“You mustn’t hurt other people!” says Lag as he’s pointing his gun at Noir.

「アカツキにて」 (Akatsuki nite)
“At Akatsuki”

As much as I like Lag and his unwavering beliefs, there are times when someone should tell him things don’t always work that way in the adult world. You know, smack him around with the reality bat a little bit. One would think that common sense says not to protect someone who’s been just trying to kill you just moments ago, but away Lag goes, jumping in front of Caribs and Hazel when they’re staring down the barrel of Noir’s gun.

Before proceeding to facepalm myself, I was hoping there would be a voice of reason from someone, yet Niche joins in as well because of what Lag taught her. When I looked to Zazie and Connor, they’re just watching in hopes that Noir doesn’t deny Lag’s earnest feelings that he can bring his heart back. It probably goes without saying, but I then proceeded to facepalm myself.


“You’re Gauche whether you like it or not!”

So after Noir dives in after Lag, using his own body to brace the latter’s fall, Lag has the audacity to pull out his gun and point it at Noir’s head. While he was clearly upset about Noir’s insistence that he’s no longer Gauche, and probably figured hitting him with an Akabari would reveal that he has memories as Gauche, it just felt like the wrong thing to do under those circumstances. I figured an obligatory “Lag, sense the mood” comment was warranted, before Noir did him the favor by revealing his memories himself.


Only memories as Noir and the moments he pretended to be Gauche remain.

Safe to say, it wasn’t anything like Lag was hoping. I was a bit surprised as well, since the flashbacks didn’t even suggest that Lag’s Letter Bullet recovered some of Gauche’s memories. It appears the heartfelt reunion was a complete act after all, which is somewhat depressing to learn.


Lag’s mother and the artificial sun. How are they connected?

As for the big revelation that Gauche met Lag’s mother in Akatsuki, it came with two subtle implications. The first is that Lag’s mother is connected to the artificial sun in some way, possibly as a terminal of sorts for it to consume the hearts of other people. The second is that Gauche held onto this memory even after all his other ones were erased, meaning that he was a Tegami Bachi until the very end and didn’t abandon it after some dreaded realization. I find that both are pretty hopeful discoveries, even though Lag had given up on bringing Gauche back afterward. Quite honestly, I’m starting to think that Gauche will never be “Gauche” again, but if his memories do somehow return, it’s comforting to know that he would be the same person as before — a proud Tegami Bachi.


Gaichuu and their tentacles. If this were any other show…

Triple shindan action! “Aoitoge! Akabari! Shikkoku!”

With the transformed Cabernet before Lag and the others, in conjunction with the two episodes we have remaining, the likelihood that this sequel will wrap up around stopping the gigantic Gaichuu seems high. The subplot revolving around Gauche has hit a bit of a dismal conclusion, despite the fact he’s fighting alongside Lag. At the moment, I’m inclined to believe that he’ll remain Noir from now on, saving those who were unable to become a spirit from the government and Reverse. I suspect the upcoming finale at the end of this month will give us a better idea if that’s the case, once Cabernet’s rampaged around Yuusari for a bit. The Bee Hive is probably its target, given all the letters that have been collected there.



I think it’s about time Largo reveals what he’s been up to.


  1. Divine, I know you don’t like this question at all but I can’t help it but how are you doing on the spring preview? since you have all this time to prepare since most shows aren’t airing at the moment. I am just asking not offending you or anything.

    1. The delays actually throw me off schedule, so I end up blogging episodes on the days I was planning to work on the preview. E.g. today.

      I took two days off work last week just to work on the preview though. I’ve invested over 50 hours of research and 40 hours writing already. I’d say it’s about 80% written at the moment. Far from 80% complete however, since I haven’t prepped the PVs yet, nor added the table of OVAs.

      1. I don’t really know how much time you usually put into those previews Divine but that’s already a lot of time. I love your previews and all but don’t over do it man. I know you try to do the best you can on these but it would really suck if you ended up hating doing previews because they’re too much work (this is your 4th season preview right?). Having said that, you’re Fn awesome Divine and I can’t wait for the preview! ^^

      2. This would be my fifth season preview, since I wrote the Spring 2010 one back when Omni retired. The next season also marks the one-year anniversary since I took the site.

        I wouldn’t mind working on a preview _if_ I could just focus on it. The problem with season previews is that they coincide with the end of a season when a lot of shows require final impressions. It’s also something major on top of an already jam-packed blogging schedule. That’s not fun when I want to make it the most informative English preview as possible (which I do of course).

  2. I did the same facepalm when Lag jumped in front of those 2 mutts and told Noir not to let the wind out of them. Also maybe we will finally find out what Steak is and he might serve more of a purpose them comic relief.

    Folks have said that the sun is alive and now we see Lag’s mom somehow tied to this as well and Lag has that amber for a left eye. I’m getting the feeling that Lag’s mom is the living being thats the sun. The light around that scene was really bright almost as if Gauche was at the center of the artificial sun (looks like some sort of a machine with a human powering/operating it). If that scene was at the center of the artificial sun how did Gauche get there?

    I’m also getting the feeling Lag’s mom is not gonna be alive at the end of the series. For her to have the power to make the artificial sun work I wonder if the series will end with Lag taking his moms place (for a bittersweet ending).

  3. Lag really was stupid there when he jumped in front of hazel and valentine 🙁 I was wondering if we ever saw his mother again, but she seemed to look like the lady on window pane in the title. Probably is there role to take care of the eye in the sky. Though I still bought that she was a scientist, but this still works.

  4. Hmm… I have to say that I like the manga’s version of what happened to Gauche after being shot with the letter bullet instead of what’s going on with Noir here.

  5. T_T Why is this anime giving me false hope that Gauche can be saved? How can I believe Lag to get him back when he admits that Gauche is now Noir? (sobs~) That preview is definitely a spoiler for showing us that their combined attack doesn’t work and Central is getting attacked. I wonder what else they can do to stop the Carbanet. Hmmm…come out Jiggy Pepper!!! Anyways, this is a good episode. I can understand the delay and all. But I still feel excited for the next episode to come out.

  6. Thank you so much for the summary and the screencaps.

    Lag mother was inthe Artifical sun, this is getting pretty interesting. 🙂
    I don’t wanna want this anime to end so fast.

    Claire Phoenix
  7. “As much as I like Lag and his unwavering beliefs, there are times when someone should tell him things don’t always work that way in the adult world. You know, smack him around with the reality bat a little bit. One would think that common sense says not to protect someone who’s been just trying to kill you just moments ago, but away Lag goes, jumping in front of Caribs and Hazel when they’re staring down the barrel of Noir’s gun.”
    I would say that when everyone were kids, they believed it was possible to protect anything and that people’s lives were all invaluable, makes me wonder when people lose that innocence and willingness to be concerned for other people, especially in these times of natural disasters, with typhoons, floods, bushfires and earthquakes which are also happening in Australia and New Zealand as well. If ideals aren’t sought after in fictional works, that’s the end for humanity. xD Maybe that’s why so many protagonists of anime are not adults.
    Also thanks for writing up this anime, don’t have the time to catch up on it after finishing the first season. >.<

    Fictional Alias
  8. “Gaichuu and their tentacles. If this were any other show…” I couldn’t stop laughing after reading that. I have to say Tegami Bachi is one of a kind. I just hope that it ends well.


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