「ちょ、俺輝いてる?」 (Cho, Ore Kagayaiteru?)
“Am I Shining?”

And I thought that Kore wa Zombie Desu ka couldn’t get any better — apparently I was wrong again. Somehow this show manages to combine the perfect amount of humor with spot on timing while still retaining some kind of seriousness when the time calls for it. Starting with such an innocent scene with Sera cooking for the first time and somehow creating some kind of sludge that’s strong enough to melt an iron wok, I never expected a Doberman from the underworld to randomly appear. It only got better as I watched it try to chug down a cup of hot tea only to have the contents spill all over him.

But what really grabbed my attention was the second half of the story. When Ayumu confronts Yuu about who she really is, I never expected to see such a heartfelt conversation. After listening to Ayumu read her notes out loud while connecting his memories of her from the past, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad over the entire situation. But as I watched Yuu slowly breakdown after revealing her secrets, with tears flowing down her face from the fear that Ayumu would abandon her, I started to feel my heart sting a little.

Ayumu, being the suave person he is, managed to ease Yuu’s fears and made her smile all at the same time. After such a heartfelt scene, I was surprised when after a quick transition to a battle with a huge whale megalo just after Ayumu finished talking about protecting Yuu from anything (including nuclear missiles). Once again being subjected to watching Ayumu transform into a Masou Shoujo, I was glad that focus was on the battle and not on his man-pantsu. But the embarrassing scenes didn’t end there! Apparently when you combine a zombie with Masou Shoujo, using your zombie abilities to power yourself up causes your costume to transform — frilly flowers, high heels, huge ribbons, a tiara, and a full blown dress were the few things I caught on Ayumu’s new outfit. If it wasn’t for such a girly outfit, I think his 1000% powered From the Heavens Kick might have been the manliest thing I’ve seen all season.

After watching Haruna manage to hold a gigantic whale up with magic and Sera taking the extra effort to call Ayumu a “cross dressing piece of shit festering in a bag of rotting garbage” only moments after she had just complimented him, everything just felt perfect. Like I said earlier, this show’s ability to time the jokes just right makes them that much funnier.




  1. It was such a tear jerk when I saw about Yuu’s background and the reason why she acts the way she does. It also says a lot of what she thinks of Ayumu as she finds him funny and is attached to him. When she wrote that Ayumu must hate her was really hard, but he stayed firm considering the other monsters he had to face in his normal (?) life. This week I wasn’t fussed with the ninja girl’s insults as well they were true and not for no reason, though the last insult was a bit tsun. 🙂 Still have no clue on the killer, but Ayumu has definately ruled out Yuu.

  2. Lol, I thought it was funny when the dog guy tried to drink the tea and just splashed it on himself.

    I wanted Ayumu to scream at the serial killer as he slowly lost consciousness, “Not again you bastard!!” A lot of powerful scenes happened this episode that I thought they could have limited them with some profound lines to give off an emotional/dark appeal. But alas, looks like they want to go for the 50/50 gag mix bag instead.

  3. This was really sick, but Now with the hospital girl dead and the Killer back in action. this shit is getting tight.

    i honestly had high hopes she was the killer. guys i was wrong. and how does a watcher of hell die like that? seriously

  4. 10x power of a zombie on masou shoujo? so much lol there…
    though the kick was kind of cool (I was waiting for him to use the chainsaw though…)
    so Yui is the harem breaker here? are we sold out to that route yet?
    and perfect shock at the end with the death… can’t wait for more.

  5. Well, looks like everyone who guessed Kyoko was the killer is wrong (myself included). I cannot express in words how awesome this episode is. Anyone get a screencap of the slasher?

    1. Maybe not, Kyouko actually slashed herself with a razor to the neck, so it could still be some ritual thing she’s pulling. I did not catch the slasher, but I remember the figure being kind of petite. So, the theory should still be good.

    2. Well, I saw the white hair and I did catch a glimpse of the gauntlets. So it definitely wasn’t Kyoko (brunette) and it’s impossible for Yuu to have done so either.

      Considering how the armour is a limiter, could it be possible that the other person is just some random other who so happens to use the same gauntlets? Or maybe it’s Yuu’s sister that we don’t know about, though I’d facepalm if it was.

    3. Well now this episode sure answered alot of questions. However, did anyone see a metal katana drop out of Kyoko’s hand when she died(wanna make sure i’m not hallucinating like I did last week)?

    4. It was a short knife, not a katana. It seemed to be a fruit knife to me. Judging from the slash (neck on left hand side while she is a right hander), it was a suicide attempt.

      My guess is that the collection of souls is complete and kyoko is completing the final steps ie. her dying. As for a motive, i’m guessing its to either get power from the night king or become his avatar or THINK that she will get power but bceomes his puppet.

      Zaku Fan
    5. Nice catch w/ the fruit knife. That pretty much makes the probability of Kyoko being the killer rise to like %85 to me, especially how quickly they made that scene go by. I didn’t even notice it, or maybe that was just me.

  6. There are many shows that have the elements we see here in this series and they do a great job but dont’ always balance the comedy, drama, or Suspense the way this series does. You truly never know what you are gonna see next. But none of them balance them all together like this series does. Its like High School Of The Dead, Cardcaptor Sakura, Rosario & Vampire, and Clannad all rolled into 1 series.

    There aren’t as many good series this season but the ones we have are all telling great stories (Dragon Crisis, Fractale, Freezing, Gosick, Level E, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Yumekui Merry, and the returning Kimi Ni Todoke).

    1. imo, we actually have lots of good series this season. having 5-6 good series in a season is actually alot. compare this winter season to last years winter season. The difference is like heaven and earth. Level E, Puella Madoka, Hourou Musuko, Fractale, Yumekui merry Those 5 are no doubt the best this winter season season. Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka, in the otherhand is the biggest surprise imo. It is capable of being in the top 4 this season: assuming it stays consistent and blow our minds off that is.

      Dragon Crisis = too average. everything is mediocre.
      Gosick = good, but its not there yet
      Freezing = Terrible, I HAD high expectations for this one
      Infinite Stratos = seems like another one of those typical harem shows, ep 4 was good imo

      1. Hey, I’m starting to become a fan of the Gosick series. I wasn’t expecting much out of it, especially when I heard the novel wasn’t that good, but so far it’s there imo.

        Fractale has been REALLY a dissappointment for me after the first episode…they need to get the ball rolling…it’s only 11 ep. long!

    2. Balance is definitely key! Especially with all the crazy and random things going about.

      Have to agree with Alec as well- there are a surprising number of good shows this season.
      Much better than I had anticipated anyways, heck I almost over looked this show!
      Haven’t gotten around to watching Gosick yet, but Madoka, Fractale, and IS are pretty awesome.

  7. Good episode Zombie Desu Ka? altough it was a more serious episode than we expected it really is one of the better ones this season. The only part that i didnt like about the ep is the randomness the whale presented it just seemed so out of place to me. On the otherhand seeing that gigantic thing fall against and “OMG” powered up masou shoujo was funny. The Yuu X Ayumu combi grows stronger and stronger per ep and I am not one bit disappointed by it. And IMO the girl who was shown dead in the end is the real killer ,comparing it to an Aizen Sousuke scenario. XP

    1. I totally agree regarding the random appearance of the whale. We see a nice Ayumu x Yuu moment and then bam! Triple A Megalo whale appears! *Ayumu proves his maniless* Well, overall, minor detail. I suppose randomness should be expected given the metling pot of various characters already in the series (i.e. sudden masou shoujo, vampire ninja appearances).

      I must say, I hope Studio Deen doesn’t drop the ball on this series. Each episode has been better and better. So far, it’s the one anime next to Gosicks that has me looking forward to the next episode each week.

  8. So Ayumu used his Zombie powers to create a Final G-Impact Gigantic Sonic Boost *something* Rider Falcon Meteor Richard Kyoukaku Tenka Muteki Catapult Blade Gespenst Mystletainn Kick!?

    Suppa Tenko
    1. Oh and that Twintail girl, I have a feeling she’s not really dead… unless they killed her off to get rid of suspicion that she is the cereal killer as well as possibly show casing the death note like abilities of the cereal killer.

      Suppa Tenko
  9. Well there’s another dinner scene to add to the long tradition of horrible anime cooks. It was both terrible and funny how they just wait for him to eat and then demand dinner from him as soon as he regained consciousness. Truly this is the zombie curse.

    Actually, I don’t think the whale is as random as people seem to think. After Yuu explains why she can’t express emotion otherwise it messes up fate, she then cries seriously. I read the whale appearing as a result of Yuu finally showing emotion, hence demonstrating why it is such a problem. In all I found it rather funny. Ayumu makes his bold declaration after comforting Yuu, looking up at the infinite universe and more or less saying, “Go on, do your worst!”. Then straight after, fate throws a giant flying, school-outfit-wearing whale at him. Fate has a sense of humour, perhaps.

    All in all, another enjoyable episode.

  10. When I was about to think it was a bit slow on plot progression, episode 4 brings a wonderful blend of emotions as well as an awesome fight scene. I have to admit I was a bit tearful when I saw Yuu suddenly cry, thankfully Ayumu comforted her in the end. The way it’s going, I really want a Yuu and Ayumu ending.

    The scene at the end wasn’t as suspensful where it shows Kyoko’s death scene, there was nothing leading to it and when it showed she was dead, I felt like “Oh crap..guess she’s dead, that sucks”. I feel like it could of had a little more emotional impact. Also, the hilarious ED song right after kinda spoiled the mood It was trying to achieve 😛

  11. Also, I find it wierd how the doberman defended Ayumu, even though he was a zombie..perhaps he didn’t want Hellscythe-sama to feel any more pain to restore him? I wish he didn’t die, just when I was liking and appreciating his character, thinking that he could be a cool character, he dies soon after :/

    1. I think that was supposed to be a joke. Doberman tried to defend Ayumu, who didn’t need any defense, but fails at it anyway as they both got impaled, and dies a futile (but very noble) death.

  12. This show is 100% proof moodswing whiskey

    Vampire ninja girl can’t cook!
    – one scene later –
    The collector of souls strikes
    – one scene later –
    Green tea waterfall!
    – one scene later –
    Second encounter with murderer, sacrifice of the soul collector
    – one scene latHNNnnnnng –
    I will protect you no matter what!
    – one scene later –
    Giant flying whale, the blossoming Ayumu
    – one scene later –
    Dead Girl

  13. Kicking a whale’s head clean off, and in a dress to boot! Dammit I love this show XD
    In all seriousness though the scene with Yuu and Ayumu was wonderful and touching, without being cheesy or over dramatized.
    It’s a shame that the Doberman was killed off, especially after being so helpful to Ayumu. Kinda makes me wonder if there are other megalo’s who are not hostile and what there intentions/goals might be. After all, the Doberman obviously knew who Yuu was; perhaps there is some connection to the necromancers and the megalos?

  14. Now the question is…why would the dog, who by the looks of it, wasn’t much of an immortal. Sacrifise himself for Ayumu, who is indeed an immortal? And i got the impression he knew Ayumu was An Zombie, so WHY?

    Oh well, it was stupid and all that, but the rest of the episode sure made up for it. Ayumu kicking the head of the whale would make for an awesome GIF.

    1. Actually we don’t know if he really dies. There’s dfferent immortality possibilities. Like Ayumu rebuilding himself from his pieces, the dog could simply return to his post and be forced to stay there while regenerating

      Zaku Fan
  15. nice episode, i didn’t expect yuu to show her emotions this early on in the series haha. i like the cold and direct yuu that reacts to ayumu’s humourous fantasies www.
    + i noticed that no one has made a japanese whaler joke yet haha. i hate to be a joy-kill but the animal rights activist inside of me just can’t help but think that that scene was a big slap in the face to the whole anti-whaling campaign, even though i know that this is probably totally unintentional. i will still thoroughly enjoy this anime series though. the characters are too likable and i’m in love with haruna-chan www, i think it’s the fang and her childish behaviour that does is for me.

    i have to add that sera’s “white pantie” quote from last episode was hilarious XDDDD, i must have played that clip over 50 times. hikasa youko is incredibly funny wwwwwwww.

  16. Not much on the how the necro’s power works, if her emotions have anything to do with megalo’s, the mystery killer and how it could be that vampire sitting in the attic during all the bloodworks, or the ending.
    Fast post Takaii, but a bit lacking.

  17. Given that Yuu has that much power stored inside her, i would guess she’s going to be the target. Sera and Ayumu would protect her and probaly Haruna after she gets over Ayumu liking Yuu more.

    Zaku Fan
  18. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? and Dragon Crisis is so far my favorite’s this season. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? makes me laugh every time, and it’s so damn hilarious when Ayumu transform’s into a Masou Shoujo, it’s so stupid watching him fight in that pink dress xD I can’t for the moment get enough of this show. I look forward watching the next episode

  19. Roflmao! This episode was pure win in both the funny and serious parts. Although, as funny as it was, I could do with less Masou Shojou Ayumu and his man-pantsu. I’m guessing that the killer has the artifact and that is why Ayumu always freezes up. It could be the sword but in any case the artifact is called ‘fear’ and so it would make sense if it causes people to freeze up in fear. He’s probably so afraid he doesn’t even realize it. That’s my guess anyway.

    1. I’m ashamed to admit, but i just had to rewind and watch the beginning seconds of the episode over and over again at least 5 times. That “Niku, niku, kani, niku, ebi, tamago” made my day. Just loved the way Haruna spins in out of nowhere and starts cooking.

  20. Comedy, drama, cross-dress, action. what more?
    nc episode
    but still the there are still mystery in the last episode.
    Did the girl commit suicide or is there more to it. nc way to leave a cliffhanger

      1. Actually it really could be a murder but the things just don’t add up.

        i) Ayumu doesn’t remember her
        ii) She’s the height of the shadow
        iii) She survived the attack when i think a news report said no survivors
        iv) She knows how to use a wooden sword
        v) She was holding the knife that fell off her hand
        vi) Her slash was on the side where she would have slashed herself with her right handed knife
        vii) She knows how Yuu looks
        viii) She knew Ayumu by first look

        Despite all this, it is possible she was killed by another but i would estimate the chances to be no more than 10%

        Zaku Fan
  21. The Dog prevents Ayumu’s soul from being reap out of his zombie body, by having himself impaled first.

    I find it funny at the later episodes if the one who pulled these crimes is a man crossdressing as a girl as well, vice-versa (Rolo is that you who commit the crimes!?! I thought you died a long time ago for overusing your time thingy. Ireia probably is Rolo’s sister.) These are just my speculations nothing more.

  22. Forgot to mention about the Madara suck to his dimension scene after Ayumu ate the extremely corrosive soup (It seems ceramics and glass tubes are good containers for these chemicals.)

  23. I really love the change of direction Zombie is taking. I always prefer more serious shows but it still keeps nicely timed jokes (XD at spilling the tea). I’m all for a more serious tone with comedy mixed in rather than the opposite.

  24. I wonder what kind of a girl would you call Sera? I mean you can say that Yuu is one of the cool silent type of girls, while Haruna can be a tsundere, but what about Sera? There at the battle scene she initially said about believing him, and suddenly insulted him and everything lol.

  25. Good grief, just after that heartwrenching scene they pulled out that crazy masou shoujo transformation. I dont meant it in a bad way, In fact thats what got me hooked into this series, just like takaii said: “Somehow this show manages to combine the perfect amount of humor with spot on timing while still retaining some kind of seriousness when the time calls for it. “

    And in all seriousness, what did Haruna meant by “You musn’t get any cuter”? I wonder what couldve happen if Ayumu overdid it.

  26. Think I’ve said this before somewhere, but I’ll just repeat it – KZDK is starting to feel like a minor version of those well-made shows in Kanon and Clannad with a good mix of humor, drama and (recently) well-placed cliffhangers.

    With this episode, I’d safely say most people watching this should be hooked.

  27. well, AT field aside, what about the whale lotta trouble and whale sushi?
    i also grew fond of the translation of Masou shoujo as Magiclad Girl…
    and if Yuu is the killer then I am the worst character judge in the world.
    no way such compassionate girl, literally taking on someones pain would murder people.
    plus she hates her magic power, while the murderer is trying to gain it…

  28. I was eating a sandwich when the scene with the doberman drinking the green tea happened and I nearly choked from laughter. I couldn’t stop laughing for like a straight 2 minutes after that scene. I laughed through that important conversation of the doberman talking about Eu…This comedy just really caught me off guard.


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