「泣き虫少年の誓い」 (Nakimushi Shounen no Chikai)
“The Crybaby Boy’s Vow”

Having lost his mother at the age of seven, and now the person he’s looked up to for the past five years at the age of twelve, can anyone really blame Lag for crying so much? I think some people have lost grasp of the fact this isn’t your standard shounen affair. Now that he’s been left Gauche’s Nocturne #20 Shindan Custom as a memento, come on people, let the boy cry a little.

Whatever happened to all the delicate and sensitive people in the world anyway? Despite not being an overly rigid individual, Lag perseveres in his own way and constantly moves forward in life. To me, that’s a strength of its own. He has my respect regardless of how many tears he sheds along the way. For once, I’m happy about getting to watch someone who’s had a tough life and not pitying him/herself day in day out. I just love his character development and can’t wait to see how it progresses now that he’s taken Gauche’s sentiment to heart and aspires to become a Head Bee himself. A full-fledged Bee at the age of twelve? That sounds like a prodigy to me.

So as expected from last time, things revolved around memories of Gauche contained in the shindan gun he left behind. Detailing everything from the difficult battles he was faced with, the unappreciative recipients of his dangerous work, his resolve to take on lots of work and get to Akatsuki as quickly as he can for Sylvette’s sake, the existence of an anti-government organization named “Reverse” that targets Bees, and his wish to give his priceless Nocturne #20 Shindan Custom to Lag, it’s not surprising that both Lag and Sylvette couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. It actually gave me a chuckle watching Lag bawling his eyes out and telling Sylvette not to cry. It was funny in the sense that is was a big relief to see them lift that emotional burden off their backs by crying it off. They had a good laugh between themselves right after, so the feeling was evidently mutual.

When Largo instated Lag as a Bee at the end said his dreams must have come true, it was touching to hear him speak up about how he inherited Gauche’s dream as his own. “My dream is to deliver people’s precious feelings and to do that, I’ll become a Head Bee!” He may have stepped out of line a bit in doing so, but it only emphasized how heavily his emotions influence his actions. Next week, Lag is rocking it in his new get-up and is seen off by both Aria and Sylvette. I get the feeling I’m going to see what I’ve been waiting for — an emotional response from Aria about Gauche. Lag has a way of touching people’s hearts, so I’m interested in hearing what Aria thinks about him searching for Gauche and bringing him home.


In other Tegami Bachi-related news, HIMEKA was a guest on Mizuki Nana’s “M World” radio show earlier this month, which you can find part one of the full show here. It was entertaining listening to HIMEKA talk to Nana whom she’s a big fan of, plus discuss a bit about Letter Bee since they’re both involved with the series. For her current song of choice, HIMEKA picked Suga Shikao’s “Hajimari no Hi”, the opening theme to the series, showing how she’s still a huge anime fan at heart and actually watches the show. She was a bit embarrassed to admit that Gauche is her favorite character because he’s cool and mysterious, but I think she would’ve won more brownie points with Nana if she said Sylvette. =) Anyway, I’m pretty impressed by how good HIMEKA’s Japanese is now, but I guess being immersed in the language really does help (especially when your job calls for it). Later in the show, they even had her try to voice act in response to a fan letter scenario. It wasn’t great compared to Nana’s version, but was still a pretty good attempt for a non-native speaker with no seiyuu training. (Thanks to pierce for letting me know about the show.)

Music-wise, both the opening and ending singles came out this past week (09-11-25). The arrangement of the full version of “Hatenaki Michi” is just as awesome as I was expecting it to be, whereas “Hajimari no Hi” we’ve already heard a while back thanks to the PV. You can get a preview of the full version of HIMEKA’s song from the radio show here. Interestingly enough, it seems like Japanese fans are purposely trying to prevent making HIMEKA’s music “available” online in order to promote her career through legitimate sales. Now that’s saying something about how much they want to see her succeed in Japan. I bet a lot of people love the fact that she was an anime fan herself first and foremost, as it definitely does add to her appeal and make you want to support her. As such, I’m almost inclined not to post her PV here and be burned at the stake for it. >_>


HIMEKA has posted a sincere and lengthy apology on her website for the live event in Osaka last week, where she blanked out, forget the lyrics to her song (likely “Hatenaki Michi”), and took off from the stage. While this may be somewhat seen as a failure for a music professional, I bet her fans feel sorry for her more than anything else. She’s obviously not completely fluent yet but trying hard to be, so I’m sure most people will understand and continue to support her. I just hope management isn’t giving her a hard time.




  1. Yay, anyways this chapter was as funny as I read it in the manga. Lag telling Sylvette not to cry when he is like a fountain. Next episode god another tear jerker. I will have to buy another tissue box for how emotional it is.

    To anyone who read ch 34. that was released last week.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I think it’s okay to post the PV. It at least needs to be posted in one place on the internet so it can help promote the song and singer. If I didn’t chance upon the PV on YouTube, heck, I wouldn’t even know the single released already.

    Have to agree with the comments on the crying. Not enough Niche this episode.

  3. The full ED is awesome even better than OP(which was already great) IMO.

    Anyway, I thought the episode was great and I agree with you on Lag being pretty strong person. Yeah he cries but he never whine his issues and always get the Job done. For 12 year old he’s better most Adults.

    @Dragoniangirl: They were rather cute together lol.

    Iron Maw
  4. The crying’s not so bad compared to whenever my little sister throws a tantrum and…I’m getting off topic. Anyways, I liked the anime enough to go and read through all the current manga chapters. While I’m now convinced that I love this series even more, it still doesn’t escape from predictability.

    Great to see HIMEKA’s doing well and garnering such a loyal fanbase~<3

  5. Lag x Sylvette a pair made in heaven. hopefully she will stay in the wheelchair to make a more platonic love. Now niche will never go with that pairing.
    Yes the crying is a bit too much; however I find Lag more man than Natsuru. He takes action even though floating in tears and get things done; developing his personality.

    Island esper
  6. I don’t mean to be a jerk or anything, but if you (generally speaking) find that annoyance from Lag’s crying is all you’re getting out of each episode, perhaps you shouldn’t be watching this series. Its finer points are obviously being wasted on you.

  7. I agree with divine’s comment.

    As I remind some of you if you do your research, Lag is from “lagrima” which means tears. Go figure. But anyway, I never thought Lag’s crying was annoying, it was part of his character. I read the manga and he grows stronger as a person. I don’t remember reading chapters now that has him bawling his eyes out. You just have to be patient. If not, then don’t watch the series x_x

    I wish Himeka the best of luck. (and I think most people’s favourite character is Gauche… lol If you check out the fan section of the official site xD)

  8. I agree with divine as well.

    Lag may be a crybaby but he gets things done. Besides, his crying is really a part of him which affects the people around him. Remember how Niche first decided to follow Lag? Well, it’s because she saw how sad he looks when he parts with people.

    Anyway, Sylvette and Lag are definitely cute together. They both are crybabies but they both get things done and strongly move forward. And, they’re seem to be connected somehow

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Gauche being the most popular is somewhat easily understood as he’s quite mysterious you could say. At the same time, I find that both he and Lag are quite similar in that they both are quite full of heart and determination. Also the fact that they look similar although that’s because they all are Albisian (white silver hair).

    @ Island esper

    Off topic here but one thing I love most about Natsuru is his devotion. Anyway, yeah, totally love Lag and Sylvette. Of course, I love Niche too but in a different way.

    Oh gotta love Steak too.

  9. Good grief people -the complaining about him crying is ANNOYING- You ever thought about that. Let the kid bawl in peace. He’s a crybaby but he’s no chump plus he’s right on top of most things. Hell, I have a house full of kids most of the day & I think I can deal with a few seconds of crying in an anime. But really, you may think that the crying is silly BUT it actually does have something to do with the story at its core.

  10. this was a pretty good episode even though there wasn’t any action going on and it was mostly about gauche and memories. but the story did move forward alittle so im satisfied :3. really, when sylvette and lag was both crying, i thought i was gonna cry too. it was really heartbreaking cause im sure we all know how it feels to miss someone.
    anyhowsssss i cant wait until the next episode (like always) and cant wait to find out where Gauche has been this whole timeeee


  11. Well well, it’s just the story and character development. If you feel annoyed watching this anime, then search for another alternative anime.
    ‘Touching’ episode? but it made me laugh when they are crying their hearts out…
    Can’t wait for the next episode…

  12. Another emotional episode haha. It’s amazing that even though I read the manga, which I was prompted to after watching the 1st episode of this series, it still doesn’t spoil my mood to look forward to each episode! Still as interesting to watch for me even with the prior manga knowledge. And since the characters crying, especially Lag, is all due to character development and showing the the emotional/sad plots from the story, I don’t see what’s so wrong about it. Lag is taking one step at a time to bring himself towards his goals so look forward to it!! Do you see letters in a different light after watching this series? haha. Special significances in each anime is what keeps me watching!

  13. I have to agree that Lag’s crying, though slightly annoying at first, is actually very refreshing to see in a protagonist. By letting it all out, he’s the anime character least likely to require a psychiatrist in later life. 😀

    And yeah, I also laughed a bit at Lag and Sylvette bawling their eyes out together and telling each other not to cry. Very cute moment.

    I’m still a little dubious about Sylvette being so curvaceous for a twelve year old though. Its seriously pushing it…LOL…oh well…

    I don’t think Head Bee Lag, when it occurs, will even need to be armed, will he? He’ll be like some kind of martial arts master shooting shindans from his palms, ROFL. This, plus a vicious grown up Niche, will create a hideous combo, no doubt.

  14. Am I the only one who finds Lag’s repeated imitation of a (very) leaky water tap every week kinda sweet and funny? And I don’t just mean this episode either but a couple of others as well that were both.

  15. @ MsF

    Naw, you’re not the only one. It’s not the only one.

    @ Litho

    Well, this will be the last time you will see Sylvette crying. She’s a crybaby but she does not cry as much but the same thing applies to Lag as from this point on, he won’t cry as much as he used to due to the situations. Beside like I said before, what’s wrong with crying? You probably already saw how Strong both Lag and Sylvette are so there’s no issure right?

    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. C’mon and admit it, the first reaction when the credits started rolling was, “That’s it?!” Want MOAR.
    Yea, i also laughed during the crying scene. it was just so funny and cute at the same time.


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