「夢の守り人」 (Yume no Mamoribito)
“Protectors of Dreams”

Why wait?

While every scene was practically standard fare from start to finish, it was indeed a gripping episode, with some well done suspense and tension between characters. The implied sexual relationship betwen Mysteltainn and Rice-sensei was unexpected to say the least, but makes sense in context, and we all know when you add sex to villains, it feels all the more taboo. Still, I lol’d when he promptly exploded her clothes into shreds. That’s some power you got there sensei. And what the hell was he doing that required censoring? Is that even censoring? Actually, I don’t think I even want to know.

Regardless of how simple Mysteltainn’s motives are, it’s done well enough to keep the suspense going. I did expect Merry to give back at least decent fight, but she never landed a hit. The fight choreography was also ridiculous. Yumeji’s failure is understandable, which then falls back on Kawanami, the big “question,” as if jaded ol’ me could seriously bite my nails wondering whether or not she’ll step up to the plate. Again, it was all done pretty well, so I still had some sense of dread, but the power of companionship wins over her emotionless heart like I have to use milk on my cereal. But as I was expecting some sort of cliffhanger, they suddenly retreat..? She practically had them all at her feet, so why wait? “Oh, I’m beating down too many people. Even though I’m so close right now, and I actually have to beat you all again if I wait, as well as open the possibility of you getting stronger, screw it you know? I’ll just kill you all next time.” Give it up for J.C. Staff everybody!




  1. First part was pretty lol…and the fight scene was a little too slow for my liking. I thought Merry would go into ‘overdrive’ mode when the odds were against her.

    Otherwise, here’s hoping for a better smackdown of Mysteltainn.

  2. the reason why merry is not fighting well is because she is still hesitant to kill a nightmare and make a person lose his/her dreams. and she is probably still feeling guilty over killing the other nightmares and dreams of people.

    btw, the manga is currently on the part where a nightmare who wants isana to be his vessel.

    oh and if mysteltainn continued to barrage them, it might have prompted john doe to step in.

    1. But John Doe can’t step in.
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      That said,
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  3. You do realise that standard badguy tactic number 2 (number one being always wait for them to power up before attacking) is to never finish off your enemy just leave them in despair and watch them get over it and end up being strnger than before

  4. I wasnt a fan of the battle scene. Sometimes characters need more of an impact instead of ill battle you later. I want some epic fight scene that breaks out and the villain runs back in the shadows and holds off for the next episode or at least someone jumping in to change the fight and make the villain or other character come back again to finish them off instead of ” ill wait until your stronger.

  5. side note: why was that one scene censored. should i ask or wait until the uncensored version comes out. ugh question that i might not want to find out but still curious on what the heck happened in that scene

  6. I didn’t really care for the battle scene, I just liked all the attention on Mysteltainn and Iijima. I ship it. Wish they put more focus on them through the series instead of just pushing it all into the last couple episodes.
    Isana’s dream demon is nothing short of adorable too. He’s like a Vivi <3

  7. I think they retreated because their ultimate goal is to break Kawanami, but she has to have a solid desire before that. Now that Kawanami has stepped up to protect Isana, they’ll get closer as friends, and Mistelteinn can come back and take it all away.

  8. I think the frustrating part about the series is that its time slot is too short.
    I think for the most part, each episode has the proper amount of detail; this would
    do well as an hour-per-episode series (but that doesn’t seem to be the way of these).

    I think Mysteltainn has a fear of Kawanami – after Kawanami stepped in, Mysteltainn
    decided to back off. After re-watching earlier episodes, I think Merry’s strength
    is aided/enabled by Yumeji – think back to episode 6 after Yumeji is cut by Engi.
    He encourages Merry to stand up to Engi. In much the same way he discouraged Merry
    to open the can of Whoop-Ass against Mysteltainn – you could see that the battle was
    really half-hearted (Merry was humiliated) – and that they (Merry and Yumeji) seemed
    to be hoping for a Miracle (from Kawanami?) Although I feel “sorry” for Mysteltainn
    as she has no idea what’s she’s in for from when Merry gets her game back on (not).

    ‘C’ makes a good point about the strengthening friendship between Kawanami and Isana,
    so maybe that was Mysteltainn’s purpose, too…

    I see no way this could be fully resolved with Elcres by episode 13 so I’m really
    hopeful for a second season.

  9. HAHAHAHA!!!! dude, i doubt anyone is mad for the DELAY on this episodes blog…”WHY WAIT”…how about WHY BOTHER!!! this ridiculous show’s current ep went like this….{ “balh, blah blah, like i said in the last two episodes I WILL PROTECT HER DREAMS!!!….blah blah blah Oooooooo, i just love to set up a juicy end to my prey, blah blah blah, I have you NOW!! now let me do the Whole BaD GuY talkie talkie Routine, blah blah blah blah blabba, NOW how shall i finish you? human shish-kabob??? blah blah……………OH….Never mind, see you next time.
    ………………WHAT the F#&K?.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Just because this episode wasn’t fast-pasted in terms of plot doesn’t mean it’s not good. Sometimes characters have to retreat from a battle because they realize they are not strong enough to face their enemy. the only animes I see this season having an actual ending are gosick and maho shojo madoka magica.

  11. So much chatter in this episode! Really reminds me of DBZ when they do things like this. Also that fight with Merry VS Myst was so damn lame, that was like a game of tag and then tripping Yumeji? really thats all you got LOL fail.

    Hopefully the final two episodes give us something to be happy about!

  12. Isana’s dream demon is probably similar to the fish she’s been painting, hence the fin-like arms.

    I’m assuming Elcres/Hercules is going to be reserved for some hypothetical second season, given how this one is wrapping up. The whole series feels like it would’ve been better if it were 26 episodes, at least then the pacing would be bearable.

  13. Honestly I felt the entire episode was a waste of my time, I came in expecting a fight, and all I got was “strike 3, grab some pine meat” … ? so we’ll fight next time I come to bat? … Maybe, maybe you’ll stand up and strike three will pass before you even enter the batter box, again. <<;;

    I mean I know Yume Kui is slow paced… I guess it just wasn't my cuppa tea this week. Heres hoping to next ep!.

  14. This is probably Yumekui Merry’s best episode yet. I have to agree with the people that this is indeed a pretty intense episode – putting me in the edge of my seat during its final minutes.

    With Madoka Magica’s airing scheduled still undetermined, I’m pretty glad that another anime had risen up to the ocassion to fill up an “almost” Madoka-level intensity here, something that I believe are absent on the other series that I am watching this season in my opinion 😉

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