Lately, wherever Sawako turns, Kurumi is there waving to her. Since Sawako is finding it harder to talk with Kazehaya, she talks with Kurumi about her problem. Kurumi feels that talking with Kazehaya is nothing special because of how he treats everyone, and she suggests that it might be easier for Sawako to talk with someone more like herself. Sawako takes this as motivation to become more like Kurumi, and unbeknownst to her, Chizuru is telling Ayane about how Kurumi back in junior high school brought a lot of girls to her to introduce to Kazehaya. When he rejected them all, Kurumi was the one who brought about the idea that Kazehaya belonged to everyone. Back in the present, Kazehaya runs into Sawako watering the plants, and the two find themselves smiling and talking normally again. Kurumi sees them together and interrupts them, but in the process Sawako finds out that Kazehaya actually calls Kurumi by her family name Kurumizawa, and her given name is actually Ume. This makes Sawako feel relieved, and it causes Kurumi to have a private chat with her. In it, Kurumi reveals that she has a person she likes, and she wants Sawako’s help. The person she likes, however, is none other than Kazehaya.


Well this was a fun episode. I enjoyed watching Kurumi’s real intentions emerge as she saw Sawako as more and more of a threat. Or rather, I should say that I enjoyed watching Kurumi getting thwarted and pissed off thanks in part to Sawako’s relative cluelessness. They also did a good job on bringing out the impact of the ending of the episode (I loved the look on Kurumi’s face), predictable as it may have been. I feel though that Kurumi might have been a bit too hasty with an all-in declaration like this, and her doing it after seeing Kazehaya and Sawako getting along so well together made her seem pretty desperate. That being said, hopefully her trying to get Sawako’s help will backfire, and I can’t wait to see her face if and when Kazehaya finally rejects her.


  1. This episode was awesome. I figured the “big reveal” about Kurumi’s intentions would be a lot more sinister, but sheer overblown-ness of the dark aura and the lightning effects ended up making it completely hilarious. I know were supposed to be utterly despising Kurumi at this point like Omni is, but she looks so cute when she gets frustrated at at her failure that I can’t help but like her even more. Whatever drama might ensue, I get the feeling that I’ll be able to watch and enjoy instea of getting completely frustrated myself.

  2. And this round goes to Sawako 10-8 The misunderstanding upper to Kurumi face was cool. “You don’t talk like Kazehaya so look for your own kind” ; Sawako reversal oh so I have to change to make him feel better! Hell yeah!
    However the round ended with a strong counter from Kurumi. The cat fight is on and looks like she isn’t going to hold back anything to get rid of Sawako.

    Yano is onto her case!!!! I love her; go Yano!!! and save Sawako making Shikuzu stomp over Kurumi.

    Island Esper
  3. I’m loving this series every week! I’m just a sucker for funny school romance animes. I never did like other romance animes that deals with older characters or have a very melodramatic/serious tone. This series does not disappoint.

  4. @conyo985: Same here. Well, I try to like ’em, but too many seem to be too serious or too… absurd (the typcial harem-type). Seems like the genre’s seen some improvement lately, what with Kimi ni Todoke, Special As, Lovely Complex and… I think there was one other? Oh well.

    As for Kurumi… I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that I think the resolution of this whole mini-arc was handled VERY well. She’s not a character you’ll end up loving, but you won’t exactly hate her either, no-matter what you think now.

    Speaking of which, is this going on for another season (24 eps total)? I’d hate to see the anime end any time soon, especially given how slow the manga scanlations are coming.

  5. kurumi es mas falsa que cualquier otra cosa, pero lo que mas me agrada es que Sawako no cae ante la melosidad y cursileria de Ume-chan,

    asi que esperemos ver que sigue en los siguientes episodios


  6. Wait; has Yano decided Show Spoiler ▼

    ? Because it looked like she had a good idea of what Kurumizawa was planning.

    Speaking of the third wheel, I’m slightly disappointed with her portrayal. It feels like she’s been cast unsympathetically just to drive “the point” Show Spoiler ▼

    home. In a story which uses hints and implications very well, the forcefulness sticks out a lot. Then again, the backstory only goes to middle school so far; she may really have been all sugar and spice BEFORE Kazehaya showed up.

    Personal preferences aside, I’m still very much looking forward to the next episode.

  7. Man, i’m sure everyone saw this coming, that type of chick is the worst type one can be. It’s just sad how the people around her can’t tell or don’t even seem to care that she’s manipulating them like that. I can’t wait to see how her plans fall apart and her true colors show so that everyone can wake up, then have her kicked to the curb like the evil b*#$@ she is.

    A good pimp slap would be welcome at some point as well. I know it’s not cool or right to hit girls, but damnit, sometimes they need a smack.

  8. I thought the way Kurumi’s true intentions (however obvious they’ve been) were casually revealed felt a bit underwhelming at first, but upon closer inspection, it does fit into how the series is running as a whole. Kimi ni Todoke has never been about melodrama, and I guess the way Kurumi’s antics were portrayed reflects that. It’s actually a great way to induce character development without overplaying the ridiculous emotional intensity so prevalent in melodramas.

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