「夢ふたたび」 (Yume Futatabi)
“Dream Again”

Warning! This impression contains maximum rage! For the faint of heart, please do not read on! If you liked the anime and do not want to see it being torn apart, please do not read on! You have been warned.

JC Staff stopped trying. The animation was by far the biggest dip all season, and even the voice actors sounded off, namely Yui. Strength of will? What? Do you know what that really means? It means, “I can’t think of anything better, so I’m going to use an immeasurable cop-out to finish the story.” Yumekui Merry’s finale was absolutely terrible. The one thing resolved was that Merry now has some form of acknowledgement that she can send dream demons back. Too bad when it’s in the middle of senseless writing, it doesn’t mean much anymore.

This is how it went down in the writer’s room:
“Hey, let’s make Mistletainn really overpowered.”
“So Yumeji’s going to lose right away then, making the cliffhanger entirely pointless?”
“Yeah, that’s fine. Anyway, we need to figure out how to get rid of these filler characters in case we get a second season.”
“We’re going to get a second season?”
“C’mon FOCUS! Okay, how about we let Kawanami & Lestion sacrifice themselves, but as a twist, it didn’t really work!”
“Wait, but isn’t that pointless too?”
“It’s okay, we’ll make it all dramatic, it’ll be fine. Plus, it’ll do something later when Merry wins. Oh but first, let’s trap her with some power Mistletainn has and make it so it’s like a metaphor of her struggles over the entire season. Isn’t that brilliant? Damn, I must be a genius.”
“Uh, so what do we do about Yumeji?”
“Hmm, well, I can’t see much else, but he’s related to John Doe right? Let’s just give him his weapon, and he can summon it using the power of will. Then after some struggles, Merry will come out because of Yumeji’s promise that’s been their only bond, Yui will blow her air trumpet, cut multiple times to Kawanami to show how brain dead she is, Engi will miraculously heal, and then Merry will beat her up purely because Yumeji believes in her! Ah, it’s almost romantic.”
“Do you really think it’s reasonable enough to string together a bunch of random facts mixed with shit we pulled out of our ass without any concrete solution except, ‘it can, so it will’ and pretty much undermine the entire series we’ve been developing up until now?”
“You know, you’re starting to become a real downer. But don’t worry man, this is going to be the most epic finale ever. I just know it.”


Final Impressions:
It’s amazing how little we actually know about dream demons, other than that they’re some sort of mystical creatures from a land somehow connected to ours, and they now want to terrorize our world because they want to “dream.” However, I can recognize that this is not the fault of the anime nor the manga, but the fault of the person in charge that couldn’t see that an adaptation of this series would be so incredibly hollow of substance. I mean, here’s how many questions I have after watching up till now: Do the dream demons work for the humans and create their dreams? Is it a labor thing? Is it an unfair mechanism that would actually give reason to spur Elcres’ rebellion? Or are they just an entirety in itself, a world separate but only connected during a dream, where a demon might inhabit from time to time and return to their own respective worlds after that dream ends? Does the anime provide any of this basic information? That’s a huge resounding no.

The show ended up a deformed regurgitation of the same plot devices in different forms because the studio decided not to work with any material past a certain point. What is it J.C. Staff? Feeling a little egotistic? Think you’ll actually go on to make a sequel? You might as well pull all the stops and take as much development the manga has so far and mix it up with your original ending. And if the Gods will it, it might even be good.

But let’s see, plot holes, loose ends, animation issues, juvenile original material, lack of depth, and no satisfaction whatsoever. Impressive list. I’m sorry, I tried, I really did. I gave it a fair shot all the way until this last episode, hoping that it might just pull some stuff together, but nope, J.C. Staff will be J.C. Staff. Everything that I still felt was good about this show, such as the characters, was completely destroyed in the laughable finale. Good thing the manga keeps the characters intact, giving me the perfect reason to switch over. In conclusion, this half-assed Yumekui Merry should have never been made, and this will be the more awesome replacement.

seriously what the fuck



  1. JC staff has fucked up almost all of their adaptations in the past 5 years. Frankly it’s a wonder how they haven’t gone under yet. The way things are looking now, JC Staff might be the next Gonzo.

    1. They haven’t gone under because the anime they get out generally have above average to excellent production, usually solid writing and they get their hands on the popular properties to help keep the profit inflow.

      And honestly? Looking at the stuff they’ve done the past 5 years, they managed to get out a bit of gems: Aoi Hana, Hatsukoi Limited, Toradora!, Nabari no Ou, first Nodame Cantabile. I still consider them one of the few studios that can get out a decent adaptation most of the time. This time though, they lucked out.

      1. I’ll admit that they haven’t fucked up every adaptation they gotten their hands on as they are clearly able to display a certain degree of competence, otherwise they really would’ve have gone under by now. But, in my opinion, those few good adaptations have little effect on my overall view of JC Staff. Shit like Merry, Index/Railgun, Okami, Shakugan no Shana II, Zero no Tsukaima, and the Hayate anime will always come to mind before anything else.

        To me it seems that, when an animation company follows closely an original work’s story line and character designs it’s pretty damn hard to mess it up and that for the most part appears to be true for JC Staff (although the past Index season was pretty close to the light novels and still managed to be several years worth of LOLMORALS). It’s that whenever they decide to deviate from the main work it sets off a catastrophic chain reaction which results in the anime looking essentially like a painfully long train crash.

        To you JC Staff might still look like a pretty decent studio and that’s fine. But I for one have had it with this bullshit.

  2. SO true. I have no idea how on earth they could have taken such a great manga and ruined it. At least they could have directly traced the panels from the manga: the drawings are worlds ahead of the animation quality. Plus, I could have written a better plot than that. How do they make badly paced filler?!?!?!?

    I’m glad the show existed, simply because it brought my attention to the manga.

  3. Ok, time to switch to the manga. That ending was just laughable. It’s like they decided to change lanes halfway through the show. None of the stuff in the first half of the series like getting Merry back and what Elcres is really planning to do was really addressed. Instead they chose to focus the end on Isana, which would would have been fine if they could have done it well. Yeah, major disappoint.

  4. I just started downloading this series to marathon and give it a shot, and learned that its ending is going to be unsatisfying. It’s lucky I happen to want to watch anything so I guess it might be better than what I expected now hahaha.

  5. Thanks god that I stopped watching this series after 5 episodes. I sometimes wondered Kiiragi, how could you be so tolerant on some things that were happening on this show, while I was still watching it. And after seeing you so furious, I can’t even imagine, how many thing would I have broken in my room if I watched this final episode 🙂

    1. LOL, I would like to read Kiiragi’s thoughts about Star Driver as well. XDXD This would be really fun to read.
      Anyway, as a manga reader of Yumekui Merry, I stopped watching around when I noticed things going in a different way.

      I was half-excited though when Yumeji got John’s “sword”. I waited for it and thought the anime has lost all hope… But its a hint for a 2nd season, with more 5-6 episodes that follow the manga, and 5-6 episode no one should watch.

      I really don’t understand why would anyone want to change the story and add original material in the first place.
      I wonder what’s the reason behind it. Maybe show us things we don’t see in the manga?
      People hate it so much, and they are doing it anyway again and again…

      The animation quality was really good though.

      1. The point is that this show is not even nearly as ****ed up as Star Driver is, in every single aspect. That is why it it would be an interesting “review” 😉

      2. You may just read my previous comments about Star Driver just to avoid reiterating it all. In this show the characters at least have some worth and would do something even without some “superpowers” – do you have an example of at least 1 character in Star Driver who has some worth beyond “zero time” (with the exception of the supporting “unimportant” characters, who kept the school thing running). Just compare all their “loserness”, and being brain dead. Every single character from Star Driver goes way above the characters of this show, when you rank them in the order of being ultimate losers.

  6. This could have been so much better; although the manga is pretty average at times, it wasn’t drop dead -nothing is happening- or -wow cliche and stupid- as the anime…

    The first few episodes were nice but animation sort of dodgy. The music sounded a little cheap, but still gave off a good atmosphere. Overall the plot became a pile of dog poop…
    I hope Ushitaka the mangaka (?) can continue though. I liked his art before he started Yumekui Merry, so I send him my goodwill anyways. (his fanart included rozen maiden, random stuff, blabla)

  7. Glad to see i wasn’t the only one greatly disappointed by this ending. This has got to be one of the worst “ending” (if it can even be called that” I have seen in a very long time.

  8. it seems like they tried to cram ideas from the manga into the anime to conclude it, but without laying the approrpiate ground work….

    this would seem to be the result of a anime following the manga almost to the wire and then deviating suddenly for an anime only ending.

    poor. – why didn’t they just stick with a single antagonist – treesea and forget about actually bringing lighthouse man into it except as an object of engi’s vengence…

    let down…bring on – ao no ex.

  9. Tbh i loved the first half of the anime then……its like you said they stopped trying
    they didnt expand on any plotline or anything about merry or the dream demons, they COULDVE made this good but they just stopped..the main evils got wayyy to strong which is fair enough but the heroes werent equally as strong they just won through bsness which although is fine when your evil and all it just doesnt work.

    If they do make a season 2(god forbid) im guessing they will shape up knowing how crap this ending if they dont well….why make a S2 in the first place

  10. too bad. if they let john doe show up, they would have at least gone a bit more like what actually happened in the manga: during a fight against the clown, from the previous eps, and chain noir, yumeji realized he could use john doe’s weapon, john doe then decided to crash the party.

    I sort of wished I dropped it earlier but once I started it, I had to finish it. at least it led me to the manga.

  11. Tbh i actually like JC Staffs adaptation….well not all, but not all of it is THAT bad.

    But yea, Merry is disappointing D= other than me liking her design There really is nth much to be said about this series >_>

  12. I agree with everything you said. I’m glad that you are reading the manga though.

    One thing I have to point out is a really inconsistency in the story, but I will put it into spoilers.

    Yui broke down the dream world so that Engi’s world takes over, and Engi get’s healed, right?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  13. heh, y’know what this anime adaptation was?

    remember oreimo?
    the originally planned “adaptation” of Kirino’s novel?
    that’s what this was.

    they licensed a property but somewhere along the line, the studio staff decided they just wanted to write their own story.
    everything else was just an excuse to fit the Yumekui Merry concept into what they were writing.

  14. WTF! This series had much in the way of hope and dreams…

    It’s almost as though mid-way through the series they realized
    that there would be (or not) a 2nd season that the story
    development faltered for whatever reason. This had (IMHO)
    many good story threads started, but all of them faltered.

    We learned next to nothing about who Merry really is, and
    same said about Yumeji (yeah yeah, I’m happy Engi is okay,
    but what a cop-out to her recovery)…

    I could go on (no further mention of Elcres, everybody’s
    fat, dumb, and happy now) – WTF! What a let down…

  15. Wow … what a post. I picked up the first episode, thinking that the character design and the fight scenes looked awesome, but stopped because I didn’t have time. I guess I shouldn’t continue after all? 🙂

  16. J.C Staff, you are already dead to me. This seriously was one of the most dissapointing endings off an addapted anime i’ve seen in a LONG time. Denpa Onna is going to rock Yumekui Merry’s world.

  17. I thought the series was decent from the get-go and the character interactions were fun to watch. But I’d have to agree about the ending; almost all of what happened in this episode felt bizarre and the whole ‘strength of will’ thing just seem like a complete cop-out. I usually don’t mind these things, but when you have Yui playing air trumpet (I honestly had no idea what she was doing lol)and the fact that John Doe became irrelevant for the majority of the series, I can’t say that I’m impressed.

    Still, the anime adaption does provide a good atmosphere and I generally liked the animation quality, although there’s a lot left to be desired when it comes to the action sequences. Not a bad series (if you exclude the ending), but it could have been so much BETTER! :/

  18. After seeing this i hope they won’t do the same with hidan no aria…Looking as though they’ve made this series poor and quality was a big problem in my opinion…

  19. I followed J.C.Staff’s anime because I was a fan of Toradora!! Shows like Azumanga Daioh, Mahoraba, Shigofumi, Zakuro etc will always be up there in my favourite anime list.

    However, with Index II and now this, I hope like hell that they don’t screw up Hidan no Aria. Seriously. Merry: “Yumeji says he will keep his promise to return me back to my world. He believes in me!” Err…sorry I seem to miss the part where he actually said he believes in you…maybe he doesn’t? Maybe that’s why he wants to send you back?

    Action scenes was like O_O huh? THIS IS THE FINALE? I think the wrong studio decided to spend more time doing up the animation…my god even Shaft’s Moonphase was better than this!

    I actually liked the air trombone. Was the only amusing thing out of this nightmarish 20+ minutes. Still dunno why Yumeji was stupid enough not to attack the teacher with that bloody axe/chainsaw/what the hell is that thing even meant to be?! This whole Mistletainn arc was a complete mess.

    Maybe, although J.C.Staff might have been asked to do a second season, they might have hated this project so much they decided to screw it over so that they won’t have to do a second season? It’s a conspiracy! Never thought I would get more pissed off with another finale apart from IS’s finale, but boy does this monstrosity take the cake!

  20. Haven’t read the entire post, as I don’t want things spoiled yet, but I’m wondering if somehow, while our ‘western’ expectations were dashed and the ending appears to have been rather bad, Japanese think the same. Any word on how the bigger blogs in Japan are rating the ending?

    Just curious.

  21. Wow that manga panel looks better than the whole anime series..talk about a waste of time

    I intended to drop this at ep 3..but decided to keep it up..waiting..for..something..to happen..and it never did.

    Ah well..I intend to read the manga now to erase this anime from memory…is it ongoing or complete?

  22. I stopped watching the episode you posted they were clearly going for their own ending, I disliked a few things there. My memory might be playing tricks on me but I recall the John-Doe-weapon part having been worked out better in the manga than it sounds from your post and the screenshots. I really like where the manga’s going, it already broke into “I’d buy it, even if has to be imported from USA, if it gets translated” territory.

    I’m with CarVac, Blue, Amaterasu65, amado and Virox. 😛 Manga is nice, and I’m glad the anime caused me to find the manga. I also am curious indeed on how the japanese viewers judged the ending?

    Acesol: Three words. Army of catgirls. 😀 ‘Nuff said. And manga is ongoing, it starts slow like the anime but I like the way it’s going. ^_^

    Michael Chandra
      1. The ironic thing is that they could have done that with an equal amount of episodes and a much more awesome climax, one that even reveals part of who Merry is. They really could have perfectly fit it in there!

        Michael Chandra
  23. Well, I am glad that I didn’t watch this show. Fractale was already disappointing enough, and this seems to be an even worse anime.

    “and this will be the more awesome replacement”

    Sorry, but what series is that?

    Oh, and come on, J.C. Staff did decent work on Index season 2, since AFAIK it was, at least for the most part, very faithful to the light novel.

  24. Holy. Shit. Wtf did I just watch.

    Wtf was with the background music?
    Wtf at the voice acting. Yui’s “slow motion” Dame! (No!).
    Wtf at air trumpet.
    Wtf at “story”.
    Wtf at Kawanami.
    Wtf at animation quality in fight scenes.
    Wtf at chanting “strength of will” 100x.
    Just wtf.

    And I’m the type of guy that usually overlooks/misses flaws in anime.

    On a better note, you gotta love Kiiragi’s posts. That writers’ “discussion” had me laughing my ass off.

  25. I have to agree. I instantly liked the idea behind this serious when it first started. Now that its ended, I feel like I’ve wasted my time. Everything felt pointless.

    Like we say in Afrikaans, “Klomp onsamehangende kak!” which translates to “Whole lot of incoherent shit!”

  26. I stopped watching half way cause it was getting a little slow, and was going to watch when finished. Now after reading your hilarious write up and everyones comment, i believe this will go straight into the recycle bin LOL.

  27. I’m not usually a very critical person but this was horrible. Probably the worst episode of anime that I’ve seen. I have huge problems with it on two levels:
    1) Okay, J.C. Staff decided to go with an anime original ending. It wasn’t going to be great, but they actually had me on board with the direction they were taking things… and then this. There was no plot to speak of and what there was was pretty much already laid out last episode. The fighting animation was horrible and just didn’t make sense; did Merry and Mistletainn gain the ability to hover while punching/kicking/attacking with vine things?
    2) There was ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to go with an anime original ending. Given the rate they were going when sticking to the original, they could have ended with an EPIC battle* that ACTUALLY REVEALED THINGS WE WANTED TO KNOW. Sure, it wouldn’t have been a conclusive ending that tied everything up, but it would have provided some answers and left things open for a potential sequel.

    *Manga readers probably know what I mean: Show Spoiler ▼

  28. The one thing KIIGARI forgot to include in the rant was that the JC staff was sitting around the table passing around joints when they thought up that ending. An ending like that can only be possible after a large consumption of illegal substances.

  29. I didn’t found the ending all that bad, it’s actually a passable in my opinion with the usual hint that this series may get a season 2 or something. Knowing this is done by JC Staff I already prepared myself of what to expect for an ending made by them based on the many series I have watched that they have done in the last few years (except Toradora!) being mostly half-baked and designed so that a new season could be done.

    Overall, I found the story of Yumekui Merry interesting, its concept good, the character designs are great(I really found Isana very moe), its just that the execution is bad with the middle part of the series being actually boring and looks like the story is going nowhere. The last few episodes is actually exciting in my opinion, but the ending is quite rushed and feels half-baked, I guess it is really JC Staff’s way of milking the series they are doing, because they could always do a season 2.

    I give this series a rating of 6.5/10.

  30. Lol this is an epic(fail) finale indeed. In the end, I’m just watching this because of the animation quality. And just like Giostz said, straight through the recycle bin lol.

  31. Wait, did Yumeji really end by saying their problems are over now? Really? REALLY!? Not even the slightest mention of Elcres?

    I had to do a double facepalm when I heard him say that.

  32. Quite disappointed in this series.
    The battle was alright but it felt awkward as scenes were missing. It seems as if the scene was cut out of the moment of impact when Yumeji was hit by Mistletein. I was really confused the first time it happened with her vine scythe things as I thought I’ve missed something.
    I liked John Doe and was quite disappointed he didn’t come back except as this short ghost image.
    The most epic fail I think was that we only saw Merry use her ulti gatekeeper special attack thing once and it wasn’t even used here in this big final battle.

    The ending reminds me of the Soul Eater original ending. COURAGE PUNCH!

    1. and I just read the impressions now. I agree there was a lot of pointless crap in this episode. Yay Yumeji used his willpower and summoned John Doe’s chainsaw sword thing! What? Yumeji is still fail? All he did was stall for time…. Then there’s Yui. I thought she was going to pull out some willpower power with her air trumpet but NOTHING HAPPENED. We saw a little flake of Mistletein’s world disappear but by then it was already flaking away so I doubt it was anything Yui’s air trumpet did.

  33. I had been trying to endure the show just for the sake of my love for the manga version but it snapped since episode 11… now I don’t know if I should watch ep. 12-13 just for the sake of finishing it =/

    1. Aye…if you are a big fan of the manga series, I recommend not watching the last 2 epi haha. Save 50 minutes of your life unless you want to see the air trombone 🙂

  34. Sure the ending wasn’t spectacular yet overall it was a good show with an original concept. The reason the anime creators make original endings like this one is becuase they ASSUME that the people who already read the manga know what’s going to happen. You can’t let the ending of a series determine how good it is.

  35. yeah dud
    wtf is wrong with J.C.
    aweakening sush powers in a freaking lame way
    making the impossible just happend like a camping day
    lack of emmotion
    lack of passion
    lack of reason
    just happened
    the history was good till this horrible finale
    i was hopping something.. i dont know… less cliche stuff and more action

    and yeah
    zero no tsukaima was a good anime but.. only the first season. al the fun service destroyed the history
    damn, fuck JC

  36. Story-wise, the anime was very lame.

    But I never found any problems with the animation. I mean, the drawing style seemed acceptable and was consistent from start to finish.

    I even kind’of liked the scene where Mystellein gulped that Vivi-looking guy.

    1. I could hardly tell what had happened in that scene. It may have looked interesting, but the intent was not animated clearly, it was not until Mistilteinn looked bloated, and gloated over the fact that she could not be killed in good conscience that I realized she had done what I had to guess she had done.

  37. You impression pretty much said everything I felt and then some, Kiiragi.
    I’m almost tempted to take a look at the manga just to try and make sense out of this disaster.

  38. In this week we have seen the both sides, one anime ending altered but better than the manga arc (Freezing) and now this… intent of anime ending, as many (if not everyone) had pointed out J.C. should have followed the story and end in the Show Spoiler ▼


    But they had to add characters pseudovillains and friends, and we never at least seen Pharos Helcres (i think this is the name, correct me if wrong)in action or at least behind the curtains, THE REAL BAD GUY in the history, for the manga people Show Spoiler ▼

    After watching all the epidodes i can only say that the first half was good, and make me find an interesting manga the second half is a total mess.

  39. Shana 2, and This… OTL …. some of the most disappointing series/ending of a series I’ve disappointingly sat through in recent memory, both the fault of J.C. Staff.

    Thank you for ripping this series a new one Kiiragi. It deserves it, thoroughly. Instantly dove after the manga to get some: “Ok wtf is REALLY going on here”, and have not been disappointed. Just fed with more proof that J.C. Staff blew it, big time. Those last three eps couldn’t have been a bigger waste of time.

    Here’s to next season! Thank goodness this series is over orz……

  40. So sad. I hoped that the series could turn around and give us a decent finale, but no luck there…

    I do not, however, agree that everything J.C. Staff does is bad. The Bakuman. adaption is great if you ask me, and Shana and Zero no Tsukaima were pretty good, too, in my opinion.

  41. Anybody else keep wishing Yumeji and Merry awakes to their powers since ep 11? I sure do. Why the hell did they slow down all kind of development from ep 11 then suddenly smack us with this kind of end…..

    Never paid attention to studios, but hopefully they won’t screw Hidan no Aria (loving the novel) the way they screw index and shana

  42. I’m at a strong loss of words to express my thoughts of the finale of Yumekui Merry. However, I did enjoy the visuals, the soundtrack, and the voice acting. I think…

  43. Urgh… This was a let down. =.=
    The air trobone thing? WTF?
    And so many loose ends… What exactly is Yui? How did she come into the human world? What about the Big Boss guy?

  44. Lol! Totally understand your rage. I was really annoyed and upset trying to watch the last episode. I can’t believe how much they screwed up the adaptations that I felt so upset. Well at least I can still go back and enjoy the manga and earlier episodes. Not only that, they even screw up Yumeji’s power so badly. Pulled it out of nowhere with barely any explanations and totally removed the extreme cool factor that was in the manga into a “WTF?!” moment.

  45. I no longer expect to see decent endings from anime TV series. They’re adapting too many stories that are far from being finished. Unsatisfying TV series endings are the new norm.

  46. So, Yumekui Merry comes to an end. And you know what? Fuck all the haters, I enjoyed myself.

    I’d very much welcome a sequel, what for if Yumeji and co. actually get a chance to take on Elcres. Sadly, based on the recent Blu-Ray/DVD sales, that’s probably not going to happen — the numbers were leagues behind Infinite Stratos’ sales, at any rate.

    I just might have to go and give the manga a read as well; it MUST be a Godly piece of literature based all the things people have said about the anime, after all.

  47. Dropped it after episode 3. Don’t regret it.
    The thing that I hate about J.C. Staff is that they always fuck up adaptions from LIGHT NOVELS THAT I CANNOT GET MY HANDS ON IN ENGLISH. So it’s like “wow, cool characters, good premise, but shitty execution/adaption and I have no way to see the original.” Toradora! might be the only acception, that was a great show, but SnS is so disappointing…

  48. This was so good in the beginning, they fucked it up in the end though.
    Plus, didn’t Yumeji and Merry meet each other when they were younger?
    The Opening shows it, they never mentioned it at all in this series.
    So much potential..

  49. Thanks for the blog KIIRAGI, now I’m going to watch it knowing how bad it ends — that helps reduce the disappointment later. And this is actually really useful since you expanded on what made the show bad. I like the honesty, looking forward to your future blogs. I liked your PSG blogs, too(I’ve been a lurker for a few months now), just thought I should start letting you guys know how thankful I am.

  50. There was one thing this anime in it’s entirety did that isn’t so bad: it piqued interest in the manga. Because of the anime, we’re all caught up when it comes to scanlations of the actual volumes and we’re only 2 behind the actual total number of chapters. More people getting into the manga isn’t a bad thing at all right? Especially since it’s much better and the anime kinda messed up potential season 2 stuff with this episode anyway.

  51. Wow out of all the good episodes they had, this one is there last one? Seems kind of ridiculous doesn’t it? All the suspense builds up and we’re left with a very bad climatic fight scene. Merry didn’t even use her special power with the keys showing up on her wrists. What’s with that? I bet many people were hoping to see that power again. Then there’s this thing where determination is what gives power in a dream…. That’s just plain uhhhh. Also the bullet that made a huge explosion didn’t leave a scratch. What utter nonsense. I really was hoping for something awesome for the last episode but I guess we’re just left with this. (Also what’s with John-Doe being the first dream demon to show up, leave an impression, and never show up again?)

  52. After i watched this ep and read a few comments i started to read the manga online from the very beginning and i must have to say it’s ****ING AWESOME. Not like this s**t. The anime is nothing compared to the manga.

  53. Well, you guys make it sound like the last episode was the only one which sucked.
    To be honest, It’s not like the other episodes were any better.
    They all pretty much sucked, were boring, drawn-out and slow. Same goes for the OST (i did like the Melancholy piano piece, which was used like in every episode, lol)

  54. Man.. seriously anime compared to manga has fallen deeper then a bottomless pit! many shows using empty plot lines, filler episodes from hell, and awful.. terrible.. tormenting.. unaccepted.. hmph i don’t even know how to describe what i feel its like.. the words i wrote barley describe 1%.. but anime’s endings are the TOP of whats going around with anime’s in the latest years.. even if they make an average or a splendid plot, and tie everything together perfectly, some of them will blow it all to hell AND BEYOND! in the endings and final episodes. and its not like: okay we screwed the ending of a perfect series.. we will make up for it in season 2. not a lot of them… but almost ALL of them doesn’t have a season 2. and of course they’re at the bounds of 12 to rarely 13-14 episodes.. i love animes and mangas, I’m not a fanatic or a hardcore otaku but i sure like it a lot. and in the last 5 years became simply disappointed from the anime industry [manga less cause obviously they are doing a FAR better job] they seriously need to invest a little more, sure they’re main audience is they’re population.. and budgets are an issue as big as the moon.. but it stretches far beyond that.if it would have made a difference and effect i would write and address the anime makers,industries and all. but we all know that even useless isn’t the worst case scenario here. anyway i hope that there actually will be a season 2 and it will make up for the mess season 1 is.. i didn’t hoped, but i did! expected it to be more then it was. Charles/yomax totally with you on that one, many more should go by the manga not only yumekui merry.. what a shame. =/

  55. I enjoyed Hayate no Gotoku! by J.C. Staff though. They followed the original material on that one and was actually a good laugh the entire way for me. Though I still read the manga.

  56. I enjoyed this anime. Having followed the manga from its beginning and at the same time with the anime adaptation,
    it was truly enjoyable to laugh my ass off at this amazing prpduct JC Staff has presented to us.

    It really was funny though, right?

  57. Best post ever Kiiragi! Turning that same rage I just felt after finishing the ep. into something that made me cry from laughing so much is just what I needed at the end of this hellish week I had.

  58. Seriously, i cant believe that such a good manga can turn in to “THIS”… What The FUCK thing… everything was ok until half way with the introduction of Mistletainn, and the most incredible thing (in the bad way of the word) was Yui playing her Air trumpet… https://randomc.net/image/Yumekui%20Merry/Yumekui%20Merry%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2030.jpg

    i mean, wtf was that for?, it was absolutely USELESS… i havent been so dissapointed with an ending since….. thats point…

  59. the anime drew me into the manga, but sadly the last few episodes are no comparison to the original source material.
    makes me kind of sad that they ruined the anime with such a cop-out ending =(

    i agree that trombone shit was amazingly wtf though lol

  60. “Hmm, well, I can’t see much else, but he’s related to John Doe right? Let’s just give him his weapon, and he can summon it using the power of will.” Though that is explained in the manga (and most likely, I assume, the novel), Imma have to see what exactly happened to make you so mad…

  61. My dear Kiiragi,

    I don’t want to say ”I told you so” but there you go. I did warn you that this anime blows from day one. But you ignored my constant snoring from how boring this anime was, and continued onwards. Welp, at least you now can just switch over to the manga and simply pretend that this never existed, even if the manga s pretty average as well …

    Now to be fair, I think well can agree that this anime had some pretty fucking badass backgrounds right? Also, bellybutton.

    Sweet invisible-trombone filled nightmares,

    p.s. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is going to look nice … for the first episode anyways!


    J.C.Staff is not that bad of a studio

  62. This is what happens when you put a whole bunch of BS in a bag, mix it up, & call it goulash – er anime. I can’t really think of another finale that was done so shitty – but the whole anime was shitty so the finale couldn’t be anything but. Oh yeah, I still have no idea what this shit is about, if it was about anything at all except a belly button.

  63. You didn’t even mention how all the bloated buildup to Mistletainn’s deafeat amounted to a 2 second death sequence. I couldn’t believe how anticlimactic it was, especially since Ijima just disappeared.

  64. At least, the ending wasn’t as bad as NGE.

    While I agree that the ending sucked, I had already lost enough interest that it didn’t really matter to me. It is funny to see all this rage though. How about you people rage less and read the manga more.

  65. POW! *pose* My name is Yumekui Merry and fight against plot and all that makes sense! Take that faggot anime lovers! >:O

    Yui: “DAMEEEEEEEE!!” xD

    Omg I was crying from laughter all the way through the bad camera angles and “fight scenes”. This show only had one, ONE!, redeeming quality and that was its soundtrack. Props to the team who composed the music because it was fantastic.

  66. This is what happens when you mix the Manga (which is good) with poor attempts at originality on something that wasn’t broken. They should have never done a series like this without the intent of sticking with the original plot line since this episode was just a last minute attempt to ram content into the anime with no room to explain it. Its even worse since Treesea is about the same as her manga alternate (plus easier to stand without the teacher lackey who just “vanishes”). Very disappointing.

    1. Pretty curious about this, myself, actually.

      And I think I’ll give the manga version of Yumekui a shot. Was not impressed with the anime at all, so I dropped it back in episode 4 or 5. I tend to be a bit more lenient on manga, though, seeing as how I can read it at my leisure.

  67. The manga is much better. I don’t know why they had to deviate from the plot.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  68. Anyone notice this is becoming an accruing trend for JC staff? Any series they do; starts out strong, but starts to tip roughly at the midway point. And then falls flat on it’s face right at the end. It’s like there trying to piss people off.

    Granted their are a few gems this studio had made, but there completely lost in the sea of other sh** they have produced.

    This series is a prime example of this formula to a tee. Kiiragi pretty much summed my thoughts on this series. So i really nothing else to add.

    -Though on a side note: Is it just me or has a lot of series this season ended with a wtf or meh ending?

    1. Agree, Index also have ended with a meh!!! at the end… though it’s still better than this one alot.

      There is still one series that I wanted to see the ending and I hope it wouldn’t dissapoint me and the other people who were watching that series… I mean the Madoka Magika series..

  69. Six episodes ago, I actually was trying hard to overlook the anime’s flaws, because the manga ruled. But now I hand it over to you, Kiiragi; you have accepted how fucking shitty that adaptation was, and all you said in this post sounded true to me.

    Yumekui Merry anime fucking FAILED!

    To all guys out there that can buy manga or read them online, get the manga, even if it’s just to fix the wounds that (stupid) anime made in our hearts. lol.

  70. The series was actually pretty good, the art was amazing, characters were typical anime character, and the plot was interesting. It just wasn’t meant to be a seasonal anime. It should have carried on like Tegami Bachi, or death note. They just had too much plot for a season. It wasn’t bad, it just got cut off too soon

  71. Err. Well, even I’m almost at a loss for words I guess. It’s not really THAT bad, I think. The trombone part was pointless..and the plot..man, the plot..-_-III I don’t know about what the original plot was like and I’m not about to compare them anyway, but the whole 思いの強さ thing is kinda lame and…loss for words. Looks like you feel a lot worse if you compare it with the manga, since I’m not actually enraged.

    Can’t deny it’s been interesting, though..but interesting’s probably the nicest word you could use for this.

  72. Forgot to mention that the theme this time round was “dreams/ambitions/heart/feelings” just in case anyone’s raged too much to look back upon this anime. Not a very good theme for starters..and it didn’t deliver well either.


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