This chapter deserves the obligatory “oh snap” reaction thanks to the end result of Naruto absorbing the Nine-tails’ chakra before locking him back up with a turn of the seal on his abdomen. Of course, Naruto going Sage Mode in his mental battle and unloading a barrage of massive Rasengans was a pretty action-packed display leading up to that. The biggest surprise however was how Naruto’s sealing technique caught the Nine-tails by surprise given its similarity to that of Rikudou Sennin’s, a.k.a. The Sage of the Six Paths and first Jinchuuriki who managed to harness the power of the Ten-tails. For now, I’m still unsure as to whether the chakra/body separation technique that Naruto used is simply reminiscent of what Rikudou Sennin used to divide the Ten-tail into the nine beasts we know today or if it implies that Naruto has inherited his spirit through the Senju in some way. However, I gather we’ll learn more about that in the coming chapter now that Kushina has revealed that she was the Nine-tails’ host before Naruto.

If my memory serves me correctly, the Nine-tails did attack Konoha at one point and forced Minato to give up his life to seal it within Naruto. This likely explains why people were after Kushina in the past then, as well as hinting at the possibility that Naruto was still in Kushina’s womb at the time. If that is indeed the case, I can only imagine the drama that unfolded when Minato had to give up his own life and take Kushina’s to stop the Nine-tails before sealing it within Naruto — the son they never got to meet while alive. Talk about one huge family sacrifice for the sake of their village and people. Anyway, while the story is clearly taking big turns lately, I’m still a bit stoked about seeing what Naruto can do now that he’s harnessed the red demonic chakra. It doesn’t look like he has the same buddy-buddy relationship Bee does with the Eight-tails though, so I don’t foresee him transforming into a huge fox.

* Of course, just when things are getting exciting story-wise, there just had to be no chapter next week.


  1. Bleach is the anime that got me into manga but Naruto has had me much more entertained at this point to see how the story is unfolding is very interesting to watch. Concerning what Naruto would look like using the fox’s chakra i think we god d good glimpse of that already. But does harnessing both Sage and Kubbi techniques qualify Naruto to be the most powerful ninja alive?

    1. If Naruto had a doujutsu (eye technique) then that would definitely put him over the top. The only big thing he’s lacking is the ability to use and counter genjutsu (illusions) it seems, especially if he hopes to take on Uchihas (Madara and Sasuke). I’m still waiting for the moment he inherits Minato’s Hiraishin no Jutsu. That would be so cool.

    2. Well, Sasuke is immortal now and Madara’s got the other Tailed Beasts and his plan, so…

      I like the parallel between Sasuke having the ultimate eye power of the Sage/Ten-Tails while Naruto has the special form of Sage Mode he just used.

      1. huh…which chapter mentioned Sasuke having the Sage’s/Ten-tails’ eyes? I think I missed that part…
        Anyways…with this form, Naruto should practically be stronger than 95% of the other characters by now. I mean c’mon, his 4-tails form could barely be contained. Hopefully, someone gets some type of drastic power-up, otherwise things are gonna get predictable.

      2. I don’t recall the immortal part either, but the story states that the Uchiha and Senju are the descendants of Rikudou Sennin. The Uchiha inherited a variation of the Rinnegan, i.e. the Sharingan, and the Senju inherited his body/willpower/physical energy.

      3. Hmm if my memory is not failing me, didn’t Itachi give a dormant power to Naruto? It might be some kind of anti genjutsu. It seems that finally Naruto will be able to understand Sasuke’s pain. (if divine’s theory about Naruto being in the womb is right)

      4. i don’t think putting itachi’s eyes on sasuke will make him immortal like madara, if that’s what you’re saying (madara’s immortality state is still unknown).. it could be that madara just escaped through another dimension to step forward in time..

        anyway.. i knew that naruto would somehow inherit his mom’s special chakra. but I never thought it be the kyuubi’s

      5. I think sasuke is not immortal but susanoo give him with ultimate defense and also give ultimate attacks but when he stop this technique sasuke will extremely fatigued, it means sasuke is temporary invincible when he release Susanoo…

  2. This chapter is a shining example of how good Kishimoto is at telling a story! The plot threads are slowly coming together. Did Konoha purposely use Kushina for that? Was it on purpose or accident? Did Root have anything to do with it? This next 5 chapters are so are going to be a huge revelation.

    My predicition is that Madara used Sharigan to force Kushina’s transformation. Possibly with the help of someone else, Danzo perhaps?

    Either way I think we’re seeing the beginnings of the final showdown. The eyes of the Sage (Sasuke) and the body (Naruto).

  3. I don’t think that anyone besides Minato and maybe the Sandaime knew that Kushina was the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki since Jiraiya and even the Key Toad apparently didn’t know why the Kyuubi really attacked Konoha 16 years ago but thought that Minato knew the real reason behind it. Either way, I can’t wait to find out the truth behind why the Kyuubi attacked that day and what roll Madara really played in it.

  4. wow and here I thought that last chapter was good, this was awesome!

    want some unlimited chakra abuse I mean now he can just blast people with chakra without worrying about running out of it or not?

  5. Awesome Chapter, and i remember that Itachi gave some his powers to naruto and i guess this power to counter sasuke mangekyou sharingan and his doujutsu.
    Still expecting for Naruto to learn his father hiraishin no jutsu and Other element affinity besides wind though…..

  6. Ummm I think everyone forgetting about Pa and Ma Frog; now that Naruto can fully control Kyuubi Naruto can finally Merge Pa and Ma Frog and genjutsu means nothing anymore.

  7. Well, I’m not sure how this whole “kyuubi in Kushina” thing works, since in all the other flashbacks we clearly see the full-blown kyuubi running wild and wrecking the village. Unless you turn into a giant, furry kyuubi when your seal breaks all the way?

    And pregnancy must have really messed up the seal if it as on her stomach, with the baby stetching out and stuff. Maybe that’s how kyuubi escaped XD

    Magical Poof
  8. See I new something was weird when the mentioned she had “special chakara” in the last chapter. I thought naruto was going to have a special ability (like Haku’s bloodline ability) but I nerver guessed that the mother use to have the 9-tailed fox. Oh snap.

    Otaku ESA
  9. I think that chapter subtlety explains the whole confusion on “how chakara can do all this crap” Naruto’s mom mentioned in passing that “now I can follow Minato.”
    I believe this to mean that the sealing technique that Minato used that cost him his life, did so because he sealed his and Kushina’s soul with the Ninetales.

  10. This is better than Bleach. At least Kishimoto’s bothering with some sort of plot, rather than Titty’s HYPERBOLIC TIME CHAMBER crap. It was cool when Toriyama did it, not now.

  11. Yeah Naruto is def better then a bleach at the moment, actual story in a progression in a manga, who would have thought? I want Naruto to learn the flying thunder god technique, the sage mode def gives him the speed and the demon fox chakra may not reject the frogs assistant when performing the sage technique now

  12. I’m sad that so many aren’t even giving this manga a change anymore. So yeah, this arc is pretty boring to me (not bad, just a bit boring), but it’s still not the worst series there is.

    Your blog’s interesting. 🙂

  13. Hey ppl, u sld check out Naruto: Shippuuden episode 167. U wont believe what you will see… It has Gurren Lagann elements in it if u look carefully. I personally dun watch Naruto but this episode is an exception.

  14. Wow, I’ve dreamed a long time ago with this time of the Naruto series, where the stick between him and the fox finally happen. I mean, the first round until the fight was cool because it was the attacks, defenses, that rally and Kyuubi clone hidden in so many angles never revealed, but this chapter has got me to go much further than expected. All though I still feel a tremendous frame Naruto be the only ninja in the world that has so much chakra to the point that juts use the clone of the shadows and so often in so many numbers and still has an insane amount of chakra to create more than a dozen rasengans and still handle the power of nature in all that insane as they were a few hits he gave in this chapter. Somehow also hoped that the Kyuubi had a little more power or cleverness, which he did some different things than just give “paw”, but at the end of things, it does not seem half demon who preaches in the mythology of the series. The villains of the current universe of the series seem monsters and give the feeling of being far stronger than the Kyuubi in his real form. Perhaps the generation of Minato, Naruto’s father who was very soft. But putting a balance techniques, skills, and certain other atribudos the universe of the series is not fair. It’s fun to see hundreds of Naruto is ready and over!

    I think part of this reflection came last night when I was reading the 35 volumes of manga, where Kakashi was commenting on the amount of chakra that Naruto has owned and he is the one who is able to handle so well this crazy amount of clones (that part roll moments before starting the training with the elements wind, those who do not remember). That’s because this time the Kakashi says that Naruto would have four times more chakra than the character. He rolled a lot from this moment and Naruto grew even more in terms of power. See Kakashi working with only one clone and create a Rasengan “crush” in this rereading of yesterday and then take a look at this chapter where Naruto seems to have infinite chakra even funny. Kishimoto worked very well with the evolution of the character.

    And if it seemed monstrous that Naruto is able to do if properly motivated, imagine after this chapter to acquire all the insane chakra of the Kyuubi. Alias table below was phenomenal. Now we’ll wait to see if Naruto could become a fox in the same way as the Bee becomes the Bijuu. Is this possible with the Kyuubi not cooperating fully with the Naruto? Alias in the same volume 35, Hidan and Kakuzu appears capturing the two tails, and she also turns entirely on the shape of the Bijuu. I think in the end it is a skill common to all who learn to control the Bijuu and seals. Interesting that at the time that was not well explained.

    Returning back to the chapter. I liked other aspects of it, like the fox equal drying raisins. I thought she would die, but apparently the author still has plans for her, for that look of “‘ll come back, Naruto!” Was spine-chilling. Blows, as she still has to be a threat to the orange ninja? I bet you do! Naruto controlling the seals at the moment and capturing it again was nice. And incidentally, some readers here were saying it would not happen that Naruto could not win it. And now? What do you think? Was it fair? Even if Kushina has given a boost for the final blow? Or overpower the character will be too much? Alias is getting, I see no problem because the villains are also using overpower. I still find it impossible to beat Madara Naruto (which can not be Madara, must always remember that) only with brute force.

    My fear is that with this growth absurd, Kishimoto drop every other ninjinhas of Konoha, and at least to me, does not have a damned lack lutinhas more with them. Pow, Rock Lee, Neji, even Sakura. Could have a new round of fighting with them. But Naruto can not join the fun now, with so much power it has.

    Finally, the last discussion of the chapter. Kushina was jinchuuriki before Naruto. Well does not come as a total surprise to me, after the incident with the fox was never well explained, and it kind of fits with what she said in the previous chapter, she had a particular chakra. I’m kinda curious as to how rolled the baby seal and Naruto as the fox got out of Kushina, who probably died in the process. And who forced the release? Madara was not? Had some chapters ago he took the blame for the release of the Kyuubi. Geez, if Madara killed the mother of Naruto, from now on things will get even crazier!

    The next chapter should roll another flashback, and at that point, the ninja world war has taken so long to start, or that I have to rush it, now let it go the moment and go with the tide. The past seems to be becoming even more important to understand about the future. The new generation of ninjas pacando is seen by the sins of the past.

    Mr. TAC

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