「こんなことになっちゃって…… (Konna Koto ni Nacchatte……)
“It’s Become Like This……”

Ugh, I thought I was covering Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu here, not WHITE ALBUM. Deceptive managers doing what they think is best for an upcoming idol while her boyfriend’s sent away only to end up as another idol’s manager? Thank god Yuuto’s no Touya at least and doesn’t sleep with every girl who lets him. In other news, we have shameless seiyuu plugs galore with all of N’s members mentioned.

Noto Mamiko (Haruka), Gotou Mai (Mika), Shimizu Kaori (Hazuki), Ueda Kana (Nanami), Satou Rina (Shiina), and even Takagi Reiko (Nobunaga) were brought up as the all-star cast for the Nocturne Girl’s School Lacrosse Club anime. Seeing as Nobunaga was filling in Yuuto on everything, I couldn’t help but laugh when they had Reiko use Nobunaga to promote herself even further. Anyway, with all the seiyuus shown at the recording studio, I’m not going to try to figure who’s supposed to be who, but I’m willing to bet they were inspired by the seiyuus themselves. Let’s not forget Inoue Kikuko either, playing “Mizuki-sensei” who’s Kazami Mizuho-sensei from Onegai Teacher! no matter how you look at it.

Getting back to the WHITE ALBUM Nogizaka Haruka story, Yayoi and Nozomi have decided to trick Yuuto and Haruka into believing that the whole idol audition thing was a mishap on their part. The two of them end up convincing Haruka to participate by claiming they only need her to help fill an entry spot and not actually compete. This leads to her rigorous idol training where Yuuto’s presence is considered a hindrance, so he’s quickly sent away by Yayoi. In the process, he gets caught up as Himemiya Miran’s manager and does a good job as one despite his reluctance. He later gets a prep talk from Mika on how being apart from Haruka’s not a good thing, especially with the audition happening on Valentine’s day, and is forced to practice some more bedroom scenarios. After he accompanies Miran to a dubbing session for the Lacrosse anime, which she performs the theme song for (go figure…), Yuuto returns to the office to find Yayoi and Nozomi scheming on how they plan to make Haruka a real idol. With their plan out in the open, they decide to lie about Haruka already agreeing to this. They go on further to ask Yuuto to not distract her with what he’s seen and to stay away from her completely.


Well let me be the first to say, “Oh hell no Yayoi, if you’re going to take the Shinozuka Yayoi route, there needs to be some compensation sex to keep Yuuto quiet.” Speaking of which, there must be some weird trend with the name Yayoi and deceitful managers that I’m not aware of. In retrospect, maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Where Touya in WHITE ALBUM fails to handle a similar situation with any grace, we’ll probably get to see Yuuto show him how it’s done. Perhaps this is our wholesome, life-lesson anime’s way of correcting the wrongs introduced by the other series, or simply calming the rage that Touya’s retarded acts induce in its viewers.

If you don’t follow WHITE ALBUM, just imagine the same thing that’s happened here, except Yuuto would be going along with Yayoi’s plans because he gets to sleep with her behind Haruka’s back whenever he wants. That, and he’d be messing around with Miran and Shiina too. Sounds messed up? You betcha it is! Thankfully, I don’t foresee that happening here as Yuuto will probably resolve this without too much difficulty. This time around, things are a bit iffier because he believes this is what Haruka wants and doesn’t want to get in her way, but this is Yuuto we’re talking about. He’s pretty much known for clearing up misunderstandings faster than they can manifest themselves.


* Alice sucking on a huge choco-banana is so wrong, after seeing how Yuuto was using it to reenact things. >_<

* I finally finished watching Mnemosyne last night after putting it on a very long hiatus. Having done so, I can’t help but add how I wish Noto Mamiko played more characters like Asougi Rin. I find her voice is really well suited for those “sexy” roles, much like Amaha Masane in Witchblade.




  1. I liked this episode. All the while I’m watching it I was thinking of that god awful White Album. These idiots producers are thinking of making money with Haruka. Do they even realize she has a couple of bad ass parents that will crush them if they hurt her?

  2. ~Yawn~

    Hmmm, why in the hell did I drop White Album, hmmm. OK, I know what they’re trying to do here. They’re trying to rile up their mostly sleeping or dead audience. That’s must be it. Too bad these stupid plot lines are so damn predictable that I’ve completely grown to hate them, mainly because its boring as hell.

    Anyway, if I had to give a take on this episode as being in Yuuto’s shoes, I would have turn Yayoi into a crybaby. It would have been like putting a M1 against a firecracker. Its simple. All I would have done was use the ammo Miran gave me & stuck it in her face. “She really think that she’s a nice person that tries to help people”. I would end up making her think that she’s the devil. But this is Yuuto. He’s not evil enough to do something as simple as that.

    Its pretty darn obvious that she did the same thing to Miran – the distancing her from her friends BS. I’m sure that will come to light once Yuuto does whatever roundabout thing he does to drop Yayoi on her ass. OK, I’m nearly pissed off, not about the silly circumstances of the show, but that they would even take that boring ass route in the first place. Just end it already. Now I need to get back to work 😛 **Working**

  3. pierce:
    Yeah, “Chocolate Banana” 「チョコバナナ」. Ingenious huh? =)

    Seriously, you can’t be dying to read what I have to say about Sora no Otoshimono that badly. If you really are though (in which case I give you my thanks), I’ve been done writing the post long ago, but have been holding out for nicer screencaps.

  4. while watching haruka today:

    (12/07/09 03:18:34pm) (!Neo_NMO) i swear to god if kayahara pulls out the “it’s for your own good” card, i hope someone on haruka’s side pulls out the “i can own your ass, bitch” card
    (12/07/09 03:19:07pm) (!Neo_NMO) oh right, about that, i just bought your company, you’re fired
    (12/07/09 03:19:19pm) (!Mighty_Mouse) lol
    (12/07/09 03:26:21pm) (!Neo_NMO) …
    (12/07/09 03:26:28pm) (!Neo_NMO) fantastic
    (12/07/09 03:26:42pm) (!Mighty_Mouse) …time to buy the damn company

  5. I lol-ed when Yuuto actually believed what they said. Any normal person would’ve confirmed it with Haruka rather than staying quiet just because a very non-threatening lady tells you to.

    Anyway, where’s Sora no Otoshimono 10? That episode actually HAD great singing without the drama (well…without the bad drama).

  6. It strikes me that Haruka’s maids or mother would have already pounded the production company into the ground for playing fast and loose with both Haruka and Yuuto. I can’t believe the writer’s have them so conveniently mia, for some weak melodrama.

  7. It wasn’t Mnemosyne that told me that, it was Moyashimon. She sounds so much better in those roles than her standard shy/quiet/reserved/delicate roles.

    Noto Mamiko needs more roles with personality!

  8. Melchoir:
    Witchblade was probably my first introduction to that side of Mamiko, while Mnemosyne just reminded me of it recently. I agree she was awesome in Moyashimon too. She totally needs more roles like that and less of these Haruka-esque “ojou-san” ones. :\

  9. Crunchyroll, you lying bastards. I was hoping your episode descrition was right, because Haruka would have a main role, but instead, MORE FREAKIN’ YUUTO.

    You know what? Screw him. FOR CHRIST SAKE, GIVE ME MORE HARUKA!!!

  10. Inoue “17-years-old” Kikuko’s cameo couldn’t have been more obvious than a Mizuho lookalike.

    LMAO at Takagi Reiko’s shameless plug-in. Ueda Kana did the exact same thing last season as well, if you remember. As Nanami, she fooled Nobunaga into thinking the “pretty seiyuu Ueda Kana” was nearby, and even “mimics” her voice “Konnichiwa”. XD

    Also, LOLWUT at Alice sucking the choco-banana.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. I agree with an earlier post, do these people have any idea who Haruka’s parents are?

    Since the season is supposed to be 12 episodes, I wonder if it will take until the end to resolve this.

    If I had to wager a guess, I would say that this will end during the competition by having Haruka answer a question like “Why do you want to be a Idol?” with “But I don’t want to become an idol.”

  12. Blah! Forced drama. Thats why i dropped White Album, because of that crap.

    Anyway, unlike that show’s main protagonist, Yuuto isn’t a complete spineless coward whose not thinking with his head. If you know what i mean. So he’ll probably something if not act on this and tell Haruka what those two are up to. Maybe even Himemiya will say do something about it. Resulting in this matter be resolved and her becoming a new addition to Yuuto’s harem.

  13. WOW!~~ i never thought this anime will turn out like this… Those 2 women is pretty G@y… it’s remember me the manga call ” I’s “… Lies, after Lies, after Lies.. One of these day, those women will get the consequence from Haruka Father… LOL.. wondering would Haruka Father send the HELL Solider again or drop a bomb blow up the whole building?? .. LOL.. LET’s Wait AND SEE…. I cant w8 for the EP 11..

  14. /sigh just as I thought from last week… You know if this is what the industry is really like managers of this caliber should be dragged into the street and shot because I don’t think you could even call them human, more like devils that sell souls for cash. Its bad enough we have anime and real life people that sell their daughters off into slavery (Arranged marriages) for cash or company mergers, to have perfect strangers do the same thing is disgusting.

  15. You people are striking this silly plot at its core. I Love it 😛 Why did they take this GD route. Its so stupid. White Album tried to change that plot scenario & it horribly bombed out, & yet these tards have the balls to revisit this plot within the same season…

    Of coarse it doesn’t make any sense. 1st you have Haruka, who doesn’t want to be abandoned by anyone no matter what. 2nd we have Yuuto with his higher than Thy personality that can go from saint to doggy in a second. 3rd we have Haruka father, who attacked a tiny house with hundreds of guards just because his daughter ran away from home. 4th we have her mother which can even PWN him. Are they serious OR even sane. Maybe they thought they do the plot better by bring it back to its boring roots, but the plot is still BS – & it always will be.

    Yeah, they sorta riled me up, but it was in the worse way possible. I don’t give a damn about the boring situation those 2 are in, its the boring plot in general. Its like their forcing this BS on us after 8 episodes of non-directional 1-offs. Atleast the 1st season had some episode progression. Its nearly unforgiveable, trying to shove this boring plate of bull down our throats. So just end it already. What a way to shoot yourself in the foot. But Yuuto’s still my boy. Plz beat the shit out of this plot Yuuto!

  16. Even with the White Album route in here, Yuuto hasn’t fail yet to solve even the most dangerous situation he has been, and since this whole plot is an excuse tor Yayoi to get back at Miran, I wonder what the series’ songstress will do to her once she knows.

    But on the whole, this seems a senseless attempt to tarnish Yuuto and Haruka’s relationship.

  17. @ Neko:

    Ah striking that cord hurts so much. My 31 yr marriage is the result of an arranged marriage. Its not actually slavery, atleast in Japan. Now in the S. Pacific, lower Asia, & Middle East it is. In Japan, normal people have omiai all the time. It usually involve family friends & whatnot. They have this long ass boring meeting where they (your parents, usually the mothers) dicuss your lineage, hobbies, accomplishments, bull, etc 😛 But lets just say that the more money that’s involved the more pressure will be put on us. My father was so well off that it didn’t even matter that I am a half-blood. It didn’t even matter that I was officially an American o.O

    We were both from main families & our families were pretty darn sneaky at keeping us together. We got married when we were 19, & I knew her I we were 4 – yeah 4. We lived on the same block for 15 yrs. Then we got married, my parents stuck us with their last kid & traveled the world, we moved to the states with nearly half of our family, & I when to MIT while she spent all my money for the next 8 years. The rest is history.

    Ok, we really didn’t have that much of a choice. But when you have parents like ours, you better do what they say (big-dumb bank accounts). But who knows. I might have ended up marrying her anyway. I was going out with one of her cousins at the time (don’t ask, that’s another horrible story).

    I know we hear horror stories about 8-yo girls in the ME being married off to some 40-yo king/prince for the construction of a new building & that’s sick, but the process in Japan is almost as formal as the process is in the UK. But the UK process is still worlds over anything we can fathom when it comes to the money aspect.

  18. Why am I seeing shadows of Macross Frontier also? Corrupted manager a-la Grace O’Connell (Yayoi) trying to make a new star rise to the top (Haruka) to outshine the well placed megastar (Miran). Let’s just hope that Yayoi don’t turn Haruka into Ranka Lee or I’ll go to Japan to rip the scriptwritter’s heads! Although Miran is clearly like Sheryl Nome, Yuuto is miles away from Alto in the fact that our hero here is useful.

  19. its getting a bit boring seeing each anime doing the same set of things – beach eps etc. Sure these things are great the first time, but you really want soemthing different after watching it a thousand times

  20. This is weird stuff they are shoving down our throats, Haruka has so many people to protect her that is sad what they did. We know Yuuto will use the gentleman way to solve this and put the ‘evil’ manager in their places. Is funny but I just wanted to punch their faces while they were saying stay away from Haruka, guess I’m not too much gentle.

    * Mnemosyne I liked that series/show. Hopefully they can add more chapters in between. It was like a 10 year spam between each chapter? I really love when they killed her and she comes back to life. Now that will make an awesome PI

    Island Esper
  21. Those people want Yuuto to not be near Haruka? How unfair can you get? Yuuto has to tell Haruka that she is actually being made to become an idol when she might not even be ready.

    Matt Gross
  22. @Megas

    Omiai’s are fine it’s not an arranged marriage, the purpose is to meet a potential marriage partner but it’s more like a blind date (To me this would be fun to do, since I always have a hard time meeting new people). You have the potential to refuse even after you get to know one another. The point being you are forced into something potential against your will… Slavery is the same, sold to another person against ones wishes. Whether you cave into parental pressure to marry, it still boils down to the same thing.

    Take Princess Lover, Kipei was in an arranged marriage but like he was told, in the end they had the final choice and the option to cancel the engagement. To me that’s fine, that is more like an omiai then an order from a parent that values their account more than their children’s happiness.

    Mind you I am biased since I have had a dear loved one ripped away from me because of an arranged marriage by parents. We tried to fight it but lets just say parents can be downright evil when they want to be. By the way in my country arranged marriages are illegal as they are a violation of a person’s rights.

  23. @Megas

    Also I don’t want to knock you marriage, I am definitely not saying you can’t be happy with an arranged marriage. The person you marry can actually be a very nice person but then there’s the potential that your partner could be the worst person on the planet and make your life hell. I just prefer having the choice in marrying who I want.

  24. @Neco

    I get ya. My marriage went alittle too well imo. But b4 that, I had to come to terms with my father who wanted me to have a strong backbone. He had no idea how evil I was back then. My looks really made me stand out. So people were either attracted to that or put off by it. I never turned down a girl who wanted to go out, but I hardly had any 2nd date because I hated their shallowness. I couldn’t even get to know anyone better because all they ever did was ask me questions of what was I mixed with. He also wanted me to be blunt with the arranged marriage. But, my wife’s parents were evil as hell. She really was all for the marriage for a reason I’d find out much later but her parents still drove her into the ground about it.

    So they made it look like an omiai, except there were no other potetial partners (go figure). In other words, I had a choice. As children, my wife got on my nerves because I thought she was stupid, even as a teen she was alittle immature. Yeah she was the spoiled airhead type & I thought I couldn’t begin to think of her as someone I could date. But for some dumb reason I actually started to look at her as a girly girl when we graduated HS. I thought I had lost my mind but her cousin made me think otherwise. The damn girl only went out with me to see what kind of guy I was – mainly beacause my wife kept on telling her about how much of a “man” I was. I guess she was feeling the same as I was.

    I loathe the word “love”. Its so fickled but I finally figured out that air-headedness was so much of a turn-on that I could hardly control my usually stoic self around her – & I had to deal with that for 15 yrs. Its hard as hell to love someone that’s been treating you like a brother for that long.

    I know my situation was terribly unique so while I was i college I researched the topic & learned of the horrendous acts behind it. It & the unfounded guff my wife had to suffer made me take a completely liberal stance on marriage when it came to my children. So while I may have my father’s personality, the liberty of my children was never in question.

    …but going back on topic (sort-of)
    I thought they would even atleast try to persue something along those lines as a plot. I mean, come on, rich available girl, there have to be some super-rich family that could match the Nogizaka’s status with an available guy. Common courtesy would have made her parents atleast have to ask Haruka to attend an omiai then that could make hr realize that she loved Yuuto (after going through more BS of course). I know its been done b4 but its still WAY better than this BS.

  25. The evil talent agents splitting up the lovers angle is such a cliche’, it’s been done to death and the minute I saw that developing here I was ready to drop the series, I can hope in the last 2 episodes that either Yuto stands up for himself or better yet Haruka’s father and the maid team from hell get involved.

  26. to tell you the true guys this episode of nogizaka no himitsu really piss me off
    well I mean for the damn production managers and how they act so innocent and at the same time so high in migthy WTF!!!!

  27. I dont think its bad that that guy in white album fucked everyone, I would do the same ^^
    But I never saw it (dropped it at ep 2 because it was boring and shitty done), so I dont know any details


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