Yumekui Merry – 10

「夢から覚めずに」 (Yume Kara Samezuni)
“Not Waking from a Dream”

So hold on, remember when Merry destroyed a couple demons way back in the early episodics, and their vessels continued about their days? I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this last week, but did J.C. Staff just contradict the main plotline with their own original material? Or at least, create some poorly thought out suspense?

Yumekui Merry – 04

「夢喰いメリー」 (Yumekui Merī)
“Dreameater Merry”

“Why do you care? Why do you want to help me? Why am I so important to you?” Why oh why indeed. I know, how about, “because if I don’t, there would be no story!” This works also, “because you’re a girl!” Or “because my powers happen to help your goal, so why can’t you just understand and stop being so effin’ tsundere?” Yeah. That works.