「かつて在りしもの」 (Katsute Arishi Mono)
“What Once Was”

I may have familiarized myself with the Original Generation timeline a fair bit, but learning that Wendolo was possessed by the Einst all this time was news to me. That came as a surprise, as well as the very quick exchange he had with his older brother Mekibos, who didn’t stand a chance against Wendolo’s massive Dikastes. It took no less than three super robots to take it down after all, including SRX’s “Heaven and Earth Psychic Exploding Sword” (Tenjou Tenge Nendou Bakusai Ken), which goes to show that you need some pretty overpowered attacks to deal with overpowered enemies.

For the most part, this episode looked like it was on pure clean up duty, wrapping up a lot of the loose ends. The Inspectors were completely dealt with while Shadow-Mirror was sent reeling. In the latter case, Excellen and Lamia finally learned that Lemon is Excellen’s counterpart in the Shadow-Mirror universe, something that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if you’ve been reading my posts and picking up on the hints I’ve been dropping (e.g. both voiced by Mizutani Yuuko). More intriguing (even for me) was Gilliam’s use of the Agyieus dimensional warp system built into Zweizergain’s head. The mask and teddy bear were huge throwbacks to Gilliam’s Hero Senki: Project Olympus origins, which only die-hard fans are supposed to pick up on. (Don’t feel bad if they seemed completely random to you.)

With Lemon killed and Vindel along with most of the Einst warped away by Gilliam, the last boss of Original Generation finally appears in Stern Regisseur, who showed up in its Einst Regisseur form back in episode nineteen. Throw in some White Star assimilation and now our heroes are dealing with an enemy of galactic proportions (literally). If this were Gundam or Macross, this would probably be considered a completely absurd development. Super Robot Wars? Not so much. Of course, there’s still Axel and Kyousuke’s rivalry that goes all the way back to the first episode, so that’s the other major thing to watch for in the finale next time. The preview also shows R-Gun Powered going into Metal Genocider Mode again and we all know what that means by now.

Overall, this was a pretty hectic episode but fun to watch with all the character themes playing in the background. Not to mention, there was the somewhat humorous scene with Shuu telling Masaki to bust out his Cyflash map weapon. (No sign of Valsione’s Psycho Blaster unfortunately.) Twenty-five episodes later and we’re at the finale for SRW OG: The Inspector. Looking back, it’s kind of amazing how much material has been covered of a video game franchise that isn’t easy to adapt. Now all that’s left is to see how the anime wraps it all up.




  1. In the GBA version, there is no indication that Wendelo has willingly infected himself. However, it would actually make a lot more sense about his actions, so this most likely is a retcon somewhat. It might be in the PS2 edition, but unfortunately, I’ve not played it.

    I wonder though if it will be Stern Regisseur as the final boss or if it will be Beowulf. Should be interesting to find out.

      1. I like the new twist though. It doesn’t really change too much.

        Regardless of the circumstances the common thing about Wendolo is that he went against the orders of the Zuvorg Alliance. They were supposed to be Inspectors, not a rampaging genocidal force. So really, it’s just a difference in the original were he was just a massive tool or in the anime where he was an Einst all along. It’s a matter of preference.

  2. Please let there be “Real Men Riding Each Other” in the last episode…

    “If this were Gundam or Macross, this would probably be considered a completely absurd development. Super Robot Wars? Not so much.”

    Gundam – yes, definitely absurd (your mileage may will vary if it was the 00 movie). Macross – still plausible considering the many times humanity in that ‘verse encountered aliens (Zentraedi, Protodeviln, Vajra, etc.), but then again the Einst are freaking eldritch abominations more creepier than the ELS.

    Anyway…can an SRW expert explain to me what the heck is happening to Earth? (“End of the world as we know it” explanation aside, how exactly will the world end should the heroes fail?)

    1. That was likely the start of their plan to purge mankind and recreate the species. The original idea was to use Kyousuke and Alfimi as the new Adam and Eve, though that seems unlikely now that Einst Regisseur has deemed Kyousuke imperfect.

    2. The problem with Trailblazer wasn’t the way they dealt with ELS (I wouldn’t call it absurd) but that literally none of the hanging threads from S2 were resolved.

      But enough of that. Back on topic:

      – I prefer the change to Wendolo. It’s fitting that he’d be infected when both his and the Einst goals involve a population purge; one to wipe out all military technology, the other to restart the human race. It does mean that the Inspectors/Shadow Mirror get pushed to one side, but beyond Axel/Lemon I didn’t give a shit about them. If you did then obviously this change was not to your pleasure.

      – Goddammit Japan GIVE US HERO SENKI! Apart from the QUALITY scenes of the RV, this was an awesome way to go … to another dimension.

      – Shu goading Masaki into using Cyflash was great. Could also be a hook for the [eventual] next adaptation Show Spoiler ▼


      – Doesn’t the Regisseur’s theme from the game translate to something with the word “inspector” in it?
      … well played Obari.

      – I am getting the sinking feeling that real men will not be riding each other. I know this is going to sound silly but this would put a big dent in the enjoyment for me, especially after the School takeover of the sh- I mean, the Earth Cradle arc.

      And finally, would anyone like to take me up on a bet that Show Spoiler ▼

      now that Kyosuke has been rejected?

      J Jay
  3. Ha I knew it! Wendolo was taken by the Einst. I like the new twist. It would certainly explain why he went against his superiors orders. Einst Dikastes was preety cool, or would have been if it didn’t make the grave mistake of going against Irm, Sanger and the freaking SRX. Didn’t stand a chance.

  4. Gotta say, I didn’t expect the episode to compress and resolve all the remaining storylines this way, although I had a feeling that something like this was going to happen.
    Yes, Real Men still need to Ride Each Other, we are getting another Buster Cannon shot, but there are maybe 3 other overpowered moves that I am still waiting to see animated.

    And if I don’t see them, I will be most displeased.

  5. @Preview: they better explain how Soulgain got the arm (that was busted by Revolving Bunker) back.

    Also, the sentai mask on Gilliam while Hero Senki plays is a nice touch. Is it part of System XN, or does Gilliam lug that mask behind his head all along?

  6. I suspected that Real Men Ride Each Other will appear for the final episode, the Einst Boss is truly gigantic in proportion, so I suspect a lot of “ultimate” attacks will be thrown at it.

  7. I was so engrossed with the possible origins of Gilliams mask i totally missed the teddy bear lol. Guessing we’ll see the chokijin combine for some big bot badness(love those guys). Always fun!

  8. You know, I’ve always wondered where the System XN was installed on the Zweizergain since OG2 for the GBA. I had assumed it was incorporated into the cockpit block (so Vindel could access it easily when needed), not into Zwei’s head. *shrugs*

  9. They actually got quite a bit done this episode. Seems like almost everything left is Einst related(The Stern Regissur, Alfimi’s change of heart(which, since she seems to to have gotten much development this series, may be a bit of a stretch to explain. Hope they don’t cut it out, though. ) and whatever they’re doing with Beowulf(with all the implications, I get the feeling something is gonna happen there). But with less stuff to clear up, hopefully the next episode will be better.

    And yeah, the preview does seem surprisingly normal for a last episode. Odd..

  10. Shuu seemed a little bit too delighted when Masaki used Cyflash if you ask me. Well to tell the truth, Masaki X Shu is like the only guy only couple I ever shipped.
    Also, throwing reference to Hero Senki was plainly awesome fanservice. Now I should go play it…

    I simply cannot wait for next week. I’m dreaming about it. See how Stern Regisseur’ s base/ center is thinly linked to the White Star? My dream was Real Men Riding each other on the White Star, cutting Stern Regisseur at that part and the SRX blasting it to the sun. Then Beowulf appears and he gets destroyed by a Rampage Ghost + Axel and Aflimi’s attacks. We also need to see Cybuster’s Cosmo Nova.

    Divine last time you were talking about how Shu never joins you in the games, you should try play Masoukishin on Snes or DS remake, in one of the game’s route he joins you with the friggin Neo Granzon.

  11. I like how nobody has yet to mention that Zweizergain pretty much got solo’d by KoRyuOh. While yes, KoRyuOh is one of the few mechs that are powerful enough to solo something in the SRW universe, it just doesn’t make sense in this story since Vindel and Bullet pretty much had NOTHING against each other.

    1. Well let’s put it this way the one confrontation Vindel would have is with Gilliam, and the Zweizergain would completely destroy Gilliam’s Gespenst. So they needed to put it out of commission before Gilliam can do his whole Hero Senki shtick.

  12. Frankly, I don’t think this sequel is as good as Divine War was so far. I don’t think I have seen the kind of epicness that was Operation Breakout (last battle with Rai’s dad), the cleverness of battle with Dr. Bian (best Cyflash ever), the triumphant return of SRX team in the finale.

    I hope the last episode have something to redeem this one.

  13. Things that better happen in the next episode:
    – Real Men Riding Each Other
    – Rampage Ghost Ver II
    – SRX blasting Einst boss into the sun with the HTB cannon.

    Speculation on next episode:
    After the team tears the boss to shreds, Beowulf emerges from its remains for Kyousuke and Excellen to finish off with the Love Love Attack.

  14. I like Divine Wars better, the art was faithful to the games and the story too.Kyosuke looked more badass in OG 1, then the his art changed a little in OG 2 and I was like wtf.

    THe inspectors has great art, even though it’s extremely ecchi when it comes to the girls ;p.They completey moefied Latooni and even Katina got extremely girled up.I can no longer see the tomboy in her.Lune got upgraded. Ryusei looks too muscled up.Rai got a bishounen upgrade.

    None of these things are bad, I just didn’t expect them ;p.

    Last episode;

    Real Men Better Ride Each Other
    Ghosts better be Rampaging
    Needs more TROMBE!
    Maxon better be playing at some point cuz the new op song ruins the hype factor

  15. They’ve been using so many great tracks for the last few episodes and I love it. I’m really excited for what they’ll break out in the final episode. The use of Hero Senki was just great. Something about the way Ryu delivered the “Nendou Bakusai!” line during Hagane No Messiah was just awesome for me.

    Some of these changes are definitely interesting and I am quite interested in how they’re going to end this.

    So since Obari is directing… Who is expecting Show Spoiler ▼


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