「電話と前夜」 (Denwa to Zenya)
“Call and Eve”

The buildup to the next week’s finale couldn’t have been done better. In what I consider was an answer to my prayers, I was ecstatic that Koogy’s attempt to cheat out real mangaka’s failed. Not only did he get a horrible ranking, but I got a kick from watching him smash his guitar in disappointment.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love it when I get to see behind the scenes. That feeling of knowing that your part of the select few who that get to see what really goes on in the “back” really gets me excited. If the short meeting discussing the winners of the Golden Future Cup was any indication of what’s to come, I’m really excited to see just how crazy the serialization meeting goes. Here’s to hoping that the head editor finally talks again!

On the other hand, just when I had nearly forgotten about how awkward a relationship Mashiro and Azuki share, the series decided to remind me of all the problems that come along with a distance relationship. I’m a firm believer that love will conquer all, but I’m not naïve enough to believe that love always works in situations like Mashiro’s. I felt some chills run down my back when I heard Azuki’s mom confront her about her feelings — the images of Azuki and Mashiro losing feelings for each other were rapidly flashing through my mind. Seriously, how long do you think you could maintain feelings for someone when you never see nor talk to them?

While I was feeling extra disappointed that Azuki still hadn’t collected enough courage to even verbally talk to Mashiro, I was pleasantly surprised to watch both Hattoris get along with each other. To me it’s always felt like both of them were in a fierce competition against each other, trying to be the better Hattori and climb higher in the corporate food chain. But watching them share some beer together and openly expressing their fears about their futures, I get the feeling that they might end up being really good friends.

With the finale right around the corner, this episode couldn’t have picked a better spot to stop at. With the hopes and dreams of our dynamic duo lying in the hands of the big shots at Jump Jack, I’m hoping we finally get that happy ending we all want — that is, if you forget that there is a second season already scheduled for this fall and that the manga is nowhere near done. But one can hope, right?




      1. Yeah, at first I thought it was weird that they were bringing him in a couple chapters earlier than he appeared in the manga, but this change actually kinda fits with his eventual real introduction and has kind of grown on me.

      2. I agree, I love how the anime has gone so far but Show Spoiler ▼

      3. i haven’t watched this since episode 1. i was waiting for Hiramaru to come in before i do a marathon of this. apparently he’s NOT coming in this season… might as well start watching then… sigh…

  1. laughed so much when miho hung up on mashiro
    but then again, their relationship is a special one, idk what to say about it besides that.
    and i think… by mentioning there will be a next season is a spoiler itself LOL

  2. Oh, good job, Mr. Director. Ending last week with Koogy’s smirk and starting this week with a him being furious was a good decision. I actually thought he did well for a moment, there. You know the fact that there is a second season already lined up also means there’s a chance they fail at getting serialized again and are working on a different series next season. Or we could get the typical happy ending. And actually, with a series like this, I wouldn’t mind either way.

  3. the manga part is great… cheater will never get what they want in the eyes of real fans… 🙂
    though the relationship front isn’t as smooth… I wish Azuki will take more courage (send the text and get Mashiro’s phone number already!) and Mashiro should just man up more…
    hope the finale will be satisfying.
    can’t wait to season 2!
    ps. Kaya’s reaction to the phone conversation is priceless 😀

  4. “I was pleasantly surprised to watch both Hattoris get along with each other. To me it’s always felt like both of them were in a fierce competition against each other, trying to be the better Hattori and climb higher in the corporate food chain.”

    I dont think they were trying to be the better Hattori per se, but just be the better editor in general

    Inquisitive Mind
  5. I am a little disappointed. -_-

    If you are not going to read the manga, read this spoiler about what should of happened in this episode between Azuki and Mashiro.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I hope the animators add something in the end of next weeks episode to redeem themselves. There is no reason that scene should of been cut.

    1. Yeah, as funny as the anime version was, I was pretty angry that they changed it. They’ve been so faithful to the manga (aside from the extra filler they keep adding) that it was somewhat jarring to see such a pointless change.

      1. The small changes are noticeable but I think I understand why they did it for a “conflict” to be resolved at the end of the season. So I don’t think the change was entirely pointless. Can’t wait for season 2!

  6. What Azuki did was fucked up. I mean really fucked up. She tried making up an apology message (which she didn’t even send..) by asking for his number too.. Mashiro has a heart of steel. I’d be crushed/embarrassed if that happened to me. I’m glad her mother talked some sense into her because I felt so bad for him. (After the initial laughing, of course.)

    ps. Hattori is the man! Best editor in Jack..

  7. Did the animation quality seem better this week or was I imagining things? Because the whole episode looked really great.

    And I can’t believe just one episode left. Then we have to wait until Fall for more 🙁

  8. Really enjoyed that episode, I read the manga weekly so I obviously know what happens but it’s weird how little that affects the enjoyment I get from the anime. The cliffhanger was pretty sweet, next episode the serialisation meeting will take place and it’s going to be pretty awesome.

    I can’t wait for S2, there are going to be so many good arcs on the way, it is most definitely on the ‘Plan To Watch’ list.

  9. I have to admit I enjoyed the episode, too. I was a big fan of the “confrontation” between Azuki and her mother. And I was never a fan of this pseudo long distance relationship (so few people watching the anime seem to be), but necessary things were said. That was good enough for me. I had no expectations of the couple changing their minds any time soon, if ever.

    Some of the tension for the last episode was lost when someone just straight wrote out how the second season was going to go in forum discussion for this episode, but I think I’m still going to enjoy it. Because hearing it (or reading) is not the same as actually seeing.

      1. Ugh, I knew that wasn’t going to work. Okay, let’s try again. When you’re doing a spoiler tag, you put [spoiler] before whatever you’re trying to hide and [/spoiler] after it. You don’t put both tags at the beginning of the post. And of course you should be using the angled brackets instead of []. Someone can delete my comment above…

  10. Its a good thing that the people in the Bakuman world don’t have annoying things like sexual desires. It would really complicate the story a lot.

    I just came back to this show (I watched 10 episodes) after abandoning it because the women are a terrible drag on the story. Luckily I figured out the trick, fast forward whenever they are talking or the subject of conversation/thoughts. After learning that, the show is really interesting.

    Jack Spicer

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