「いざ征かん!我が銭湯領域(パラダイス)」 (Izayukan! Waga Sentou Ryouiki (Paradaisu))
“Let’s Go! My Bath House Domain (Paradise)”

If anyone still wonders why you always have an indecisive, self-restrained male lead in gender bender harem anime, Tomoki will show you the results of the other end of the spectrum. It’s extremely amusing and had me laughing like crazy at Tomoki’s inner male thoughts. Problem is, if it dragged out any longer and he wasn’t punished for it, we’d have a pretty questionable series promoting perversion.

Personally, I could go for another episode of the mysterious “girl” Tomoko (Fujita Saki), but I gather extremely concerned parents would rather AIC ASTA not do that. In my humble opinion however, it’s up to them to control what their kids watch on television. Anime airs after midnight in Japan, so I say let Tomoki go to bath houses undercover and grope Sohara and Mikako all he wants. It’s not like Mikako didn’t enjoy it! Whatever your take on that is, you have to give credit to Tomoki though. After Sohara spoils his plan by taking away all of Ikaros’ cards, he coaxes Eishirou of all people into helping him. Granted, all he had to do was say that a girl’s public bath is a new world to any male past the age of ten, but I found Eishirou’s reaction to that unbelievably hilarious. Upon hearing it’s for the sake of a new world discovery, out comes Ikaros’ quantum transformation device that he’s been hanging onto, which leads to some sweet harmony between the guys as they conspire against the girls.

It was funny to see Eishirou not take this “New World” opportunity lightly and coach Tomoki towards putting on a believable female front. However, it was somewhat disturbing seeing Tomoki shamelessly flirt with the guys at school as a means to that end. I realize he was playing up the stereotypical clumsy “dojikko” character, but doing it so well is something else. Much to my amusement, it turns out he needed to go to such extremes to fool Mikako. His inner reaction for having done so? Absolutely PRICELESS. As such, I was honestly happy for Tomoki when he ravaged both Mikako and Sohara’s enormous breasts. The man has paid his dues! Besides, Tomoko was quick to remind everyone that they’re all girls.

One thing I can fault Tomoki with is at the end when he lost control and reverted back to his normal self. After his cover was blown, Sohara went for the finishing blow and said she didn’t care if he saw her naked anymore. Now if Tomoki’s going to die anyway, he should to turn around, accept his fate, and stare as much as possible in the dying seconds. Hell, he should’ve jumped into her chest again while he was at it. It’s completely murderous intent versus unrestrained perverted desire! If anyone has a chance of pulling it off this season, it would be Tomoki. It’s the least he could’ve done for having both Ikaros and Nymph helping him out the entire way.

Speaking of our Angeloids, I think it’s pretty safe to assume Tomoki won’t hate Ikaros even if he found out the truth about her here. Regardless, it was nice to see him spare her from having to do so but simply saying everyone has their secrets. This has got to be one of Tomoki’s best redeeming characteristics (and knowing him, he has A LOT to make up for). On that same thought, I like how they finally had Nymph admit she wants a nicer master. It’s the pleasant turnaround in her character I’ve been waiting for. She’ll even try on underwear now just because Tomoki think it’s cute. Judging by the way things are going, I suspect we’re in store for a dramatic finish that involves saving her from her master in the sky, who wants her destroyed. Seeing as Nymph’s status indicator also continues to deplete, I wonder if she’s a ticking timebomb that’s about to go off.

* The other thing I can fault Tomoki for is not “enjoying herself” with a body like that. Just check out the new ending to see what I mean.
* Also, he may want to punch the creator of Angeloids, but I still want to be introduced to him/her. =)


Note: Just a heads-up that I’ll probably fall behind a bit this week due to work. I had another project dumped on me, so I’ve been busy with that and some other stuff I’m doing on the side. I should be able to catch up after Thursday, when I start burning through my vacation days.


ED11 Sequence

ED: 「チャンピオン」 (Champion) by 桜井智樹(保志総一朗), トモ子(藤田咲) (Sakurai Tomoki (Hoshi Souichirou), Tomoko (Fujita Saki))
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  1. LMFAO!!! This ep is one of the funniest i’ve watched in a long time! The whole time i was thinking, “any minute now she’s gonna start playing with herself” but nope, not even in the changing room! That surprised me seeing as how it’s Tomoki and all. Maybe he just got so into acting like a real girl that he never had time to completely think bout the possibilities? I also found it funny how Eishirou thought he had gotten away clean and at the end it showed Mikako with a shotgun in his face! His hiding spot was genius but i guess it was his glasses that gave him away in the end lol

  2. Just saw the first 6 screens, didn’t care to look at anything else.

    Have no idea what this episode is about but I would like to say OMFG LMAO!! Thx god gud 2 be alive!

    Rofl, I like waffles. This is should be great.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  3. Holy mega-effin’ ecchi! Tomoki’s perversion is on another level. He was so excited to check out the “new world” that he didn’t even think of checking him/herself out! He got to feel up Mikako, Sohara and all the other girls at the bath too! And then he got a…transformation malfunction (drip, drip).
    An ending with a Rocky-like training montage for Tomoko (Tomoko’s got the GAINAX bounce!) and Eishirou with the shotgun to the head by Mikako was great! Tomoki playing the parts of a clumsy yet cute girl too well was kinda creepy, but nothing’s impossible for the pervert king! He/she even got Nymph and Ikaros to do the “meow/nyan” pose!
    Looks like Nymph’s ass of a Master’s going to pull some shit, and it seems that Ikaros is going to have to do something about that.

  4. it’s shocking to see how much self restrain he has on his female self (aka. the quantifier blowing up as soon as Tomoki turns into Tomoko)

    at least that one heck of a way to extend Ch.11 (and exposing quite a bit of the serious side of Ch.16…okay, semi-serious); and something I’ve always wondered after reading that chapter has been answered. xD

    …and this episode’s hilarious for sure

  5. one flaw with the episode though: Sugata’s still on the wall even AFTER the Quantifier quantum transformation device was busted

    (and sry for the dbl post folks, didn’t see that until I saw the screencaps)

  6. There’s still a chance for more and it gets even crazier, so it surprised me that they went for this at all before the episode that won’t be aired. I’m glad they did though because it was roughly what led to that conversation. I am really, really looking forward to the next episode, and I hope it is as well executed as these past two have been.

    Parse Error
  7. After Natsuru fail at gender bender, we got Tomoki to show us how is done. Yes they left out the posibilities of him discovering his “own” new world; but the goal was to enjoy the girls. Something that he was able to acomplish, he enjoyed it so much that that the “faucet” exploded blowing his cover. If I had to wear a tong to touch Sohara and Mikako, I’ll do it! The shotgun to the face was priceless too, don’t mess with our president she will retaliate.
    This should really have a polygamous ending Tomoki x Sohara for 6 months species reproduction and Tomoki x Ikarus for 6 months emperor/ruler of the angeloids world! They always seem to be half naked so maybe they have a eternal sky orgy ? yay! Nymph is cute but I don’t want to see her as a posible Tomoki pairing.

    Island Esper
  8. this episode is hilarious it made me crazy, non stop laughing, even though i watched it without subs ahahahaha, i understand some part but still im gonna watch it again with subs 😀 :p

  9. cutemi2:
    Regarding Nogizaka Haruka (and Natsu no Arashi for that matter), read my post and you’ll find your answer there. There’s no need to comment everywhere demanding the next post of another show.

    It should be 13 episodes according to syoboi‘s calendar.

  10. This episode was hilarious on so manny levels. Tomoki sucessfully pulled off a gender bender but forgot to play around with his female body(that was the only thing that was kinda OOC for him XD). Perhaps one of the best episodes of the series. Tomoki is indeed an epic pervert XD.

  11. epic episode is epic – fanservice check, hilarious situation check, gender bender check, forgot to play with your new female body – there are things you can buy with money…for other things – theres a faucet ;-p

    well show is probably going to end after christmas (damn anime only ending again)
    but if you like tomo-ko – in the manga are three stories with “her” (within limits of “shounen” entertainment – meh)
    wonder when the first tomo-ko x sohara x ikaros doujins come out

    next episode – gamma (or delta already)

  12. I would like to say that Tomoki is superior to Natsuru (Kampfer) in every way because instead of becoming a total douche and losing the little manliness he had Tomoki seemed to only get more and more perverted as a girl lol. Tomoki FTW! I dare anyone to defend that dbag natsuru lol good stuff.

    @Mearex How can you ask that? Are you a girl? And i am not asking to be offensive or anything.

  13. The Anime and Manga is pretty simular, so i presume we gonna see Chapter 14 of Manga in next episode.

    I will not spoile anything from the Manga, actual is the Anime close to the Manga right now (missing some chapter, so cant continue manga), one of the thing explain in the manga is example: How ikarus came from the “Crash” to Tomoki house. and What happen to “master” card’et

  14. I don’t know why but this episode gives me the same vibes that the one episode in To Aru Index did. Basically, while Index & Co were enjoying the hot springs, Toma and Misaka were actually solving a huge problem.

    In this episode it feels like Ikaros and Nymph are well, left alone to solve their own problems.

  15. Tomoki or should i say Tomoki here is so cute, girly and sexy :D, but why does the Manga version of “Sora no Otoshimono” not organized according to the Anime version?, it kinda makes me dizzy, also when the Anime version was finished at Episode 13, I think they didn’t reveal or showed “Astrea” and “Chaos” characters, will they make a 2nd season, i’m looking forward to it^^

  16. Tomoko or should i say Tomoki here is so Cute, Girly and Sexy, but why does the Manga version of “S.n.O.” not organized according to the Anime version, kinda makes me dizzy, also they did not show “Astrea” and “Chaos” when the series ended at Episode 13, there must be a 2nd season, i want to see “Astrea”^^

  17. I haven’t laughed this hard watching a single episode of an anime in a long while. Those show has gone above and beyond what I thought it would be when it first started. Just…brilliant.

    And stuff.

  18. Из-за таких моментов и разочаровываешься в аниме. Ненавижу педиков! Die f*in GAY! I hate this episode.! To HELL f**n TOMOKO, YOU MUST DIE!!


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