「僕らのために世界は回る。さよなら…B型H系」 (Bokura no Tame ni Sekai wa Mawaru. Sayonara… B Gata H Kei)
“The World Revolves Around Us. Goodbye… B-Type H-Style”

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Kosuda and Yamada never get down to business even in the last episode and destroy the very foundation that this series is based on, but they sure get close and it’s been one hell of a ride all season. Well, one hell of a ride for me anyway since the same can’t be said for Yamada despite how much she wanted to get on top of Kosuda. I give her credit for taking the initiative and calling Kosuda out at six o’clock the next morning to pick up where they left off though. Leading up to Yamada’s declaration that she wants to have sex and Kosuda’s response that he does too, it was pretty amusing to see each of them go to Chika and Kazuki respectively for sure-fire advice on how to get the other person in bed. Chika was unsurprisingly inexperienced with the idea regardless of how popular she is with the guys, but hearing Kazuki explaining how to take it slow and not just focus on the breasts and ass was pretty damn hilarious due to her embarrassment. Likewise when Kosuda remembered to take her advice to start, only to quickly lose sight of the game plan and go straight for the goods.

As lovely and defined as Yamada’s curves were, her shyness and inexperienced hesitation proved to be what caught my attention the most, as the awkwardness of it all made her come off rather cute. The roles are generally reversed when it comes to these two, but Kosuda sure took charge by diving head first into Yamada’s chest before removing the rest of her clothes, which actually wasn’t too ecchi because they spared us all the extra sound effects that would’ve made it so. At that point, it looked like it was a done deal at the rate they were going, but Kosuda missing the mark and Yamada knocking the faulty bed controls took Kosuda for a spin and tossed him from the love nest, fracturing his left ankle in the process. No surprise there right?


「天使になった山田!さらばB型H系!!」 (Tenshi ni Natta Yamada! Saraba B Gata H Kei!!)
“The Angel Yamada! Farewell B-Type H-Style!!”

In lieu of giving us the moment this series was never intended to reach, Yamada’s nurse/doctor play at the hospital was pretty hilarious to see. That wasn’t so much because of her letting Kosuda exam her after she did the same with his package though, so much as how she chopped it down just earlier when the actual nurse said that Kosuda’s cute and her type. However, for a pair of virgins, these two sure know how to get pretty kinky. It’s like trying to run before they even know how to walk. Yamada should really focus on getting Kosuda to hit the landing spot before finding more ways to get him excited. It doesn’t look like he needs any help in that regard when he can come back “hard and strong” following a sacking of epic proportions. Anyway, while that opportunity didn’t amount to anything, kudos to Yamada for coming back on new years and going straight for Kosuda in his own bathroom. Naturally it was just another gag-filled end result, but given how they’ve been naked together several times now and Kosuda’s made a mountain of progress when it comes to anime relationships, I’d say it was a successful run — both for them and the series.



Final Impressions:

Overall, this turned out to be an adult-themed gag-filled affair like I was expecting from the very beginning. The positive impression I got from the 4-koma manga transferred very nicely to this adaptation by Hal Film Maker. In fact, it ended up being better than I was expecting due to how well Tamura Yukari took on the lead role alongside Abe Atsushi, whose performance I looked forward to due to his portrayal of Touma in To Aru Majutsu no Index. This was never about the fan-service and I can’t really see anyone getting “excited” about what they’ve shown. For me, if I wasn’t busy laughing at all the situations Kosuda and Yamada got into, it was a feeling of awkwardness more than anything else. In turn, that usually led to more laughs and the cycle repeated itself. Clearly that’s not a pattern that will lead to anything overly profound, but it’s hard to deny the amount of progress they did make in a mere twelve episode run when that really wasn’t the main priority. Quite honestly, I would’ve watched this just for the constant Tamura Yukari/Horie Yui manzai routine seen between Yamada and Takeshita, but the first time sexual experience gags between Yamada and Kosuda really stole the show later on. This is definitely a fun series to watch for anyone interested in a bit of adult-themed humor.


  1. I watched the Raw of this cause I couldn’t wait for the sub. I swear I woke up my entire apartment building with laughing. XD

    Fantastic series. I hope there’s a sequel to come!

    Skins Thunderbomb
  2. No need for a season two… I’m satisfied with how the series ended. an OVA perhaps for them to finally do it… But I hope that ends up being better then the Green Green OVA.

  3. Well unlike kiss x sis they skip the suggestive shit and go straight for the main point; two people who like each other and trying very hard to have sex… I agree the way they portray everything it’s not about the fanservice.

  4. I have to say I completely misjudged this series. At first I thought it was going to be a brainless ecchi romance borderline-h genre show but…well, while still a little bit of that anyways, it’s actually a really great series with quite a bit of heart to it.

    Props to Kosuda, the only main hareme-sque character in my mind who runs through the bases and almost makes it home in ONLY 12 episodes. Not indecisive, knows what he wants, and almost gets there. Shoot, most manga characters need at least 10+ volumes to even get anywhere remotely to a kiss let alone a feel up.

  5. It was a pretty good ride, a lot of stupid ecchi jokes but the over all stupidity here was well designed and actually had some “style” even. Definitely no fan-service low balling here. I like this series a lot.

    Speaking of Abe Atsushi and his “Index” appearance, To Aru Majutsu no Index season 2 has been announced to come out this fall. I’m very looking forward to it.

  6. Oh yeah Divine, is there any announcement in regards to an uncensored version of this series being made avaliable?

    I dunno about you, but the censors were so annoying. >_<

    Skins Thunderbomb
    1. I think the censors were a good thing and kept the focus on the adult-themed gags rather than the amount of skin shown. This series was aired on AT-X and from what I recall of the first episode, it wasn’t any different even there.

      DVD/BD releases may be different, but we’ll have to wait until August 6th to find out. That’s when the first volume is slated to be released. Given the time period between now and then, it may very well be uncensored.

  7. it was what it was, and even i cant deny that it was “cute” in execution. and the premise was different. THAT said, they’re probably plotting it, However a season 2 really shouldn’t happen because of all the recycling that will take place.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. eh, this was a huge waste of time for me. when i read the short synopsis saying it was about a girl who wanted 100 fuck buddies, i sort of expected her to bed at least ONE guy.

    diet otaku
  9. Time well spent, got some seriously good laughs in this. Really worth a watch for an H-themed series that’s not very fan-servicey, compared to the crap that’s out there every season.

  10. If Mayoi Neko Overrun was the biggest disappointment this season then this show was definitely the most positive suprise. Like others when it started I was expecting it to turn into another poorly written overly-ecchi comedy with little character development (or development of any sort) but in the end it turned out to be one of the best comedies this year.

    Kudos to you Hal!

  11. Really awesome and funny series. When I read the synopsis I thought this would be some generic ecchi series with a slutty main character, but that turned out not to be the case. It’s a shame they didn’t get to do it in the end (even though they got far enough for Kosuda to poke the wrong hole lol) but overall the series was a great laugh and had some surprisingly sweet moments.

    That said, here’s hoping to a second season. They surely have enough material from the manga to work one in and I’m hoping that the DVD/Blu-ray sales will be good enough for a second season to be green-lit.

  12. This show was ok. It was pretty much what I expected. Alot of talk about getting laid but in the end it didn’t happen for the 2 main characters. I liked Yamada and she was cute but was NOT the hottest girl in that school. She was cute and borderline fugly at the same time. Her best friend was hotter and so was the glasses girl that like Kosuda.

    IMHO… Best surprise anime and best comedy this season was Working. Biggest disapointment was Ichiban Ushiro No Daimou and best drama was either Rainbow or Saraiya Goyou.

  13. I’ve heard the BD’s will be uncensored, but like you I think the censor bars worked since they kept they show from focusing on the ecchi fanservice. While not a terribly sophisticated show, it was a lot of fun and one of my favorites from the season — quite surprising since after reading about the plot, before the season started, I was sure it was going to be an absolute trainwreck.

  14. I’m not completely satisfied, primarily because I felt Yamada fell in love with Kosuda and they should have ended as a steady couple like Takeshita and her boyfriend. Anyway that’s me, omitting that fact I did enjoy the jokes of being so close to it and fail it was really fun. Even though it was done in 12 episodes the whole thing spanned two years. So a second season they won’t have time to do it before graduation.
    So over I did enjoy it and didn’t felt disappointed at all from the whole show.

    PD. OMG going to your sister for sex advice… eek I’ll bever be able to look at her face again LOL!!!

    Island Esper
  15. “NEED MOAR!!
    COME ON SEASON 2!!!”

    No, we don’t. Given the stage they’re at, another 12/13 episodes of them trying to have sex and failing in the most pathetic and ridiculous of ways would be excruciating. This series needs to stop right here (or at least move past them actually getting laid).

  16. In the end Kosuda and Yamada are still virgins. Or we won’t have hope of a sequel.

    Oh well, at least they can officially be considered a lovey-dovey couple now, unlike the wishy-washy pair in Nogizaka Haruka.

    A fairly enjoyable show with less ecchi than expected, but not that I’m complaining. Though I hope there’s more Mayu involved next season should there be one.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record, baby right round round round…

    It’s done! (Or is it?)

    Yeah, it was a fun ride watching B Gata H Kei and I’m definitely gonna miss the antics of “Nympho Nanoha” (*cough*seiyuujoke*cough*), but quite frankly I also see no need for a season 2.

    An OAV on the other hand would be okay, (set before their graduation, maybe) though I expect it to end Densha Otoko-style with Yamada and Kosuda finally having sex as their rite of passage (but we don’t see it, just heavily implied)–along with a few side stories of the other characters of course…

    P.S.: And if Yamada really wants those 100 “friends with benefits”, I’m sure the Rule 34 guys will provide, if you know what I mean.

  18. Bah. I wanted to see more of Yamada leaning towards a solid relationship with Kosuda before the end. You know, to the point where she decides she doesn’t want the hundred booty buddies anymore.

    It was a really fun ride nonetheless (pun intended).

  19. omfg i am so addicted to B Gata H kei right now!!

    i sware if they dont make a season 2 however ….im gonna sue em for all its worth
    p.s if u like B gata H kei then go to wwww.Animefreak.tv and watch Shuffle, Kissxsis(both versions) and one of my personal faves The familliar of zero

    jonah cook

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