「汗と涙のヴァレンタイン!山田より愛?を込めて」 (Ase to Namida no Varentain! Yamada yori Ai? wo Komete)
“A Valentine of Sweat and Tears! Love(?) From Yamada is Put Into It”

With the hilarious way Valentine’s Day and going nopan is portrayed in this series, I sometimes find myself second guessing if B Gata H Kei is really written by a woman — a married one with two kids at that. I guess this just goes to show how perverted some women are deep down inside despite how well they’re able to hide that fact. If not that, it exemplifies how well some women understand the stereotypical perverted male mindset that some men forever tarnished the image of all men with at some point. I know it might be hard to believe, but not all men are pigs who think with their penises, so it’s kind of sad how there’s an unwritten conception of that among the opposite sex. Because of that, watching Yamada and Kosuda with the typical gender-associated personalities and sex drives swapped around is always a breath of fresh air.

As Valentine’s Day is the time for girls to slave away preparing hand-made chocolates in Japan (guys get White Day), I got a good laugh out of Yamada finding the day a pain in the ass like a guy would and wondering why she isn’t the one receiving gifts. Things got more interesting when Mayu came back into the picture with her innocent and earnest feelings for Kosuda, which made Takeshita realize how much better of a girlfriend she would be than the sex-hungry Yamada. Unsurprisingly, Yamada couldn’t melt chocolate worth a damn and the sloppy-looking lumps she eventually put together paled in comparison to Mayu’s full-size cake.

It goes without saying that I would never eat anything in a suspicious-looking package that was stuffed into my mailbox, especially when the contents are home-made, which is why Kosuda earned some seriously well-deserved points for doing that when his fish couldn’t even stomach Yamada’s chocolate. Because of that, it kind of bugged me how Yamada was insensitive enough to leave him hanging for the entire day and never explicitly reveal that those were from her in the end, even when Kosuda suspected as much and said he ate them because he could sense that a lot of hard work went into making them. Really, she didn’t deserve to be treated that nicely after the anxiety she put him through (he didn’t even get obligatory chocolates from his mom), but at least a bit of the love-struck side of her dishonest personality started to surface. Still, I can’t help but feel bad for Mayu, whose feelings will forever remain an unrequited love.


「磨けエロパワー!こんな感覚、初めてなの…」 (Migake Ero Pawaa! Konna Kankaku, Hajimete na no…)
“Improve the Erotic Powers! It’s My First Time Feeling This Sensation…”

While it was nice to see Yamada slowly realize more of Kosuda’s good points (she’s rather dense herself), the latter half of the episode ended up being a lot funnier as she willingly went nopan to increase her erotic powers. I couldn’t help but wonder if female magazines actually suggest going out without underwear on to increase sex appeal, but even if they do, I really think they mean going bra-less before commando. The former can be still kind of decent yet arousing depending on the choice of clothing, but the latter is pretty damn risqué when you’re at school in a skirt of anime-standardized length. But hey, Yamada can do whatever floats her boat.

In any case, I did get a kick out of Yamada’s embarrassment over feeling like an exhibitionist and getting a sudden urge to touch herself in class. There’s just something eyebrow-raising about seeing a girl inadvertently turned on. Though not quite to the same fan-service degree, this scenario reminded me a lot of the Hatsukoi Limited DVD specials. Yamada didn’t upstage Saoko’s display there but she did provide the ultimate flash at the end, so it was pretty funny to see Kosuda surrounded by boxes of tissue afterward and going jogging to prevent himself from making use of them. Similarly, I got a good laugh when Yamada considered passing a law enforcing nopan to make women hornier and counter declining birth rates in Japan.

Next time, it looks like we’ll see the return of Kanejou Kyouka to stir things up between Yamada and Kosuda since Mayu isn’t putting up much of a fight lately. So far, it looks like having some competition is exactly what it’s going to take for Yamada to strive for something more than one night of hot virgin sex with Kosuda, so it should be fun seeing how she handles Kyouka when she already got pretty riled up during the beauty contest a couple of episodes back.




  1. This was an awesome episode. Again, I am glad I picked it up. Like I stated before, I was gonna ignore this one based on the premise, but watching these episodes is just too much fun! Divine, thanks for covering it.

  2. LOL as always. That entire Valentine’s day bit left me wishing Mayu somehow wins in the end. Gotta love the God of sex complaining that the first half of the episode Yamada wasn’t horny enough. Also it seems like a really bad idea for Kosuda to go jogging while thoughts of a no pantsu Yamada *pop* up =P

  3. @ Divine

    I think the author of the manga actually IS a woman… correct me if I’m wrong?

    Googled it and found out it’s by someone named Youko Sanri- sounds like a woman to me.. unless it’s a pen name…

  4. https://randomc.net/image/B%20Gata%20H%20Kei/B%20Gata%20H%20Kei%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2035.jpg


    I got flashed by a girl and I… J***ed. In my pants…

    If the rest of the male student population found out that Yamada was going commando, and Rule 34 was in effect… Apologies for taking a quote from a couple of vash12349’s Let’s Plays, but… B***h, it’s raep time…(Misspelling intentional.)

  5. I’m not sure if I plan on sticking with this one anymore. It’s funny, but feels a bit predictable in many ways. If I have the time, I’ll continue to squeeze this one in. (no pun intended)

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