「廃倉庫には謎の幽霊がいる」 (Haisōko ni wa Nazo no Yūrei ga Iru)
“A Mysterious Ghost Is in the Abandoned Warehouse”

Kujou, I believe the word you’re looking for is fabulous. Grevil has lost his fabulous.

In a rather unconventional way to tie things up, the Avril Bradley arc, or should I say the Kuiaran Arc, ends here. Basically, the book “Avril” found in the tomb was a holder for an expensive stamp that was stolen by Maxim, the first Kuiaran. Fake Avril is the descendant of the first Kuiaran, who was nicknamed “The Shinigami who came in the Spring.” This explains Kujou’s nickname, apparently just because he transferred in during the Spring. Only a school full of mystery lovers would do that, really. Anyway, the stamp was stolen from the real Avril’s grandfather, the story fake Avril told to Kujou last episode. Fake Avril must have mimicked the story due to having met real Avril on the train and engaging her in conversation. Although it’s not mentioned, I believe fake Avril has been stalking real Avril for some time. It’s funny how both girls are just trying to retrieve what their elders have left them, and coincidentally, both have blond hair.

There’s also the Golden Fairy story interweaved, taking root from the book the postcard was hidden in, and it makes Kujou question whether or not Victorique is real. This is funny because a similar thing just happened in Star Driver, but I found it a bit meaningless. There’s no way she could be fake at this point, and it was basically just there so Kujou could show how much he cares for her again. Well, I guess there’s also that metaphoric stuff with Victorique just needing someone to “be by her side,” the “real” meaning of the Golden Fairy’s soul requirement. Some loose ends aren’t really touched upon such as fake Avril’s conclusion, Grevil’s loss of fabulousness, and Maxim’s relationship with a dying girl, the last of which I bet there was a whole story behind it but was cut. It would have given the mystery a different dimension of depth, such as adding empathy to the villain’s grandfather, perhaps Maxim stole for the girl, maybe to pay for her medical bills or to find a cure. Maybe he was just an ass and stole for shits and giggles while playing around with a dying girl’s heart. Dimension! Developing either would have spun the feel of the mystery in several directions, but now that the mystery is over, I feel like moving on anyway. BONES must be rushing for something.

Probably not as exciting as Queen Berry’s action packed arc, the Kuiaran arc was still pretty good. Having several underlying plots running besides the main mystery kept it interesting, and while they could have executed it with more “fluidity” or coherence, BONES.. lol. Let’s just say I’m satisfied. Although I remarked that having a mystery at school would feel “cozy,” I realize I now prefer when the mystery isn’t at school, because the setting feels too limited. Victorique being trapped in only one place the entire time is also not fun because you see her far less, and she’s cranky most of the time when she is on-screen. Her little cupboard of heaven was cute though, and Kujou’s question of why she didn’t hide from him really begs for the less obvious answer.

Next episode features a broody castle, showing much more promise, because who doesn’t like mysterious abandoned castles? It also looks like Kujou’s got himself a harem now, because real Avril seems like she’ll be sticking around. The red haired magician from the opening makes an appearance as well, so it looks like we might be in for a bigger arc. Perhaps one that will last for a good while before the end of this quarter. I wonder if Victorique’s kidnapping will be before the second OP, but something as juicy as that must be near the end…?




    1. To be honest, it’s their relationship that keeps me coming back every week. They are the show. Not to say that this show isn’t good… but being honest I just watch it for their relationship.

  1. I ODed on moe when she examined the chocolate thing wondering if it was feces (pics 10 and 13) and munched it down like a lil squirrel. So cute!

    I also can’t shake the feeling that there is more to the glasses girl teacher then we have been shown. She always shows up at the right time (usually for comic relief). Knowing how anime works I am betting later in the series we find out she isn’t quite the goof they are making her out to be?

  2. This arc wasn’t as exciting as the last arc, but It wasn’t bad either. Imo, this arc’s purpose was just to introduce Avril while to provide the show with a decent mystery. I agree when you say mysteries outside the school are better, it’s a lot more interesting. The school is just too limited in plot and setting purposes.

    I’m looking forward to the new arc as I see the red haired magician and a new castle 😛

  3. This arc was manga-original, and I heard that it was originally supposed to go before the Queen Berry arc, which makes a lot more sense since Kujo would have just met Victorique only recently and would be susceptible to fake Avril’s accusations that he was just delusional due to loneliness.

    I wonder when they’ll get to volume 2 of the light novels. I don’t exactly remember that red haired magician, so I think we’re getting another manga-original chapter next week.

    Suzushina Yuriko
    1. Will be starting the second novel next episode for sure, but the red haired magician being here is a change BONES made to help make the adaption flow better. I’m not sure if he is from the novels or the side material, but we wont get to him just yet.

      And while I can understand why you’d say that because this event occurred before the Queen Berry that Kujo, but even during then, it was still idiotic. How exactly did Grevil then solve the case for the decapitated motorcyclist then? Kujo bringing her all that food to eat, the rumors about the fairy and the lone desk in the class room etc. all prove that she is real. Only an idiot would believe such an accusation (and since this is Kujo :P)

    2. Isn’t there enough material to fill this show in the novels that they don’t have to resort to manga filler? This whole is Victorique just a phantom thingy really annoyed me because of how senseless it was.

    3. Actually, this arc is from the untranslated novel GosickS I, which is supposed to be set before the first novel. The manga is actually just adapting according to the timeline. So, this is actually not a filler at all.

      Of course, this arc is supposed to be the first meeting between Kujou and Victorique, so in some ways, the whole timeline is messed up at this point in time, which makes the whole Golden Fairy thing seem weird on the whole.

  4. BONES must be rushing for something

    They’re trying to have the anime ending coincide with the novels ending this year during summer i.e FMA:Brotherhood, Toradora publicity stunt. the main difference is that in this case they are literally adapting everything, all the way to the side material in only 2-cours @_@

    This story … LOL same thoughts I had during the Drama CD ”Man, the only good thing about this is the voices” except here Kujo sounds horrible 😛

    And yes, it was extremely stupid for Kujo to question if Vici was real or was a figment of his insanity. But then again, Kujo is a moron so I guess it’s in character.

    Anyho, next episode will start the better material from Novel 2 (it will last for) Show Spoiler ▼

    so at least things will get more tolerable.

    That being said, it looks like BONES will be attempting to mix continuity again, by having him show up at this point. Should be interesting how it goes.

  5. I nearly died from Victorique moe at the end of the episode. The interaction between Kujou and Victorique is definitely my favorite aspect of Gosick. That and the OP which I can never stop listening to.

    1. Actually i never into moe anime before, Ahh… if is victorique and i guess thats cool, well i just vote her for cutest loli character this season, but damn… Everyweek she become cuter and surpassed level 1000 of masou shoujo XD

    2. I definitely agree with you about the Op being awesome. I believe it’s my favorite so far this season; combining a great song with interesting visuals. The music in Dragon Crisis probably puts that Op to 2nd place, but the visuals just can’t match up to Gosick. 😀

      And yeah… the Victorica and Kujou duo just can’t be beat! Victorica’s cuteness and insight with Kujou’s inquisitive nature. Amazing combo.

    1. oh dammit xD. now I can’t delete that.

      Anywho. Good arc, definitely didn’t have the power of the Queen Berry Arc, but was still a good arc. Needed moar Victorique though <<;.

  6. Actually the whole reason behind the school environment falls back to the novel and manga. Most manga writers choose school backgrounds not to relate to kids but because they are lazy and can’t draw a realistic story that requires them to constantly be in different clothes next chapter to the next. Giving them school uniforms just takes half the work out of drawing characters. Considering manga writers need to hit deadlines it is kind of a handy cap. This why superhero comics are easy and same with transformation manga/anime.

  7. Yeah I really couldn’t stand Kujo in this episode. He was pretty stupid to even start to believe a word the fake Avril was saying but Victorica more than made up for it ^^! The mysteries aren’t the greatest in the world but its definitely Victorica and her growing relationship with Kujo that keeps me coming back. I wonder if they will ever run into a mystery that Victorica can’t solve so easily like she usually does? I would love to see that.

  8. well the fact that the arc ended with a lot of questions is still believable, i mean about any information about Avril’s granpa, Sir Bradley, such info background can only be gotten from Avril herself and she’s stuck in that storehouse tied up for almost the whole arc. and as for Maxim and Millie Marl, they’ve died eight years ago already and such info about the motive of Maxim stealing things and his true intent with the girl can’t be known anymore due to the fact that they are both dead, and seeking relatives for info is not needed for Glaviel since their case can be considered solved.

    and this definitely is one of my favorite animes ever, even though it haven’t ended yet.
    the fact that they can end each arc so well with the relationship bet Victorica and Kujo deepening, i couldn’t ask for more. the music, the atmosphere, everything is perfect in that last scenes, the same is with that of episode 3. ^^

  9. I cant believe how events from the past links to the mystery of this episode, feels like events are coming together to complete a full circle. Sure keeps me quite awed by it despite the mysteries themselves are kinda weak. The narration and the presentation of this scene


    was the winner for this episode for me. It was sweet to see how Kujo interpreted the “Golden Fairy” tale to reflect his feelings for Victorique. But does any one have answers of why fake Avril dint just take the post card immediately and run? (Calling out to anyone that has read the novel and is willing to put it in spoiler tags.) I mean she has a lot of opportunity to do so and I am pretty sure that the light novel might have something on that issue.

      1. well this was a manga original, not a novel material

        it was because the stamp was not her real target but Avril’s grandfather’s legacy which is said to be in the academy. that’s why she hid it first but soon started to look for it because she found out Kujo has found the book w/c holds it.

      2. Well, actually, this arc is not a manga original, but rather a light novel material. This is from the untranslated GosickS I, which is set before the first volume. Though to be considered, the GosickS volumes are short stories set among the main line of novels [filler novels in a sense].

        Spoiler regarding the actions of Avril:
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I believe it was a mystery just to put some fake dorama on Kujou being caught, and to link to Avril’s bandaged hand as an additional layer of “maybe this links to that.” In the end, it wasn’t, and it was actually solved from the beginning.
      The motive didn’t really matter, since it’s pretty much an unrelated mystery.

    2. The beheading is more likely to be the reason for Kujou to meet with Victorique, since this arc is supposed to be the introduction arc chronological-wise. But Bones changed it up, so this beheading turned out to just act as a red herring to the whole Avril affair.

  10. hiii can somone please tell me what is that sweet or watever it is called in the picture before the last two pictures the green and pink sweet has many colors!!!!i wana know what the name of it!!!


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