I wonder if Connor loses weight from using his appetite to power those heart mines, because that would be pretty handy.

「帰りたい場所」 (Kaeritai Basho)
“The Place I Want to Return To”

I don’t know how Noir could walk away from Sylvette after recovering his memories, but the way he simply thanked her for understanding and left her with a goodbye hug did get me a little choked up. The most painful part to watch was how Sylvette was doing everything she could to hold back her tears before they eventually came pouring out. The scene made it feel like it would be the last time they’d see one another again, at least as far as this sequel is concerned. See below.


How can you just walk away from her Noir? Gauche!!!

It’s not obvious whatsoever, but Moc and Connor are both voiced by Suganuma Hisayoshi.

Garrard has so many opportunities to kill Lag but never does, so it’s hard to take his threats seriously.

While it’s hard to overlook the fact that Garrard never kills anyone despite all the chances he has, this is the first time I recall him showing some real feelings of disdain towards the Amberground government. As a Bee who earned the right to work in the capital, it’s as if he was completely disillusioned about his earnest desire to deliver letters after he arrived. From what I gather, the whole letter delivery idea is to increase the emotions in people throughout the world, all for the sake of sacrificing them to the artificial sun at some point.

If that’s the case, I can understand why Garrard is with Reverse now, even though I don’t agree with the organization’s radical plans. Anyone who’s been unknowingly a tool for some dark scheme would probably be pretty upset if they believed they were doing some good in the world. I just wonder how someone as innocent as Lag would have reacted. My guess is that his innocence would be shattered and he’d be at a completely lost.


I imagine Thunderland’s sheltering the victims, though it looked like he had other plans in store.

At first, I thought Thunderland was secretly working for Reverse when I saw him come by to get Roda and the others, and I’m admittedly still on the fence about where his loyalties lie even now. They sure played him up as a potential bad guy, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt under the assumption that he was trying to save those who were victims of human experimentation, much like himself. As big of a twist at it would be to learn otherwise, I just can’t picture him and Hunt planning this from the very beginning. Instead, it may be that he plans to reveal the atrocities to Aria and have all the Tegami Bachi turn against the government. Now that I would like to see.


It wasn’t against Cabernet like I was thinking, but Noir did show up to lend a hand.

Question is, will his heart fragments reveal anything about his true feelings?

If there’s one character that I can’t see remaining Lag’s enemy forever, it would be Noir. It’s probably safe to assume that he won’t be returning to Reverse or the government, but if something does happen back at Yuusari, I can see him taking part in their efforts. Even after all that’s happened, I imagine he still wants the conspiracies going on in Akatsuki stopped, just without sacrificing the very victims he’s trying to protect. Roda is amongst them now, so if Thunderland does save her deteriorating arms, it may be enough to make him hear them out. I’m just wary about how there’s only three episodes left, which means this series will likely need another season before anything major is addressed.



It looks like we’re taking another trip down memory lane. I wonder if it’s about Gauche’s time in Akatsuki and the dark secrets he uncovered there.


  1. Okay a few words to say:
    -Connor’s landmine didn’t do anything.
    -At least Noir was honest with Sylvette. Their scene was touching, it brought a tear to my eyes. For now, Noir is assured to have a home to return to. I hope he comes back either way.
    -Dr. Thunderland is a (dark) hero.
    -Noir to the rescue. Yay! Going back to Gauche’s letter bee days – looking forward to that.

    1. His landmines were only meant to unearth the Cabernet from underground, not do any specific damage. Actually, I wonder HOW he can attack ANY gaichuu with such a crappy shindan power.

  2. No mention of Lag’s past or his mom either. This story is a LONG way from being over. The anime and manga are pretty close so I doubt we will see a season 3 any time soon (if ever).

    The lack of responses show that the series is probably not doing well so no season 3. Which is a shame because overall its a good series.

  3. Definitely looking forward to see Gauche instead of Noir all the time. I mean Gauche is the one that everyone wants back… I’m quite sure that as of reverse’s betrayel even Roda would be happy with Gauche. Would be a real sweet ending to have Gauche back with Roda getting the love of a family with Sylvette and Lag.

  4. Do you need to watch tegami bachi prior to watching reverse to understand it? If not, would you guys recommend that i do so anyways before watching reverse? Thanks for the input.

      1. You should watch it to understand the storyline and familiarize yourself with the characters. It will also reveal why Lag wanted to become a Letter Bee in the first place and establish the villains of the storyline. Some side characters also carry on from last season (i.e. Hunt).
        But you probably could skip a lot of the first season as it just shows their adventures of delivering letters and developing friendships/enemies.

  5. good but Frustrating episode, could everybody possibly be more vague in their intentions? and the dude with the pistol…oh please ,you know your not seriously trying to kill him Ex: slow luxurious reloads, generic bad guy banter, dead shot only when sure to be blocked..nigga please…only three eps left huh?..heres hoping

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. The Noir/Sylvette moment was touching =03. I did get a feeling that Noir would somehow become the sacrificial hero or something because of it. Honestly, I really like Noir/Roda combination, but a part of me wants to see Noir be killed off. I feel that Lag’s just TOO focused on bringing Gauche back, and I want him to focus on other things instead. Hopefully, he’ll get a similar position as Sylvette and simply let Noir do his thing, knowing that he will always have a home to come back to.

    Nevertheless, great episode =03. I guess the season’s going to end with the defeat of the Cabernet.

  7. This weeks manga had quite a shocker (even tho I guessed it already). Don’t Look If You Don’t Want It Spoiled Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. actually … Show Spoiler ▼


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