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The official site for the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, subtitled “The Sacred Star of Milos”, recently added a minute long trailer. The movie is intended to tie-in with Brotherhood (i.e. the manga’s story) but as a side story before the actual conclusion. It’s directed by Murata Kazuya (assistant director of CODE GEASS) and the script is by Shinpo Yuuichi (author of the novel Whiteout). L’arc~en~Ciel is performing the theme song, whereas BONES is back for the animation production and seems to going with a very subtle change in style.

On the onset of the story, a man named Melvin Voyager is nearing the end of his prison term in Central, the capital city of Amestris. However, upon reading a newspaper article, Melvin suddenly breaks out of prison. Taking interest in the powerful alchemy he used to do so, Edward (Paku Romi) and Alphonse (Kugimiya Rie) chase after Melvin towards the the neighbouring country of Creta, along the western border of Amestris. Near the border, the Elric brothers find themselves in Table City, a hidden town surrounded by mountains that was once known as Milos. There, they meet a girl named Julia Chricton (Sakamoto Maaya) and start uncovering Milos’ blood-smeared history.

Other characters set to make appearances include Winry Rockbell (Takamoto Megumi), Roy Mustang (Miki Shinichirou), Riza Hawkeye (Orikasa Fumiko), and Alex Louis Armstrong (Utsumi Kenji). The movie is slated to premiere in theaters on July 2nd.

* Warning: The official site is Flash-heavy and spasm-inducing with its loading pages.

Update: Added more details on the story.


    1. milking the series? Almost every anime series has movie or two with it nowadays. It’s a cool way to see the characters we know and love in a brand-new story. Now, if they make seven movies, yes, I’d call that milking. But even with just one?

  1. I haven’t even watched from Brotherhood anything pass ep1 and now we have a movie for this already? I hope to eventually start watching the series in my free time, I just don’t know when. My initial impression is it’s like Soul Eater – being very good in its first half then mediocre in the final half. But seeing how the series have very positive feedback I know that eventually I’ll watch it sometime sooner.

    1. Brotherhood has a complete storyline as opposed to Soul Eater’s Anime exclusive ending. It follows really closely to it’s manga counter-part, not exactly minor liberties but very true to the source material. I highly recommend checking it out.

    2. I’d say it’s different from Soul Eater in that it [FMA] is very good in the beginning and extremely good in the final half. Soul Eater got worse because they made an anime-exclusive ending to wrap the series up. Of course, imo, the manga has been getting worse, too

    1. You know, I really think the art style and animation design is very very very similar to the 2003 FMA. Especially the way Ed and Al look… But Al got his clap hand alchemy so I am not so sure anymore.

  2. I recognized inmediatly L’arc-en-ciel, my fangirl senses are still as good as 10 years ago xD.

    As for the movie, I like the character design, it’s a little bit closer to the original series for me. I hope the movie is good on terms of plot, Shambala was quite a dissapointment.

  3. I don’t understand, around the last 15 episodes of brotherhood my excitement just sort of faded away and I love the series. I didn’t feel anything from the trailer either, I was left with more a “not sure if want” kind of thing.I’m a terrible fan.

  4. I was hoping that maybe this would take place after they got their bodies back, but I guess going that route wouldn’t have allowed Ed to use alchemy…

    I’ll probably check it out in the theaters though in my free time.

  5. WOW!! this is so cool!! lol it reminds me of Naruto Movies cause there is always an important female character there everyone is trying to protect. ^^ It will take another year till subs come tho. I’m still never tired of FMA lol its so cool the fighting the jumping..its CRAZY!!!

  6. Meh. I’d have been more excited if it took place after Brotherhood ended. Not too excited about the story but it’ll be nice to see all the characters again, especially Mustang and co. 🙂 I don’t think this’ll top Shamballa though (me being one of the few people who actually liked it).

  7. “Alchemists and Blood and Werewolves, oh my!”

    I don’t care if this is a cheap cash-in anymore. I want more FMA!!!!

    Even if its not about what Ed and Al do upon regaining their bodies… T_T

    Ah well, no time to be disappointed. The movie’s out in July!!!!


  8. Tie-in with Brotherhood huh? I was thinking this might be a total different universe from both 2003 and Brotherhood… Well lets hope they do remember that since this is a Brotherhood tie-in and not forget that a main plot is still running in the story. Al got his powers back so that this movie should be after the attack on Devil Nest.

  9. Not that impressed. It looks like an extra long episode of FMA. It doesn’t help that the Brotherhood ended with a very satisfying conclusion so this movie doesn’t seem like it will have the same oomph.

  10. Wow so Ghibli-ish, but I like this animation a lot more than Brotherhood.

    It’s weird how they’re using so many elements from the first series instead of Brotherhood, such as L’Arc en Ciel for the ending, who was used for the first movie and 2nd opening, and Sakamota Maaya who played Sophie in the 3rd FMA PS2 game.

  11. The last full metal alchemist movie was so inferior to the series that I don’t know if I should be excited upon hearing this or not.
    On an unrelated note,Divine,how much bearing will the poll on the sidebar have on you making your decision to leave?

  12. I hope this doesn’t ruin FMAb’s greatness. I feel this shit is just a milking tactics. I hope I’m wrong. And just like “Smuglord” has said, this shit may be similar to the inferiority of the last FMA movie of season 1.

  13. I very much dislike side stories (aka fillers) when the actual conclusion is already presented. This is just another excuse to get more $. It’s like saying “we can’t have another remake, we can’t have a sequel or prequel, because fans would kill us – so you know what? Let’s make a side-story that can just conveniently stray from the main storyline but wouldn’t be too irrational!”

  14. I really dont get the mindset of people being surprised that this is a side-story. ALL movies based off popular titles do this all the time! Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, DragonballZ. What the hell were you people expecting? A story after Brotherhood ends where Ed cant use alchemy? You do realize its called Fullmetal ALCHEMIST right? Why do you think the 2003 movie sucked major balls?

  15. I honestly don’t like the animation style. It looks too much like the 2003 style..Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad style..It just sucks compared to the brotherhood style in my opinion. I was so happy when I saw the differences in brotherhood compared to the 2003 style..And here they are using it again. What a shame.

    I’m not sure WHAT to think of the movie. FMA Brotherhood was just a masterpiece in itself. It doesn’t need some sort of filler movie :/.
    I much rather see them do an OVA of chapter 109 “Haragen Summer time” (I believe that’s what it’s called. It also took place AFTER they got their original bodies back) That was a fun extra chapter that Arakawa had made.

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