「夢から覚めずに」 (Yume Kara Samezuni)
“Not Waking from a Dream”

So hold on, remember when Merry destroyed a couple demons way back in the early episodics, and their vessels continued about their days? I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this last week, but did J.C. Staff just contradict the main plotline with their own original material? Or at least, create some poorly thought out suspense?

Besides completely undermining the entire episode, since the whole thing relied on the suspense that Isana “can’t” be saved, it was still well done. Three characters get their histories developed, Isana, Chizuru, and Akiyanagi, except that the last one was extremely.. what’s the word.. polarizing? All of a sudden, bishie Akiyanagi has a sick imouto (which is sadly a cliche), except that she didn’t die. It’s interesting I guess, and has made it increasingly obvious how hard Saki has the hots for him, but the whole scene screams suspicious for the poem writing blondie.

Tragic pasts are a cheap shot in giving characters reasons from the norm to be doing whatever it is they’re doing, basically creating a blank sheet for the writer to work with, and in this case, literally an empty character. The classic, “I was once emotionless, but now I feel for someone” takes the role here, and Chizuru is left ambiguous to whether or not she will help. That is, IF MERRY COULDN’T JUST SLAP THE DEMONS IN THE FIRST PLACE. I’m also not entirely convinced with Elcres’ reason for taking over reality because they can’t have ..dreams.. Intentional irony? Seriously, a better reason would be no reason at all. Someone needs to make up their mind whether or not dream demons ARE dreams themselves, and if not, explain why the hell they embody their vessel’s dreams (which contradicts the fact that Merry can kill them without affecting said vessel). The obvious answer here is that, Merry has the special power that only she can destroy dream demons without affecting the vessel, but that seems like such an obvious answer that if it were true, it’d be incredibly stupid that the characters haven’t realized it at this point.

Developing Chizuru’s demon as a rival for Mysteltainn makes a nice dynamic along with the protection of Isana by Yumeji and Merry, so the original material isn’t shabby in that area. But you know what I was most impressed with this episode? The fire used in Elcres’ scenes. I think they just implanted actual fire into the animation, but the transition looks flawless. Focusing on Isana was easy points with me, since she’s the best childhood friend you could have (and he lives with her damn!), and was all sorts of nut busting cuteness this ep. The inevitable fight will actually occur next episode, which is way earlier than I expected. The finale and how they’re going to end everything is the only thing left to surprise, so here’s to that.




  1. The fire used in Elcres’ scenes was extremely cheesy. They probably just wanted to save a few dollars on the animation by mixing in live footage. I find it quite distasteful.

  2. I think the problem lies in if the Muma is actively holding their vessel’s dream hostage or not. But Isana’s Muma hasn’t be identified yet as good or bad. Conversely, The Sea of Trees maybe the special one who kills both Muma and the dream.

    Where are the cats? I’m beginning to miss them.

  3. I don’t think JC Staff made a contradiction. Merry is …Show Spoiler ▼

      1. The main characters have not really noticed a difference. Yumeji and Merry have not witnessed directly the sudden change when a person goes from dreamy to super emo. Likewise, Engi and Yui have not witnessed Merry banishing a muma yet. Therefore, they could not connect the dots to see that what Merry does is drastically different from muma killing. In the manga, it took an excruciating amount of emo-ness before they figured it out.

      2. I’m agreeing on that one. Only the anime shows those emotionless vessels they become, because of Mistilteinn. In the manga, it wasn’t really all that obvious, not even to the reader. The only emotionsless human after having her dream destroyed is shown in volume 3, and none of the characters from the “good” side is present at that time.
        Yumeji notices that Merry Show Spoiler ▼

    1. To me it’s just that…
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. There was another reason in the manga that made Merry doubt herself. During the first fight with Landsborough, the one that J.C.Staff cut really short, there was a scene where Merry punches Landsborough to send him back, but surprisingly it didn’t work, Landsborough just laughs it off. That’s why Merry really started to doubt her own power.

  4. “So hold on, remember when Merry destroyed a couple demons way back in the early episodics, and their vessels continued about their days? I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this last week, but did J.C. Staff just contradict the main plotline with their own original material?”

    That seems to be a whole right there. Unless they explain that.

  5. So we have now knowledge who is inhabiting Chizuru… another Muma with a grudge – against Mistletoe – but one more dark and sinister than Engi. I hope both of them will get their revenge.
    But Elcres, who is hiding god knows in who, will be probably left for the second season, if it comes.
    Also suspicious poemwriter bishie is suspicious.

  6. Plot…dragging on…sooooo slowwwwwwww…feels like the material is getting spread a bit thin. I thought the Saki squirming scene was pretty cute though.

    But, yeah, all in all not a bad episode. At least we know there will be a confrontation next week.

  7. I’m assuming that some (if not all) anime series will be affected by whats going on in Japan? The series we are seeing here on RC are already out before the Earthquake/Tsumani hit? Tegami Bachi Letter Bee is usually out and subbed by now. I saw Merry, Fractale, and the others on the main page 1-2 days ago from Torrents sites like Tokyo Tosh.

  8. the reason for the sort of cheap history is because they’re obviously rushing and putting as much canon material as possible before they do an anime ending.
    I wonder if they will include john doe in this anime ending. he makes quite an epic reappearance which sadly cant fit due to the limited eps…

  9. So… the only relief here is that everybody is “allying” themselves of some sort, to fight Mysteltainn (Engi, Yui, Yumeji, Merry, Chizuru and Leon) as a common foe. Now, the only thing that comes next is that Mysteltain is equally strong as Elcres…

  10. You know what, after Japan been hit by such a huge Earthquake, i’m surprised this site didn’t say anything. No special post or “Help Donate” links or anything. Just a tiny announcement saying shows might be delayed…………..Japan is in a crisis and you are only caring about the ANIME?!?!!! At least make a special condolences post ADMINS!! i mean, this IS a site dedicated completely to vivid part of JAPANESE culture………..i’m just a little disappointed…..

    ps – here’s a link for DONATIONS if anyone feel like pausing their shows for a sec and put in 10$ or so:

    here’s a CrunchyRoll link (they said they’ll match any donations, but i have doubts on their dependency):

  11. am happy their not posting more on japan in a crisis turn on the tv it their surf the web it their read a random post it their yes am sorry for their lose but if your going help you already done it no need force feed their sorrow on us P.S. was it this bad for everyone else when 9/11 happen? hope not

    1. geez i’m sorry that i spoiled the mood……didn’t mean to ruin your excitement over hottt anime yaoi guys or girls w/ biig boobss, while thousands of ppl from where these great shows are born are in state of emergency and you are complaining about how late the next ep is gonna be released……

      i just thought people here would show some Respect and Care for the country that MAKES these wonderful shows….>.> i guess i’m wrong….and i suppose ppl like you wouldn’t bother to donate even if i post the link here….how naive of me. That was my mistake.

      1. Okay, now you’re overreacting. Just because people haven’t showed concern on this website does not mean that they haven’t on others. You can’t tell whether or not people haven’t followed the links, so stop acting like you’re being ignored. Or better yet, stop acting like you’re the only one who cares about what’s going on over, asshole. I saw the footage myself when it was just coming on TV, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone. If I had money TO donate, I WOULD. My heart goes out to them, and as I mentioned before, I don’t care when any of the shows come back on as long as the people in danger are okay.

        Leaving the links is enough for now. When you’ve donated half your savings to the cause, then come and complain that we aren’t doing enough. Until then, shut the hell up.

      2. Why the hostility?

        People DO care but why would they bring the subject up? If you want to show your support, there are tons of website for that already. People visit this place to have some fun and fun helps ease the gloomy mood and sadness too. You know that even in this crisis, the Japanese TV still insist they must have some form of entertainment showing in the program since being gloomy all the time is bad for you, they need something to relieve stresses as well.

        And how would you know people here don’t visit those websites? They might but they just don’t want to respond to your post, or they might visit other website than the one you post.

  12. Well, this (or the Gundam Unicorn 3) will likely be the last post for awhile, seeing as all or most of the stations are likely down because of the huge ducking earthquake.

    Not a big deal for me, really. I can make due. Hopefully the relief efforts can go smoothly and the world can get back to watching their cartoons.

  13. What Japan needs right now is the soport and solidarity, the going through hell and that´s the only thing that we can do and pray that they recive all the help they can get. At moments like this the color of our skin, the lenguage we speak or the traditions we have are insignificant, we are all humans and we need to bring to our brothers whatever aid at our reach.

  14. Well, it seems like the anime will be completely different from the manga (potentially even the characters). That for me, can be interesting in its own way. But yeah, the anime adaptation does seem very contradictory at this point unless they give us a nice bone some time to explain all this.

    And of course,
    Pray for Japan TT

  15. Like most people I have pointed out the contradiction about the dreams being destroyed and my gues to why merry can send them back was more or less the same as those said people.

    Japan: Seriously? You really think we don’t care? Well we do care, but we don’t want to bring down people’s mood. There are already tons of sites right now with the DONATE button and Post about it. Heck I made a post about it in DeviantArt, But not a serious one… Since I joked about half of the post…


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