「鋼の咆哮」 (Hagane no Houkou)
“Howl of Steel”

It’s been some time since Operation Plantagenet was mentioned, going all the way back to episode eleven, but the joint operation between the Earth Federation Army and Neo DC to retake North America from the Inspectors finally got underway. It was pretty odd seeing them team up, especially with how friendly Bullet and Kusuha were with Yuuki and Carla; however, it was nostalgic at the same time, since they’re four of the possible eight main protagonists who debuted in Super Robot Wars Alpha.

Whether intentional or not, the temporary alliance to liberate the globe from the Inspectors also helped simplify things, much like the revelation that Shadow-Mirror has joined up with them to realize their ideals. All of a sudden, we went from five different factions on four different sides down to three different sides — EFA/Neo DC, Inspectors/Shadow-Mirror, Einst. Interestingly enough, the biggest blow comes to the good guys in the exchange, with Van Vat Tran going out in a kamikaze attack and Daitetsu heavily wounded from Shadow-Mirror’s surprise attack. Not exactly an ideal start, considering this is mankind’s united defense force and the best it has to offer.

From a broader perspective, it was refreshing to see our heroes driven back for a change with the sudden arrival of the Einst, who have quickly established themselves as the ultimate antagonists of the series. That is, if seeing Irm form a temporary truce with Mekibos was any indication of the overwhelming forces that had shown up. The rational side of me wonders if that was truly necessary, seeing as Mekibos single-handedly brought everyone to their knees with his attack just prior. In terms of overall progression, showing the Einst eclipse the Inspectors’ military power and saving Kyousuke did set the tone for the rest of the series though. After all, if there’s one thing that SRW does well, it’s constantly throwing more factions into the mix so that our heroes can never feel like they’re on top of things. Nothing is resolved immediately and the problems keeping piling up. In this sequel alone, we’ve already seen the conflict with Neo DC escalate to Shadow-Mirror, then Inspectors, and now Einst.

Amidst all the concurrent problems, Axel’s rivalry with Kyousuke looks like it may have already been resolved, after he realized that the “Beowulf” of this world doesn’t possess demonic-like mech-regenerating powers. It was his attack on Kyousuke that prompted the Einst to arrive as well, which led to Excellen getting captured when she dove in head first to save him. Of all the characters, Kyousuke and Excellen are probably considered the main ones in the OG timeline, so the dismal state they and the rest of the Earth Federation Army were left in sets the stage nicely for a bounce back. I say there’s a little creepy blue-haired girl who needs a spanking to set her straight. Unfortunately, that means going through her Persönlichkeit, which is easier said than done. Overpowered aliens are overpowered.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「最後の旅」 (Saigo no Tabi) by 美郷あき (Misato Aki)
Watch the 2nd ED!: Download, Streaming ▼

Considering what happened this episode, this flashback ending sequence with Misato Aki’s “Last Journey” song made it seem like Excellen will never see Kyousuke again. It’s a nice song, but boy does it come off depressing.



  1. Just finished watching…W-16 in a black Angelg, pretty cool addition. I like to think of it as Lamia’s rebuilt Angelg you would have gotten in the game without the secret requirements for Vysaga/Ashsaviour. Also looks like it’s time to debut some new upgrades real soon.

  2. A couple of things happened that I didn’t expect, but that’s to be said, since of course, they can’t follow the games completely.

    However, I was like: ‘WHAT?’ when they ended on the Tronium Buster Cannon firing.

    Way to tease us!

  3. I remember this scene, this is the final farewell for Daitetsu and Tetsuya will take over as the new captain of Kurogane, plus after that, new upgraded Alteisen, also Weissreiter, I hope next will be Twin Bird Strike

  4. Pretty disappointed that it was an Ashsaber and not a Soulgain that finished off Alteisen. On the flip-side (at least for Axel fans), it shows that skills-wise, Axel > Kyosuke, since Axel’s on a machine he’s not that familiar with, versus Kyosuke who by now, knows every part of his machine.

    1. Honestly, it was better this way. The Soulgain was much larger, and was a super robot at that. It would have made the battle too one-sided, Kyousuke would have easily been trashed. At least with the Ashsaber Axel can prove his skill. Also it saves the Soulgain for a much more awesome return.

      1. Also, considering that Axel used the Ashsaber to go up against Vysaga a few episodes back, it’s quite clear that the non-MP units are definitely NOT cannon fodder.

        That said, it’s clear the Kyosuke wasn’t fighting at his best against Axel. First, as he noted earlier, Axel is already an expert at fighting against the Alt. Second, since he knew that Axel knew Alts weaknesses, he held back the claymore, and resorted to a series of suicide attacks (point blank stake, completely disarmed heat horn). Third, as we all know, the Alt was made to smash through heavy armor, against a faster mech like the Ashsaber (piloted by a named character), it’d be at a disadvantage anyway.

      2. Shiden’s comment about Alt being anti-heavy unit make me think Axel picked a smaller speedy unit on purpose to get an advantage on Kyosuke. Also it really reminds me of gaming when you get owned by an opponent at first but come back later and bash them when you figure them out. It felt very much like that when Axel was reading Kyosuke like he was a level one boss in a side scroll shooter. Knows all his tricks indeed!

  5. Are those two mechs from the beginning, the dragon and the tiger (I forget their name), going to play an important role in the future? I thought they would be a major part but they seemed to have gotten lost within everything else that’s happened

      1. The Chokijin are essentially the “Guardians of the Earth” or something. Which is why the Einst want them dead. They should show up whenever there are Einst so expect them soon.

        As for plot importance, they were important plot points in Alpha, but in OG they are kinda just there to Show Spoiler ▼

  6. After Bushin Souko Daizengar ep 15 and Tenka Muteki SRX ep 16 we’re finally back to the main show. Like the previous ones this episode sure delivered in terms of awesomeness especially Mekibos owning everyone with Thunder Crash. Damn, I was trembling from the excitement. Also at first I was a bit angry about how Axel fought Kyosuke in an Ashsaber instead of his Soulgain like in the games but now that I think about it, with the way they duel one on one in the anime, he wouldn’t even lasted 3 seconds against Soulgain. Another thing that made my day is how they showed Excellen getting meta tentacle reap, while probably no tentacles actually got into the cockpit.
    It would be nice next week if they show more of what happened to Excellen when she got kidnapped and yeah Alfimi does looks scary in this pic lol. Hope to see moar of her too.

  7. The moment I saw the episode title I thought “Damn, Daitetsu’s final stand”. The old guy’s always been my favorite character so I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this part. His death scene better be done right.

    Also, anyone else kept thinking of the fabulous Head whenever Mekibos spoke? His activity in the recent episodes got me putting that voice to that purple haired painter.

  8. How early do the Chokijin appear in Alpha? I’ve been replaying OG2 as I’ve watched the current season and I can’t figure out why they haven’t merged with the Grungust 3 yet. It should have happened a long time ago.

    1. The pacing for the series is different. By now we would have seen multiple incursions of the Einst, but so far we’ve only had the 3 in the actual series. And by this point the a certain mech would have already started to appear, throwing in further more the creepiness factor.

  9. And we should say goodbye to a great battleship captain ;_;

    ’twas a pretty wonderful episode, though I’m still wondering why they chose to change Daitetsu’s death from Lee’s attack to Hagane (in game) to Vindel’s (?). Echidna in a Black Angelg was pretty cool, but (as my bf said), Axel pwned Kyosuke with only an Ashsaber is… Damn cool.


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