got into this situation. I have a hard time believing Yin will be an antagonist, and my suspicions fall on Misaki’s new organization or the Syndicate.

It’s worth noting here that the second DVD/Blu-ray volume coming out at the end of January will have the first of four special episodes bridging the gap between this series and the first one – commercial for it here and a longer version on the official site – so it might be a while before we get a complete picture of what happened (the last DVD isn’t due out until July 2010).

Anyway, the Norio and his mother stuff this episode was fairly good too. I wouldn’t call it emotionally powerful, but Norio’s father had some good lines, and I originally didn’t really expect anything meaningful out of Norio at all, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a subplot like that. I do wonder though if it has any future repercussions since the story is shifting to Tokyo now, other than the impression it made on Suou. Speaking of which, it looks like her feelings for Hei are growing really quickly, and the epilogue part of the episode even shows her jealous. Maybe there’ll be a Suou and Yin rivalry…


  1. Damn…I was hoping Misaki and Hei would meet up, but no such luck. *sigh* I’m resigning myself to a Hei/Yin or even a Hei/Suou ending.

    On the other hand, I’m glad the storyline seems to be progressing, and I wonder exactly what put Hei in the situation he is in, ie. having to kill Yin.

  2. It certainly looks like Amber. Time-travelers can never truly die after all. I’m almost more intrigued to see those episodes than I am the rest of the show. Whatever happens in wither, they’re certainly setting up for a third season or movie continuation/conclusion.

    curious one
  3. Looks like Yin is taking Amber place with powerful abilities. Norio’s dad is gets cooler every episode. Especially when he took that wig off. Get him some pants and shirt and we have Isshin.

  4. YAY! Yin finally makes her appearance and I’m glad for it =) My favourite character finally gets her chance to shine hehe* ^^
    Still hoping for a Yin/Hei ending but we’ll see where this story progresses…

  5. Oh dear God I sure as HELL hope that Suou isn’t really developing romantic feelings for Hei… Besides the fact I’m a HUGE HeiXYin shipper, just… how old is Suou..? Ugghhhh..
    But anyways, I’m seriously glad to see Yin back! 🙂 For some reason I highly doubt that is the actual AMBER from the first season, there in that DtB 2 OVA commercial.. thing. She’s just a look-a-like, clearly.

  6. Yeah, I have to agree with Steph. That looks like an Amber look-alike. As for HeixYin, I was more of a HeixMisaki or HeixAmber guy. Who knows? The latter may still come true. 😛

  7. I always expected that Yin’s specter could control water in some way after seeing her in episode 25 (at the end). Its kinda funny that she still gets action even when she’s naked in a metal container 😛 Damn, Hei couldn’t have it any better – if he don’t watch out, this may turn into a creepy harem 😀 OK, that was a really bad joke.

    I don’t really give a damn about the half-ass drama in this series. Its more cute than anything else. But Suou does have an upward climb on her hands. But if you want to talk about moe, then they’re pretty much neck & neck. I also wouldn’t mind if Hei didn’t get his powers back. They kept on talking about how cold he was b4 he got them in the 1st series so lets see him school some over-confident meat contractors as his regular human self.

  8. So far I just find very weird how they focus on Norio… I mean, a random guy having an instant crush (near obsession) on a young girl. It might be alright for one episode or two, but geez, don’t focus on that for too long…

    That is why I don’t like Norio.

  9. It seems Misaki will betray the organisation she is currently working for,the scene with Misaki and the girl with glasses further establishes that but i might be wrong as for the scene whered Suou kicks the tree is weird does this mean she has the stockholm syndrome or is she fallin for him? she told Hei not to drink anymore because she saw a different side to the him in this episode in return he told her not to shoot anymore maybe because she never imagined that even though he is somewhat ruthless, he could still fall in love with someone, a doll for that matter meanwhile Hei was working for Madam Oreille all this while she comes of as someone that will sell information to anyone including the ones that are after Hei and Shion just for her own desires

  10. how can you be anti yin and how would she be a rival she is obviously a hostage and they are using her as bait. The people doing it to her are the bad ones obviously you don’t consider a hostage to a bank robber a bad guy.

    anyway totally against Suou she didn’t tell hei about Yin’s observer spirit and SHE KICKS IT or at least where it used to be that is how i interpreted what she did check for yourselves

  11. I’m kinda surprised that Izanami turned out to be Yin. And Yin got an upgrade? We know that Yin could form a specter of herself with her observational spirit back in the end of season 1, but now she could also control water?

    And now Yin is stalking Hei via her observational ghost! That’s one creepy stalker. It doesn’t help that without contractor powers, Hei is unable to see her.

    And Suou having jealous fits? Wait, even while looking like a hobo, Hei still hasn’t lost his magnetism?

  12. I just watched the commercial and man do I love it! I am glad that they already made the OVA’s which would serve as a gap to the second series, and hey since I do like Yin, this is good news to me! To answer people’s question about that green haired girl being Amber, it’s simply NO it’s not Amber. Only a look-alike, her powers is controlling the body of others and her remuneration looks like eating flowers.

    I know its too bad, since I do love Amber’s character, since if you guys haven’t notice that she is a contractor who actually have human emotions because she fell in love with Hei and did it all for his sake, not for hers, which is quite irrational and illogical as a contractor, because contractors only look out for themselves. Too bad that she’s RIP now, she was such as cool and strong character, I still wanted her to team up with Hei, they would be invincible! No syndicate, CIA, FSB, MI-6, PANDORA, and other Intelligent agencies would be able to stop them. It’s too bad this never happened seeing as Amber didn’t want Hei to die so she avoided bringing him along with her. Last thoughts about Amber is that I don’t think she can ever go back, because despite her strong contractor abilities (on par with Bai and Hei’s abilities), her remuneration is way too great (she gets younger and younger till she ceases to exist). Alright enough with Amber.

    About this episode, I definitely liked it, even with that Nori subplot (since it reminded of the first series having these mini arcs and mini suplots contributing towards the main plot. Though the highlight is definitely about Yin’s appearance and revelations about who Hei was working for and what his intentions were. I still don’t think that Hei really intends to kill Yin, since despite the order to destroy that container, Hei didn’t actually know that Yin was inside of it. So once he did, he refused to do so, and it looks like he will still continue to chase after Yin. I hope that he will save her. Though this raised a lot of questions, what did Hei mean that everything was caused by Yin? Why is she being called ‘Izanami’? Also that flashback scene of where Yin says goodbye, there are lots of corpses surrounding her, does this mean she became a contractor or something? Because from what I gather, dolls are in a way contractors as well who completely lose their identity and memories, and later became a medium OR they are contractors that have recovered from moratorium and become a doll. It looks like Yin has become powerful, enough to beat a contractor that controls water and able to project herself in long distances, despite not having a direct contact with water. Since in this case, Yin’s projection only happened when they were in the submarine, anytime before that when Yin was kept in the lab in the Section 35, no contact at all whatsoever happened. Also I loved that scene in the epilogue when Yin’s observation ghost tried to hug Hei. Too bad Hei doesn’t notice this anymore, because he lost his abilities. Remember that only contractors and dolls can actually see observational ghosts, so humans can’t see them.

    @Megas: I also agree with you, though I prefer Hei having contractor abilities, him being Human again and still kicking ass, is actually very cool. It shows a somewhat side of him in the past, remember that Hei gained the infamous title of Black/Dark/Grim Reaper BEFORE HE BECAME A CONTRACTOR, because of the fact that he was the only human that killed so many in the South America War. A human who could fought on par and even greater than contractors, plus he was only a teenager back then! So Section 35 and their contractors are getting confident at the fact that Hei lost his abilities, then I want Hei to prove them wrong by defeating their little team of Hazuki and Genma despite having no abilities. I know he can beat Hazuki because Hei is amazing at close combat, but it would be tough fight with Genma having an ability of always hiding away in an armor. Still Hei can always find a way, like putting a knife on his head (like in the CM lol) since Genma seems to have his face shown and not completely covered.

    Last part is about Suou, she is definitely developing and it does look like she is developing an odd relationship with Hei. It’s not surprising since Hei always develop relationships with lots of women in odd ways, I wouldn’t be surprise if Suou started falling for the guy. There were various hints pointing to that direction, first was that despite being in danger of getting caught by Hazuki, she still followed Hei’s order of shooting the container despite the fact that there was a person in there. This is quite illogical for a contractor and perhaps as a human as well, seeing as the mission was compromised and that she would be in greater danger of getting caught. Second was that she was surprised to learn that Hei had a relationship with Yin and also the fact that Hei refused to kill her. Third was how she felt when Hei called her name for the first time. Fourth was that condition of him not drinking anymore and actually accompanied him, despite the fact that she admitted like in the last couple of episodes that she hated him (what is she a tsundere?). Last and the obvious hint, was her not admitting to Hei about seeing Yin’s observational spirit and even went and kicked the spot where she appeared. Lol just as OMNI pointed out, there could be a future rivalry between them. Heck it’s not just with the two of them, but add in Misaki and it’s a battlefield. We all know she still fully obsessed with the guy. I am also disappointed of the fact that Misaki still had not seen Hei at all (with his current state and all), wonder how she would react? I doubt that there would be a touchy reunion, but who knows?

    Just my lengthy ramblings on this episode, gotta love DtB!

  13. @X: And about the knife, really, where is his knife? His employer did not have the decency of sending another knife over. Just look at the number of knives he is going through in season 1 alone.

  14. im anti-yinxhei they look like siblings X< (yeah i know they don’t look alike, but they have no chemistry) misakixhei ftw!!!!! i wouldn’t mind suou either but um…she’s a bit too young XD
    hei has quite an ability to make any woman fall in love with him no? i know i would if he were real XD XD XD

  15. @Mincemaker: I know man! I’m glad that Hei cut off ties with that bitch! It’s not only the knives, even the dam mask! I mean if you notice when Hei still had his mask, it was really worn out and full of scratches! Dam, no wonder I thought it was weird that he couldn’t even have a spare mask and knives when he is working with the CIA, this explains it that even Hei left the CIA and worked for that bitch. Never really liked her, cuz she will betray anyone for money.

  16. Stockholm syndrome? Anyway Suou befriending/liking Hei was pretty obvious from the beginning.

    Sooner or later Hei’s probably going to cut his hair and shave too.

    Suou jealous of Yin was cute though.

  17. @Mince
    They joke about his knife shortage in the Black Flower arc. It really sucks to be a freelance contractor. It’s a shame that it doesn’t look like the ova will be covering any of said arc.

    Sigh, I think they prematurely revealed Yin’s new power. The fact that she can use a contractor’s ability against him/her implies that Hei or Misaki will end up offing Yin.

    Hmmm, had Hei not interfered with Suou’s shot, would the bullet have been reflected back at her? Maybe Hei knew about Yin’s power and was protecting Suou, rather than Yin.

    p.s. Thank heavens we’re done with Norio, even if his father was nifty.

    p.p.s. Suou’s kick may not have had anything to do with jealousy. She was probably just venting over the fact that Yin killed Norio’s mother and Norio ended up blaming Suou.

  18. Question for OMNI:
    “my suspicions fall on Misaki’s new organization or the Syndicate”
    Why “OR”? Any particular reason to believe Section 3 is not the Syndicate? Their words are the only “proof” we have that they are not the Syndicate. So until proven otherwise I will believe that Misaki’s new organization IS the Syndicate (or at least part of its remains). The fact that Section is using an anti-Contractor weapon developed by that professor who was helping the Syndicate eradicate all Contractors only makes me even more suspicious…

  19. Section 3 or the SYNDICATE, doesn’t matter as they are same organization or not, as they are clearly the BAD guys…….imo haha.

    I don’t think Suou is a PURE contractor ……as contractor’s motive is based on logic and common sense, love and interest are the least thing with logic and common sense, even though she might just a contractor-to-be.

    For Suou feelings about Yin, I think there may no connection with Norio. She mention him at the house only about topic of liking somebody and then a flashback where she reminds that Hei call her name. She jealous of Yin maybe because of Yin’s past with Hei, as Yin had spent more time with Hei than herself. She kicks the pipe after Yin’s ghost holding Hei’arm. Suou makes a deal with Hei that she will stop shooting somebody if Hei will stop drinking alcohol, which is clearly not-contractor-alike, with no benefit to herself, unless you including love interest…

    Hei is not older than 30, isn’t he? I think even he is much older than he look, he will not get past 25 or 24…..and saying that Hei is a lolicon is rude, he should be a SISCON, Yin and Suou is clearly the sister-like type character. XD

    For Misaki, I don’t think she have interest for Hei…..BK201 is much more like her target. She feels that capturing BK201 is like her mission in life, and she might want to ask Hei about his past at Heaven Gate and info about Hell Gate, and also his past which makes him is known for the Black Reaper.

  20. Mao as a squirrel seems totally natural now with all his funny poses and comments. While Hei is still in unshaved mode his attitude seems to have taken a turn for the better now that he has more information on Yin. Still the show is lacking in term of solid-freaky long term main antagonists (Harvest -Shikkoku no Hana- as extravagant as he is, is still doing a lot better job than most bad guys in the serie so far). And as suprising as it is a HeiXMisakiless review, in the meantime Suou is coming as the new challenger.

  21. i don’t really think Hei will end up with anyone and don’t particularly care, but the OVA preview certainly shows a relationship different from siblings (at least on Hei’s part).

    curious one
  22. In ep. 3 concerning “that woman” it’s still not clarified if Hei means Yin or some other woman. It could be interpreted either way. And I think watching this episode that Hei was really surprised to find out that it was Yin, if you watch it again you’ll notice that he finds out that Yin was the target and immediately wants to save her. There was no deliberation in his action, I didn’t sense any hesitation.

  23. About suou feelings for hei..i dont think she’s suit to be with him in a relationship or what..shes just…too young..==…yin or misaki will most probably be better dont think its not like shes jealous of yin or what..cause at the 2nd episode when she first got tied up by hei..she states tat hei killed anyone even his own lover..and hei slapped her..then she realized hei is a different person than before and also will protect his loves one/partners when he stopped her from shooting the container with yin inside by even calling her name suou where hei never called before.

  24. o.O Hei’s some kind of reverse-jailbait. The lolis are just flinging themselves at him.

    Also, I’m starting to miss the electric part of Chinese Electric Batman. T___T Did that part at the end, with Yin’s specter, indicate that he can’t even see surveillance specters anymore, or was she just out of his line of vision?

  25. But, I don’t think she is really jealous. She saw Yin’s ghost killing a contractor, maybe she thinks Yin is evil and can kill Hei at some point in their future.

    Besides, I guess Suou now understands that hei maybe didn’t kill his father.

  26. I want Misaki to meet up with Hei too. I hope they will meet up soon I mean this is already the 6th episode.

    If it’s between Yin and Suou I rather Yin because Suou is just too kid-like. :/

    Obviously though my real choice is Misaki.

  27. Someone has to say: The soundtrack for this second season has been phenomenal. Beautifully composed and eclectic.

    Suou has noticed the irregularities in Hei’s actions (hence the flash back scenes where she contemplates what it means to love someone), as such her opinion of him is beginning to change. In the beginning she thought he was just a typical cold blooded contractor, but she is now sees his humanity (and perhaps even notice, like Mao, that he isn’t a contractor anymore).

    So Very Odd
  28. I have to say, Suou looks good in that black school-girl outfit, for sure.

    I’m beginning to really question the motives of Section 3. “It would be best if you don’t think of me as your ally” really raised a brow.

  29. I’m very anti Hei/Yin and Hei/Suou because they seem so young and more like a younger sister type. Haha I always thought Yin was more suited to being a younger sister to Hei because being romantically linked to Hei just looks weird.

    On another note, I really like Suou’s character right now. She was a bit annoying at first, but now I find her really cute.

  30. I’m pretty certain Hei did not know he was killing Yin. It’s when he realized it that he snapped out of this funk and told our resident hot blonde chic he can’t work for her. He even seems to be giving up alcohol and reverting to his old food eating habits.

    I suspect he had thought Yin already dead, and knowing she’s alive has brought him back to life so to speak. Yin seems to be some evolutionary form of a doll. And I think it’s pretty obvious that Misaki’s ‘new organization’ is simply the syndicate. I mean, if the anti-contractor device, super secret hush hush nature, and the crazy old doctor from season 1 aren’t dead giveaways…plus having her work for the very organization she had attempted to uncover is too good (if cliche) for the writers to pass up.

    The OVAs look great as well. I suppose it could be Amber. Being a time traveler, it’s certainly easy to bring her into a plot due to her ability. One thing I’ve always wondered about her though is how old she was originally when becoming a contractor since she gets younger with each use (I also thought it was interesting that she spent years figuring out the correct path of events in that final battle while the actual event only took…half an hour? :p ). The thought of her originally being some wrinkly 80 year old woman in love with Hei makes me giggle for some reason. ;p

  31. Well for starters the OVA Looks totally epic, the fight scenes! and we get some awesome fan service between Hei&Yin lol^^ Now onto to this week’s episode, i’am glad Yin’s back and hopefully we will get to see her interacting more instead of being cooped up in a large container. About her new powers, from what was said in this episode and from what Misaki referred to Yin as, I think she can turn contractors powers against themselves. And i think Yin was helping Suou and co, what other reason would Yin have to Kill Norio’s mother. Another thing I hope things get cleared up between Yin and Hei because i’m hating this every woman who cares about him ends up leaving him and dieing. So I hope Yin will be the one to break the chain. And from what i’ve read at another site someone said in the beginning of season 1 Hei was 22 and Yin was 17, so I wouldn’t say he’s a complete Lolicon >< Well maybe when it comes to Suou who is 13 I believe 😛

  32. I’m still waiting for Shion and whatever his power is to show back up. Suou and the mystery surrounding Yin are barely keeping me interested….not to mention the dad and the kid are a waste of 5-10 minutes an ep. A little more development on the secret organization, or the twins and the blonde chick would do wonders for this season. I dunno..maybe because I thought there were several more interesting characters than Yin in season 1, the mystery surrounding her is kind of boring to me. Trying to stick with it though since Hei’s still pretty cool.

  33. So Madame was ordering Hei around… This makes her OPFOR against the Section 3, and hints possible alliance between her and Misaki aiming at derailing shadowy plans of the Section. Also technician girl from Section warns Misaki to not treat her as an ally, which suggests sinister motives of the Section.

  34. I’m pretty late to comment here, but I did watch this back on Friday. All I can really say is… YAYYYY!! FINALLYYYY!! Hei is no longer going to drink!! Yarr! Thank you, Suou! Now, order him to either shave well or get a hair cut. As for Suou’s “crush”, I’m sorry but no… O.o She’s too young! (Although, that scene of her kicking the pole was kind of funny…since Yin!Spectre showed up.) I feel bad, though, for that particular guy’s mother, even if she was a Contractor. Yin became a killing machine… ;___;

  35. This was one of the best episodes I have seen of Darker Than Black. If only Hei had his Contractor powers… I hope he gets them back soon, as he seems quite weak like this. I expected him to knock Genma out no matter what.

    The scene where Hei prevented Suou from shooting Yin was great as well. I’m really happy to see Yin back. She seems to have developed a lot though. What she did to Norio’s mother was cool, except that I didn’t expect her to kill. Suou should have been grateful to Yin for saving her.

    Another good thing is that Hei finally quit drinking. Can’t wait to see him eating tons again. Now all he needs is his powers back and a haircut. I really missed seeing him masked with dark clothes on.

    Suou seems to be jealous about Yin. However, I think she might be angry because of Yin killing Norio’s mother as well. I don’t think (and hope too) that it isn’t a love kind of jealously, but more of a partner type. I felt pity about the fact that Hei can’t see Yin’s observer spirit, probably because he no longer has his Contractor powers.

    I’m not sure if next episode will answer many questions but I see some new stuff is waiting for us. I wonder where did Suou get those clothes and what is he throwing.

    Ah and Mao was even more cute in this episode. I loved the way he was sitting in the train and watching TV, lol.

  36. @Kaliayev sorry for the late reply and i hope you read this.
    HELL YES she’d be flat n the ground and having a nose bleed….heck, if she saw how he looked before and behaved as Li, she’d be dead XD XD XD;;

  37. @Kaliyev
    “Sigh, I think they prematurely revealed Yin’s new power. The fact that she can use a contractor’s ability against him/her implies that Hei or Misaki will end up offing Yin.

    Hmmm, had Hei not interfered with Suou’s shot, would the bullet have been reflected back at her? Maybe Hei knew about Yin’s power and was protecting Suou, rather than Yin.”

    I’m not not sure if Yin’s power is ability to use a Contractor’s powers against; it might just be her close relation to water. It would be cool if she could do that though. I’m also pretty sure that Hei was protecting Yin since he seems to know very little about Yin already, I doubt he would be aware of her power. His conversation to Madame Oreille show that he wasn’t all that happy with the idea of killing Yin as well.

  38. Well guys, i’ve just finished watching again ep. 1….and did you all noticed that Prof. Pavlichenko’s eyes color (when he’s dead) didn’t seem to match with when he is alive (watch closely when he talk to Suou about her getting into her little brother’s room)… or is it me who’s been to analytical?

  39. I enjoy checking into all the unique styles of Dec 21 2012 mayan prophecy, I suppose one smashing idea that has come of all of this, even if nothing materializes is that it has opened our minds to the possibility that we may not be here forever and that we need to cherish the lifespan we have.

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