Even though it’s a Sunday, Kobato decides to go to the nursery to help air out the futons, and she finds Sayaka there by herself. The two start talking about Kiyokazu, and Sayaka ends up showing Kobato a picture of him when he was young. As it turns out, Kiyokazu was an orphan who Sayaka’s father took in, and he started out as a very quiet and antisocial boy. It wasn’t until after he watched Sayaka stick up for the children and their sunflower garden in the face of two hoodlums that he opened up to everyone and played a song on the organ for them. Sayaka also reveals that Kiyokazu now works multiple jobs to pay off the nursery’s debt and that he’s trying to become a lawyer. With all of this in mind, Kobato then runs into Kohaku and sees Kohaku’s garden again. Kohaku explains that she does it for Shuuichirou and that being helpful to those important to you is a happy thing. Kobato thus concludes that the nursery is very important to both Kiyokazu and to herself, and she vows to do her best to be helpful.


Well, I’ll give them some credit for having an episode that wasn’t a one-shot and for giving Kiyokazu some more character development (he looked even more like Syaoran when he was young), however it didn’t feel like enough. Or rather, I thought that they could have done so much more with it. It would have been nice to see why Kiyokazu was abandoned in the first place and maybe even get his view of things. I would have also liked them to show a more significant impact of his story on Kobato (or on anyone) other than it just motivating her to work hard for the nursery because frankly that’s what she was doing already. It’s that lack of progress that makes it clear that they’re trying to stretch out the story, and it’s torpedoing my interest in the series. At this rate, I might decide to shelve this and come back later and watch just the important episodes.


  1. Fujimoto’s Childhood days at the Nursery begins here, playing the Bamboo Organ, and Kobato sings like a tandem

    I saw Misaki Suzuhara from Angelic Layer at this episode, along with Fujimoto as worker

    no sign for Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 11 & 11 Eyes episode 11 yet….

  2. Not just Misaki, her friend Tamayo is there as well.

    Wow, this episode is as uneventful as it gets. The only highlight has got to be Kiyokazu getting all flustered that all his dirty secrets have been shamelessly exposed by Kobato.

    Oh, and Sayaka looked so much cuter when she’s a teenager. Of course, she’s still pretty now, but in a different way, let’s just say she’s not as moe as she used to be. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  3. I don’t know where this series is going anymore. They tease us with Iorogi flame thrower and beer drinking; they could develop that road; but we get nothing. It was a nice background but unless we looking at 50 episodes I still don’t how Kobato will fill that bottle.

    Island Esper

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