「2年H組のクリスマス・イブ。あたしをベッドにつれてって❤」 (2-nen H-gumi no Kurisumasu Ibu. Atashi wo Beddo ni Tsuretette ❤)
“Second Year Class H’s Christmas Eve. Take Me to Bed ❤”

At last, the long-awaited consensual groping of a girl’s breast in anime! Keyword, consensual. For a second to last episode, Yamada sure got down to business with Kosuda — in Kanejou’s own home of all places too. Actually, make that in Kyouka’s own bed to really add insult to injury. After capturing Keiichi’s attention and not caring about him at all, Yamada unknowingly makes her rival’s bed the place to shack up with Kosuda. Talk about getting a Christmas present you would never want — bedsheets stained with other people’s bodily fluids. However, I can’t really say Kyouka didn’t deserve it when she invited the whole class to her Christmas Eve party at Keiichi’s suggestion and then plotted to show her brother what Yamada and Kosuda have going on so that he’d give up on her. She just wasn’t banking on getting that so vividly via all the spy cameras she has set up around the house, even though she couldn’t peel her eyes off of what was happening.


「金城さんがめてる!?限界ギリギリ「生」放送!」 (Kanejou-san ga Miteiru!? Genkai Girigiri ‘Nama’ Housou!)
“Kanejou is Watching!? The Utmost Limit of ‘Raw’ Broadcasting!”

To Kosuda’s credit, at least he figured that Kyouka might have surveillance cameras around and closed the bed curtains to prevent a Yamada sex tape from being made. The latter did end up baring “the goods” for Kosuda to fondle all he wanted after all. Yamada may have been the instigator in all of this, but watching her tremble in a nervous wreck actually had an air of innocence around her that was somewhat relieving to see. In other words, it’s nice to know she’s not a complete slut regardless of how much she comes off as one the rest of the time. Anyway, it doesn’t come as any surprise that they would get interrupted before getting to do the deed, but it was pretty damn funny watching Kyouka barge into the room a frantic mess and bringing Takeshita along because she was too scared to catch Yamada and Kosuda in the act alone.

Of all people to bail them out from being discovered hiding in the closet, we had Mayu coming out of Kyouka’s secret room dedicated to her brother. You can color me impressed if being an airhead and having no sense of direction can somehow land you into a secret room with a ton of locking mechanisms in place, because that is clearly no simple feat. In any case, there was a lot of quirky humor like that throughout this episode, but the best part was how things resulted in Yamada realizing that she doesn’t have to rush things with Kosuda. She’s still clearly after his cherry, but feels like she can actually take the time to enjoy what they have with a Christmas date tomorrow. Next episode is the series finale, which should move things even farther along between Yamada and Kosuda, though I think it’s safe to say we’re in store for another open-ended conclusion.




    1. You know, I don’t really like fanservice-y anime, but for some reason I wasn’t bothered by it at all in this series. I think because even if it’s dirty, it’s not gratuitous. (i.e. it’s part of a joke, not random panty shots)

    2. This show is surprisingly not that fanservicy. I mean, any time there is a moment you might consider fan service, it’s covered up by a huge block. Everything is pretty much played for laughs, and not for a…rise.

      1. Now that you’ve mentioned the Spring review, can I ask if there will be a summer review too? It would be great to read your impressions about the series before airing.

  1. I am amazed by the:
    – single minded (or one track mind?)Yamada
    – “perky virgin’ Misato (another Yamada in the making?)
    – “lost” Mayu finding hidden room

  2. 10 cookie points for Kosuda for the behind the back oppai grabbing technique. What he mess with me last chapter he gained double now. Unzipping a dress getting rid of Bra yay!!!! I agree Divine the sex won’t come next chapter either. I’ll be a happy camper if at least the end as steady couple with a moaning kiss to boot!!!

    Island Esper
  3. Ah finally, some good ol’ ecchi comedy that’s on par with what we’ve been treated with on kiss x sis lately. (Not that I’m complaining about this anime, it’s just that it was wandering away from its supposedly “ecchi” label and into the “cutesy romance” label. )

    Gotta love Kyouka’s horny desire (her voyeuristic cameras everywhere not withstanding) to want to watch Yamada and Kosuda get it on “live”, and yet she’s afraid to do so herself and thus brings Takeshita with her. lol

    Speaking of the “action”, first thing Yamada goes for is Kosuda’s zipper?

    And is that Kosuda’s “erogami” peering out from his zipper hole? XD

    Kinny Riddle
  4. It seems that to Divine, a girl who shows any sign of sexual assertiveness and/or eagerness = slut. I guess he (like a lot of men, apparently) prefers teary-eyed waifs with absolutely no self-esteem who protest during the entire process of getting their virgin cherries popped. After all, the nerve of daring to WANT sex! You’d never catch a man with that kind of attitude! Oh wait…

    1. I cannot speak for Divine. But I, personally, am all for a girl asserting her sexuality.

      But when it comes down to where she wants “100 f*ck buddies”, doesn’t that kind of make her sound like a slut?

      We all basically know that she is going to end up with Kosuda only, but her original plan of using Kosuda for his “cherry” then dumping him to sleep with a bunch of different guys kind of turns her from being confident with her sexuality.. to over-aggressive and loose.

      1. There’s a difference between thinking you want to do something, doing it. There are a lot of people in the world I would love to kill, but that doesn’t make me a murderer. As you say, we all know she won’t actually go through with that plan, so judging her on actions she’ll never take is ridiculous.

  5. And this is the first anime comedy in years where ecchi is a part of the joke and not reverse.

    I think in some parts where quite the same in some chapters, but is a good anime overall, specially when most of us didn’t give a damn about it. It’s refreshing.


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