OP Sequence

OP: 「恋の道程」 (Koi no Michinori) by kanon x kanon
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「はじめての■■■」 (Hajimete no ■■■)
“First Time ■■■”

Using a short skit format in its roughly ten-minute-long episodes, “Health and Physical Education for 30 Year-Olds” appears to be more about the hijinks that come from love spirits pressuring virgins to have sex than the educational aspect. At least, that’s what I gather when Daigarou (Okiayu Ryoutarou) offered his butt to 30-year-old virgin Imagawa Hayao (Shimono Hiro) after the latter refused his help to lose his virginity the normal way. There was nothing educational about that, except maybe whether or not going backdoor on another guy even counts. After having that image painfully seared into my mind, I was left with the impression that we may be in store for something similar to B Gata H Kei like I was hoping. It’s just a lot more random given the brevity of each of the skits.

The vast majority of this first episode was devoted to Hayao’s unforgettable first meeting with Daigorou when he was about to lose his virginity to his “partner” Momoko, setting the tone for the entire series. It was aptly followed up by some criticism of Hayao’s thing to go with a hygiene tip, and an actual lesson on how to properly feel up a girl’s breasts (…in the workplace). Unsurprisingly, there was a fair bit of censoring on the dialogue as well, but the show does go about in a humorous way by having a “voice of restraint” (Tachiki Fumihiko) cover up the “bad” words with something suggestive instead (e.g. “Monkey Banana” when referring to the size of Hayao’s thing). For whatever reason, Fumihiko’s menacing voice seems to work well as comedic narration, much like it does here.

There was only a brief encounter with his partner to be, Andou Natsu (Nazuka Kaori), so I’m kind of curious about how wacky the sexual troubles will be depicted on the female side of things. Natsu will have twin love spirits Pi-chan and Ku-chan helping her graduate into adulthood, whom I can already picture being fun to watch with Kitamura Eri voicing them. While my interest and expectations have dwindled a bit upon learning that studio Gathering is going with a loose format similar to Tono no Issho, I plan to check out at least a few more episodes to see if an innocent love story develops between Hayao and Natsu. After all, Wednesday isn’t exactly brimming with new shows.

* To the series’ credit, it has full OP/ED songs/sequences despite its much shorter format. They’re pretty decent too.


ED Sequence

ED: 「learn together」 by AiRI
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  1. Sounds like a romantic comedy with characters of another age range.
    And actually, sounds interesting. At last a change in the whole thing.
    (Well, if i don’t consider Aoi Hana, but here both protagonists are 30 years old)

  2. im definetly not watching this… just the image of that guy with white hair poiting his ass to be fucked almost burned my eyes… (i cant lose them yet since there are still tons of anime and manga still to be seen lol)

    1. Exactly. It always cracks me up to hear people going on about how corrupted and immoral people are nowadays, in reality it’s the opposite. 100 years people got married & had kids when they were 14! In modern times kids might watch porn when they’re 14, but they’ll be pretty lucky to have actually lost their virginity by the time they’re 30. And prostitutes? The bumbling idiot children of today wouldn’t know how to hire a prostitute if their lives depended on it.

  3. My sides still hurt from how hard I was laughing at this, the VA’s chosen leave no doubt that this is going to be hilarious. Also I came in expecting something moderately serious, so well, there went that assumption <<;. Unsure if I can watch this all the way through since I quit B gata after about 4 eps, the shorter length of these episodes is a strength for them in that regard.

  4. Think I am gonna wait till the AT-X airing on the 13th to check this one out. From what I hear the censorship is just epic….. If it’s the same, I guess I can stomach through it since the comedy is great from what I’m hearing.


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