「天狗と親切」 (Tengu to Shinsetsu)
“Conceit and Kindness”

After a change of pace, Bakuman almost felt like a different show this week. After being introduced to Fukuda Shinta (Suwabe Junichi) and Nakai Takuro (Shimura Tomoyuki), it almost felt like the supporting characters were starting to dominate the show. What started out feeling extremely awkward slowly turned into something that grabbed my full attention. Between Fukuda taking every opportunity to mock Nakai and Nizuma showing his more calm side, I found myself extra focused watching this week’s episode.

The newly introduced characters both managed to grab my attention. Fukuda who felt like a total jerk at first actually turned out to be a really good person. He seems pretty knowledgeable about manga and is confident enough to verbally acknowledge that Nizuma is someone he needs to conquer, in front of him! But his good-willed head eventually ends up forcing him to help Nizuma with his manga. What a good rival right? After watching the trio discuss how to improve Nizuma’s manga, can you imagine what kind of manga a trio of Nizuma, Mashiro, and Fukuda could make?

Nakai on the other hand almost had me in tears. He seems like a really polite person and his skill at drawing seems to be top notch. After I learned he was a 33 year old who’s been trying for his whole life to become serialized only to end up working as an assistant to others, I felt it right in my heart when I heard him cry about not being able to achieve his dreams. After watching the episode, I don’t know how he managed to not beat the crap out of Fukuda. After taking all those insults I was expecting a Takagi-style punch to the face!

I hope Nizuma’s new calmness doesn’t affect his eccentric personality — watching him go from totally insane to calm in the span of a few seconds is pretty fun to watch. Judging from the previews it looks like Mashiro is still going to be at Nizuma’s. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what he takes away from working with Nizuma. Maybe some of Nizuma’s personality will rub off onto Mashiro!




  1. Nakai-san got it bad.. I felt like crying a bit for him especially when Mashiro walked in on him sobbing in bed. That definitely hit home. I’ve had nightmare-ish daydreams (Merry to the rescue?) that involved visions of me failing in the same manner. Being 22 years old, it was pretty scary for me personally to see that in this week’s episode.

    On the real, though? I learn something valuable every week. I wonder if this show is a reflection of how the original artist came to be what he is today? I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, I’d be more inspired to pursue my goals as an artist.

  2. I would think that the people in the story is invented or at least exaggerated. But it’s a fact that Bakuman is also a manga made by a duo and it’s in the same magazine they are trying to get into. Ah, and Bakuman is obviously not the usual mainstream type of story in Jump. It’s amazing that it’s still ongoing despite the main heroes growing older and getting further away from the target audience ages.

  3. this episode is nice, though I miss Takagi…
    it is nice to see that rivals help each other with their ideas and such, though I can’t wait to see Mashiro learn something from the others and make some awesome manga after.

  4. lol… i haven’t watched the anime yet just because it feels like I know what’s going to happen and losses the thrill. Reading the review is interesting though, it’s nice to see the perspective of people who haven’t read the manga and is trying to predict it.

    well, long story short, anything you want to predict, you won’t be able to predict it. too much predictable plot twists that made it unpredictable in the end.

  5. Much better then the usual weekly episode of:

    1. write and draw a manga.
    2. submit it and wait for it to be judged.
    3. REJECTED!
    4. Get psyched up to do better and start over.
    5. See item #1.

  6. As some have commented, the last 2 episodes of Bakuman feel like a departure from the established formula of the show so far. Brings to mind, I would say, how chapter 5 of ‘crow’ was re-written to make it more interesting and less like the first 4 🙂 I thought this was a truly clever episode.

  7. I’m really beginning to like Nizuma. It’s so fun hearing him scream and hearing his music. He’s a unique character. And I can’t wait for the next episode. 🙂 It’s going to be awesome…

    1. I think we will get to chapter 34 by episode 25, so you are right, there is plenty left for future seasons. Anyone got any info how well this series is doing in Japan? It’s after all the key to us ever getting a continuation.

      1. A second season has already been confirmed. TV ratings have remained fairly consistent, and the manga is enjoying a nice sales boost (latest volume sold nearly 500,000 copies, which is 35-40% more than the pre-broadcast numbers), so the project is a success.

        Bakuman won’t do well on DVD, but I don’t think the producers expect much there.

  8. I really sympathized with Nakai and his dilemma, and he will be a pretty admirable character in time 😉 However, I was a disapointed at how he turned in the end, won’t spoil it though.

  9. Ahh, This episode felt so refreshing.

    The fat guy’s character is admirable. I’d love to see his work get serialized soon and slap it on Fukuda’s face.

    “Maybe some of Nizuma’s personality will rub off onto Mashiro!
    Oh no! learn anything but that lol.


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