「金城さんが来る!あのキラキラが許せない!」 (Kanejou-san ga Kuru! Ano Kirakira ga Yurusenai!)
“Kanejou Arrives! That Dazzle is Unforgivable!”

Six episodes later and a full year has already passed by. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that Yamada is still as much of a virgin as she was four seasons ago. Humorously enough, things started off almost the same way with her so-called great plan of having a hundred casual sex partners. The difference this time around though is that Chika is here to steal the attention of all the fresh blood. As things got underway with the reappearance of Kanejou Kyouka, I have to say I loved Yamada’s breaking the fourth wall joke about how “finish off quickly” doesn’t mean she’s going to make Kosuda come in a matter of seconds. Takeshita questioning who the hell she’s talking to followed up by her quickly agreeing that Kosuda probably ejaculates prematurely was pretty money. Likewise when Yamada mistakenly believes that Kyouka’s charm has attracted Kosuda’s attention and starts looking online for weapons she can buy.

Seeing as Kyouka just returned home to Japan after spending some time in the United States, I thought her “perapera” lines in English class were a pretty cheesy way of avoiding some “Engrish”, even though they were meant to be a gag or sorts by having her say “fluent” over and over again. I did however get a good laugh out of how prejudice Yamada had about the U.S. being a sex-ridden country, before realizing how jealous she is with a “Route 69” street sign in the background. With Kyouka putting up a facade to get back at Yamada for disgracing her at last year’s culture festival beauty pageant, this episode made me realize how awesome it is to have Yamada pitted against someone who’s very much like her when it comes to having more than a few screws loose. One of the big pluses is that it sets her up for some really funny remarks from Takeshita. Another is that it has Yamada worrying about Kosuda getting seduced by Kyouka, which ends up becoming the terms on the battle over the title of school queen.


「バラ色の笑顔の裏に……金城の黒い秘密!!」 (Bara-iro no Egao no Ura ni…… Kanejou no Kuroi Himitsu!!)
“Underneath That Rose-colored Smile… is Kanejou’s Dark Secret!!”

So in addition to sharing the same evil laugh, Kyouka’s messed up thing turns out to be her completely over-the-top brother complex. Given how the box stashes away with her panty collection contains a switch to open the secret room with tons of merchandise of her older brother Keiichi (Maeno Tomoaki), Yamada’s belief that a dildo was inside is easily the more acceptable out of the two. A girl who likes to masturbate? “So what else is new?” A girl who is deeply in love with her older brother? “…” So yeah, it’s much more normal when a girl likes to touch herself over her brother. In any case, I think it’s safe to say that both her and Yamada have some sort of sickness. They don’t have the same one, but it’s pretty severe in both cases. Much like it’s proven already, when you meet crazy head-on with crazy, it leads to some hilarious and potentially lesbian results. Because of that, I can’t wait to see what happens when their showdown over school queen picks up with Kosuda as the victim of two beautiful girls trying to get into his pants. This episode was already a lot of fun, so I can only imagine where things will go from here.




  1. Hmm a whole episode introducing the princess character. God i hate princesses. Also no echi interaction between kousada and whomever. Oh well at least they introduced the little sister into the school. Pretty interesting to see how much of her sisters personality rubbed of on her.

  2. Kyouka’s narcissism reminds me of Ami from Toradora, while her sparkles, which seem to orbit around her at all times, makes me think of Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist for obvious reasons. lol

    Thank goodness Kyouka turns out to be a vain narcissist just like Yamada, probably even worst with her dakimakura of her brother. Turns out we’ll have a competition between who’s the bigger queen bitch after all. 🙂

    Miyu’s more my type of girl actually, though I concede she’s no match for Yamada in that department. Though Chika is also a potential dark horse, already stealing all the potential first year suitors from her sister upon entering high school with her invincible loli-charm.

    Gotta lol at the use of jibberish in lieu of bad Engrish, both for comedic effect and for cost saving in having to hire someone who can even speak proper “Engrish”.

    Also lol at the over-the-top stereotype of “Kikokushijos” (repatriate Japanese children) being superior in EVERYTHING.


    Kinny Riddle
  3. Maybe,Kousuda is destined to be one of the biggest “dark horse” pimps in anime history with all that is happening around him,Yamada offering herself to him on silver plate,Miyano secretly inlove with him,now comes Kanejou who might use Kousuda to try and take down Yamada even with her brother-complex aside.

  4. A clash of egos comparable to Hitler vs Stalin… With school as the battlefield and Kosuda unknowingly a crucial objective. I can imagine Kyouka setting her spies to find Yamadas boyfriend and finding nothing, because Yamada doesnt treat Kosuda like one. This of course will make Kyouka even more paranoid…
    Most funny series this eason, definitely.

  5. “A girl who likes to masturbate? ‘So what else is new?’ A girl who is deeply in love with her older brother? ‘…'”

    By now you should be used to it Divine.

  6. “I’ll strip you of everything you care about, including your fame and your friends.” – Kyouka

    I thought she was gonna strip Yamada of something else in that scene, if you know what I mean… Wait…

    Oh holy *bleep*!

    “I don’t swing that way!” – Yamada

    Well, I do know her alternate dimension counterpart (*cough*voice actor joke*cough*) who is known to “befriend” through superior firepower swings that way…

    For some reason, Kyouka’s laugh wasn’t that irritating to me. I mean, for a noblewoman’s laugh it could use a little more relish like Naga from Slayers or Lunar from Seto No Hanayome, but at least it makes for great moments of funny when she suddenly reverts to her “demure” side once her maid tells her that the tea is ready.


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