Much to Kurumi’s surprise, Sawako feels that she’s unable to help or offer her support because Kazehaya is special to her too. Kurumi doesn’t take this well and questions the meaning of special, implying that for Sawako, it’s just someone being nice to her. Kurumi ends up running off in frustration, leaving Sawako to think about all this. The two don’t see each other again until the next day, the day of the athletic festival. During the girls’ soccer game, Sawako helps Chizuru score a goal, but she loses a shoe in the process, and that shoe falls on Kurumi’s head. Kurumi brings it to her afterward, and Sawako tries to apologize, but Kurumi just doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. Sawako misinterprets this as Kurumi wanting to be called Ume, but Kurumi hates that even more and is envious of Sawako’s name. Realizing that Kurumi has always called by her real name, Sawako then invites Kurumi to go watch the guys’ softball game together since it will feature Kazehaya. Kurumi goes along, but she doesn’t stop scheming and realizes an opportunity when Ryuu saves Sawako from getting hit by an errant pitch. She thus encourages Sawako to talk to Ryuu more.


Like last week, I found this week’s episode to be pretty entertaining. I didn’t think Sawako would actually turn Kurumi down, but it’s great that she did because, as I’ve said previously, I’m loving it whenever Kurumi doesn’t get her way. It was also very amusing to watch the end of the episode because you could practically see the gears turning in Kurumi’s head after Ryuu saved Sawako. She’s getting pretty desperate if she thinks that pairing Sawako off with Ryuu is the answer to her problems, particularly since it seems obvious that Ryuu is destined to be with his childhood friend Chizuru. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re moving down the path of having Kurumi actually becoming Sawako’s friend and rival rather than enemy, so the days of Kurumi getting thwarted might be numbered. At this point though, I’m more curious to see if Kazehaya will feel threatened by the attention paid to Sawako and if it will force him to make a move finally.


  1. Of all the animes from this past fall season this one is the BEST of the season. Its so well done on so many levels. When I heard the description of this series and not having read the manga I didn’t expect much from this series. Quite a pleasant surprise for me.

  2. How can you hate this face?

    Both of the two girls are awesome. Kurumi has the same deal as Mimi Yoshioka and I like the archetype. It isn’t original and is also the main personality of Yukino Miyazawa but it is a welcome change of pace.

    However, I seem to have a masochist thing for mentally/physically abusive female characters like Mimi, Kurumi, Horo, Senjougahara, Chidori, Ayano, and yes Haruhi.

  3. I didn’t expect her to actually turn Kurumi down when I watched this episode yesterday. Sawako was unexpectedly slow when it comes to people relation, but I guess that what makes her cute and funny at the same time.

    On the other hand, I found Kazehaya one of those calculating types…or maybe he himself have no idea…hmm…

  4. Even though I’m reading the manga and I KNOW what’s going to happen, I seriously am not bored with this series at all. I’m actually looking FORWARD to the next episode. I hated Kurumi more in the manga though O_o hmm. I agree with Spalsh, this is the best of the season. Though to be fair,this season wasn’t really too great… :/

  5. To be honest regardless whether you guyz hate Kurumi or not she is just an ordinary girl who wants the guy. Really I dont really mind her and for some odd reason I like both Girls, Kurumi being true neutral two facing everytime when Sawako appears, the other Sawako lawful good has to obey all the laws though she misinterpets everything.

    All she is just a love rival nothing more nothing less.

  6. Sawako’s accidental thwarting of Kurumi’s schemes due to her lack of understanding people/situations just makes everything so rewarding. Nothing like seeing the enemy become DUMBFOUNDED due to the sheer innocence and naivety Sawako has!

    Ahh, if only the episodes weren’t once a week! I’m trying to avoid reading the manga to be surprised every week, but the wait is too long. XD

  7. Whenever I see Kurumi, I’m strongly reminded of Kawashima Ami from Toradora. So it’s hard for me to dislike her as much as others( and I really liked Ami’s character)

    But I digress about this show being the best; there is Sora no Otoshimono which gives me cramps from laughing. 😀

  8. This round is a tie! I wish this was 11 eyes and have Kurumi take a stroll in an alley with any of the black knights… I was totally in shock when Sawako turn her down at the beginning, was expecting her to fall in the trap. Kurumi is going for the blows below the belt. (@Maximilian Ami never messed directly with Taiga as far I can recall)
    The best part for me was when Kyuu said Sawako name properly (and the hard training he did for that!). Kazehaya was petrified! It was a subconcious blow to him.
    Now we need a beach special Kurumi is going to eat and buried in the sand SAWAKO ganbare!

    Island Esper
  9. lol @ the Death Note reference when Kurumi said she was going to add Sawako’s full name into the “Bastards who call me Ume” Note. The fact Kurumi is voice by Hirano Aya makes this reference even more meaningful. KnT rules!

  10. Ume-chan’s character is awesome. Her scheming and two sidedness make her such an interesting character. She’s a complete foil of Sawako, and they work completely together. I think it would make sense if they became close, its like that saying. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. If you think about it too, it must be a relief for Ume-chan to be able to speak her mind to someone, and because shes able to be so honest, she will end up connecting to sawako.

  11. Am I the only one seeing that Kurumi is already well on her way to being Befriended, in the time-honored tradition of shoujo “rival” characters? Sawako has already penetrated her defenses and is working inward. Once she finally breaks through to Kurumi’s poor untrusting heart, it’s all over. Sawako won’t even need to use Starlight Breaker. ^_^

  12. Yeah, its obvious that Ume-chan went down the never ending doomed pathway of love-rival smashed into the friend category this episode, especially with the naming incident.

    I have to say I laughed at her little slice of truth: “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW DIFFICULT IT IS FOR POPULAR GIRLS TO GET THE GUY!”

    Although I was expecting a takedown from Sawako’s shoe hitting her. I guess it isn’t that kind of anime, though, LOL.

  13. Lemme tell ya’ll about this motherfucker right here.

    The thing you have to understand about Ryu is that he wandered into this shoujo by accident. He’s from the sports manga down the hall, where he’s the heart and soul of the baseball team; the stoic ace the other members rely on completely. When they have a mental block, he breaks it with a few nonchalant words. When it’s a tied game in the ninth inning, he splinters a bat sending the ball through the sky, expression never changing. When the team from the delinquent school corners them after the match, Ryu puts their captain in the hospital.

    He considers the shoujo drama and misunderstandings pretty silly, but he has a heartwarming romantic subplot with his childhood friend Delinquent-girl, so he mostly lets it slide.

    This also explains Pin-sensei. He’s hilarious comic relief in Ryu’s manga, Blazing Bat, but in shoujo he’s completely out of his element and keeps fucking things up.

    As Kimi Ni Todoke is filled with sparkles and bubbles, so Blazing Bat is filled with speedlines and firey battle auras.

    The titular “Blazing Bat” is Ryu’s signature move. He raises his left leg, like a pitcher, and kicks forward just before he swings, whipping his body forward and imparting extra speed to the bat. This places enormous strain on his leg and back, and in chapter 9 he injures himself and has to be sidelined for two games. Delinquent-girl makes him promise not to use the technique again; doctors say he could permanently damage his spine, and possibly paralyze his legs. But with the match against the hated Black Tigers coming up, can Ryu hold back? Or will the hot-blooded junior teammate he constantly fights with earn his respect and learn Ryu’s Swing of Swings, the BLAZING BAT?

    >> Anonymous Wed Nov 25 01:49:45 2009 No.27976188

    This will never be explicitly stated in Kimi Ni Todoke; it will just occur as background to relationships and MISUNDERSTANDINGS. You gotta read between the lines, connect the dots. Like, Sadako and Refreshing-kun go on a group date with everyone to watch the big game, but you only get occasional glimpses of what’s happening on the field. They’re staring at each other, sparkles and bubbles, and in the background you hear the announcer screaming “He’s raising his leg! It’s the rumored forbidden technique, the Blazing Bat!”

    Currently, Ryu has embarked upon a training schedule that would kill a lesser man, in order to toughen himself enough that his Swing of Swings won’t cripple him. That’s the schedule the Pin sent him, and that’s why he always sleeps in class. When he stopped to give Delinquent advice, he was in the middle of a 40 km run, with weights under his tracksuit. No one’s caught on to what he’s putting himself through, because he’s stoic as hell and does not give a fuck.

  14. I can see what Ryuu is going through. Its sorta like what I had to deal with when I was learning wushu. I was sorta off when it came to Chinese customs at the time & when the instructor found out that I already had a blk belt in jujitsu & a 2nd degree in karate he made me an assistant…& I still had no idea that wushu was ridiculously similar to karate (just much faster). Do you know how hard it is to suddenly have to do move 3-4x faster when you’re 6’4″.

    You would wonder why this anime is so good. Its down to earth & extremely cheeky & its also a complete match to the manga. I’m just tired of seeing anime producers always wanting to destory the anime’s source at any given moment just because they think it would be boring if they stuck to what worked for the manga. These guys act like they’re so artistic that they can come up with something that’s more interesting than what the anime came from. I find that notion sick. Not only that, but the otaku community as a whole, hate that crap, yet they keep on doing it. Its even more sickening when the anime get toward the end, then they change it. I hope this anime doesn’t do that but you kinda feel that it will anyway although they’re right in line with the manga for a 24-26 episode season.

  15. Ah, great. Now not only do I find Kurumi too adorable like I did before, I’m also starting to feel a little sympathy for her as well; it’s quite clear that there’s a good deal more to her feelings than meets the eye. Am eagerly waiting to find out more about her.

    I’d have to say that I wouldn’t mind at all if Ryuu ended up hooking up with Sawako — that guy is FAR more awesome that Kazehaya is at any rate. Still, I know this show is most likely to come to a typical romance end. The only thing left to do is sit back and watch how it plays out.

  16. oh yeah, Ryuu finally memorized Sawako’s name, in a funny way though. To tell the truth I felt no hatred toward Kurumi, her interference was too fragile and only make Sawako understand more about her feeling toward Kazehaya, plus it so much fun watching those two girls. It’s a good thing they did to draw Sawako attention to Ryuu, i really want to see how Sawako interacts with other boys, especially with Ryuu, haha!!!


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