After Suou helps him cook and they all eat together, Hei goes off by himself to settle something. Suou makes him promise to come back, and, afterward, Mao explains that Hei is going to see Yin and that Hei blames himself for changing her into something completely different from how she was before. Knowing that she has something to do as well, Suou heads out with July and Mao to the place where the aquarium used to be. Meanwhile, Kobayashi tells Misaki and Genma about BK-201 and Youko’s death, but he keeps them on the mission of looking for Shion. Misaki, however, recites what she read from the Mitaka documents, and it turns out that Kobayashi is familiar with it. He reveals that they’re in the final stage of the prophecy, and since they can’t stop the awakening of Izanami, their only choice is to take care of Izanagi before he meets Izanami. Over at the aquarium, Suou runs into her father who reveals that it was a copy who got killed by Hei. When he realizes that Suou knows that she’s a copy as well, he tells her the entire truth about how Shion’s power brought her back.

Shion had actually been a Contractor since birth, and Suou wasn’t with him or their father during the meteor incident two years ago. After the incident, Shion had made a copy of himself, but because his copies were always different in some way from the original, this one had been female – Suou. Learning that the aquarium memory was a present from Shion, Suou wants to see her twin again. Before they can leave the place though, July gets a message and takes Suou and runs. Misaki, Genma, and a bunch of their forces have arrived, and Genma finds Suou and company trying to escape down a stairwell. By firing at him with a gun, Suou’s father is able to give them enough time to escape in a different direction, but they are spotted and attacked by an energy-spear-wielding Contractor standing on a nearby building. Suou’s father gets hit in the leg protecting Suou, so Suou tries to patch him up with her shirt. Elsewhere in the plaza, Misaki runs into Madame Oreille – who is armed with a gun that fires anti-Contractor shots similar to what trapped Hei in Russia – and Madame Oreille leads her away from the place.

Back inside, Suou and company can’t move quickly because of her father’s injury, and Genma is on their tail. Suou decides to face him with her rifle, and despite his concrete armor, she’s eventually able to knock him out with a headshot. When she returns to her father though, she finds him near death, and he tells her that she’ll always be his Suou. She’s forced to leave his body behind, and Genma’s forces and John Smith’s forces find it at almost the same time. Meanwhile, Hei has located Izanami inside the Hell’s Gate complex, but the box is empty. Instead, Mina is there waiting for him and attacks him. July, Mao, and Suou are also heading towards the Hell’s Gate now via the secret tunnel, and they run into Madame Oreille, her twin Dolls, and Misaki. Madame Oreille recognizes Mao as Ricardo, but Mao isn’t too happy to hear that name since they’re not lovers anymore. They soon realize though that Suou has disappeared, and it turns out that Suou has gone to where Shion is. Shion, however, has collapsed.


So Dr. Pavlichenko was a much more animated and nicer guy than I thought, and he confirmed that the guy who died in the beginning of the series was a copy. Not that it mattered too much since he died this episode, but I guess he fulfilled his purpose in telling Suou the truth. His scenes with Suou were pretty good, but his actual death was a little weak if you consider that he “survived” Hei and lived all this time only to die to some random Contractor who threw energy spears. Shion should have sent just another copy to talk to Suou. I do wish though that he had revealed more about what Shion was really up to because now there’s more to cover next week (more on that below).

On the topic of random Contractors, seeing one get taken out by Madame Oreille was rather eyebrow-raising thanks to her futuristic-looking bodysuit and weapon. I’m not sure what to expect out of her character now because she seems like she’s helping Suou and Misaki, but she’s still too mysterious to trust. I was amused though to hear that she and Mao used to be lovers.

Hei was unfortunately absent for most of the episode, but they did show him again about to get his head sliced open by Mina for the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. Obviously he’s going to survive, and I’m more curious if they’ll kill Mina off. They certainly surprised me by having Genma survive getting shot in the head this episode. This brings me to my other point though: I’m a little worried that they left too much to cover in next week’s finale, including the Mina battle. We certainly learned a lot this week about Suou and Shion, and we got some more hints about Yin/Izanami, but both sides of the story are still largely unresolved. I have the sneaking suspicion now that they’re going to leave a lot of the Yin stuff for the DVD special episodes, and the resolution next week might not feel complete until the final DVD comes out July 2010. There’s also always the chance that they’re setting up for another series/movie/OVA.


  1. Hi Omni, you’re sure fast. How did you get to watch it so quickly after it was released? Do you live in Japan? I’m just curious as I work as a translate checker for an anime sub group which is working on DTBG. Be great if you could tell us how to get a raw fast. Thanks and as always great blog.

  2. Man that was fast. BTW, this IS the 2nd season. That damn Genma just won’t die. But who cares about that cooky MFer. Atleast they filled in the blank about Suou dying at the meteorite accident & the fact that Shion was a contractor by birth explains why he was so withdrawn as a child. But they really did slow down this episode alittle too much & we still don’t know WTF is going on plot-wise. I guess they’ll come up with something.

  3. I really don’t understand why Bones is dragging the whole Yin situation, because next episode is Hei vs Hazuki, Genma is still alive, Madam Orielle wants Yin dead,the Syndicate has yet to be exposed, and Shion is still alive aswell! So the chances of Izanami and Izanagi meeting is highly plausible, because i have a feeling Shion is faking his little fainting act and will probably use Suou to get to Yin (seeing as his Papa died). Or maybe Misaki will kill Yin, because judging from the preview they look to be in the same vicinity.

  4. It’s just sad that the regular Yin in the first season has been relegated to a side character which seems to hold a huge plot in the second season. Personally they introduced another character story Suou and her gang and try to mess things up and int the end, interlink their plots together.

    I don’t even know how many episodes Yin actually made apppearances in, and if she does, it’s only less than a minute or so. Bones should actually know that Yin is a popular character but chose to shelf it aside. Now the only thing I hope is they end this off decently. I’m guessing either Yin or Shion has to die.

  5. ZeroYuki:
    Yin will be featured prominently in the DTB-Gaiden (first episode of which will be included in the 2nd volume of the Gemini BD/DVD set) so quite yapping. =P

    I personally found the twins – Ariel&Bernice – and July to be more than enough of a replacement for her this season, so heh.

  6. As totomo said, Bones is making an entire four-episode OVA series with Yin and Hei as the two main characters. Which is a good thing. But to be honest, I find Suou the most interesting, and most deeply drawn, character in either series.

  7. Oh man, I’m /so/ reading a season 3. There’s just /way/ too much to finish in 1 episode; the Hei/Hazuki fight, Shion’s plans, Oreille’s plans (we don’t even know exactly what’s up with her even), what Section 3 is, their plans, whatever Hei’s going to do about Yin (he hasn’t even /found/ her yet….), and not to mention concluding Suou’s feelings for Hei (i.e. whther they get together or not…..I’m personally guessing not, though), /AND/ the finale and what happens after the conclusion. Way too much for one episode. So either S2 is longer than we have been expecting (no official announcement was ever made regarding its length as far as I know), or we’re getting an S3.

  8. Daaaammnn….

    Been getting that feeling ever since seeing Yin go “Anti-Spiral” on eposde 10…you know, the “Oh, crap. I think I’ve seen this happened before and it didn’t end well…” feeling.

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  10. I have a bad feeling about the ending…Suou is in the middle of the gate with a meteor fragment around her neck, so the writers can make up just about anything. And with another season about to be in the books, I’m even more disappointed with the incomplete feeling I get from the plot. At least season 1 had a bunch of action to keep me distracted…was this ep the longest battle we’ve seen?

    Kudos to the writers for trying something new with the story, but it feels like a whole bunch of nothing has happened this season…almost like a sidestory or a movie they could have made instead.

  11. There are so many loose ends going on right now that either its going to be 26 episodes or it will end poorly (pissing off fans like Tower of Drugna did) on some cliffhanger thing and we will have to wait another year for season 3.

  12. To be honest after watching the 1st season and now almost the entire second, i normally wouldn’t say this but i would actually like it if the season ended completely inconclusive because then they would be forced to do a second season. This is the time of show (not just anime) that comes once in a blue moon practically. Reason being never disappoints really, each episode is a cliff-hanger, and is almost as good if not better than the last, very few loose ends, almost never predictable, and the artwork is purely amazing. I won’t mind waiting an extra few years to see a really good ending, and would put all the other shows to the side.

    Onto a note about this episode now, it wasn’t as good as most of the others however it did have some highlights. We found out now that it wasn’t either her fathers, or shion’s intention to make a “copy” of suou, but rather it was a mistake that was originally supposed to be another shion. Some plot development when suou’s father died, and a good contractor fight between her and Genma, but i was disappointed that he didn’t die from the head shot because the gay pervert was getting a little annoying. Overall i would give this episode a 8/10 because it wasn’t as much in depth as most, now the only thing we can do is hope for a good ending, or better yet one that will leave a opening for a season 3.

  13. Dr. Pavlichenko’s death reminds me of Yang Wen li from Legend of Galactic Heroes. I’d say it’s anti-climatic. 🙁

    On a different note, I’m rooting for DTB figurines. It would be lovely if I can have a Yin Nendoroid or her 1/8scale.

  14. @dtbfan
    You’re probably right. After looking back at ep. 3, it turns out he was mimicking the girls at that time as well.

    Omg, please tell me that outfit is Oreille’s remuneration (if so, funniest one yet).

    There has to be another animated season. That CIA guy simply hasn’t gotten enough exposure. Neither did “the Magician,” but he’s dead, so I’m not especially hopeful that he’ll reappear.

    p.s. First, the ankle incidents. Now we find out that Mao and Oreille used to be lovers? Mao’s officially the greatest player of his species.

    p.p.s. Has Schroeder become a freelance inventor or something? He seems to be handing out anti-contractor weapons to opposing factions.

  15. Hei will survive and kill Hazuki! I mean despite Hei not having his contractors, the level of experience between the two is insanely HUGE! Hazuki who’s past was revealed last 2 episodes ago, was pissed off at his family for having to go and make herself stronger through the underworld. So she basically had experience only in the underworld alone. While Hei on the other hand has experienced so much it screwed him to the point that he doesnt even know his real identity anymore, like he thought of himself as a contractor who does nothing but lie and kill, cant blame after all, at such a young age he was already in wars, assassinations, etc. The only thing we want to see is the battle scenes and how he will crush Hazuki and of course the most important one, how he will deal with YIN! I mean from what I heard from Mao this episode is that Yin is completely different from the Yin they knew before, since she is now referred to as Izanami, as she even said that they will see each other soon. So this Izanagi person, is it really frikin Shion or Suou? If it is either of the two, it would really be stupid and senseless, since it would make sense that Yin probably wants to see Hei after all we saw her observation spirit that tried to hug Hei. Also about that pregnancy reaching its final stage thing in the prophecy, dont tell me! Hei knocked up Yin! LOL!

  16. I don’t want Hazuki to die, I kinda liked her. Maybe under Suou’s influence Hei will be less inclined to kill?
    Alas dr Pavlichenko, he could cheat death only for so long…
    I want to know what is the real purpose of section 3 anyway, and who the heck is Madame? Time traveller? Anyyone feels like watching Haruhi now? 😛

  17. @X

    Jeez man, you sound like a 9 year old.

    Anyways this has left so much to cover in the final episode, I am definitely smelling cliffhanger….or Yin ends up killing like 99% of the characters instantly…

  18. Yin should just be put down b/c she’s Izanami now and has forever evolved. She is out of control. Glad when she dies as she killed all those contractors. Contractor are people too.

  19. @Kaliayev

    She’s in the spacesuit thinggy cos she will be entering the Gate. Remember from Season 1 that anyone who wants to enter the Gate will have to wear a spacesuit.

    I’m predicting Mdm Oreille to be a telepath.

  20. @ kp: I thought I was overthinking things at first (Genma had made a few dodgy remarks in previous epi’s, I just thought he might have a bad taste in jokes), but I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a pedo alert going of..or more like shotacon alert.

    Genma can use material that he is in direct contact maybe Genma survived because he could push the bullet out of his skull or something? Maybe he could make his skull denser so it didn’t penetrate but did cause such a impact that he was knocked out? *shrugs*

    And I am mildly amused at how the US suddenly arraived in helicopters.
    And Shion.. He was seemingly unconscious on the floor out of his wheelchair; maybe he lost the use of his legs again because he made a copy?

  21. @Kp

    You’re not alone in this. and the funniest thing is that he finally realized that he was the only person in Section 3 (or perhaps in the series) that thought Suou is a boy. i nearly burst my lungs when Suou told him that she’s a girl, not a boy. Talking ’bout Shion though, i think maybe he overused his power ( that’s why the aquarium in front of him is empty)and he’s about to die. maybe Suou is the real Izanagi, not Shion ( i think). and we are yet to know the purpose of Suou holding the meteor fragment. well, not long for us to find out though.

  22. @Who: Now who is truly more childish? Yin ends up killing 99%? How the hell did you even get that percentage? Learn your dam statistics man, you can’t just randomly spout out some percentages you retard. First of all the reason why I was joking that Yin could be pregnant, was because of that prophecy that after the moon becomes full, her pregnancy would reach the final stage, and of course the line dictates that a new being will rise which will cause tragedy. I didn’t just spout some random retarded nonsensical crap like you. “I smell a cliffhanger” You are a genius, sherlock! If you must know, I was being sarcastic, or is that something a truly retarded person like you wouldn’t understand?

  23. I’d hit Suou if she was older and Hei should too…

    anywaaaay, Too much gonna happen in the last episode, I’m guessing maybe and OVA finale like, 1 hour or something. Or I even expect a season 3; kinda lame how Hei lost his powers and couldn’t do the lightning thing which I sooo loved in season 1


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