Episode 07


Still inside the train station, Natsu gets attacked by Kageyama, but he’s more than able to hold his own. Erza and Gray stop Natsu from doing any significant damage to his opponent because they think that Kageyama is the key to getting out of the station, however, one of Kageyama’s own allies stabs him to prevent that. The group catches a break when Happy remembers that he has the Virgo key from Duke Everlue to give to Lucy, and Virgo’s ability is to dig underground. This gets the group out of the magical barrier, and Natsu immediately has Happy fly him in the direction of Clover. They run into Erigor along the way, and Natsu finds himself facing a very tough opponent. When he gets knocked down into a canyon, Natsu has to call upon a lesson Macao taught him a long time ago about changing the nature of fire, and he’s able to save himself. Erigor has more tricks up his sleeve though, and he surrounds himself with a wind-based armor.

Episode 08


Natsu survives Erigor’s attack, and he inadvertently counters Erigor’s winds by powering up in a huge pillar of fire. He knocks Erigor out with two successive attacks, and afterward, Erza and company arrive. Kageyama is with them, and when he sees the flute lying on the ground, he decides to take it and steal the car so that he can carry out Erigor’s plan. He beats Erza and company to the meeting, but he runs into Makarov outside, and he can’t bring himself to play the flute after hearing Makarov talk about humans being naturally weak and needing to band together to be strong. The flute itself then comes alive though and transforms into a giant creature that’s hungry for souls. By now, Erza, Gray, and Natsu have arrived, and they fight together to bring the creature down, with Natsu dealing the final blow.


These two episode weren’t bad and were filled with action, but I found it a little on the lacking side. The fight against the flute’s giant form was interesting to the extent that it showcased more of Erza and Gray’s abilities, however I never felt that any of them were in any real danger. Similarly, the Erigor battle was decent, but because of the way they split it up between episodes, the lasting impression of him that I came away with was that he could be take out by two quick attacks from Natsu. The Kageyama fight was even worse, and Kageyama went down so fast that I’m not even sure it counted as a battle. All of this is compounded by the fact that they continue to use a lot of stock footage, particularly when Natsu uses an ability, so it’s hard to call the battles impressive.

Having said all that, I’m still enjoying the series as a whole and think that it has a lot of potential. The plot twists so far have been decent, and I was amused by the reappearance of Virgo. We’re at the point now though where the main characters have all been introduced, so hopefully an overarching story will start to develop soon, if it hasn’t already.


  1. The animation upgrade compared to the first episode was apparent though, so I gotta give them mad props for making the fight scenes bearable even with the use of stock animation. Filler episode senses tingling for the next one ಠ_ಠ

  2. I also agree that the animation’s improved a little compared to previous shows. I liked the last attack of Natsu. What the most impressed me was the soundtrack on episode 8 Really pretty good.

  3. “We’re at the point now though where the main characters have all been introduced, so hopefully an overarching story will start to develop soon, if it hasn’t already.”

    There are over 160 manga chapters already and no real plot or anything just bunch of missions and stuff 🙂

    Actually some minor big plot things are hinted but not really touched anyway manga is still good.

  4. I’m really hoping they showcase more of what Natsu can do, and hope he can do more. It is getting tiresome watching him do the same abilities over, and over again. Either way i’m really enjoying this series though.

  5. Contrary to what some are saying, an overarching story IS taking shape in the manga, namely the coming revival of Zeref and how he relates to the dragons’ disappearance.

    Next ep is filler (dunno if they’re going to do the fight Erza promised Natsu), and then it should be Gray’s arc.

  6. Mixed feelings. Natsu’s and Gray’s fights didn’t do the manga any justice. The fights weren’t so easy. However, it was interesting how they managed to drag the fight with the flute monster. Nice one there.

    I just wish they would know how to lengthen fights properly.


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