「フレンズ」 (Furenzu)

For an episode devoted primarily to Kanako and Junpei, the title “Friends” is almost like a spoiler in disguise. I must’ve been unconsciously expecting something to happen though, as this was a mere afterthought. Junpei was really smooth bringing Kanako’s friendship doll back into the picture and getting her a special cell phone strap from the theater with it. If he hadn’t started bawling his eyes out during the movie, she may have confessed too. While Kanako’s busy wrestling with her feelings and loyalty to Kaede, Junpei has much more pressing problems — his curse escalates.

After seeing how Keizou repeated the damage that Junpei did to Neko Jizou, I’m really starting to think that the real curse are EMPTY CANS in the MIDDLE of the street. They’re literally labeled for that statue with a name meaning “cat tea” (of sorts). As Junpei’s misfortune would have it, he develops a sensitive tongue to hot food when his curse advances. The shrine’s broke and Keizou’s unable to get money out of their believers, so he takes up a job at the post office to earn some donation money in an attempt to quench the cat guardian’s wrath. Naturally, nothing goes quite according to plan for him as he ends up spending most of the money he earned on a forced date with Kanako. Worst of all, he inadvertently lets Kaede overhear him talking to cats. Enter cat ears on Junpei’s head as a result.

I mentioned back in episode nine how I liked the fact they brought the friendship doll up again. Well it looks like the anime is riding on this plot device to reach some sort of original conclusion. Here, Kanako pretty much gives up on confessing her feelings to Junpei and opts to keep him as the close yet dense friend he’s always been. Judging from the preview, it looks like she’s going to discuss this with Kaede as well, which may lead us to a Junpei x Kaede finish. I’m not going to get my hopes up though, since the curse problem will probably take precedence. Speaking of which, I’m not certain if the cat shown at the very end is supposed to be Junpei, but it does bear some similarities. Whatever the case, this turn of events gave the show a much more serious atmosphere despite the jokes that were littered throughout. It’s an interesting change-up that I’m all for, if it leads towards some semi-satisfying ending next week. It’s coming down to the wire with both the curse and Kaede’s feelings in the balance!





  1. Well i guess i was mistaken. Last week i had mentioned that this show will go into another season. Well it looks like that’s not the case. Kind of a shame, since there is still a lot of story left.

    Still, this was a good episode over all. It pretty much assured the ending, we were all expecting. Will comence, with out all the “OMG what the hell?!” Kind of ending that seems to happen in these harem series. Though I’m a bit annoyed that Kanako, gave up after trying to so hard through out this series to get with Junpei.

    Aw well, maybe we’ll get some sort of closure at the end, or maybe a hit of another season. *Shrugs* We’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Ohh… This was a nice change of pace after being horrified with the last Kampfer ep. I know the manga chapters are far ahead but I wonder if the author will use the anime ending as a lead for the manga… Perhaps not. I’d be funny to see Jumpei fully transformed into a cat… ouhh, ouhh would a kiss from his beloved one be the only way to save him?!? just like the whole princess kiss the frog-prince?!?

  3. I will feel sad if Junpei ends with Kaede, she hasn’t been developed that much! I don’t hate her; but don’t love her either. In contrast Kanako has given her all!!! Not another harem ending.
    This has potential for a 24 episode; don’t stop here!!!!!

    Island Esper
  4. Nyan Koi will just be any other anime if it does not give a good conclusion. I’m actually rooting for Kanako, but even so, I seriously want Junpei to end up with someone (like Kaede) instead of everyone. I strictly disallow it to end like Kampfer with the harem.

  5. I was really worried that this series would end with very little, but it seems they somehow got everything together and it’s turning out really well.

    I still want my Valentine’s Day episode.

  6. Here’s my personal take on Harem endings: Either go for one of the girls or go for all the girls – OPENLY!

    It pisses me off when a Harem anime ends with, “We’ll wait for you to make your decision Loser-Male-Protagonist-kun! While we wait, we’ll be right by your side!”

    Either have it the way that Sugisaki (Seitokai no Ichizon), who openly admits he’s going for the harem ending, has it. Or have him go after ONE main girl like Keitaro, (Love Hina) despite recognizing and acknowledging the attractive traits of the other women around him.

    Just be decisive about it damn it! No need to string them along and be the emo loser who’s afraid to ruin the relationship. BE A FRIKK’N MAN!

  7. hmm.. but i think its different about junpei’s case. they know he likes kaede(exept for kaede) and i think kaede likes him too. i guess some of us is not thinking too much about who’s girl he’ll end up with (and im one of that) because he is starting to turn into a cat so im wondering how will it end up in just one episode, will he be a cat? or some event will happen that the curse will just lift up suddenly or maybe hell finished the remaining number of deeds in one episode, i dont know if that is possible, and if it is.. i have no idea how will they do that.

  8. oppss w8 kaede knows junpei likes her..
    i just remembered Nagi Ichinose told her that when they were at the amusment park.
    i think junpei doesn’t know that kaede already knows about it
    1 he just dont know how to make a move
    2 he is also thinking about his curse
    i think..

  9. besides darker than black im going to miss this anime most of all of the fall season thats going to be ending soon, hopefully next year or a little later or sooner they can make a season 2 of this show

  10. Kanako actually has a far better chance in the anime than she does in the manga; at the moment, it’s looking like the anime writers may not pull the ‘predestined meeting’ card for Kaede, like the manga author did -_-;…

  11. Great episode! But you know, when Junpei said “I look like someone else?! That’s just an illusion! I will shatter that foolish illusion!” I was like, Imagine Breaker?! Touma?!

    Well, I always thought they looked alike…


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