Don’t die Noir!

「こころの光」 (Kokoro no Hikari)
“The Light of the Heart”

This finale caught me emotionally off-guard when I least expected it and made the entire two seasons so much better because of it. I have a real soft spot for those who pour all their heart into what they believe in and try their earnest to see it through, so once Noir entrusted his Gymnopedies to Lag and the latter showed to the world that he’s the embodiment of a second artificial sun, I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed. In the back of my mind, I was pretty convinced that Noir would survive his injuries, which made it a lot easier to take the sight of Aria breaking down when it looked like he had passed away.


The light of Lag’s heart… dual-wielding style!

If this isn’t the most jaw-dropping spectacle of the entire series, then I don’t know what is.

After I was completely drawn in by the mesmerizing spectacle of Lag literally pouring his heart out to attract Cabernet back to Yuusari Central, the destruction of the giant Gaichuu happened almost too quickly. There wasn’t any sort of a fight as Lag finished it off convincingly with his dual heart bullet guns, but I don’t think I would’ve had it any other way. The reason being, I was really looking forward to seeing all the loose ends wrapped up in some semi-conclusive manner. The massive multi-angle explosion was more than enough to stress the scale of taking down Cabernet.


Lag, your feelings have finally reached Gauche!

Naturally, the driving plot surrounding Lag’s search for Gauche was the most important thing I wanted to see. I would’ve figured that there would be a bittersweetness to Noir’s departure, but there really wasn’t after learning that he has a new outlook on life living with those who couldn’t become a spirit. Even without Gauche’s memories, the two of them parted on very good terms and formed a “new” friendship while confirming that this wasn’t a final goodbye. It was still sad to see Noir go, particularly for Sylvette and Aria, but I don’t think I could have asked for a better ending given the circumstances. I dare say I even like this intermediate conclusion, which was the culmination of a year-long fifty episodes.


Lag receives Niche’s sister’s approval, whereas Caribs and Hazel need new jobs.

It’s amazing how fast they rebuilt the Bee Hive, but it was even more amazing seeing a smile on Sunny’s face again.

What I wasn’t expected was the extra bit of hope interjected during the epilogue, where Thunderland has been making some significant progress restoring Sunny’s heart. She didn’t have her all her memories, but she was very much “alive” again. She was cheerful and full of emotions, which not only led to a very uplifting ending for Connor, but also opened the door to potentially restoring Gauche’s memories if he so desired. The subtle inclusion went a long way in making this a very good ending, and got me excited about the prospect of seeing a third season where Thunderland’s research is an ongoing subplot.


“I have a letter for you!”

Final Impressions:

The final scenes showing how life goes on for Lag, Niche, and Sylvette with much more peace of mind were probably a given, though I don’t think I would’ve been as happy with this ending if it were left out for whatever reason. It’s been fifty episodes after all, with this second season completely invested in Reverse’s involvement, so visual confirmation that something was accomplished even when little has changed is very much appreciated. The last shot with Lag happily delivering a letter was when it really hit me on how I’m a bit sad to see this series end. I can’t say I was every really looking forward to the show on a weekly basis, but it’s been such a part of my anime routine for the past six months that there’s going to be noticeable emptiness now that it’s gone. Deep-down inside, I probably love this series a lot more than even I realize. The characters, the surreal world, and the hopeful story that it portrays. Tegami Bachi is definitely one of the few series that has a positive influence on its audiences, which I really can’t say about a lot of anime these days.


  1. An amazingly beautiful ending… I’m also sad to see this series conclude. Hopefully there will be a third season of some sort but then again I may be asking for more than I truly want because it’s exceedingly rare to see a series go on for a prolonged period of time without losing its original spark. Nonetheless, Tegami Bachi is one of a kind and it really carries a lot of meaning, hope, and emotion. There’s a certain catharsis with Tegami Bachi that I don’t seem to experience from many animes so I have to say that I really enjoyed this series. Life will be different considering that there won’t be an episode of Tegami Bachi to look forward to every week now… To end things off, Tegami Bachi really has been a light of hope in this very depressing world for me with the stresses of work, studies, and current events worldwide. Life goes on ^^ I hope that everyone else enjoyed this series as much as I did. ^^

  2. I’ve set the destruction of the Cabernet as my desktop 🙂

    It was really nice that they tied a lot of the lose ends and showed prospectives of what everyone was doing now and into the future. I enjoyed the second series more as it focused on the plot of returning Gauche to us more than the first series of lag’s journey as a bee delivering letters. Atleast Lag knows where his mother is and would probably try to become Head Bee to meet her once more. I wonder how that would turn out with the artificial sun. Still Niche’s sister did not complete her sentence and told us what lag is. I think he is spirit amber, but that’s not really important right now as it doesn’t change anything much for the characters now.

  3. Oh yes! This is just so… sweet!! Wow if only all anime original endings were this great…

    But yeah this is definitely one of those series that I think and feel would be a great stress reliever as it has many of those elements like hopes and positive emotions that just makes everything feel really good.

  4. I found it pretty disappointing, actually. Sure it’s nice to see a happy ending, but the whole “Noir might die” fake-out was totally un-necessary, we learn nothing about anything, and the entire Cabernet fight boiled down to Lag distracting it and then shooting it. Not very dramatic even if it was pretty. Then life goes on, with everyone conveniently forgetting about all those dangling plot threads and mysteries, and just returning to their normal working lives as though none of this ever happened.

    I’ll just treat it as the mid-way mark of the story, and continue reading the manga. But as a stand-alone show it was a pretty underwhelming end.

    1. I have to kinda agree with Hogart…

      I liked the finale but didn’t at the same time. There were so many huge questions left unanswered I thought for a minute I was watching a Kubo Tite anime where Bleach moves to new arcs while leaving huge holes left behind from the last arc like they never existed.

      After 50 episodes we still don’t know what Lag is, where and what his mother is, how this world even exists without a real sun, what is Steak, who in the govt. is pulling all these strings like secret testing on humans/animals, and much more. Granted the manga hasn’t explained any of these things either yet but perhaps this is being saved for a 3rd season?

      1. They made it pretty clear that Lag’s mum is the current artificial sun and Lag himself also has the ability to be one.

        I do agree though that this episode was very underwhelming. Everything just sort of worked out – all the hatred everyone had towards the goverment conveniently disappeared, neither lag nor Noir were even the slightest bit hurt even after Noirs Hollywood style death, the villains escaped without having to be killed (which obviously isn’t allowed) and the whole battle was won because Lag shouted louder. It might not have been horrendous but it was just plain lazy imo.

        I still fairly enjoyed the series but I think they should have waited for the manga story.

    2. not a huge fan of deus ex machina ending here. I too am a bit dissapointed about the ending, but since its an original anime ending, im gonna let it slide.

      I was expecting them to atleast go deep into Lags mom’s situation.

  5. I got to say I got onto the Tegami Bachi’s train thanks to Divine blogging the series. I was honestly wondering why he kept on writing even though there weren’t that many posts (as opposed to other more popular shows)…And for that, D, thank you very much!
    Yes Lag cries a lot, yes there are many questions without answers but it was still something I watched every week. Losing my weekly dose of cuteness from Niche and the world depicted in TB is leaving a hole again. As most shows I love, I want it to go on and on but maybe it is better this way…Even though I wouldn’t mind a third season.
    Once again, my thanks to D for keeping this show covered. I am going to miss it.

  6. ^_^. yaaaay. Wonderful series, hard to believe it’s over. Hard to believe I’ve watched a year’s worth of episodes for it. A good ending too.

    Looking forward to vol. 5 from Vis Media :D.

  7. What makes this a great ending for me is:
    1 – Noir didn’t die and he showd me his smile (twice). He lives happily ever after with Roda.
    2 – Everyone has an important person (Connor+Sunny) or special things (Zazie+cat family) in their lives to move on from this Carbanet incident.
    3 – Lag’s mothers and Gauche’s feelings were delivered to Lag. Lag has closure for those parts and continues to aim for Head Bee.
    4 – Seeing this brings tears of happiness to me (every time)
    5 – Basically a happy ending for all!!
    I loved this anime series and I’m going to miss it as well. If there is ever a continuation I’ll be sure to watch it; you can count on it and no doubt about it…for sure. LOL I just said the same thing all in one sentence. Anyways, I’ll watch the Letter Bee Academy now and have a good laugh. Good work Lag! Goodbye Noir! Resound heart. <3

  8. Oh man, I’ve loved this show. I’m dearly going to miss this one. I really would relish the chance of a third season………..sigh***

    Nonetheless, they scared me there with Noir fallen unconscious, but I really did liked the ending a whole lot.

  9. All ends well. The side stories of the first season has made this series more balanced.
    I wish there were more things displayed like the city of Akatsuki and Lag’s Mother.
    I’ll miss this series for sure especially Niche. Not sure about Lag though.

  10. Really need that third season to go into production (being hopeful here). I really loved the surreal world in this series. Sighs, going to miss this series as much as anyone else who does here at RC.

  11. OMG….its the best series i have ever seen. this cute factor and the style of animation is what hits the spot for me. Love seeing how the relationship b/w lag and noir grow. Love seeing Niche using steak as emergency food source. Like many T.B fans….we all want a season 3. we all want to know what exactly happened to Lag’s mother and the many mysteries that become cliff hangers. Lets hope the manga doesnt disappoint us. ^^
    Series rating : 9/10

  12. I call this the crying anime…because lag cries in every episode and then their are others crying as well. haha. however, i did watch it and liked it. I also have to agree with the other poster’s that the ending left too many questions for me. im hoping for season 3.


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