「夢縁」 (Muen)

You know, it might have been a good idea if all this information about Mistletainn was given last episode, perhaps somehow during the battle, a little flashback here and there. Maybe then when Mistletainn retreats, it wouldn’t look like she had ADD.

Given Lestion’s explanation of Mistletainn’s creation, that being a human’s negative emotions are accumulated during the day and shoved off into the dream world at night, there’s [finally?] some sort of link between everything dream demon, and everything human. Though this does flesh out her character a bit, she’s still as flat as Index on a good day. So she’s a product of human hate. Is that all she is? Does she have even a single aspect of her that’s relatable? No, she just kills because thats what the writer wants her to do, so she can be the antagonist that the story didn’t really need. Lestion is a bit better, but he’s pretty much the same washboard. Is that all that can be expected of filler characters? No, just J.C. Staff ones (lol, sorry, just had to).

Like Mistletainn’s “origins,” I can’t help but roll my eyes at every single development the show throws at me, and the ammo required of Lestion’s gun was no different. How convenient is it that the one thing the gun needs to shoot is the exact thing the show spent 12 episodes trying to avoid? It’s a problem for the sake of a problem (blame the writers), and the fact that it kills the shooter afterwards takes the icing on the cake. I can see that the latter problem might enable Merry to show off her powers of sending demons back, but needing someone to die for the gun to shoot feels way too much of a cheap plot device to drive conflict.

With regards to curiosity, there is some to be had, considering the whole cast was pummeled by Mistletainn once again (if you haven’t noticed, this episode was pretty much a repeat of the last), gravely injuring Engi in the process. “Just as planned” rang in my head, as Engi might serve as the final death required to complete Lestion’s gun, but judging from the responses of the other characters, I realized it wasn’t actually on purpose (I laughed at this point). So with nothing else to do, Yumeji steps up as the cliffhanger. Will he pull off the typical shounen cliche of suddenly powering up in the face of danger? Probably not. The final episode comes next week, and despite everything that’s been said, the ending could still go anywhere it wants to. Hey, maybe John Doe will show up. That’d be nice. Considering the studio though, I doubt I’ll be too surprised.




  1. they’re either making a big mistake or are planning to show up john doe because in the manga, it was because of john that yumeji was able to stand up against a nightmare. but since I dont see him in the preview….

    the battle imo was trying to put too much drama in it and less action. wanna know how strong engi is in her field? she managed to even Show Spoiler ▼

    kinda doubtful that she couldnt have done the same thing to mistyltein.

    and oh yeah, they’re forgetting that yumeji is still john doe’s vessel despite not him showing up. yumeji even said in the manga that thanks to john, he can enter the dream world.Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Hey, cant Leon use death of Engi instead to complete his ammo supply?
    Definitely we dont get Elcres unless a second season follows.
    Mystletainn is so OP that I can see her surviving Leons gun only to be defeated somehow by Merry and Yumeji combining their powers.

  3. I have to agree that this episode did in fact repeat a lot of what happened last episode. Instead of attacking Mistyltein, didn’t anyone think of attacking Iijima? A dream demon can’t be around if their vessel is mentally wounded, right?

    Anyway, I want the next episode already so I can see Yumeji kick some ass. 😛

    1. Yep, something along the linec Col.Quaritch attacking Jakes real body in Avatar. In fact this is a role for Yumeji. Kill the vessel and the Dream Demon goes away! Use that sword and stab the teacher!

  4. They keep on stalling the main event for the last two episodes. They already took all the fun out of it >_>. I expected Engi to be injured leading to Merry’s “awakening” but they just kept on stalling it more >_>. Although, yeah.. the animation was awesome. Mistletainn is cute 😀

  5. Now I can visualize how Merry gets the sword (as shown in the show’s opening
    sequence) – from Yumeji. The question is, since Mistletainn can easily
    destroy its blade, does Merry re-make it with one of her keys (sadly,
    I’m disappointed that Engi, or for that matter, no one, ever questions
    Merry about them) to a Super-Sword?

    I have to say, it’s been an exciting series with a (sometimes anxious)
    powerful build up to the finale and few faults. There hasn’t been any
    stupid plot devices, everything (generally) fits and has progressed pretty well.

    To me, the last few episodes have been basically a team-building exercise,
    Merry is gathering allies – though this is not deliberate on her part.
    I (hope and) don’t believe Engi is dead.

    I’ve been wondering if Mistletainn will really be defeated, or merely
    retreats (as Engi did originally when she first battled Merry).
    To me, a good drama series provides the watcher with multiple paths
    that are equally as likely to happen… But I believe Mistletainn’s
    contract will not renew into next season :), thus winning Leon as an
    ally (and Kawanami will still remain his vessel but with an open heart).
    I think it’s interesting that Kawanami’s dream was to have NO dream…

    I wonder about design is the STO setting in ep12; Yumeji wants to protect Sana’a
    dream (of course Sana the person, too) but could never attack a teacher no
    matter how perverted he is, and limits himself to looks of disrespect directed
    at Iijima (which is a lot in that culture).

    Think back to when Merry is first introduced to Sana’s family, her father
    has insight into Merry’s relationship with Yumeji (which is why they didn’t
    take Merry to the hospital). Present time, Dad is coming back with Iijima’s
    order – will he protect his daughter from a possible physical attack from Iijima
    (adult-to-adult, so to speak) – is that the purpose of the STO setting?

    I don’t mean to be long winded – but I’m eager for #13…

  6. Have you ver noticed that:
    Yumeji kinda resembles Touma from To aru majutsu no index,
    Merry Nightmare kinda resembles Misaka Mikoto from To aru majutsu no index,
    and that Isana kinda resembles Index from,again, To aru majutsu no index?

    Oh, and that Myst ,(I think that’s her name), is kinda like Accelarator from, again, To aru majutsu no index.

    Daryn Sharp
    1. oooooh. something tells me I should chase down the original, and I might wake up from the coma this series has put me into.

      Esp these last two eps, total accomplishments for the protagonist crew these last two eps? Absolutely nothing. GUAHGGHHGHG orz. I know this was my guilty pleasure slow placed series, but these last two eps are breaking the laws of JPN story telling: jo-ha-kyu. I need my race to conclusion!!! ><!

  7. I actually didn’t think the plot device of the gun was that bad…though it’s probably due to what IS served up in episode 11…

    But yeah, fight scene was basically a repeat of the previous episode…except that the quality of the fight was much better. Also I found it funny how all Merry tried to do was to jump at the villain. Didn’t work the first time…why should it now?

    Yumeji acting all manly was a crackup as well, considering he has done NOTHING but sprout nonsense and hold his hand to his eyes like a 3 year old kid. At least Touma from Index also uses his fist (and now HEADBUTT!).

    I quite like Mistletainn actually. Always refreshing to have an enemy which is completely unpredictable who doesn’t seem to gain anything from all the evil she commits. Kinda has a Joker ring to it (though nothing can trump Joker ;)) It’s the teacher I just can’t stand. Yumeji should just stick the sword through him already…

    Personally I think J.C.Staff should go back to doing slice of life or dramas. The only 2 shows I really liked from them so far is Toradora! and Zakuro…Them doing 2 25 episode anime simultaneously (Index & Bakuman) alongside Merry might be one too many “high profile” projects to handle at the same time.

  8. Haha, this episode was just like the last. All I’m hoping is that the next episode will show something amazing. Maybe Hercules will show up after Merry unlocks her powers with the keys on her wrist (not spoiler because it’s a total guess). On the subject of Hercules, why hasn’t he shown up yet? Isn’t he the great schemer that caused this whole mess? Not that I’m complaining though because Mistletainn’s always a nice character to have. Hopefully Play won’t die and well, I don’t really care for Lestions right now (even though I’ve got to admit that his outfit is pretty cool).

    1. As much as I’d like to see that “Luke, I’m your, erm, her father!” moment, dont yu think Yumeji would have spotted Dream Demon inside long ago while often visiting the cafe?
      @HenDarou – I never thought fo JD as direct ally, more as an info broker…

  9. Its too bad the story is anime original as the manga is quite good. But its understandable as i guess they didnt have enough material when the anime production began.

    Anyway, looking aside from the manga, did the anime utterly forget everything about John Doe?

  10. Another let down episode, seriously do they even fight in this series anymore?! Ever since episode one we have not seen a fight quite like that yet. Yumeji near the end was cool but that’s about it, oh well maybe 13 will be better?? >.>

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