OP2.5 Sequence

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OP2: 「約束」 (Yakusoku) by スガシカオ (Suga Shikao)

Voiced by Sakurai Takahiro, the new Marauder Jeel might have a somewhat significant role.

「喪われた心弾」 (Ushinawareta Shindan)
“Lost Heart Bullet”

Surprisingly, there was an updated opening sequence this episode, though it would probably more correct to call it the actual second opening sequence since the other one was a collage of scenes shown before. Along the same lines, this new one doesn’t really foreshadow what we’re in store for in the upcoming episodes, but it’s oh so pretty to watch. It gives off a surreal feel with all the green heart fragments taking the place of the snow after Lag fires his shindan, and provides an interesting contrast to the story itself that’s become a lot darker lately.

I attribute that primarily to the glimpses into human experimentation, such as at the research facility ridden with corpses seen this episode. While I still don’t find the Amberground conspiracies all that creepy or disturbing since the depictions aren’t as graphic as they probably could have been, the implications behind it and the twisted artificial sun do give off that darker feel.


Human experimentation gone awry and tossed aside like they aren’t even human. Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty big conspiracy to keep the artificial sun lit.

This is the first time I recall Noir being semi-startled by something.

Until Noir fires a shindan, it’s anyone’s guess if he’s purposely hiding his true feelings.

I guess this is Reverse’s form of justice in the world — saving failed experiments like Roda.

Zazie’s got his work cut out for him against Jeel.

There wasn’t much in the way of actual progress to the overall story, but Zazie’s fight with Jeel is one of the better ones I’ve seen in this series. It’s probably the first time a character’s been absolutely pounded upon too, as Zazie got bloodied up pretty nicely while he was on the ground. Had Jeel not been as composed and rational as he was, he would’ve easily been the closest thing to an ultimate antagonist. Watching those two go at it was the highlight of the entire episode, and the conclusion to their fight with Zazie varying the source of power behind his shindan will be the thing to watch for next time.


Even Noir and Roda didn’t leave Zazie this bloodied up. There’s no holding back for Jeel it seems.

Hmm, what to do against an opponent whose hatred is stronger than your own, rendering your shindan useless? That’s for Zazie to figure out next time.

A wavering heart or a heart that’s being wavered?

As for Lag, the sudden loss of his own shindan quickly answered my question on what the episode title was in reference to. However, it felt rather abrupt for him to lose it when he didn’t seem emotionally unstable after Gauche showed his supposed true colors, so I wasn’t really buying into Lawrence’s explanation that he’s begun doubting the government he works for. Whatever the case, I haven’t ruled out the possibility that Lawrence might be playing mind games with Lag, especially when he’s young, innocent, and far too trusting. At this point, I’m just wondering if it’ll affect Lag for some time or if he’ll regain his ability the very next episode. I’m hoping for the latter, given how unnatural it was for him to lose it in the first place.



Cabernet is within their reach to destroy, but it looks like both Lag and Zazie have their hands full.


  1. I’m really excited to see what path thi story takes as we are shown the two sides. The government and their experiments are wrong, but reverse’s plans to usurp the government through terrorism and pottentially murder through the giant dragonlfy is another matter. I just hope that at the end of the series, they get rid of the giat eye in the sky and return the land to it’s former glory in the memories of the spirit amber.

  2. I think the anime and manga are taking 2 different paths but I bet they will end up at the same destination. Just in a different sequence of events.

    And I still love the ED. Its so cute the way Lag, Niche, and Steak move. Very much reminds me of an old SNES game. Looking forward to when the song is released in full size MP3 format.

  3. While the anime has diverted from the manga a little bit, I love how the fight between Zazie and Jeel was handled. Very nicely done, but I admit, a bloodied up Zazie is really painful to look at ;w; I’d like to think Lawrence is playing mindgames with Lag like you said and hopefully, Lag will be back properly next week!

  4. Mmm, that new OP is delicious. My disappointment at the old one full of recaps has vanished now that I know it was just until they could show us THIS.

    While the series never exactly reaches a “creepy” level when you’re watching it, the ideas themselves are surprisingly quite macabre. The research plant visit mixed with watching Zaji fight (the athletic way he darts around and fights is a lot more interesting for me than watching any of Lag’s fights) made for a really great episode this week. I can’t wait to see the tail end of it all, and how Lag overcomes his doubt.

  5. Hmm? I didn’t want to pick up Tegami Bachi because I already read the manga, but since it’s taking a different storyline I might check it out… Thanks for always doing posts on Tegami Bachi! Excellent post as always~


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