「天使の旋律(ことば)の向かう先」 (Tenshi no Senritsu (Kotoba) no Mukau Saki)
“Where the Angel’s Melody (Words) Goes”

Animal cruetly is not cool. After seeing how Nymph’s master ordered her to kill her own pet bird for sheer entertainment, I actually found it more heartless than ordering Ikaros to kill humans indescriminately. Nymph can’t defy her master’s orders either, so she had to comply and thank him for making her do so. Damn sick sadists. Tomoki needs to kick their asses with his “Perky Nipples” song.

That’s right, with his Perky Nipples song, which is a result of Mikako’s efforts to shut up the neighbouring Sorami Private Academy’s arrogant and snotty attitude towards their poorer public school. The two schools don’t get along, but are forced to hold culture festivals together due to the lack of students in their small town. When two of Sorami’s students, Yoshitsune (Kawada Shinji, Haruki in School Rumble) and his younger sister Tsukino (Kotobuki Minako, Mugi in K-ON!) gloat about their classy full orchestra, Mikako counters with a band performance. She also rallies the help of the Satsukitane family, turning the whole thing into a town-wide quarrel. The only problem is, Tomoki and the others don’t have any experience with instruments outside of Nymph’s natural affinity with machines. Somehow, they manage to put something together after discovering that Ikaros can sing. Tomoki starts off with his gag performance of “Perky Nipples” 「チクチク・B・チック」, before leaving the crowd speechless with their real song, “fallen down”.


「fallen down」 by イカロス(早見沙織) Ikaros (Hayami Saori)

That’s the quick rundown anyway. Amidst all the initial failures of the New World Discovery Club’s band, Ikaros was also wondering how to hold hands with Tomoki after seeing lovers in a drama doing so. As such, it was nice to see her be rewarded during the festival-end bonfire, which both Nymph and Sohara backed out of so Ikaros could go with Tomoki. As for Nymph herself, I think it’s only a matter of time before she comes around and wants Tomoki to be her master as well, given how much she gets tormented by her current one. She’s still dishonest with her feelings towards Downers, even after tearing up from the candy apple Tomoki gave her as thanks, but I feel sorry for her now that I know her situation. Nymph’s pretty much your typical tsundere, so how can you not feel bad for a face like this. It’s just too bad Ikaros is worried Tomoki will hate her once he finds out she’s a weapon of mass destruction or else he could just get her to blow up the Synapse right now. =)

As for Hayami Saori’s performance of “fallen down”, it was a nice song but I was hoping for something a bit more upbeat to really rock the crowd. I could appreciate how the lyrics were Ikaros’ feelings for Tomoki though, especially with all the flashbacks shown during the performance. The in-anime version was short for obvious reasons, so it’ll be interesting to hear the full version whenever it comes out. Aside from that, it’s probably noteworthy to point out that Nymph’s status indicator on her collar appears to be depleting. Whether or not this is meant to correspond to her remaining energy I don’t know, but it may lead to some sort of dramatic finish regarding her situation with her current master.

On a separate note, I couldn’t help but notice how Crunchyroll’s translation for one of the jokes was completely different from what they were saying. My guess is they wanted to avoid explaining Japanese jokes that are a play on words, since Tomoki misunderstood “furuoke” (full orchestra) as “furo” (bath). His idiocy came from him thinking that Yoshitsune and Tsukino were going to host a public bath at the culture festival. In Tomoki’s defense, if they had a swimsuit maid cafe, I don’t see why they couldn’t have had a public bath! In any case, that change was likely intentional but I have seen mistakes in their subs now and then, often with the subject of various lines when it’s left out. That said, we have our the tenth ending sequence here, which is a bunch of NG (No Good) takes from previous episodes accompanied by the song “Our Diary” by Mikako and Eishirou. It’s worth a watch for the one scene where the shady target practice shop owner gets crapped all over by birds.


ED10 Sequence

ED10: 「僕等のダイアリー」 (Bokura no Diary) by 五月田根美香子(高垣彩陽), 守形英四郎(鈴木達央)(Satsukitane Mikako (Takagaki Ayahi), Sugata Eishirou (Suzuki Tatsuhisa))
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  1. DAMN! I waited for 4 hours to be 1st! XD

    Anyways, lots of thoughts:
    I liked the first song. Nipples and conch = Win. The Ikaros’s costume for the concert was a nice bonus.

    Why Mikako not in the Academy in the first place? If she can hand out 10 million yen for a prize, you’d think she could afford a couple years in school.

    And this week’s ending was something new. Outtakes in an anime? Outrageous!

    Damn, that Tomoki is lucky. 🙁

  2. Damn sadists is right;I’d like to see their wings get pulled off.
    Anyway, I find it interesting how the Sorami private academy group resembles a lesser version of Nymph’s master’s group. Too arrogant to enjoy a good nipples song.

  3. I really can’t help but wonder where do all the funds coming from for this anime. I mean, different ED (with different ED theme) for every episode, while maintaining the same high animation quality? I am really impressed! They must have found a big sponsor(s)

  4. I think the Academy and their rich benefactors are too stuck up to let a yakuza princess attend their school. Mikako’s happier being president at Tomoki’s school anyway.
    I want to hear the full version of the Tomoki’s “perky nipples” song; he was about to hit a high note before Sohara chopped his head. I need to hear the full version of Ikaros’ “fallen down” song too!
    Nymph looked really adorable this episode, being unable to handle everyone being so nice to her, (man, how I hated her a few episodes before!) with Ikaros petting her head like Tomoki does with Ikaros.
    Credits were funny, and Eishirou singing bass was surprising. Preview seems foreboding; big battle ahead? Ikaros kicking more ass I hope!

  5. After what I felt was the unnecessary ridiculousness of the previous episode I was really hoping they would get back on track with this one, and thankfully they delivered quite excellently. Now I can only hope something at least approaching this level of competence holds out for three more episodes. If the one that’s not going to air covers what I’m almost certain it will, it’s a guaranteed backboard-shattering slam dunk anyway.
    What’s not typical about Nymph, especially for a predominantly ecchi series, is that although she fits the archetype, she has legitimate reasons for developing such a personality. I don’t watch many purely serious series so perhaps that’s more common than I realize. Sohara is more the stock tsundere I’m accustomed to; she’s just that way for the sake of comedy and isn’t given much if any depth.

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  6. Yeah the ED was hilarious and so was the town fight, that was awesome. Also there are a lot of good songs out of this series as well and it could be one of the best directed, in terms of the great combination of plot movement, humor, cast and music development, this season. Really awaiting the song collection release.

  7. No good can come out of an anime like this. Its funny as hell, crazy, retarded, & just when you want to drop it they go & have an episode like this. I’m not a sucker for music in an anime, as a matter of fact I’m turned off by it, but when the quality is there, how can I turn it down. However, this series is WAY too stupid for me so tell me when it ends then I’ll try to watch it for understanding (yeah, I know I won’t but who cares 😛 )

  8. I love the ending. The bloopers of the scenes was like real movie making. As for the choice of Dvorak new word symphony was wrong for a contest. They played like a minute of it when the whole thing is like 20 mins (if memory serves right); even choosing the allegro was not the best pick. Even the nipple song could beat that. The 1912 overture of Tchaikovsky is shorter and has more beat for a contest. omg This thing brought memories going to get drunk to Ravel Bolero….

    Island Esper
  9. I always wonder about Tomoki, his motto is peace and quiet life, so how does that help when he actually have the balls to sing that kind of song in front of so many audiences XD.
    I love the priceless look on Sohara and Mikako face when he sing that nipple song, it takes a lot to get that kind of face impression from our student president.

  10. I’ve been following the manga and some of these events in the anime are all out of order, the thing with the bird pissed me off and I knew it was going to happen, I guess the story with those “angel” masters and the kids from the academy are a statement on how power and status corrupts.

  11. @info600
    I think you mean Mio(she’s the bass player). Its not exactly the same as Mio’s. Mio’s (correct me if I’m wrong) is a ’62 left handed Fender Jazz bass in three tone sunburst where as the one Mikako is playing, while still a Fender, it’s an American Delux Jazz Bass which, of course, have active pickups(given the four control knobs and the location of the output jack). In a particular shot some where near the beginning of the song, the stamp “Fender Jazz Bass” is clearly shown on screen(19 seconds in). Mikako’s bass is possibly coloured as Tobacco Sunburst rather than 2 Tone Sunburst since it doesn’t seem to fade to black. But its hard to say given the picture quality and my crappy monitor. Incidentally, Sugata is also playing a Fender, a strat of some sort I think. I can’t id Tomoki’s guitar, Sohara’s drums nor Nymph’s keyboard.

  12. @Skywings
    i was only looking @ the bass guitar as it looked similar to the Les Paule…

    at least I knew better now x.x

    another thing, I wonder if Tomoki realized what Ikaros’ initial usage was (as a WMD) yet.
    (yes, it was supposed to be 2 episodes ago, but still…)

  13. i noe im late to comment on this ep. but i just started it and I found the “My tingling Nipples” song hilarious!

    Also it was a great way to boost the egos of the rich kids they send them crashing with the real song.

    WhySoSerious is old?

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