As promised, Erza faces Natsu once they get back to Magnolia, but their fight is quickly interrupted by an envoy from the Council. It turns out that Erza is under arrest for the property damage that occurred during the Eisenwald incident, and she has no choice but to stand trial. Outside the courtroom, she runs into an old acquaintance Siegrain who explains that she’s being made a scapegoat, and he warns her not to reveal a certain something. During the trial itself, Natsu suddenly shows up and makes a big scene as he tries to pretend to be Erza, and he’s quickly apprehended. Erza explains to him afterward that this was all only a formality and that there’s no real punishment. The two are thus allowed to return to the guild house, and they’re back in time to for Mystogan and Laxus, two of Fairy Tail’s most powerful members. Mystogan in particular puts everyone to sleep when he’s there so that no one can see him. In the process, Lucy learns about the second floor of Fairy Tail where the dangerous S-Class requests are placed, and most members, including Natsu, aren’t allowed up there. That doesn’t stop Natsu though, and he shows up at Lucy’s place later with an S-Class request that he and Happy stole. The job is to save a cursed island, and although initially opposed to the idea, Lucy is attracted by the reward of a gold gate key.


This was an episode of ups and downs for me. It started out well with the Natsu and Erza battle, but that ended in a disappointing fashion (given the buildup) after only about 30 seconds of actual fighting. However, the stuff about Erza on trial seemed interesting enough, and Siegrain appears to be a long-term antagonist who is connected to her. He didn’t really end up doing anything though, other than acting sinister. I was also very amused by how Natsu tried to dress up as Erza, but I was surprised that there was no actual punishment for her because it meant that that storyline didn’t really go anywhere, at least not for the time being. Instead they introduce two more interesting characters in Mystogan and Laxus and start up with the next arc that doesn’t appear to involve Erza at all. So in short, the episode itself wasn’t too great, but I’m intrigued by a lot of the stuff they’ve brought up in it, and maybe it’ll all come together in the near future.


  1. this should’ve been on episode 9 can’t believe they started a filler so early, but oh well it was an interesting episode, watching something that didn’t happen in the manga is always a surprise and good change of pace

  2. I found it wierd they didn’t mention Gildarts as an S Class, but then again, he hasn’t even been properly introduced in the manga yet. About the Mist Gun (or Mystogan, whatever) and Laxus fight , it’s possible if they reach that far in the manga, which I could see happening.

    Well it’s good to see the new arc starting.

    Freezer Burn
  3. My only concern is that there are too many characters introduced and usually that leads to poor character development. In addition next chapter without Erza ? oh the blasphemy. did the guild master ate the gummo-gummo fruit lol!

    Island Esper
  4. I guess the studio is not reproducing Fairy Tail properly. It was a good episode, but in fact I expect more from Luxus (Laxus lol). Laxus looks cooler in the manga than in the anime.

  5. “and start up with the next arc that doesn’t appear to involve Erza at all. ”

    No, she will. And Gray too. Well, this arc will be about Gray’s past, even though it’s not looks like that yet.

  6. well… i gave it a chance, and now I’m getting off this boat. low budget, feel like I’m watching beet the vandel buster. @island esper. don’t worry about it being “poor” worry about it being existent.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. It may have been a boring episode, but that’s pretty much what happened in the manga, and the manga really picks up later on. I always hate it when the anime deviates from the manga, but if this one stays true, it could be great, so I’m glad that it’s sticking to it pretty well so far.

  8. @brooklyn otaku
    beet the vandel buster isn’t bad, it’s beet the vandel buster excellion that sucks.

    gah…I still don’t watch the anime ’cause they look kinda different from the manga. it reminds me of how they did rave.


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