「体育祭でもメイド様」 (Taiikusai demo Meido-sama)
“A Maid Even at The Sports Festival”

Sports festivals are the theme this week, with Seika Academy following suit of Umenomori Academy with their own take on it. I don’t see how placing all the girls on one team is supposed to balance things out between the gender disparity, but it doesn’t seem to hamper Misaki one bit. In fact, it even had the guys complaining about how she’s allowed to enter ever competition and steamroll them for all the prizes. (This was a particularly hot victory pose.) It just wasn’t fair… for all the guys that is. Subsequently, I loved how all their complaints were silenced by Misaki herself saying how she’s putting it all on the line out there. Even if they didn’t like being dominated by a girl who trained for this day carrying super heavy trays at work, no one in their right mind would argue against a demon. You’d have to be suicidal to take Misaki head-on unless you’re someone named Usui Takumi.

To make things interesting, one suicidal maniac named Gouda did emerge and try to win the obstacle course by playing dirty and bumping Misaki into the pool, but lo and behold Takumi actually takes part in a competition after overhearing Gouda’s plans to do whatever it takes to win the fabled kiss from Sakura prize. He saves his princess, steals first place, and even gives up the prize to Misaki for coming in second. However, in Takumi-like fashion, he wasn’t going to let it go without saying that he’s the kind to kiss rather than be kissed, much to everyone’s shock. Of course, we all know that as him having his way with Misaki’s lips whether she cares for it or not. He’s a bit of a take-charge kind of guy, which I’m sure some female viewers can appreciate. You know, the kind that likes to feel like they’re irresistible to their man.

Anyway, the latter half to this episode shifted to a costume race intended for the slower geekier crowd since it’s embarrassing and the prize is only a fancy pencil, but Misaki chose to take part yet again to save Shizuko from “the wolves”. As a result, all signs were pointing towards Misaki getting into another maid outfit that Ryuunosuke created as a gift for Misa-chan yet accidentally misplaced. Usui’s “let’s cosplay” line to urge Misaki on had my hopes up about seeing everyone’s reaction to her dazzling maid appearance, but one bump into Yukimura and a quick mix-up in the pitch-black changing room resulted in a very different result. With the way everything was focused on Misaki, I really wasn’t expecting Yukimura to get a bit of development in the last bit of this episode; however, we got just that as he took his first chance to participate in an event very seriously and was ridiculed by everyone for it.

Interestingly enough, Takumi cast it off as something that couldn’t be helped, but leave it up to Misaki to strip down and make her own costume so that the event looks cool. Usui’s wasn’t too bad either when he finally showed up. In any case, that was an unexpected bit of drama to be slipped in at the very end, and it looks like it’s going to be a recurring theme of sorts about Yukimura’s character in the upcoming episode. That’s slightly disturbing to say the least, especially when it looks like Naoya’s intent on becoming the stupid delinquent hero to save “her”. After all the entertaining sports festival antics we had this episode, we now have trap #2 in the series? More Misaki and less cross-dressing guys please! Actually, make that more Misa cosplaying because she looks good in just about anything.

Finally, judging by syoboi calendar‘s newly updated schedule, it looks like this series will in fact run for two-cours, namely 26 episodes. Pretty sweet that we’ll get to see Misaki x Takumi for another three months, especially with J.C. Staff in charge of the production for this adaptation.




    1. If it makes you feel any better, I was commenting on B Gata H Kei and when I refreshed the page, there were 3 new entries. And each of them already had comments. D: You guys are fast!!

    2. This is why you don’t respond with “Wo0t! First!” ever if you don’t want to look like a total tool. If you get first, great! If you don’t, it makes you look like you’re making an educated statement rather than a bad attempt at claiming victory for something that clearly doesn’t matter.

  1. lol
    I was just saying last week about how I haven’t seen the sports festival yet with the cosplay race and here it shows up xD
    Now just waiting on them to get to the hypnotist Kanou arc and then they can do the butler cafe!

  2. I know this is totally unrelated but… did you know there was some kinda Aniblog Tournament going on and Random Curiosity lost to some place called Listless Ink? wtf, man..? This place totally creampies that place. Not to mention it has better writers, coverage, website design, and it’s just the shizzle compared to– [insert more rant]

    *pouts* >:1

  3. As all friday’s nights I’m half drunk half asleep; but Misaki threw her bag at Usui and hit Hideyoshi clone, I mean Yukimura. Then the cos play bags got mixed up. But that’s a tiny detail the point is that they did get mixed up.

    Omg!!! 26 I can’t do it. I’ll die from stress: can Misaki hold that long against Usui?!!! I want him so bad … lol how can she do it, I want a romantic dinner and another kiss scene !!!! They make a great pair…. babies ftw!

    Island Esper
  4. First he gets kissed by the hottest guy in school, now he dons a maid uniform, and next week he’ll be crossdressing in a schoolgirl uniform. My word, it looks like Yukimura’s trap potential has truly been awakened. XD

    Kinny Riddle
  5. what?! 26 episodes???? i was expecting more. i hope a season 2 will come out though. 26 episode means they would skip all the kick ass parts… i hope they show usui’s past… 😀

  6. Sports episodes in comedies and romance series are used just to show how good the main characters are and how bad non-characters/stereotyped characters are. Typical, and lame. This episode did not disappoint in how bad it was.


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