B Gata H Kei – 12 (END)

「僕らのために世界は回る。さよなら…B型H系」 (Bokura no Tame ni Sekai wa Mawaru. Sayonara… B Gata H Kei)
“The World Revolves Around Us. Goodbye… B-Type H-Style”

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Kosuda and Yamada never get down to business even in the last episode and destroy the very foundation that this series is based on, but they sure get close and it’s been one hell of a ride all season.

B Gata H Kei – 11

「2年H組のクリスマス・イブ。あたしをベッドにつれてって❤」 (2-nen H-gumi no Kurisumasu Ibu. Atashi wo Beddo ni Tsuretette ❤)
“Second Year Class H’s Christmas Eve. Take Me to Bed ❤”

At last, the long-awaited consensual groping of a girl’s breast in anime! Keyword, consensual. For a second to last episode, Yamada sure got down to business with Kosuda — in Kanejou’s own home of all places too.

B Gata H Kei – 10

「金城家の一族。セレブな兄のキラキラな秘密!」 (Kanejou-ke no Ichizoku. Serebu na Ani no Kirakira na Himitsu!)
“The Kanejou Family. The Celebrity Brother’s Dazzling Secret!”

All that was needed was a wrench in the works to mess up Yamada’s cherry snatching plans, but the arrival of Keiichi spiced things up way more than I was anticipating. Enter the good-looking virgin.

Tamura Yukari – Oshiete A to Z PV (B Gata H Kei OP)

[flv:Tamura_Yukari_Oshiete_A_to_Z_PV.mp4 550 310]

It’s not quite Yamada bobbing up and down and trying to seduce Kosuda like there’s no tomorrow, but we have Tamura Yukari doing laundry, watering the lawn, and just looking pretty. I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand what Japanese promo/music video directors are thinking, but they can’t be thinking that hard if this is what they come up with more often than not. On the plus side, Yukarin’s legs are pretty well accented in those anime-length skirts/dresses she’s wearing (i.e. super short ones), which isn’t an easy thing to do considering how she’s only 157cm tall (~5’2″).

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B Gata H Kei – 09

「そんな!みんなの見てる前で…嫌いなんて言ってないじゃん…秋」 (Sonna! Minna no Miteru Mae de… Kirai Nante Ittenai Jan… Aki)
“No Way! In Front of Everyone to See… I Never Said I Hate You…”

If Kosuda’s last minute confession from a fleeting train wasn’t clear enough to Yamada, the one he screamed out at the top of his lungs in front of everyone in class sure as hell was.

B Gata H Kei – 08

「わーーい、修学旅行だ!二人っきりになれなくて…」 (Waai, Shuugaku Ryokou da! Futarikkiri ni Narenakute…)
“Yay, Field Trip! But We’re Not Alone Together…”

Kyoto seems to be the school field trip spot of choice (when it comes to anime at least), and B Gata H Kei isn’t veering off that tried and tested path with their take on it this week.

B Gata H Kei – 07

「スク水で大決闘!アンタにだけは絶対負けない!」 (Sukumizu de Daikettou! Anta ni Dake wa Zettai Makenai!)
“A Huge Duel with School Swimsuits! I Definitely Won’t to Lose to You!”

Yamada versus Kanejou, round 1, fight! For Yamada’s sake, let’s be thankful she didn’t choose to do it in the area of music, though I have to admit her recorder version of “Oshiete A to Z” wasn’t half bad.

B Gata H Kei – 05

「汗と涙のヴァレンタイン!山田より愛?を込めて」 (Ase to Namida no Varentain! Yamada yori Ai? wo Komete)
“A Valentine of Sweat and Tears! Love(?) From Yamada is Put Into It”

With the hilarious way Valentine’s Day and going nopan is portrayed in this series, I sometimes find myself second guessing if B Gata H Kei is really written by a woman — a married one with two kids at that.

B Gata H Kei – 04

「ときめき聖夜。ファーストキスって、なんの味?」 (Tokimeki Seiya. Faasuto Kisu-tte, Nan no Aji?)
“Throbbing Christmas Eve. What Does a First Kiss Taste Like?”

There’s nothing holy about Christmas Eve when the night is left up to Yamada. In fact, it’s downright sacrilegious as she tries to shack up with Kosuda at a love hotel once she gets a gift she deems a green light to make her move.