「そんな!みんなの見てる前で…嫌いなんて言ってないじゃん…秋」 (Sonna! Minna no Miteru Mae de… Kirai Nante Ittenai Jan… Aki)
“No Way! In Front of Everyone to See… I Never Said I Hate You…”

If Kosuda’s last minute confession from a fleeting train wasn’t clear enough to Yamada, the one he screamed out at the top of his lungs in front of everyone in class sure as hell was. That’s right Yamada, you better tear up a bit because deep down inside those were the words you’ve been wanting to hear. I don’t even recall the last time I’ve seen a confession of that magnitude in an anime, but boy does Kosuda deserve props for manning up and doing that on the spot. It all started off as a meager popularity contest amongst the guys too, with the tie-break between Yamada and Kyouka resting on his vote. Given the rivalry those two have going on, I found it absolutely hilarious how both of them were eagerly awaiting Kosuda’s vote after he figured neither of them would really care. Talk about being caught in the middle of a cat fight, so what better way to break that tension than to scream your lungs out and confess to the girl you love? Go Kosuda!

It’s just a shame that all Yamada did there was tell him what a bother his public confession was, but I actually felt worse for Mayu who happened to stroll by and overhear it all. Regardless, that moment totally made up for all the lack of progress between Kosuda and Yamada leading up this point. With the confession crystal clear now, it was cute seeing how happy Yamada secretly is, even though she won’t care to admit she likes Kosuda and give him a favorable response. After some more advice from Takeshita, Yamada did sort of leave the door open for Kosuda by apologizing for avoiding him and saying she doesn’t hate him at the very least. Still, I felt bad for Kosuda when he started crying just before that, asking her to just tell him she hates him so that he can give up on her. Oddly enough, it was pretty funny to watch at the same time because she went all violent on him again right after, which only served to confuse poor Kosuda even more.

Thanks to Takeshita, all was not lost as she realized that the “I don’t hate you” line is more or less a sign of approval by Yamada and indication that she likes Kosuda in return. She also clearly spelled it all out for our sex-crazed virgin too, which made it all the better. A flustered girl in love is surprisingly a lot of fun to watch, especially when she overreacts and tries to kill herself from the shock of it all.


「体育祭にかけろ!好きにすればいいじゃん…秋」 (Taiikusai ni Kakero! Suki ni Sureba Iin Jan… Aki)
“Hold an Athletic Festival! Just Do Whatever You Like…”

As awesome as the first half of this episode was, the latter half continued to build on the awkwardness between Kosuda and Yamada during the school’s athletic festival. It’s not like those two need another obstacle to overcome when the biggest one lies within Yamada, but the arrival of Kyouka’s brother Keiichi will undoubtedly make things more interesting in the coming episodes. I got a good laugh out of the figurative camera representation of what Kosuda’s up against, though I don’t think he has to worry too much when Yamada more or less turned Keiichi down already. The bigger problem at the moment seems to be Kyouka in conjunction with her brother, as the preview indicates she’ll be focusing her jealousy on Kosuda while her brother continues to hit on Yamada. It’ll likely be a bumpy ride right after things started looking up for their potential relationship, but perhaps this is just the adversity Yamada needs to overcome that mental hurdle inside her where she refuses to accept she likes Kosuda. Things are heating up more and more following Kosuda’s confession and I’m enjoying it every step of the way. Special service!




  1. This seems to be a classic case of irony where a normal guy gets caught in the middle of 2 beauties slugging it out aswell as strange advantage over a superior love-rival…,Kosuda should grow some balls and protect his mate goddammit! but then again Yamada seems to only have eyes for Kosuda…,as for Yamada she should just brush aside Kyouka’s possible sneak attacks on Kosuda,she should know by now that he is devoted to her.

  2. I remember one similar huge confession, from Toradora – Kitamura to Kanou infront of the whole assembly. That guy was nuts! Anyhow, thanks for the blog as always ^^

  3. I liked the part where Yamada says she wants to play cowgirl while Kosuda just lays there. Then Takeshita telling her if she’d just shut up and laid on her back from the start… 😀

  4. It was nice to have a much happier feel to the episode this time around since last time left me feeling so sorry for poor Kosuda. The next episode definitely looks like it’ll be laugh too since Kanejou’s character seems more amusing now that her brother is actually around.

    It’s pretty impressive how nicely the photography theme works its way throughout the series both as amusing snapshots (Mayu’s thoughts of Kosuda confessing) and the reiterated camera innuendo. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it for a romance comedy initially but they’ve used it well.

  5. Ahh, I really liked the insert song in the 2nd half of the episode xD
    B Gata H Kei~~ :]

    And yeah, that the camera symbolism was clever. xDD

    Oh and you know, if you’ve watched B Gata H Kei subbed by Coalguys, it’s even funnier.


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