「金城家の一族。セレブな兄のキラキラな秘密!」 (Kanejou-ke no Ichizoku. Serebu na Ani no Kirakira na Himitsu!)
“The Kanejou Family. The Celebrity Brother’s Dazzling Secret!”

All that was needed was a wrench in the works to mess up Yamada’s cherry snatching plans, but the arrival of Keiichi spiced things up way more than I was anticipating. Enter the good-looking virgin. While it doesn’t come as a surprise that Kosuda feels pressed up against a wall in the face of the competition — especially when Keiichi is quick to conclude it’s an unrequited love before asking if he can make a move on his girl — Yamada herself is pretty conflicted about Kyouka’s brother now. Her inner reaction to the big revelation that he’s the ideal good-looking and inexperienced guy she’s been searching for was hilariously vocalized by the other female customers in the cafe. What’s even better was seeing her get so frustrated about how he’s probably had plenty of “options” ever since he was a kid and even more now, leaving Yamada thinking she would’ve slept with thousands already if she were in his shoes.

Of course, she couldn’t actually say that regardless of how much she wanted to, so it’s nice to know she has some decency left in her sex-starved body. It’s just a shame that Kosuda’s date with Yamada was ruined not by bumping into Keiichi, but by god damn Misato who was wondering why the two of them were together. In light of them both just simply parting ways out of embarrassment, it was nice to see Takeshita give Yamada a good scolding for thinking about jumping ship to Keiichi now. It was awesome watching Yamada get it drilled into that thick skull of hers that what started off as cherry snatching is now love, causing her internal “Yamada Breaker” to blow its fuse. However, this is Yamada we’re talking about after all, so it was pretty evident that all of Takeshita’s preaching alone will never be enough. This is where the beauty of Kyouka’s involvement comes in.


「恋する途中?私の男(コスダ)に手を出すな!!」 (Koi Suru Tochuu? Watashi no Otoko (Kosuda) ni Te wo Dasu na!!)
“Falling in Love? Don’t Lay a Hand on My Man (Kosuda)!!”

Remember that school queen rivalry they had going on four episodes ago that never coming to fruition? Well I was wondering the same thing since it had awesome build-up one episode yet became a quick afterthought in the very next one. Well it turns out what was needed was a circular chain reaction to happen once Kyouka learned that Keiichi confessed to a girl for the very first time — and to Yamada no less. I got a good laugh out of how the shock of that left her bedridden for three days, only to have Keiichi come by to tell her that it wasn’t a dream and put her out for a good four more. That was good for some cheap laughs, while Kyouka finally going on the offense to prey on Kosuda and snatch him from Yamada led to more hilarious results.

Yamada’s reaction and perception of her as more or less a slut naturally prompted the “you’re one to talk” thought, but her secret Yamada lip reading technique that completely misread Kyouka saying she’ll do “this and that” to Kosuda was a serious laugh-out-loud moment. So were Kyouka’s attempts to seduce Kosuda after inviting him over when she was worried he might rape her at the same time. Learning that her maid Ichihara had veteran techniques was pretty funny/scary too, though we didn’t get to see any of them after Yamada scaled god knows how many floors up to a window in order to take her Kosuda back. Comedy aside, Kosuda and Yamada’s relationship made some pretty decent strides thanks to the Kanejou siblings this time around, but I still felt bad for Miyano whom both Kyouka and Kosuda went to for information/love advice. Poor Mayu.

* P.S. It looks like everyone has an Erogami of their own.




  1. Poor Mayu indeed.
    I always feel like her character wasn’t developped enough in the series, but then again maybe it’s better that way because I don’t think I could bear seeing her Kosuda stolen from her.

    1. It was the ending. And it’ll be interesting too to see some “background info” on why they look like that (moustached Yamada, Kosuda from the early years of the Meiji restoration, magical girl Mayu, etc.)

  2. seems to me there has been an increase in the amount of flesh so much that im seeing these cover up marks a lot more and that only means one thing-the dvds are going to sell really well

  3. The first part almost killed me. I can understand how Kosuda is scared/timid to make a move on Yamada; but to sit there while another guy tells him that he’s going to snatch his girl?! Where are his huevos? I had a terrible Kampfer flashback. He doesn’t deserve a girl at all hope he dies hyakunin times. The second part was better. I like how he froze after Kyouka advances and Yamada kidnapping her man to save him was pure fun. If Kosuda punch Keiichi only once I’ll happy with the series. I’m still sick of his cowardice in front of the competition.

    Island Esper
    1. For a typical leads like Kosuda, getting the balls to confess at the train station, in front of the classmates, AND earnestly trying to advance his hopeless romance, is as gutsy as they come, if there’s anyone you should feel sorry for, it should be Kosuda.

      You’ll probably be waiting for another hundred years to see a brave demonstration of love like Kosuda’s in typical rom-coms like this ever again. : P

    2. Well I measure my heroes using Usui as a example. lol Big expectations. Again I don’t mind him be timid with Yamada or any of the girls. Hell when I’m with a woman that really interest me as a person I measure my steps to not screw it up so being timid/cautious ain’t bad per se. What threw me off is that it was another guy that put him down. Guess I’m a bad example but I’ll never pass a woman to another guy just like that. Even if I lose I’ll do like the mouse: “if I can’t eat it, will piss on it so no one can have it”.

      Island Esper
      1. Personally, I believe that if you don’t have the balls to stand up for the girl you love, you don’t deserve her!

        I don’t mind if a guy comes up and tells my date he likes her, but that’s because I’m letting him do it! I know she’s head over heels for me already and the next guy that comes along to ‘confess’ to her will end up on the “Some guy I ran into today” file in her memory. Whereas I’ll be in the “I’m completely down with him taking me to the bedroom with a can of whip cream, three railroad spikes, a sledge hammer, and a car battery!” file.

        However, it really does pain me to see how Kosuda just can’t man the F**K up. Seriously, if you’re to damn afraid of losing her by being honest, don’t be surprise if some guy takes her away. I’m half rooting for hot-virgin, because I feel more of a personal connection to him – that and fact that I would actually go up to a couple and tell the girl I think she’s hot ^_^.

  4. Hey, Usui is your typical over-the-top shoujo-manga ikemen, i.e. doesn’t exist IRL. So it’s unfair to compare him to Kosuda.

    At least Kosuda comes off as believable.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Reply acknowledged 🙂

      It’s just bad luck for Kosuda to appear in the same season where Usui is unleashing all his goodness. I don’t dislike Kosuda. It was the scene as a whole. Try to put that crap to the likes of Okazaki Tomoya or Ayase Yuto (not a favorite of mine) either one will have done something in that situation. I think even Sakurai Tomoki will have pulled his pants down and put Kosude in his place. Lol maybe I should canalize my hate to the source (Kosude) and not the victim (Kosuda)…

      Island Esper
  5. OK, this one is a real standalone reply. 🙂

    Poor Mayu. She always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to Kosuda. Though gotta lol at her erogami (whose fairy appearance looks more innocent than she appears) for insinuating she should use this “consulting” opportunity to get close to Kosuda.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. Indeed Mayu’s erogami is sooo cute… though Mayu shall be oh-so-tropperific “unlucky childhood friend”, I fear.
    Kyouka trying to seduce Kosuda was hilarious as well, (and her “oujosama erogami” too…), and Yamada scaling The Tower of the Twins (TM) to steal Kosuda back shows just how much REALLY she is in love with him.
    Ah and last butnot least, schoolboys discussing grils and female teachers was pure highschool RL, and I lol-ed at their vision of Misato getting H, only to be dismissed as “not going to happen, folks!”


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