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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 25 (END)

The light of Lag’s heart… dual-wielding style!

「こころの光」 (Kokoro no Hikari)
“The Light of the Heart”

This finale caught me emotionally off-guard when I least expected it and made the entire two seasons so much better because of it. I have a real soft spot for those who pour all their heart into what they believe in and try their earnest to see it through, so once Noir entrusted his Gymnopedies to Lag and the latter showed to the world that he’s the embodiment of a second artificial sun, I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 24

Maka vs. Cabernet. Godzilla-size action!

「決戦!ユウサリ中央(セントラル)」 (Kessen! Yuusari Chuuou (Sentoraru))
“Decisive Battle! Yuusari Central”

Tegami Bachi is generally know for its immersive world and emotion-filled stories, but this lead-up to the finale gave quite a different look with its action-filled city-wide destruction. Once the Bee Hive was completely destroyed by Cabernet, it honestly felt like the series had tread past a point of no return. Once Maka showed up to help and Yuusari Central was getting destroyed from the inside out, the scale of the battle was taken to a whole other level.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 23

Triple shindan action! “Aoitoge! Akabari! Shikkoku!”

「アカツキにて」 (Akatsuki nite)
“At Akatsuki”

As much as I like Lag and his unwavering beliefs, there are times when someone should tell him things don’t always work that way in the adult world. You know, smack him around with the reality bat a little bit. One would think that common sense says not to protect someone who’s been just trying to kill you just moments ago, but away Lag goes, jumping in front of Caribs and Hazel when they’re staring down the barrel of Noir’s gun.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 22

How can you just walk away from her Noir? Gauche!!!

「帰りたい場所」 (Kaeritai Basho)
“The Place I Want to Return To”

I don’t know how Noir could walk away from Sylvette after recovering his memories, but the way he simply thanked her for understanding and left her with a goodbye hug did get me a little choked up. The most painful part to watch was how Sylvette was doing everything she could to hold back her tears before they eventually came pouring out.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 21

Noir at odds with Lawrence? Could this be the return of Gauche?

「ロレンスの野望」 (Rorensu no Yabou)
“Lawrence’s Ambition”

I’ve been hoping there’d be something about Reverse’s radical means of revenge that would make Noir think twice about cooperating with them, and this recent revelation on did just that and more. It’s probably safe to assume that Roda is one of the motivating factors for him to stop the government’s human experimentation, so I have no idea what Lawrence was thinking when he was going to sacrifice her along with all the other people who couldn’t become a spirit.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 20

Niche, the always earnest and dependable dingo, has been getting through to everyone lately.

「希望の微笑み」 (Kibou no Hohoemi)
“Smile of Hope”

As the preview hinted at last time, we had an episode about Connor and the aftermath in Lament. It wasn’t nearly as sad as I thought it would be since Sunny is still alive, and instead irked the pessimistic side of me a bit with the false hope that Lag spouts out.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 19

Is this the real reason Gauche left Gymnopedies behind? It might be time to retire Nocturne #12.

「悪意でなく、憎悪でなく」 (Akui de Naku, Zouo de Naku)
“Without Malice or Hatred”

For two guys driven by hatred, I loved the level of respect between Zazie and Jeel when they were in agreement that they can’t get along and had to fight one another. It put an interesting spin on what was in reality two victims who shouldn’t be fighting in the first place, but had to due to the upper echelons in Amberground doing as they please.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 18

Zazie’s got his work cut out for him against Jeel.

「喪われた心弾」 (Ushinawareta Shindan)
“Lost Heart Bullet”

Surprisingly, there was an updated opening sequence this episode, though it would probably more correct to call it the actual second opening sequence since the other one was a collage of scenes shown before. Along the same lines, this new one doesn’t really foreshadow what we’re in store for in the upcoming episodes, but it’s oh so pretty to watch.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 17

As far as I’m concerned, Jiggy is already a Head Bee. He just likes his job at Yuusari Central.

「嘘と真実」 (Uso to Shinjitsu)
“Lies and Truths”

Gauche or Noir? The conclusion of the last episode left me fairly convinced Noir was pretending to be Gauche, but I’m not so sure anymore when he saved Lag without anybody realizing. There were a lot of indications that he put up an act to fool Garrid and Valentine so that he can return to Reverse and allow Lag to escape, such as his insistence not to use a shindanjuu that may have revealed his true intentions.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 16

Roda was absolutely adorable when she was younger.

「ロダ、彷徨う」 (Roda, Samayou)
“Roda, Wanders”

With all the suspicion surrounding Gauche and how he might still be Noir, I would’ve been more surprised if all that foreshadowing wasn’t made good on. All it really took was one shot of Gauche lying in bed to put a lot of doubt about his return to his former self, so I was more taken in by the focus on Roda and her loneliness without him around.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 15

Gauche or Noir?

「おかえりなさい」 (Okaerinasai)
“Welcome Home”

This was mostly a heartwarming follow-up to the long-awaited reunion last time; however, the unsettling feeling that Gauche may still be Noir that I got from the preview last time prevented me getting too absorbed into the emotional outpouring from Lag and Sylvette.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 14

A heartfelt reunion that I’ve been waiting to see since the first season.

「瞬きの日」 (Matataki no Hi)
“Day of Flicker”

The truth behind the Day of Flicker is revealed and Gauche reawakens with his original memories intact? How could I possible let this episode go by without saying a few words about it? We have new opening and ending themes to boot, with Suga Shikao back for the former. For the ending we have a catchy song by Yamazaru, alongside a really cute sequence that busts it old school SNES Mode 7 style. Taking that all into consideration, I’m quickly reminded why I like this series so much.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 13

All it took was one sloppy fight together for these two to work out all the kinks as partners.

「紅緋色の旋律」 (Benihi-iro no Senritsu)
“Deep Crimson Melody”

After all that talk about wanting to see Aria back in active service, my visions of a cool beauty taking out Gaichuu with ease were quickly shattered when she turned out to be a complete klutz. I would’ve never known given how strict and diligent she is back at the Bee Hive, so this other side of her was like a completely different character.

Note: The Tegami Bachi REVERSE broadcast is on break next week. Episode 14 airs on January 8th.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 12

Lag is the light in the darkness to rid Noir from Gauche’s body!

「光、闇を照らす」 (Hikari, Yami wo Terasu)
“Light, Illuminate the Darkness”

With a lot of the immediate loose ends tied up in this episode, this could have very well been a precursor to a finale next time. Had I not known better, I’d be inclined to believe that the producers planned for a possible one-cour sequel just to be on the safe side.

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 11

Here’s the obligatory butt shot this week. It’s just too bad it’s Lag’s.

「カベルネの襲来」 (Kaberune no Shuurai)
“Cabernet’s Attack”

It wasn’t quite enough to invoke any real emotional response, but the human sacrifices in this episode worked towards one of those moments when Sunny fell victim along with the rest of the monastery nuns. The only thing overshadowing that was another run-in with Gauche, whom Lag was able to hit with his shindan and convey some of the memories they share.

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