「夢喰いメリー」 (Yumekui Merī)
“Dreameater Merry”

“Why do you care? Why do you want to help me? Why am I so important to you?” Why oh why indeed. I know, how about, “because if I don’t, there would be no story!” This works also, “because you’re a girl!” Or “because my powers happen to help your goal, so why can’t you just understand and stop being so effin’ tsundere?” Yeah. That works.

I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that Yamauchi Shigeyasu picked a show that had a plot structure eerily similar to Casshern Sins. Both shows follow an episodic structure, with each additional conflict pushing character development until the characters are ripe for the final arc. There’s no problem with this, but there is a problem with the impact of things. This episode tried to go for that, “fell in love with the monster” twist, showing the “our side of the story” for the Dream Demons, which typically comes a bit later. Too bad none of it really worked.

Do I care about the president who was just introduced now? No, and I don’t care for her love either. I first thought it was a problem with time, but twenty minutes is a universe of time to tell a story, even a deep and thought provoking one. Go see Pale Cocoon for proof. Now Chris, he’s much more interesting. He’s more ambiguous in his intentions than the previous demons, and he poses the thought, what is Merry actually doing when slapping the demons into oblivion? And why does she even possess such a power to do so for that matter? Does she really send them back, or is she just unknowingly destroying their existence? The morbid reality seems more fitting for the show.

So Rayman-kun got owned, got slapped while he was getting owned, and ended up with a smile. But that’s okay! President is happy still. What kind of shallow cliche “moral of the story” was that? The whole deal was just so.. simple. It felt more like the last ten minutes of a two episode arc. The emotions just didn’t work for me, and I believe it’s far more likely of a poor execution (or writing) than me not being easily “moved.”

There’s also Isana talking to that transfer student, who didn’t reveal anything except that, “you shouldn’t get to know me because I’m not worth your time.” And that she can disappear at train stations. Great, another one of those (she’s a filler character too). I dove into this series hoping for something pretty complex, but when you really take a look at it, it’s all just pseudo deep. Preaching about dreams and hopes, love, and the human condition? Why don’t you show me some scenes where I actually feel these values shine through the characters, rather than feeling like you plagiarized it out of a general psychology book, and then we’ll talk. The slow pacing doesn’t help either. Try harder next week Merry, because even your new-found maid fuku couldn’t save you today.




  1. I did like this episode. I don’t really analyze the plot and the characters… In fact, I don’t think this anime is trying to be deep or anything. It’s just following the basic concept of “monster of the day” and they try to do something different each episode to not be so repetitive (this time it was about the club president, for example), and that’s all. I don’t expect more than that for this show.

    1. While your reasoning makes sense in other genres such as harems or comedies (even shounen), Merry is neither of those. It doesn’t have an excuse to “just be simple” and not attempt to make itself stand out from the crowd of other boy meets girl adventure series. Like Nayrael said, the novel is targeted towards the seinen demographic (the 17 to 30+ age category), and that’s why I expected something far more satisfying than what’s been shown up till now.

  2. The “Monster of the Day” is a common used device when a story of this style starts. No doubt later it will be more complex (seeing as it is targeted at Seinen audience that is quite likely to happen), tough I doubt the anime will ever animate the later parts of the story.

  3. I really enjoyed the music they played throughout the episode. Especially in the beginning. That childlike curiosity that it aroused in me was very pleasing. :] Merry’s blushing was gorgeous too~ <3

    On a sidenote, I want to mention that I was not a big fan of today's review. I didn't take a liking to the negativity it gave off. One reason I love Divine's writing so much is because he's always leaving you with a positive feeling after the read (No matter how badly he thinks of the show). He's been doing it much longer obviously but that's something about his writing that I admire and also the reason I don't read other Anime blogs. Keep up the work, though. We appreciate it. :]

      1. Disagreeing with the review in general, I third Shirt’s comment about the review itself. There are plenty of ways to show your negative opinion without being overly negative.

    1. There’s so many ways I want to reply to this, but some are just too “negative.”
      I do understand your point, and while my harshness towards the show isn’t necessary to come out in writing no matter how true I hold them, damned if I don’t because they’re my own opinions. This episode just called for it in my mind, and I didn’t feel like holding back this time (and you didn’t even see the first draft).
      Also, in your negative critique, I didn’t see any positive ones. You basically told me, “Stop doing this, this is someone that’s doing it better, be more like that person.” Yeah, I think all my work so far was worthless too. Thanks for the feedback, though. I appreciate it. >_>

      1. I, for one, would honestly like to thank you for being harsher with your criticism here. While I have come to rely on RC for more generic summaries and blogs like THAT for in depth criticism, it’s nice to see shows not receiving a pass here regardless of the quality of the episodes.

    2. Ahh, well sorry for not being as well-rounded a writer as you. If I were going to bash on your writing, I’d first have to be a better writer. That, I am not. Do your thing, Kiiragi. I was just letting you know how one of you many readers feels about “today’s” topic, is all. People in general don’t like hearing ignorant things like what I had to say. So I apologize if my comment bothered you on a personal level. That surely wasn’t my intention. I’m not trying to troll n’ be sarcastic, man.

      (Not the greatest at using the English language to voice opinions.) Otherwise I’d start project: Wannabe a Blogger.


  4. Good deeds need not have reasoning behind them (see the typical hero-type protagonist)

    Evil actions are always being justified by those who commit them (see villains in general)

  5. I’m on the same page as Kiiragi regarding this ep. The first three kept me fairly entertained and looking forward to what the series would tackle, but this one was just full of disappointment for me.

    Its at the point where its going to need to do something to save itself from becoming just another generic of the season. Given the preview I’ll hope for a strong next episode that will change up the pace.

  6. Well I see your point about how this show isn’t too deep, but I don’t hate it yet. This is one of the few animes where I don’t hate at least one character. Also to note, doesn’t Isana Tachibana seem like a yandere. She has that look that she’s gonna go crazy at some point, it’s in her eyes. Since I didn’t read the manga, you guys can prove me wrong.

  7. Mmmmn…. Overall a “cute” episode, developing the world a slow step at a time, and no faster. Everything feels like we’ve seen it before. It’s certain that this show has failed to join the ranks of the other outstanding shows we have this season. I guess we hoped for more than we’re getting :/. A shame, this show has an interesting concept and could probably employ some downright amazing storytelling. *sigh* Wake me when gosick comes out this week. -That- will be worth watching ^_^. z_z~~.

  8. Personally I also dislike this part in the manga. However, have you read the recent chapters that was released? It’s getting better and better! I can’t wait till that part now since everything after this arc is more interesting.

  9. I agree with Kiiragi on all his points. I still like how its pretty to watch, and the MC is a badass with his one-liners, (obviously an influence from Isana’s GARR dad. :P)

    However, I swear that even Shakugan no shana has had a more coherent plot than Yumekui Merry so far…and that doesn’t sit well for me for some reason. feels like a filler episode too early in, when they should be pondering over the ‘chaser’ guy from ep1., the random angel chick from last episode’s ending, and the transfer student…

    Nevermind that the little girl from last episodes fight is non existent at the moment.

  10. I too have to agree with Kiiragi on this one. They way they have introduced many of the characters thus far, and general pacing of the show leave much to be desired. I am by no means saying that I dislike the show, nor am I going to stop watching- I only hope things will pick up from here onward.

  11. I pretty much agree with Kiiragi too, I like the show but I’m starting to get disappointed now. I liked this episode a bit much than the third one though, at least there was some action this time in the fight. With the appearance of the angel next episode I hope it’ll be better.

  12. I personally think that Yumekui Merry is going to be epic, and even though this one episode seems to be a flop, what about looking forward to the next one? It does look a lot more interesting now that we’ve caught a glimpse of that girl with triangular pupils. And if this episode was a chapter in the manga, well there’s nothing that nothing that could have been done. They had to include whether they wanted to or not.

  13. This is where I’m going to agree with the people who follow the manga, and this went against my don’t-read-the-manga-for-the-shows-I’m-currently-watching rule, but, this episode was like the manga chapter it was based on; a disappointment. Now next week is the one to wait for. The manga has gotten really good, or just good, depends on your tastes. So hopefully the show follows suit.

    As for the club president, she’s been there since the beginning but we haven’t had time with her so that’s what I guess Kiiragi meant when he said we don’t care about her.

    The problem with YM right now is that… it doesn’t really have a plot, yet. Next week should kick start the actual story-story.

    As for Merry… Show Spoiler ▼

  14. Good episode; saw Merry decide to follow a path, with a fairly easy nightmare of the week to get her comfortable in it. Enjoyed the animation in it – the individual shots were quite creative, with nice use of music.

  15. Well, yay for a nightmare of the week! …or maybe not? He was sorta Noble Demon type, not really hostile towards its host. Still he was possessing her which is rather abusive.
    I am afraid one-shot characters will abound in this series due to dreams needing a host.
    Pity because I really grew fond of the meganekko club chairman girl in the short time.
    Other than that Splendid Tachibana’s Oldman shines again, giving short witty advice and great uniform for Merry 😛
    Ah and I feel there is more to Merry than meets the eye. What is she exactly? a someones dream? a dream lost in a reality – without a host? A dream that has a dream of returning to the dream world? Hope the next episode will give some answers.
    also it occurs to me, the ultimate setup can be to have Merry to find a way to return, but have to decide if she will leave Yumeji that she obviously will fall in love with?
    Yep, she is showimg more and more dere.

    1. What I found interesting is how quick they were to oust him completely. So far the only thing the nightmare did wrong by the Prez was not explain things properly when he possessed her. And, as we have been shown, there are examples of benevolent possession.

      However, just because our protagonist was slightly pissed at Prez being ‘stood up’, he decided that the Nightmare was an evil bastard that should be whipped. Without really getting the chance to make amends. Kind of overzealous if you ask me, which I love. It creates some fundamental character flaws in our protagonists which I hope will be explored further.


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