「嘘から始まる妄想劇場(ストーリー)」 (Uso Kara Hajimaru Mousou Gekijou (Sutoorii))
“The Wild Theatrical (Story) that Starts with a Lie”

For a place that angels supposedly come from, the Synapse sure seems like a hellish place. All you have are a bunch steak-eating sadists up there who aren’t the least pleased with how Nymph has awakened the Uranus Queen. It looks like Nymph is damaged in some way now too, or at least that’s what the blinking green light on her collar seems to indicate.

So for the enjoyment of her master and to save herself from being more or less scrapped, Nymph returns to the surface in a second attempt to bring back Ikaros. Meanwhile, everyone’s at a barbecue outing and Ikaros tries to become more human-like by telling lies after overhearing how humans tend to do so. She starts off by telling Sohara that she hates her because she’s not cute, nice yet violent, and strangely skinny in some areas. Mikako though is happy about being told that she’s a “good person”, whereas Tomoki is devastated when Ikaros says she doesn’t want to be with him. Completely dejected, both him and Sohara try to drown their sorrow with alcohol, except it’s cola in their case since they’re underage. Nymph approaches Ikaros shortly after and gets her to pretend things are as usual in exchange for not exposing her secret to everyone. She knows she’s far outclassed combat-wise, so she resorts to tricking Ikaros this way and tries to take Tomoki hostage afterward.

However, Tomoki’s more focused on being a peeping tom and inadvertently makes Nymph believe he’s seen through her cloaking ability. She ends up revealing herself and is happy to hear that Tomoki’s been worried about her. Caught up in his kindness, Nymph ends up helping Tomoki try to earn some money by opening up various shops, since he spotted an erotic DVD he wanted to buy but ran out of money after paying for a toy Ikaros broke. He tries everything from a second-hand shop, an okonomiyaki stand with egg oppai (breasts) menu items, and a Tomoki merchandise shop, to a pantsu shop for perverts but fails to make any money. It’s not until he gets frustrated with all the good-looking guys with girlfriends around does Nymph really help him out. She uses her ability to trick girls into thinking Tomoki is hot, thus leading to the Tomoki Host Club and the “Tomoki Tower” display. While the host club is successful, Nymph quickly gets fed up with having to fetch drinks and cancels the effect, leading to a very vigorous crotch stomping.

Regardless, Tomoki thanks Nymph for helping him earn enough money to buy his erotic DVD. The misunderstanding over Ikaros’ words are also cleared up after she talks to Eishirou about it, much to everyone’s relief. Eishirou also tells Tomoki to give up on the whole “peaceful life is the best” business if he wants to change something. At home later, Ikaros tells Tomoki she’s curious how he feels about her after thinking about her own feelings today. He ends up telling her about how he lost all his friends when he was a kid because of his dangerous adventurous ways, which he was reminded of it when her and Nymph left him. Hearing this, Ikaros kisses Tomoki out of the blue and tells him she wants to be with him forever. Tomoki on the other hand doesn’t know what to make of the kiss and starts scolding her.


Wow a kiss! That was totally unexpected, but it was cute when Tomoki was blowing a gasket right after. As such, I really like the ending song this week, “Hatsukoi” (First Love) by Ikaros and Mikako, which is accompanied by a video log of Ikaros’ memories of Tomoki. All the scenes are straight out of previous episodes, but from Ikaros’ point of view. It’s pretty neat, so I definitely recommend checking out the ending this time around. Other than that, I liked how they started showing Nymph in a better light. This is the sort of character turnaround I was hoping to see in her, now that she knows life with Tomoki is much better than the abusive treatment she gets up in the Synapse. She’s still struggling between what she knows is better and loyalty to her master, which should make things interesting in the upcoming episodes.

Comedy-wise, this episode was pretty amusing right from the get-go with Mikako as the new Pretty (and the best one I might add with a butt like this). I love how she was pleased to be considered a good person when she had her yakuza guarding a prime barbecuing spot for them. That was a straight up lie from Ikaros, which she couldn’t even admit to Mikako at the very end. As for Tomoki and Sohara, it was hilarious watching them try to drown their sorrow with cola, the alcohol for minors. All the stupid shops were pretty funny too, especially Tomoki’s junk from earlier episodes, and I love how they wanted us to completely overlook how he was getting money to set up these shops in the first place. I’m sure he could’ve bought that erotic DVD a hundred times over with all that Tomoki merchandise he made. It’s all about nonsensical comedy after all, including getting a fan up your butt and a bird crapping on your face. I’d say the Tomoki Host Club was pretty funny too, but that Tomoki Tower was pushing some serious boundaries. I still couldn’t help but laugh in awe, but I’m easygoing about this kind of stuff. SoraOto definitely has potential to move into some Golden Boy territory at this rate.

* This episdoe felt somewhat like a finale since they left out the opening sequence in favour of more episode time.


ED9 Sequence

ED9: 「初恋」 (Hatsukoi) by イカロス(早見沙織), 五月田根美香子(高垣彩陽) (Ikaros (Hayami Saori), Satsukitane Mikako (Takagaki Ayahi))
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  1. Looks like Ikaros is taking a page out of Shizuku’s handbook of love! That was surprising; that came out of left field for her character! The angel masters are real assholes from Nymph’s point of view. Guess that’s why being a bitch is natural for her, the masters are even worse. Tomoki’s still the perv master, holy shit at the giggity Tomoki Tower! Mikako as the new Pretty? Eishirou’s one lucky dude! And is that a DearS reference when the two are watching the ero-DVD together?!

  2. The more I see of this show the stronger the urge I have to watch it. I just loving the previews of the classic ecchi I grew up with and loved and the kinda different high contrast look it seems to have. Going to def have to find it.

  3. Since they did a nice job setting up for it during episode seven, I would think that soon they are going to include the flashback to the rest of the punishment Nymph received before being sent back down.

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  4. Jeez there really skipping around the story here. Well at least if you go by how the manga is done. It seems to work for the most part, but i wish they wouldn’t cut so much out when they combine two chapter from two different ends of the spectrum. Aw well maybe they’ll add in the ‘cut’ part in later episodes.


    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Hilarious ep, the kiss was unexpected, but it was cool, the ed was pretty amazing, watched the original on yt, but the soraoto version was better

    p.s: when ikaros and nymph were watching the dvd was so damn funny

  6. I was quite surprised that the ending song this time round was actually familiar to me cause I heard it before from Boys Be. Took me some effort to find out which anime it was from cause its been so long since I last heard it. I wonder if they needed approval to use the song? But well its still nice listening to the Sora no Otoshimono version. Looking forward to see how the anime ends!

  7. how do they get away with the tower of(Tomoki)?

    Also love his laugh. It’s dirty like Sid James from the ‘Carry on’ series of 70’s British films which were slap stick perverted.

    ark noir
  8. This show, which I originally watched out of pure boredom, has been a pleasant surprise. Is the plot line good or original? No. But it’s a so bad its good kind of show, the protagonist makes the show for me. Just like how the protagonist of DNA2 did as well.


  9. Hatsukoi was by Kozo Murashita during the 80’s. It was remixed and sang by Imai Yuka in 2000 for Boys Be… most likely in respects to Murashita who passed away a year earlier. I too am also glad to hear this song again. The endings for this show are superb.

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