Since her mother is in shock and claims that she’s already dead, Suou suggests going to the aquarium in order to rekindle happy memories. When her mother doesn’t know what she’s talking about, Suou runs out of the car, and July follows her. By chance, the two are later found sleeping against the side of a vending machine by Misaki. Realizing who they are, Misaki feeds them and takes them to the aquarium, but the area turns out to have been restricted for the last thirteen years. Misaki then takes them to Suou’s mother’s apartment where Mao has been hiding after Suou and July abandoned him earlier. Mao has by now realized that he’s met Suou’s mother twice before, once back when he still had his human body and she was pregnant. When Misaki shows up to question her, Mao heads out and tells Suou about the second time.

Years ago, Mao had gotten a Syndicate mission to go to a Moscow university to look into Suou’s father’s secret research, and to do so he had transferred himself into the body of a cat. Shortly thereafter though, there was an explosion, destroying Mao’s human body and killing Suou who had been there with her mother and brother. Suou’s mother and Shion had survived, and when her mother tried to look for her, she found that her husband had Suou’s corpse on the ME. Suou’s father had said that Suou would be their child for all eternity, but Suou’s mother had taken Suou’s corpse and run away. Shion had stayed behind with their father, so Suou’s mother had cremated Suou’s remains and returned to Japan with the ashes. Suou’s mother now believes that the current Suou is an impostor and a copy created by Shion’s special ability. Hearing this causes Suou to run away again, but she doesn’t go far, and Misaki is able to find her again.

Meanwhile, Hei has been interrogating Youko and learns of the supposed disaster that’ll happen if Izanami and Izanagi meet and of the old woman who has the memory of the future. Youko also mentions Izanami killing Contractors and the 18th Research Building before Hei sedates her and departs. Madame Oreille is waiting for Hei outside and reveals that Suou has been captured. Hei is able to find Suou with Misaki in front of Suou’s mother’s apartment building, and he attacks Misaki thinking that she’s Suou’s captor. Suou stops him from killing Misaki though, and they leave her. Back in the place where Hei interrogated Youko, Mina arrives and finds Youko tortured and dead. Hei meanwhile takes Suou to another safe house, and she asks him to call out to her like he did when he didn’t want her to shoot previously. Hei instead tells her that he doesn’t know her as a copy or anything – the only Suou he knows is her. This causes Suou to cry, and she tells him her conflicted feelings about him, including how lonely she was away from him. Later that night, Hei and Mao see the orange moon in the sky.


Wow, talk about major plot advancement in a single episode. For starters, I was very surprised to see that Mao was so heavily involved in all this, but it was a nice little addition because now we finally know more about what happened to him in the past. I was also surprised to see Hei attacking Misaki like that and having to be stopped by Suou because I didn’t think he’d take such aggressive tactics against someone he knew. This probably decreases the already slim chances of a HeiXMisaki ending. Despite that though, I don’t believe that Hei was the one who tortured and killed Youko because she was still pretty good shape when he left her. Someone – perhaps Madame Oreille or Shion or even Yin – is likely framing him.

Then there was all that stuff about Suou being a copy and Shion’s ability to copy living things, which likely means that both Suou and her father were created by Shion. As it stands, since the current Dr. Pavlichenko seems a bit lifeless, I suspect that Hei killed the real Dr. Pavlichenko, and Shion created another one to aid him in whatever he’s doing. Nevermind, I’ve been reminded that the dead Dr. Pavlichenko had only a day’s worth of memories, but it’s still possible that the current Dr. Pavlichenko was created by Shion. Suou had a nice emotional moment with Hei this episode too thanks to the copy revelation, but I’m beginning to think that this story won’t have a good ending for her. Actually, I really don’t know where the story is heading now that Yin has appeared again smiling and looking like she’s ready to kick some ass. But with only two episodes left, the conclusion is coming fast, and I’m really excited to see it.


  1. “I suspect that Hei killed the real Dr. Pavlichenko, and Shion created another one to aid him in whatever he’s doing.” – OMNI

    A comment from another blog:

    “The doctor that was killed was the copy. It was said that this copy of the doctor killed had only one day/week can’t remember of memories. Period. Also, I found it incredibly obvious that Hei didn’t kill that woman. That shouldn’t be considered a surprise…I’m just glad that we had some look at Mao’s past, it was definitely fun.

    Comment by Sacchi — December 11, 2009 @ 23:38”.

  2. I thought they made it clear before that the real Dr. Pavlichenko was still alive, but that really doesn’t matter. Anyway this Section 3 mess just seems to be a part of the Syndicate, hell we don’t even know how huge the Syndicate is. The Syndicate is also very good for doing in traitors & since Youko couldn’t keep her mouth shut, she ended up being ripped up like that. You have to be cold as hell like Hei to get away from them. But Hazuki is just asking to be killed if she messes with Hei anymore.

    But more importantly, Yin looks like she’s finally going to put it in gear. So Shion will have to do the same, unless he’s against this Izanami/Izanagi garbage – & we still don’t know what he’s thinking. But we were right on with his copying ability. It also looks like it has something to do with the data within the ME.

  3. Wow, whoever’s trying to frame Hei is very thorough…look at Youko’s left hand, every finger’s broken.
    That and I find it silly for Hei to give up killing Misaki because Suou told him she bought her meat buns…*rolls eyes*

  4. Yay, more plot recycling (i.e. episodes one and two of series one).

    That was Yin? I thought it was a glow stick version of July. I mean, the latter was acting rather strange (for July) this past episode.

    Why the bloody hell didn’t Hei kill Oreille the instant she showed up outside his secret torture room? He’s supposed to be ruthlessly efficient, damnit.

    So, the old hag from the observatory is really Amber…and we haven’t seen said hag at all in this series (teehee, I wonder if Yin killed the old hag)? That explains a few things…I guess. I suppose they at least fulfilled my requirement that she had to have experienced a ridiculous number of alternate timelines, though I’m still not happy with the fact that she’s having a significant impact on the plot. Also, didn’t Amber indicate that doll and contractor evolution would be a “good” thing? What gives?

    p.s. I think Mao, thanks to flashbacks, just became my favorite character.

    p.p.s. How long are they going to force Suou to wear the absurd outfit?

  5. It appears Mao and Jaalin have some commonalities 😛 IS Jaalin still around on this site though??

    Poor Youko! She met such a terrible end. Yet because of Hazuki’s intention of revenge, I cannot help but feel she will die soon too.

  6. Heh, Shion planted the explosives? Shion’s psychotic behavior is kinda entertaining, though I wish someone would kill him already.

    I really wanted Misaki to shoot Hei, just so we could find out whether his coat is still functional if he’s no longer a contractor.

  7. “As it stands, since the current Dr. Pavlichenko seems a bit lifeless, I suspect that Hei killed the real Dr. Pavlichenko, and Shion created another one to aid him in whatever he’s doing.”

    Actually they said back a while ago that the body of Dr. Pavlichenko they found in his room only had a day’s worth of memories, so the one Hei killed was more likely a copy.

  8. I think Hei may have tortured her. During the interrogation scene they show all the tools. There looks to be a bit of blood too near one of the tools. I think it may be an overly censored scene. I am guessing the bloody aftermath is okay to show but not the work in progress. If you recall he was breaking fingers of that one contractor during the first season. So, I do not think he’s beyond getting messy.

  9. that’s a terrible thing they did to Youko…i have lost my interest to Yin due to her late appearance, they better have a good explanation why she have to turn into a freakin blue-head contractor killing machine….i wonder if the ending is more predictable with the falling twin stars in the ending theme

  10. One of Amber’s predictions is, when Isanami and Isanagi meet than a great disaster will occur. Assuming Isanagi is Hei, and learning that Suou is a copy, I have come to the conclusion that Suou is somehow the key to all this. She will interfere their meeting, because she’s a copy and also that wierd love triangle, and alter Amber’s prediction. That’s what i think.

  11. 2 eps left? that was pretty quick…
    if i remember correctly, in 1 ep a meteorite crashed in a location where suo, shion & the doc were camping/stargazing, w/c injured shion & turned him into a contractor and they were a lot older, in this ep shion seems to already be a contractor & is much younger … did i miss something or i’m just confused ?

  12. DKB now with cloning blues …and lolicon 😛

    Kinda expected it really, especially since last episode. Pity for Misaki, she gets beaten up, and as far as she knows, Hei tortured and killed Youko. The ship seems to be sinking fast.

  13. Didn’t read every post in detail but saw comments about what happened to Youko, probably Shion trolling with another clone and she might well be alive. I’m all for Yuri Yuri but a Hazuki drooling over Hei is fine too.

  14. Who wants to bet that Yoko was killed by Ilya Sokolov – the contractor from ep 7? Or rather – by a copy of him that Shion created (since Hei killed the original)? That’s the first person I thought of when I saw what had happened to Yoko.

  15. Man i really didn’t expect Hei to attack Misaki like that, well in my opinion that’s it for the MisakixHei ending, Seems like in the next 2 episodes everyone is gonna be gunning for Hei.

  16. I agree with ashiguru, maybe the torture scene has been overly censored and they only showed the dead body after. When you think about it Youko was in a horrible state of mind during the interrogation, i don’t think just asking her question and hitting from time to time could have caused that. Meh, I’m beginning to think Hei really did kill her.

  17. You guys are silly. Of course Hei would attack Misaki, the idiot joined section 3 ffs. He wasn’t going to kill her though, I doubt that highly. Hei killing Yin is open to debate though, and Suon not living at the end is also a high possibility.

    Hei x Misaki was never a priority, it’s just there, and I wouldn’t count it out unless something more drastic happened, Hei knocking her out in this ep wasn’t enough.

    Besides I think section 3 is the syndicate anyways, so the full (Misaki) is working for the bad guys she hates, Hei isn’t going to ask questions first and then act you know.

  18. The reason why Izanami and Izanagi (Yin and Suou) shouldnt meet? Well, what would the two lolis do when they see each other, knowing that the both of them wants Hei for herself? Well, as we all have been revealed before, a tragedy LOL. I can just imagine Yin and Suou battling it out, and not getting along with each other, unlike with Amber to whom Yin was getting along with. I dont think she will let Suou just take Hei away from her. I am eagerly awaiting a Hei VS Hazuki (add in Genma for laughs) and a Yin VS Suou (+Shion Maybe) fight.

  19. Poor Youko… kind of liked her.
    Pretty sure Hei didnt do it though.
    1. You heard the door close behind him when he left.
    2. Sure Hei is a badass and cold. but not a sadist.

    Anyway, great ep really alot of plot development, and Hei beating up Misaki was kind of a suprise oh well… i guess he doesnt hate Misaki but he likes Suou better.

  20. @GP: I agree with you on the Misaki X Hei, definitely it was never a priority nor was it even shed to light this series, this possible pairing is like some sort of teaser in the first season. Plus we all know that from this season, Hei is depresseded because of what happened to Yin, we all know from the commercials for the OVA, that Hei do love Yin. So Misaki X Hei is already becoming slim to none, heck we dont even know if a Hei X Yin will last this season.

    Also it was never a Misaki X Hei, but more correctly a Misaki X Li, the person that Misaki knew was Li Shensung, not Hei or BK201. She only knows of one of Hei’s many aliases and gotten to know Hei’s role as a student named Li. This was really all one sided to begin with (kinda too bad since I was hoping that Misaki would be like a partner to Hei as well or at least be Hei’s connection to the police or something), but with the current situation as it stands now. I highly doubt that Hei sees Misaki as nothing more but a former police that now works with Section 3, which is his enemy, thus logically thinking she would become his enemy as well. I was surprise by his sudden appearance in front of her lol, especially his actions, since I guess it looks like he was ready to kill her. I guess this proves my opinion that Hei really doesn’t think of Misaki as anything special at all, hell I guess he even treated her as an enemy.

  21. Oops pressed enter too quickly.

    Ahem. Suou is not a clone. The thing that her mother cremated was a clone. Probably Shion’s clone can last only for a limited period before expiring, otherwise he’d make clones of himself to make clones of others etc and populate the earth with his clones and take over the world.

    Anyway, we saw Pavlichenko implanting memories into the Suou’s body (the clone). Why would he want to plant memories into the real Suou? They wanted to plant memories into the clone so that anyone who ‘analyses’ her corpse will think that the real one died, just like Pavlichenko’s clone earlier in the story.

    They used the ME on the real Suou so that she won’t be suspicious that the mother left her. They didn’t need to use the ME on the mother cos she thinks the clone was Suou anyway.

    Hei DIDNT kill Youko. It’s obvious that he left the scene with her in the chair. When they discovered the body, it was dumped rudely on the floor. I think the syndicate killed her. (possibly Hazuki’s boss)

    I don’t think there’ll be a good ending for the twins. Prediction: both will die, like in the OP, when we see both stars falling.

    PS Suou’s mother is the female version of Hei. Replacing collar bones with ankles. Sheesh, Mao has a weird fetish. Like the girl detective.

  22. @Omini
    I feel the one who died was the fake and it was already planned Dr. Pavlichenko. it getting better and better. One question is Amber still alive because in ep 9 or 8 cant remember when misaki was search the seems to be a midigt version?

  23. This doesn’t make any sense.

    If Suou is a copy created by Shion’s contractor ability then the meteorite had nothing to do with Shion gaining contractor powers, as Suou was created prior to the meteorite falling on them.

    Either that, or like the Aquarium, the meteorite falling on Suou and Shion is an implanted memory.

    They also never explained why Yin would want to kill any contractors? Or what they mean by “killing contractors”? Does it mean that Yin neutralizers a Contractor’s power (like what happened to Hei) or does it mean literally killing contractors physically as we’ve seen in the flashbacks? What’s Yin’s motivation for doing so?

    Furthermore, what role does Madame Orielle play in all this and what about those twin girls?

    With only 2 episodes left, I hope this series doesn’t end up with more questions than answers. There’s still so much left unexplained.

  24. @dtbfan
    I took that scene with the ME as Dr. Pavlichenko removing the memories from Suou’s corpse so that he would be able to implant them into a new body, e.g. a one from Shion’s cloning ability.

    The meteorite scene really doesn’t make much sense… it almost seems like they screwed up with consistencies, or that the mom’s memories are the ones that are fake… or even some sort of confusing, overcomplicated mixing of time-lines lol.

    It would seem like an implanted memory, b/c like you said, Shion should already have been a contractor, but he acts extremely normal in that scene (and he doesnt have the contractor eyes lol).

    Things that make it seem real are things like: in the scene you can see that is where they got the meteor fragment from, which is why Hei is after them originally, and also that is potentially where Shion hurt his eye.

    Overall its just confusing, e.g. in that scene theres a blue outline that looks like Yin’s observation spectre… and also, I had thought that Suou was a clone in the first episode b/c of that scene. The atmosphere of the scene makes it seems like she’s dead and Shion is reaching out to her… and he then used his ability to clone her, which is why he has to pay out his contract (for seemingly 2 years for some reason lol?)

    Anyways, it seems like to me that Yin kills contractors by either controlling their abilities and killing them with them, or by making their abilities go out of control. So if Shion and Yin, i.e. Izanagi and Izanami met, what would happen? Would Shion’s ability go nuts and start cloning people?

  25. @random
    In the Flashback the twins father told his wife that Suou would be theirs eternally which means Suou was already dead in the explosion he was trying to bring her back using the ME and after that the mother got Suou’s ashes so that means the current Suou is a copy made by Shion something is very fishy about the syndicate reason for bombing that place but what i found interesting was that Shion still had both eyes when he was younger so that means the explosion that happened in siberia was real what i want to know is how come Suou is still alive when it was clear that she died in that explosion in siberia that means Shion created another copy of shion for the second time so now the question is did Shion become a contractor back then or he did he switch their names meaning that shion is actually Suou and Suou is Shion.

  26. So the Stargazer ended up being Amber after all? Hmm.

    Its getting really good now, and it sucks I wont be able to watch the final two episodes cause Im going on vacation! But hey, maybe the OVA will be out by the time I come back, which should explain the who Yin thing.

  27. OK, I’m pretty sure if they’re gonna go to the trouble to say that Shion became a contractor during the meteorite explosion then I’ll take that as fact. But Suou was already copied by the ME at that time so & she died again. That’s when Shion copied her & they f’d with her memories (they said that too). The mother is a freakin wreck about the ME explosion so the likelihood that they messed with her memories is nil. It wouldn’t do them any good to keep her as a nervous wreck about that event if they made that up.

    Trying to mix up Suou & Shion right now would be the same mistake that all the other fools in the anime committed. Suou was never a contractor until the pendant she had absorbed Hei’s power. Shion seemed to always be somewhat of a rei-clone in terms of personality. Its obvious that they’re going with the idea of creation & destruction for Shion & Yin. The world would be terribly screwed if those 2 crossed paths. Their abilities could go haywire if they had any influence over each other.

  28. Izanami-no-Mikoto screamed from behind this impenetrable barricade and told Izanagi-no-Mikoto that if he left her she would destroy 1,000 residents of the living every day. He furiously replied he would give life to 1,500.

    (From wikipedia)

    Can this explain anything about why Yin kills contractors? Anyway, I think Izanagi is Shion. A part in Mikata profile : “Izanagi gazes at fake ocean bottom, waiting for Izanami” Shion is gazing into ocean bottom. And I don’t think Hei killed Youko. It’s out of his fashion XD

  29. Some how I got the feeling the Hei’s presence will stop the whole futue of destruction thing by either just being and Yin goes to him instead of Shion or he will call out to her. Either that or it will turn out Hei is Izanagi. I also get the feeling Suou is going to die, either when shion dies and she disappears or dieing so that Hei and Yin can be together while taking care of Mao and July.

  30. Anyone know the name of the anime they ran a trailer for at the end of the episode? They included it in the bss release so it must have some degree of hype but theres no mention of it on here

  31. I wonder if Hei will get his powers back when Shion/Suou/Yin (pick one or multiple), dies. Or simply when the necklace gets destroyed. Suou kind of grew on me, so it would be nice if she lived..which I kind of doubt..Hei kills “evil” contractors, like probably Shion is..(assuming that if Shion dies, Suou will as well). I never was fond of Yin, so I’m fine with it if she dies =P

    They still did a pretty good job with Hei: despite depowering the “hero” (Hei), he still is capable enough that it isn’t bothersome. I do miss his mask though..kinda miss the trademark look.

  32. The creepy twins are dolls.. and they seem to be able to interfere with the observation spirits of other dolls, as hinted this ep, when gaps started appearing in the observation network. This would explain why Section 3 has been unable to locate Hei despite all those dolls they have.

  33. I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that the meteor core has nothing to do with Shion gaining contractor powers. He seemed rather contractor-ish in this episode. Maybe it’s more that the meteor core gave Suou her contractor powers or something.

  34. I am never going to stop laughing every time I hear that Hei is “a terrible, good-for-nothing, violent drunk.” It just puts EVERYTHING into perspective when I think back to the lovely first series.

  35. im loving this anime now. at first i was iffy about it mayb becuz i loved the first season and the second one just seemed “different” i guess but after episode 9 ive been so into. loved this episode too and the mom’s past is so sad.

  36. @dtbfan
    As much as I hate to say it, but Suou is infact a clone. Later on in the episode Shion admits to creating the false memory of the aquarium trip with the family. His father comments that it would be terrible if Suou ever found out the truth and Shion replies that she needs to learn pain.

  37. i didnt really like the first season but i love this one and i dont know whats up with yin but i kind of want her to die i like suou a lot now and july im glad that misaki got put into place i felt bad for the lesbo and youko but hei didnt do it he left and i dont think it was a censor version we saw so lots of people keep sayin amber was that old lady is that true because at the end of the first season didnt the old lady live while amber died im confused but i hope they end it without too many questions unanswered and i dont want suou too die

  38. @random

    I still don’t think Suou is a clone… cos well why would the father use the ME machine to ‘save’ her memories even before he know Shion would be a contractor, and that he’d have the perfect copying abilities to make use of the memories? Plus… having a main character as a clone is just a big turn-off. Reminds me of spider man and Tsubasa. Ugh. I really hope she isn’t a clone.


    The way Shion worded it gave me the impression that the only fake memories given to Suou were those of the ‘family aquarium day’.

    But perhaps she really is a copy. Ugh. Well, we’ll know by next wk!

    Either way, they really need to address the following:

    1. Assuming Shion became a contractor 2 yrs ago when the meteor fell, how did he manage to make a copy of Suou during the university fire incident, when he was 5 or 6 and didn’t have powers?

    2. Who is Mdm Oreille working for?

    3. Where is Hoshii-sama now?

  39. I knew Suou is going to fall in love. There hasn’t been a woman/girl who doesn’t at the very least grow fond of Hei after being involved with him.

    Suou is probably the ‘Izanagi’ everybody is fuzzing about. The mysterious circumstances dealing with her existence, Madame Oreille mentioning Hei doing a good job bringing ‘it’ into Tokyo etc. kinda seems to point to it.

  40. Wait, wait, Amber is the old stargazer lady? D: Can someone explain how that works? Did she mess up timelines up with her powers and go into the future or something?

    I’m going to assume that Amber did sacrifice herself in season 1 and died, does that mean the ‘her’ who was the stargazer died as well?

  41. OK, this anime is too short to ba making up stories instead of presenting facts. Suou is not a clone but a copy. A clone is created by inserting an individual’s genetic material inside an egg that’s been stripped of its genetic material. Suou’s father said that Suou would be their child for all eternity as he was inputting her data in the ME. So he was able to use the ME to make a copy of Suou. Suou’s incomplete as a person because he wasn’t able to fully insert her data in the ME. We also know that the ME can copy people & manipulate a person’s memories (2nd episode of 1st season).

    Shion’s ability can also copy living data, but he may also be able to manipulate memories too. He’s like a mobile biological ME. But he has to use data as well & the only data that was available to him when Suou died again 2 yrs ago was the incomplete Suou that the ME created.

  42. I was so happy we found out about Suou. I loved the ending and really funny when Suou had her little confession. I actually like Hei and Suou being together since she can actually stop him from killing without mercy.I mean he almost killed Misaki which did surprise me as he was nice to her in Season 1. If Yin dies I wont feel bad because she has killed contractors and it seems she will continue to do so as stated by Youko. I never really liked her because she didn’t have much of a personality to begin with.

  43. How’s this for crackpot Shion theories:
    Since we know the mother was pregnant just before the sky was lost, Shion became a contractor while in the womb. In his fetal state, he created a female fetus, who was made in his image. Yadda yadda yadda. Shion plants the bomb at the university and decides to take his mother to the bathroom, leaving Suou to suffer the consequences (he’s such a sweetheart). His plan was to make his father go completely batshit crazy, making the latter easily manipulatable for his grand scheme, which involves repeatedly killing and reviving Suou. Thus, Suou and the mother need to stop whining because the loli was a fake the whole time.

    About the old hag issue, which was implied in the first series (I guess it had been so long that we all forgot?):
    Yeah, it’s a frakking time paradox, but there were two, distinct Ambers during the events of series one. The old hag was always making predictions while speaking in tongue and wasn’t affected by young Amber’s ability. One of the only coherent things she said was at the end, when she indicated that they were entering a future no one had seen before. This was a reference to both herself and the young Amber. The Mitaka documents are a compilation of the hag’s memories (the old hag appeared to be more trusting of humanity than the younger Amber). I’m guessing that the old hag experienced events similar to those of series two and decided to travel back in time to make another record so as to influence Hei and whichever organizations she trusted. However, after altering the documents (safety measure), she probably decided to take a more direct role and was then killed by Yin, who may think that the return of Heaven’s Gate will bring Bai back (Amber doppelganger in the ova may end up being the old hag).

    Was it determined in series one that the Syndicate caused the creation of the contractors? Suou’s mother clearly knew what was going to happen in Tokyo.

  44. I do have to hand it to the writers. This season is all about misdirection, false leads, red herrings, and just plain mind-fackery to keep us the viewers all guessing as to the truth of the matter. All I can say that one of these has to be a fake implanted memory in the way of details and context: either Suou’s memory of the meteor falling on top of herself, her brother, and father… or the mother’s memory of the school bombing. One or the other is the truth, this I believe. It just seems strange that both would be true given the striking similarities between these two events.

    Smiling Yin is indeed out of character and disturbing.

  45. @Kaliayev oh okay, thanks for the info

    With all the Suou/Shion clone and memory issues going on and the plot leading us in absolute circles, I hope that next ep gives a better idea of what happened.

    Just a shot in the dark: I’m really curious about July. I mean, the fact that he’s communicating with the twin dolls and initiating the whole spectre shutdown thing, I gotta wonder if he’s got some other agenda of his own that may actually be bad for Hei &co or if he’ll have a bigger role to play in all of this. I mean, no one really knows his motives for tagging along and he seems pretty attached to Suou.

  46. maybe Amber directed July to help Suou to help Hei at the end (somewhere in this episode when Kirihara was reading off the docs at a computer, it mentioned that Hei will be at the end)? Could Amber be the same person as Madame Oreille (same kinda face and similar hair color and seem to be able to disappear out of thin air like Amber with her time ability)? Could the appearance of the huge orange moon be the hint that there will soon be no more contractors (coz the real sky is coming back)? is it confirmed that there’s a new OVA for Darker Than Back that is releasing soon?

  47. Finally we could see what Mao looked like in the past and I should say, I really love the character design in Darker than Black. He looks cool.

    I’m pretty sure Hei wasn’t the one who put Youko into that state. She was fine when he left her; well, almost fine. Hei might act violently, but he surely is not a sadist.

    I’m also not surprised the way Hei treated Misaki. When Hei asked why she was with Section 3, what Misaki did was asking where Youko was. So that gives no choice to Hei, but to think that she is with them.

    Things I couldn’t understand was; what did July and the twins do to eliminate the observation of Section 3? Is it a copy or the real Suou now alive? What does orange moon/sky mean? What will happen when Izanami and Izanagi meet? What is the role of Amber in all these? What is Madame Oreille doing? What the hell has/is happened/hapenning with Yin? And I have to say, only thing I don’t like about this show is being left in the dark all the time.

  48. Wow Suou, she was not just trying to capture you and gave you a meat bun. She saved you from being frozen in cold, took you to warm up with her trench coat, fed you and helped you to find some answers. None of these could have been done by you. And that’s all you have to say, that she was trying to capture you when all she said was about to take you to a secure place. She was probably nicer to you than that “beat suou up” person you are in love with. I felt bad when Hei slapped you but now I don’t. Glad to see Hei doesn’t give a F about you either and his main goal is to reach yin.

    Levi ackerman

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