「コンピューターおばあちゃん」 (Konpyuutaa Obaachan)
“Computer Grandmother”

We have air conditioning problems at Hakobune and the unbearable heat brings about an unexpected problem — Arashi is known to lose it and wreck havoc once she reaches her limit. This is what a history of strict family customs and pent up rage leads to. She’s like a volcano on the verge of erupting!

Somehow, we’re left to believe that ghosts can sweat in the first place, so the search for the air conditioner’s remote control begins. Why they can’t use the controls right on the device is beyond me, but Hajime and the others scrounge up all the remotes they can find. As if possessed, Arashi’s internal thermometer starts reporting the temperature periodically, leading Kaya to warn everyone of the “blazing heat tragedy” 「炎天の惨劇」 that will occur if Arashi reaches gets too hot. Desperate to avoid this horrific tragedy that starts with a Warabe nursery rhyme, everyone frantically tests out all the remotes but none of them are the right one. The last one though opens a hidden path underneath Hakabune that leads to a cave, where everyone goes to try and cool down.

Underground, temps aren’t proving to be much better and Arashi’s countdown singing starts. Kaya resorts to telling jokes to Arashi, something that has proven to cool her down in the past, and manages to delay things for a bit before everyone heads back. Above ground in the cafe again, the countdown song of death continues with no way of stopping it, but Hideo arrives with the air conditioner remote in his pocket. Using the remote, Hajime turns the air conditioner on for Arashi, but also causes Hakubune to transform into a gigantic robot that flies off before exploding in the air.


I was actually okay with the whole Arashi overheating and blowing up bit, but they kind of lost me at the end with the whole cafe transforming into a robot and flying off. Now I’m all for the wacky humour, but this is getting a bit out of hand. I would’ve been fine with the “Arashi ticking timebomb” being thwarted along with some lesser comedic follow-up. E.g. Her still going off but the whole thing not being nearly as horrific as Kaya made it sound. Instead, we got the above and I’m not really sure what to make of it all. Was it all just a figurative scene or someone’s exaggerated imagination? Given the episodic nature of the series and the abrupt ending, I gather they won’t reveal exactly what happened. That’s a bit of a shame as it makes everything pretty moot (even more so than usual). It was also a bit weird how they used a figurine for the whole Hakobune robot part. It looked terribly out of place too, so this “figa-mation” may be another one of SHAFT’s “brilliant” ideas.

In any case, I would like to see the story start stringing together across episodes soon since we’re quickly approaching the tail end of the season. The story got pretty interesting at the end of season one when everyone time slipped back to the World War II era and resolved things between Kanako and Yayoi, so I’m hoping for something similar to happen here. With five episodes left, I don’t mind if they keep these purely nonsensical episodes up for a couple of more weeks, provided that they have something in store for the last two or three. However, I’m purposely keeping my expectations low in hopes that they’ll surprise me in some way.




  1. I would not be surprised if this robot thing ended up being part of the end story for the season. There has to be some reason why the ghosts exist and can time travel. Perhaps the robot thing is part of that as well?

  2. I really like the cave scene with all character changing into their explorer clothing. shaft must have a cloth designer for each episode. Arashi showing some cleavage and Hajime not noticing ?! Hopefully is not a Natsuru (Kamper) syndrome leaking here!!!

    I was confused by the robot thingy too. Could it me Hajime imagination again ? Like by mid chapter when Hakobune exploded. I’m expecting a strong end like in the first season. Oh plese pass the fish and chips I want some 🙂

    Island Esper
  3. The claymation/figurine style animation has been Natsu no Arashi from the begining – i remember seeing the style in a couple of previous episodes. It was weird, definitely; but so is the premise of the entire series.

  4. I really liked the first season, but I’m starting to get a bit disappointed in the 2nd season. While its still somewhat entertaining, I was hoping for some sort of plot and not just a bunch of standalone episodes.

  5. hahaha I’m glad I have not yet seen this… for you see…

    this comes from the person who made School Rumble…

    now if you’ve seen school rumble it manages to make you fall in love with it because of it’s ridiculous sense of humor and so forth… but sadly… the plot that could’ve been amazing… ends up being a horrible train wreck… =_= CONSTANTLY… OVER AND OVER!!! it resets back to points zero… for an endless amount of hours I burned through the chapters in hope of finding something… something… ANYTHING… that would move the plot forward just a bit… then… when I finally found something… something that seemed to solve all the answers… something that seemed to solidify a relationship which i had long dreamed would occur… when I finally found that!!!….

    guess what happened……..

    yes… that’s right… the author resets the story… back to point zero…

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT MARRIAGE PROPOSAL? HELL I DON’T KNOW! BUT IT WAS LONG GONE… DELETED… NOTHING WAS LEFT OF IT!!! it’s as if it never even happened… a marriage proposal… a sacred pledge of someone’s life to guard, protect, or be with one they love… even if the feeling is not realized yet… =_=… yes… indeed…

    never in my life nor ever have I even afterwards, been as pissed off about an ending as much as I was with school rumble…

    now then… back to this show… should I expect anything different? should I expect something that would move the plot forward for the main character/s? should I? no… i should not… =_= this is all stemming from the strong hate i have for this author… no matter how great the story can be, it doesn’t matter if the story does not progress… because… in the words of Hanna Montanna… “it’s the climb”…

    aye =_=… i don’t even like that singer, but it’s true o_o…

    but anyways ya… don’t let this stop you from proceeding to watch the show for your own enjoyment… i’m just providing insight on the theory that this show’s plot can take a step forward… have a nice day…

  6. @Putang, I wouldn’t say it resets back to zero, but it’s close to that. The characters do learn about each other and themselves, and change how they act based on what they’ve learned, especially Harima and Eri in their own ways, even across arcs.


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