Bakuman. – 24

「電話と前夜」 (Denwa to Zenya)
“Call and Eve”

The buildup to the next week’s finale couldn’t have been done better. In what I consider was an answer to my prayers, I was ecstatic that Koogy’s attempt to cheat out real mangaka’s failed. Not only did he get a horrible ranking, but I got a kick from watching him smash his guitar in disappointment.

Bakuman. – 22

「団結と決裂」 (Tanketsu to Ketsuretsu)
“Solidarity and Breakdown”

Running off of the adrenaline built up from last week, I was ready for Team Fukuda to raise hell inside of Shounen Jump Jack’s editing department. Unfortunately, it became a battle of who could yell the loudest. But can you imagine how cool it would have been if there was a manga styled argument or something instead of just regular yelling?!

Bakuman. – 18

「嫉妬と愛」 (Shitto to Ai)
“Jealousy and Love”

The one thing that sticks out about Bakuman is how it manages to always come back and give me shivers down the back of my spine. But the best part is how the show manages to instill those shivers without using blatant power-ups or crazy plot twists. Something about the story and how it’s slowly starting to all come together is just perfect.

Bakuman. – 16

「壁とキス」 (Kabe to Kisu)
“Wall and Kiss”

I didn’t think Bakuman could have any significant plot twists. Since the beginning it’s been the same wash and rinse sequence of writing mangas and getting pretty close to winning, but never winning. While it didn’t feel overused, I thought it was starting to feel a little old. Which is why I was surprised to see a huge cliffhanger right at the end of the episode.