「ひが日死の巫女」 (Higanishi no Miko)
“East Maiden”

It’s the precursor to the finale and a pretty good one at that with a huge cliffhanger involving the fourth phase and the revival of King Samekh. There still wasn’t clear indication as to what drove Sugata to Kiraboshi’s side, but further implication that it’s for Keito’s sake makes it the most plausible explanation. The only thing that threw me in for a bit of a whirl was Sugata queuing up his first phase while Keito was pouring out her feelings for him as her raison d’être. He did make it clear that he wants to see her live on and stressed that she could pass on her mark to future generations to deal with though, suggesting that he was willing to resign to his fate as Samekh’s driver if that’s what she truly wanted. At least, that’s the impression I got from his unshakable resolve when Tiger and Jaguar showed up to assassinate him, having inherited the powers to kill Samekh’s driver.

Whether intentional or not, Tiger’s inability to do so emphasized how emotions defy logic and duties, which probably applies to Sugata as well to a certain degree. While there hasn’t been indication that he has any romantic interest in Keito, he did lower his head to allow her to kiss him. If nothing else, that went on to show that he’s considerate of her feelings, even if it meant lying to himself. To me, I still don’t see that as good enough reason to go along with Kiraboshi’s plans, seeing as there are probably other ways of going about it if it’s only Keito’s he’s concerned about. As such, it could very well be that Sugata’s grown tired of avoiding his destiny as Samekh’s driver and decided to carry out what his inherited mark is beckoning him to do. The subtle twist is that he’s left a fail-safe of sorts in Takuto (or so it would seem) to stop him at his own judgement.

Considering how a lot of the mark holders have had duties thrust upon them, I think it’s only natural for at least a handful to want to go against what’s expected of them. This goes for Keito as well, who’s chosen to support Sugata instead of protecting her maiden seal. The flashback where she and Wako apprivoised to save Sugata was somewhat saddening to see, since it showed just how long Keito’s been healing Sugata without his knowledge. However, it did shed some light on where Keito’s coming from and how it’s hard to see her as the enemy despite her actions. What’s more, she appears to harbor more feelings of reluctance than Sugata, which I’ll attribute to the delicateness of a maiden’s heart.

All of the above is simply to try and make sense of how we got to where we are now, with Reiji inheriting Shingo’s mark and using it to apprivoise the Sympathy, while Sugata takes up his intimidating role in Samekh after Keito’s seal was broken. What’s interesting is that the preview shows Kiraboshi on the receiving end of Samekh’s wrath, which seems to support my previous idea about how most of its members aren’t really antagonists. Driving that point home was Kanako, who revealed that her cruise ship has been docked at the island to help evacuate Southern Cross Island’s inhabitants in case the volcano erupts. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an ultimate antagonist that Takuto will have to face off in the finale.

I don’t think it comes as too much of surprise on who that will be, but in case anyone’s wondering, Japanese television guides have given a short synopsis on the final episode. It should be pretty exciting. For my translation of it, see below. Credit goes to the denizens of 2chan for the info as well as this preview compilation.

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  1. Why didn’t Takuto try to stop Head from destroying the seal is beyond me, but oh well… 4th phase is here, and looks like pretty exciting place for a final battle…
    Kanako and her ship does shock me in a way, but she has been portrayed as rather good for a quite a while now.
    now I am wondering whether Wako truly had feelings for Sugata or not, but seems like it is a Takuto x Wako end regardless of the fate of the trio.
    ps. What Wako said in the preview still shocks me…

      1. I think it’s more like something bad is going to happen to either Wako or Takuto. Hence the comment from Wako knowing that they might not end up together. Something like “I wish I have never met you because we can’t be together, and I’ll be depressed for the rest of my life :(”

        I mean Takuto has been building up his harem this entire series and episode 22 pretty much sealed himXWako

        sugata fan
      2. Yeah.. that line stung, but it didn’t feel like it was an angry ‘I wish we never met’ sort of line, but a bittersweet one because she knows what could happen as things currently are… but here’s hoping it turns out for the best.

        Also, the music in this series is just delicious.

      3. NO way, Wako has been so half-assed about everything from the start. And while all the other characters had things in motion she was just living her life like it was all a game. She had no clue of anyone else feelings it seems. Pretty damn selfish, and aside from that one show of power a few eps ago she’s also been pretty useless.

        In my opinion when this is all sead and done and the trio are alive and well Takuto should get on the first boat and leave. His jobs done, a Wako end would be too cliche and boring. It’s also clear Sugata likes Wako as well, he was ready to kill Keito but took pity on her instead as an old friend. I’m hoping that Takuto has enough brains and common sense not to get in the middle like his psycho father did in the past and just leave.

      1. lol I’m with you on that one. Based on what happened a few episodes ago, I figured her feelings were as obvious as can be, but that one conversation in this episode made it seem like none of that even happened. It’s like they went back to square one.

        Baby ChuChu
      2. Wako has half-assed her way through this whole series. All the other girls are set in what they want and do all they can to get it done. Wako’s living her life like it’s got nothing to do with her and then acts all shocked that Keito let her seal get broken? Get real, hell get a clue. And they used to be friends? Nice job there.

        Like I said up above Takuto should beat down the crux and then leave. A takuto x wako end would ruin this series at this point.

    1. I am not going to read that spoiler, so I can only hope she doesn’t mean what she says… or there might be a different reason for her to say it.
      I thought Wako already decided who to choose a couple of episodes back when the trio took the picture together. Maybe she is just a bit shy to admit who she really wants?
      and Takuto should totally man up at the beach 🙁

      1. It’s also clear that Sugata likes Wako as well, honestly I don’t care about her at all. There are a number of other female characters that are better than her overall, like Kanako, and if Keito didn’t have her Sugata stalker fixation she’d have been better as well.

        Takuto x Wako would kill this show in the end IMO. He should just quietly leave the island once his job is done at the end of 25.

  2. I’m under the impression that Sugata may be planning to have Takuto kill him and destory Samekh since it would seem the main purpose of the seals is to keep Samekh trapped away.

    An interesting thing is that the scene with Takuto and Wako on the beach mirrored the very first scene of the show with her and Sugata in some respects.

  3. Now that I’ve been thinking… Since Reiji takes control of whatever Cybody of the one he’s taking the mark from.

    Is there any reason why Ryousuke’s Cybody is a striking resemblance to Tauburn?

    1. remember how everyone was saying that Head’s cybody looked like Tauburn? That’s because Ryousuke gave his mark to Head, and as Head mentioned earlier he had a warrior’s mark which is what Takuto’s mark is also.

    1. I am, I don’t think anyone thinks Wako is a very good heroine at all. Keito was simply expressing the fan’s feelings when she commented on Wako’s indecisiveness. I also think Kanako is also more awesome, but like others have mentioned her kindness has been shown for awhile now.

      1. I’m with you guys, Kanako and Keito are both leagues ahead of Wako at this point. She’s been so useless, selfish and clueless it seems. How her seal wasn’t broken yet is the big surprise if you ask me.

  4. Wow. Really rooting for Takuto. He’s got a nice resume but a hefty workload cut out for him this time. Perhaps Wako can apprivoise and help out Takuto somehow..? (*wishful thinking*) Your summary kinda cuts that idea right down the middle. -_-”

    I miss Mizuno.. :'(

  5. There was a lot of great background music this episode. Perhaps it’s always been like that and I’ve never noticed, but the emotions seemed so much greater with the accompaniment.

    Also, if Takuto beats Samekh with a Tau Missile, I’m gonna be pissed

    1. Hmm did Wako split a driver from the cybody a few episodes back allowing Takuto to Tau-Missle his way to victory while letting the driver live? It does kinda seem like a “happy-ending” answer.

      1. Sorry, the School Play was the last good episode, as far as I’m concerned. Last episode might’ve been fine without Sugata stepping in the zero-time and his embarrassing rise to power, and I don’t find Keito’s motives convincing, while Sugata’s remain unaddressed.

        Nothing a proper final episode can’t fix, but that doesn’t change the fact that this past couple episodes just didn’t do it for me.

      2. keito’s motives is very convincing actually.
        its love obviously. love is the most powerful driving force for someone. she wants sugata to do whatever he wants and also to break free from her role as a maiden.

  6. Looks like my theory of keito the string puller got shot…while the Samekh hijacking is coming true (somewhat)

    And from the looks for the preview, Kou and Madoka was wise to leave the island…

    And Divine, I would have to disagree with you there and say Head’s too fargone to NOT be an antagonist…

    1. That can’t be the case cuz her seal just got broken, so how is she going to revive him again when her power is now gone? I think all she was doing was helping him nto fall under a coma from the power of the king and semehk or w/e. As was said early on anyone who used it fell into a coma and never woke up. Keito is probably why, how, he wokeup back then.

    2. I think he’s referring to the part where the totem falls on sugata.

      well he probably didnt die but was gravely injured and keito healed him, like what she has been secretly doing whenever he falls in a coma.

  7. Well I’ve already prepared myself for a TTGL ending, with Takuto getting no one and probably ends up traveling the world.That Samekh entrance was bad ass.I’ve never personally liked Wako and never had the chance with all the different type of girls that were continually introduced lol.

    I thought Adult Bank was getting bankrupt or something because of the trade stocks screens going red.Oh well, time for Takuto’s final finisher move Tau Body!

  8. It’s a challenge!
    The curtain raise on the final battle, what will be the outcome when these to forces collide!?
    Find out on the next episode of STAR DRIVER!!!!
    May your galaxy shine!
    🙂 lol

  9. Can anyone tell me why Keito has been rubbing chests with Sugata for so many years. Is she keeping him alive? Did he die when the totem pole fell on him? Who saved him, and how is he alive now?

  10. Yeah I was wondering why Takuto’s Dad would help revive Samekh if he was not able to use it himself. Why spend so many years doing work in the background anf forsaking Takuto that will not benefit him when it is clear throughout the episodes that he does things only for himself.

    The synopsis for Episode 25 makes all the sense.

    Thinking back to the play in Episode 22, I always thought that the “Ship” was for use only during Zero Time. Although I knew that all Cybuddies could function outside Zero Time, strangely the idea that great Samekh functioned outside of Zero Time did not occur to me until I watched Episode 24. Which makes sense now.

    Hmm… The Maidens were created to seal the “Ship” whilst the Warriors were supposed to protect the Maidens, am I correct in thinking this?

    Oh an one more thought. Looking at the preview pictures for Episode 25, Takuto’s motto of striving to “protect those who are weak” is still strong because not only does he now have to protect Wako from having her seal destroyed, he might have to protect the defeated Kiraboshi Crux members who do not have a cybuddy any more?

  11. Can’t really blame Wako on her indecisiveness as it is a complicated situation. She likes Takuto but she is engaged to Sugata by her family at the age of about 8 yrs. What makes matter more complicated in her indecisivness is that Sugata also happens to be her childhood friend. It would be hard for anyone in her situation to make a decision. But I think Sugata was actually supposed to get engaged Keito due to a misconception by Sugata because Keito disappeared right after she healed Sugata in their childhood leading him to believe Wako did it which resulting in him getting engaged to Wako. Wako’s engagement might be a mistake for Keito. It could also explain why Wako is unable to do anything for recovery for Sugata whenever he uses Samekh (Emperor) power. Only my guess though.

    1. I think its more like sugata was destined to be either with the east or south maiden. when keito decided to hide it instead, wako was the one who got the position instead.

      and also probably because sugata already had feelings for wako, as keito said that even if wako disappears, he wont forget her.

  12. it was an interesting twist, something that was a bit unexpected. my fave characters now are sugata and keito(doesnt mean I really ship them though) because of how much they sacrifice even if its unrequited. and they also understand that that person loves someone else and will rather step aside than try to get between.

  13. Let me add a few more things about the target category of fans for which the show was made. In my previous comments i identified them as representatives of ordinary consumers, but i would like to dig into this a bit more. In a more critical show “Welcome to NHK” ((N・H・Kにようこそ!, N.H.K. ni Yōkoso!) there exists a certain character – a brother of Megumi Kobayashi. He is a “hikikomori” who’s “value” exists only in online games, while having no personal value in normal life, i.e. he is just an ordinary ultimate loser. Same goes to most of the characters in this “STAR DRIVER” show, they are ultimate whinners in normal life, and would be average ordinary ultimate losers if not people behind the school, the personnel, who in fact support the miserable existence of the “heroes”.
    So, speaking of the fans – do they actually love the characters so much because of having something in common with them ?

    1. Um, I think you should give up on this “seemingly” intellectual discussion on Star Driver after you were bashing the show last week. If you haven’t realized, people have stopped listening to your cries for attention. I honestly can’t be bothered to read your comments and take them seriously. If you want to rant about this stuff, you’re probably better off starting your own blog.

      1. Better make it a vlog. If your voice/mannerisms are entertaining, people might watch it.
        If you just have a text format, no one will care about you intellectual dissection of how the Galactic pretty boy fights with the radiance of the universe.

  14. O man I loved Keito’s dig at Wako this episdoe. Called out that floozy for just chasing the latest flavor of the month. Now if only Takuto could see that and reject her and go back to Hanna.

    1. I hope Takuto leaves the island at the end to be honest. It’d be the best ending and not repeate the cycle of getting in the way and screwing up peoples lives like his dad did. I’m sure this is obvious now but this situation with takuto mirrors the old one with head and his mom and eyepatch dude. It’s almost the same, it’s clear now that Sugata likes Wako but doesn’t really say it or show it as much as he should. And Wako seems to be blinded by how awsome Takuto is that she’s got her silly highschool girl crush mode going on.

  15. I believe Sugata wants Takuto to ‘defeat’ him as foreshadowed by the training sessions and the fact that Sugata implies to Takuto that he wants Takuto to defeat him and then take care of Wako. IMO he has readied himself for death as in this episode he tells keito to, “live on” and when tiger and jaguar show up he is prepared for the worst. I hope this does not end on a sad note but i do want a sugataxkeito and takutoxwako ending XD!

  16. Kanako is clearly the best girl in this show. Can’t we get a TakutoxKanako ending?

    Pretty awesome episode, that cliffhanger sure was intense. Wako’s face was priceless when Sugata & Keito removed their mask(this has been brought up before but lol at the nobody recognizing any Glittering Crux member until they remove their mask). That scene when Keito’s seal got broken had pretty awesome visuals in it.

    Lookin forward to the final episode.. Damn I’m so gonna miss this series when it ends.

  17. I usually never comment on things but I really needed to get this off my chest.

    Overall I think that this episode served as a good buildup to the final. Honestly I’m still trying to figure out what exactly Keito wants. She says that letting her seal get broken would allow Sugata to become his true self but is she referring to the fact that Sugata will play his role as the king or that breaking her seal will lead to freeing him from any role and just allow him to be himself without any titles attached to him? If Keito is really trying to stop Head’s plans then I want to believe that it’s the latter. Anyways, I was actually thinking that Keito might have actually wanted Sugata to kill her. She looked pretty sad when he didn’t.

    And then Sugata… I just can’t grasp what it is he hopes to achieve. Finding it hard to see a good end for him, but I’m praying that he does’t end up with Wako. No matter how hard I try I just can’t see it. Trio end with Wako choosing Takuto is probably best. Although Wako’s hesistation in choosing is really annoying, but not impossible to understand. It’s a more complicated matter than just picking someone, and the fact that she’s stuck on the island is preventing her from just outright saying that she picks Takuto.

    Got more that I wanna say but I could probably write a full essay on it…

    And as an aside: Kanako is totally awesome.

  18. *how to fit a rush ending in one episode*
    next episode, it will be a bad bad ending, whole island exploded, everyone is trapped in zero time, Head goes on a rampage….
    then nothing happens, because Head is in a coma/dream (Sympathy cybody) similar to Shingo… there it goes, the end.

  19. oh wow what an ep 😮

    Wako shouldnt have been that shocked when they took off the masks 😐 the entire cast have unique hair stlyes, she should have been able to tell by now :/

    A Concerned Child
  20. What a cliffhanger!

    After this episode, my good impression of Kanako had increased again, isn’t that a big revelation? When I thought she is just a care-free young individual, I wouldn’t have thought she has such a goal. Good Girl 🙂

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